Most awkward feeling in the world…for a man

women breast feeding. Picture courtesy of Reuters.

women breast feeding. Picture courtesy of Reuters.

Just a random occurrence which I’d updated to my Facebook status.

“Most awkward feeling in the world is when a woman gingerly whips out her tits and starts breast feeding right in front of you…shamelessly! As a man, you don’t know whether to run, stare, get a hard on or tell her to fucking put those things away”.

While at work past Friday, 2 chicks came into the office to inquire about something.

One of them had apparently just given birth since her baby looked so little.

As I was talking to both of them, the mommy whips out a tit and just starts to breast feed right in front of me!!!

I did get a hard on honestly…[I’m only human LOL]!

It was so crazy that I visibly started to feel a rush of anxiety and sexual arousal all at the same time!

But it so strange how chicks can innocently do such things and not know how uncomfortable they may make guys feel around them.

How man men can relate to this very awkward feeling?

How about the ladies, would you be brave enough to just whip those puppies out and not feel awkward yourself?

Tom Torero (PUA guru from England) talks about his fucked up night in Vegas trying to get laid

Tom Torero of Day

Tom Torero of Day

PUA guru, Tom Torero (owner of Day out of England), had made my list of top 10 PUA coaches of 2012, so as a guru in the genre; he’s more than legit.

What I like about the following video from Tom is that he narrates how fucked up Vegas nightlife can be, hookers trying to get drinks out of you, frivolous chicks who have short-ass attention spans, etc.

He also gives some good tips for gaming girls in Vegas (Gutter Game).

The best tip of them all is to “Leave your phone at home”!

Having your cellphone while in-field will actually make you become lazy and phone-number dependent when you could’ve pushed things further had you not have your phone.

Check out the video!

“Im on my period”

Just 1 of those random instances that made me chuckle.

Last night, I called up a girl whom I’d picked up about a month ago.

I didn’t get to really build anything (rapport) with her being that I was too busy doing other things, but we’ve been chatting over the phone for the past 5 days or so.

We scheduled to meet up last Thursday but our timing didn’t mesh because she said she doesn’t miss pro wrestling for anything [from 8-10 pm]. My schedule only allowed me to meet her between 8-10, so we had to cancel since she wasn’t willing to put off WWE to hook up with me.

So Thursday was scrapped!

We rescheduled to meet up last Saturday (at her place), but at the last minute, I ended up flaking because of a huge-boxing match I couldn’t miss for the world [Canelo Alvarez vs. Austin Trout].

What a frikkin’ irony!

She can’t miss wrestling and I can’t miss boxing.

Anyway, she calls me up on Monday and busted my balls about flaking on her without telling her, and that she was waiting up all ready for our in-house date @ her place.

I called her up earlier to set up a meet-up for tonight or possibly the weekend.

Me: “Hey ******, what you up to”?

Big Boobs: “Just lying down”.

Me: “Damn, this early”!?

Big Boobs: “I’m on my cycle. Just came today”.

When she said that, I’m like FUCK!!!!!!!!!!

I tried finding every excuse to get off the phone since I knew I wasn’t gonna be able to lay her that night nor over the coming weekend.

At first, I thought she was testing me, so I played it nonchalantly to not seem like a total insensitive prick who only wants to fuck her brains out.

She kept wanting to prolong the conversation while I kept trying to hang up.

This chick is totally DTF but our schedules just haven’t clicked and she also has a boyfriend which further requires more maneuvering to work around.

It was kind of odd though that she even told me she was on her period since women are very uneasy about divulging such info to men…strangers at that.

Usually, you’d just get flaked on if a girl is on her period, or she’ll just hit you with some elaborate excuse as to why she can’t meet up. So I respect that she even had the balls to say that she’s on her period (whether it’s true or not, but I do believe her).

A Quick Lesson In Peacocking 101

The first thing a guy will learn pretty fast in the world of dating is that chicks don’t approach men!

Quietly sitting at a bar with fingers crossed and hoping that hot women will just approach and open you is recipe for going home alone to watch internet porn for your sexual gratification [not that there’s a problem with that].

If in a rare case that a chick does muster the cojones to approach you, 99.9% of the time, it’ll be something so asinine and innocuous, that you wouldn’t even think that she was trying to hit on you.

However, there’s 1 true case in where a chick will approach you, open you, and compliment you.

In my last post, I wrote about a wickedly fun night at the club where girls were approaching, opening and complimenting me out of no where as if I were a fucking Rockstar!

Was it my Will Smith looks and killer muscles bulging out of my skin-tight shirt?


I’m not Will Smith, nor do I have Jersey Shore Guido muscles like Mike The Situation.

