Having An Accent In Dating: A DHV [Plus] Or DLV [Negative]?

Having an accent could be a powerful component to your overall attraction value.

Growing up, I had always masked my natural accent, which is a Caribbean-English accent similar to how they speak in Jamaica [I was born in the Caribbean islands].

Had I known better, that speaking English with an accent would be an attraction for American, Canadian and Brit girls, I would’ve never suppressed the English accent I was born with.

Having been Americanized, I speak standard English with a New York Tri-State area accent, where one could not discern whether I was a born American or not.

The reason foreigners attempt to suppress or shy away from their natural accents is obviously a conformist instinct to want to fit in, blend in and be accepted [as was my case growing up].


This may get you far in the corporate world, but in the world of dating and pussy-banging, concealing your accent is shooting yourself in the foot… with a 12 gauge shotgun.

Had I known this growing up my entire life in New York City, my pecker would’ve fallen off from the sheer amount of vagina probing I would be doing [ok, the worst analogy ever]!

There’s an odd twist to the accent game though: not all of them are created equal.

Some accents will DLV you [turn the girl off], while others will DHV you [attract the girl].

These accents are typically DLV’s [negatives] around the English-speaking world:

East Indian

Semetic [Arabic, Hebrew]





South-East Asians



Speaking English with a Chinese accent and intonation will actually kill your chances with women in the western world.

Same goes for East Indians who learn English but speak it with a heavy Hindi intonation; they’d have to date within their own ethnic group [a fellow Indian] in the western world.

The accents which are DHV’s [positives] around the English-speaking world:

Caribbean English [Jamaican, etc.]

British English




Australian English

Although English-speaking, an Aussie in America with an Australian accent will be a huge plus for him whenever he interacts with women [presuming he owns it and is congruent].

Same goes for a Jamaican or any other black dude from the Caribbean. Speaking English with a Caribbean accent will catapult your Game and chances with women sky-fucking high!

Any Jamaican, Trinidadian or Antigua can attest to this.

American, Canadian and British women flock to them like flies on some good-ass shit!

The Caribbean English accent fascinates women; particularly white girls.

In Jamaica, it’s very common to see white tourists who become expatriates and defectors from their native countries to Jamaica.

Sure they like the culture, but the foreign English accent is the first line of attraction.

This is also true in any other English-speaking country in the western world.

If I were to enter a Starbucks in downtown Manhattan and order a cup of cafe in an exaggerated Caribbean accent, I would immediately get SOI’s [Signs Of Interests] from the girl taking my order, and any other chick in earshot.

This is also true while commuting the subway, buses, etc.

If you didn’t know better, you’d think that these chicks are staring at you in a bad way.

The French guy in America or the UK is also a hot-fucking commodity.

There are tons of movies and romance novels which depict this occurrence, where the Frenchman seduces the female protagonist.

This isn’t just a fable but the reality of how powerful it can be to utilize your accent in playing the dating field.

It’s also commonly known in America, that if a guy from The East Coast US ventures to the southern states, his sheer North Eastern English accent would become a HUGE fucking DHV [plus]!

He will attract lots of girls just by uttering few words.

I’ve been that guy, so this is factual info!

This can’t be said however for men from the southern states [quite the contrary].

A guy from Alabama or South Carolina visiting New Jersey or NYC would have a hard time in field trying to attract women unless he modifies his country accent to assimilate to a more Northernized one.

His southern accent (Country accent) would be a HUGE turn off in the North Eastern states!

Spanish would be the most innocuous and underused of all the DHV [positive] accents.

In America, speaking English with a Spanish accent is perceived to be a DLV [negative].

When I was going to school, all the kids in class who were born in Latin America, would shy away from partaking in anything because they were ashamed of being made fun of because of their accent and poor English.

With that being the case, many Spanish guys (Latinos) grow up to become very introverted anti-social around people who were born Americans, and only socialize and date fellow Spanish-speaking people.

It’s not that they want to date their own. They feel as though their accents will be turnoffs for American/western women.

Any Latino guy who speaks English with an accent, and you’re reading this article right now, I’m encouraging you to embrace your accent and even go so far as to play it up by pretending to not know much English.

You can pick up loads of women this way by asking for directions or how to translate certain words into English.

People’s egos by nature are stroked whenever asked for their opinions on certain matters. It makes them feel important, wanted, smart and helpful.

So take advantage of this by approaching some girls and double down on your English accent!

At times, I’d approach and open British girls with my Caribbean-English accent:

Kenny: “Hey, I’m from the islands and I was just wondering how do y’all pronounce the word ‘Luggage’ in British English”?

That’s a great opener when asked with an accent [a DHV accent that is]!

Good thing for foreign women is that men don’t see accents as turnoffs nor an important factor in dating and mating.

A western man would hook up with a girl who speaks zero English! So these accent variations only apply to man-woman, and not woman to man.

I’m not quite sure however how an American would fare in Britain as far as accent goes [DLV, DHV, positive, negative or neutral].

Feel free to weigh in on accents and the ones I’d left out!

Sunday Night Field Report [logistics are the enemy]

The reason I abstain from getting a girl’s phone or contact info too quickly, is that the possibility of flaking would increase with the least amount of rapport you have with the girl [some exceptions].

Therefore, I’m 1 of those guys in the community who advocates NOT going for the girl’s #’s unless you’ve engaged her in a solid convo of at least 15 minutes.

Nevertheless, I’d broke this personal rule of mines and closed a girl within the first 10 seconds of talking to her [see the video here].

I expected this chick to be flaky, which she was, but we were able to meet up.