“Then how do you manage to magically get random girls to approach you in the clubs Kenny”?


Those unfamiliar with Pickup jargon, Peacocking is basically accessorizing yourself (in order to attract women).

Just as an actual peacock would in order to attract some hot peahens [if that’s even a word], the PUA does the same with the additions (accessories) to his wardrobe.

The PUA godfather, Mystery, used to peacock by painting his fingernails, wearing unusual hats, and sporting a necklace with attached pendant.



Just as a peacock gets all colorful and blooming with its feathers, a Pick-Up Artist who’s peacocking creates the same effect.

Now imagine Mystery at a bar sipping a cocktail and the nearest hot girl were to notice his polished nails.

Sheer curiosity at the abnormality (guy with painted nails) will lead her to ask, “Why do you paint your nails”?

That’s a classic example of how peacocking will sucker girls into opening you.

“Hey Kenny, How Do I Peacock In Order To Get Chicks Approaching Me”?

It doesn’t take much (nor much accessories) to effectively peacock to attract women.

A simple necklace with an attached pendant will suffice.

As you can see from my photos over the weekend, I merely had on a 2-colored beaded necklace (nothing lavish there) and a brand-new pair of shades.

That’s fucking it [as far as peacocking with accessories goes]!

A nice shirt with some artful-gothic designs or a unique jacket wouldn’t hurt neither.

Just to give a real illustration of how powerful my peacocking game was (with those 2 items only), as I walked into the nightclub, barely made it passed the bouncer, chick in red [Canadian] approaches me:

The Canadian

The Canadian

Canadian: “Hey, what does it say on your shades [meaning the label]”?

Me: “Hottest guy…[can’t remember what else I said]”.

Canadian: “Lol cool, I love your shades. I wanna take some pictures with you. Make sure you have the shades on”!

I mean, this chick literally gave me the celebrity treatment solely because she liked my peacocking item/accessory: a $40 pair of shades!

This was literally less than 1 minute in the fucking venue!

About 45 minutes later while trying my darn best to get away from the Canadian…


A tiny Guidette approaches me:

4'9 Italian girl from Connecticut

4’9 Italian girl from Connecticut

Guidette: “Hey, what does your necklace means”?

Me: “Can’t tell you. My little secret”!

Guidette: “Aah come on! What does it mean”!?

[She KINOs me by touching the necklace]

Me: “The blue is for intense fucking love”!

Guidette: “And what does the clear one symbolizes”?

Me: “A sexual charm. If you touch it, you’ll be going home with me. Plus it means intense passion”.

Guidette: “Loo well I’m very passionate and I like your necklace a lot. Where did you buy them”!?

Me: “@ K-Mart”!

Guidette: “Lol so funny and K-Mart doesn’t sell those”!

So there you go guys: within the first hour of being in the club, I had 2 random girls approach and open me.

Both DTF (Down To Fuck)!

My entire night was already cemented with sure sex within 45 minutes, and it all comes down to 2 fucking items which I wore that night:



Nights that I do go out without shades and necklace, I don’t get approached.

I didn’t need to buy drinks, flash $1,000 and buy out the bar.

It was just to wear something attractive, original and appealing enough to catch girls’ eyes.

This doesn’t just appeal to girls neither.

Just last week while running some errands to the post office, I had a guy say to me: “Hey man, cool necklace. Where did you buy it or was it hand made”?

It’s ironic what the guy did because I advise men that they should open other men too by striking up random chats about something they’re wearing [in order to become a social person]. So when this guy said that to me, I was totally impressed that he gets it!

So guys, the next time you go out, please remember to sport an interesting accessory or 2 which will possibly attract women to strike up a conversation with you.

If you don’t have any such item: then fucking buy 1!

Kenny’s recommendation:

*Cool Shades

*Interesting Necklace (made of beads, shells or string & pendant)

*Leather-wrist band

*Colorful bracelet (made of beads or shells)

*Cool shirt with abstract designs or something cheeky printed on it

*Unusual hat

*Eyebrow piercing

*Cool hairstyle (like a fohawk)

Those are just few peacocking items in which I personally recommend and also wear regularly with stunning results as far as random girls coming up to me and complimenting me on the streets or at the club.


Don’t just bank on women approaching you and decide to not be proactive and approach women.

That night at the club (as every other night), I had all intentions to approach tons of girls, but it just so happened that girls were beating me to the punch.

I wasn’t going to wallflower and hope that girls would approach me because I was peacocked out.

I knew I had to be proactive regardless!

Why peacocking works so effectively boils down to colors.

Women are intrigued and fascinated by colors and abstractions (which is why they love drinking colorful cocktails) which is another way to attract them while at the bar.

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