Check out a bit of the text game chat log before we met up that night [via BBM Messenger]:

Make sure you don’t fall asleep on my ass

I’m not that fond of asses, thus I wouldn’t fall asleep on one, let alone your’s.


Don’t forget I’m a smart ass. 🙂

Plus I don’t have an ass anyway


I’m not fond of giving compliments but you made my cock hard when I seen a pic of u earlier


That’s a HUGE compliment! That doesn’t happen often like a solar eclipse!

Lol U so epic

We both epic! Remember that

Can I be honest right about now..
I just drank 4 beers…

Haven’t eaten.

Goddamn, u are terrible!!!!

I told u I can handle my juice

I haven’t misspelt anything.

And I’m making sense right?

My dad just asked if I’m okay


Goddamn girl! Slow down! U tryna out text me!

Slow the fuck down!

Yeah I do that when I’m a lil wasted.

My fingers move hella fast


And when I’m sober, I don’t text this fast u know

Oh gosh…


I can’t slow down.

Its the adrenalin… Hence, I’m finna be over


Kidding, I’m still here

Okay, I’m calm now

Slow your fucking adrenaline down!

The chat ended short time afterwards while I was headed to her place to meet up.

The crazy part about this situation was that this HB lives with her parents.


Talk about terrible logistics!

Make note, this is a very common thing you’ll find in the Caribbean; most adult women still live with their parents.

They sacrifice privacy for economizing [saving money by living with parents]. It’s mainly a cultural thing too.

Got to her house, she wasn’t wasted to me [perhaps a ploy], I took her hands and greeted her with a peck on the cheeks.

She says to me slyly: “You’re very aggressive”.

At this point, we’re literally standing on her dark porch in a central area of town without privacy.


Every physical escalation I tried to make, a fucking car would cruise by and light up the entire scenery.

So I said to her, “Take me inside of your bedroom. Sneak me in”!

HB: “Lol I can’t. My father is right there watching TV. He’s gonna see us going in”.

I held her hand, pulled her to me, kissed her, she pulled away playfully.

I pinned her up against the wall, body to body and made out with her.

She says, “Not right here in public on my porch”.

Me: “Let’s go for a walk then”.

HB: “To where? I’m too wasted”.

Sensing that she wasn’t gonna come with me, and probably wasn’t gonna be snuck into her room, my only option was to continue escalating there.

She kept pulling back or away (playfully) when I tried caressing her shoulders and stuff.

Grabbed her by the ass (hips), pulled her to me, looked dreamily into her eyes and tried kissing her, she smiles and pulls back saying, “I know you’re 1 of those bad boys”.

This is obvious flirting and push-pull, which is a great thing! But logistics were fucked up!

After about 20 minutes of back and forward, I sensed that this wasn’t going anywhere, so I told her to give me a kiss goodnight, she did, I gave her 1 on her cheek then left.

She’s definitely a work in progress.

The most positive thing which came about is that she did not flake.

Therefore, it’s safe to say that she’s not a flakey girl. So once she commits to meeting up; it’s almost certain.

It’s not often you’d meet a girl Thursday, set up a meeting for Sunday, only text her, then get to see her on the first attempted meet-up/Day 2 [Sunday night].

Fastest Street Pickup Ever [In-Field Day Game Video]

Foreword: Lot of guys ask me (via Facebook and e-mail) “why does it seem like I only pick up black chicks”?

My answer to that is simple: I’m currently in a region where majority of the girls are black [95% in some islands], so it comes down to sheer numbers and the region. Numbers game basically.

Anyway, I promises I wasn’t gonna do any more # closes [nor contact closing] but this chick was so sexy I had to pick her up.

Plus there’s something about chicks with specs on which instantly attracts me in a weird sort of way.

I’m not an advocate of “Rapid #-Close” pickup and getting girl’s #’s/contact info’ in a heartbeat.

I prefer to build some decent amount of attraction and rapport before getting her info (which more solidifies the possibility of meeting up). But I got this chick’s info within a matter of 10 seconds.

Anyway, while on my way to grab some breakfast [last Tuesday morning]…

…as you’ll pick up on, this HB was on her phone plus had ear-pieces in (to deter men from approaching).

I approached and open anyway (as she was exiting a store).

Got her to stop.

This isn’t seen on the video (since this all went down so sporadically), but I stopped her, told her to call the person back or put them on hold, she looked at me like: “WTF”, but with a smile as if to say, “You have balls and I like”!

Requested her BBM pin.

I gave her an instant compliance test by telling her, “Let’s walk”!

She gave no resistance to that.

I wasn’t sure if she’d hung up from the person, so as you can see/hear in the video, as she was giving me her BBM pin, I didn’t even know she was addressing me.

Reason I took her Blackberry Instant Messenger pin # instead of her phone # was pretty simple: she had a Blackberry in her hand; and I had 1 also!

So she’s basically a BBM chick, and that is mainly how she communicates.

Plus my BBM game is On like fuck! Read: How to get laid via BBM and other instant messaging apps.

It takes quick observation to spot these things right away where you can decide how to approach, which sort of game, etc.

Some chicks do NOT like talking over the phone initially; especially in this fucked-up age of online dating, some chicks only text. I instantly noted that she was a texter, so I went for the BBM pin.

It’d be pretty easy to get her phone # after that anyway (which I have by now).

There are 3 lessons from this short in-field video:

1.) Don’t be deterred from approaching girls who are insulated in their own worlds, on their phones, listening to music, etc. Fuck that! Just approach and talk to them!

2.) Suggest, suggest, suggest! Suggest that she hangs up or put on hold the person she’s talking to. It shows balls and nerve! Stay congruent and firm, and she will comply.

3.) Don’t always initially go for the girl’s phone #. Survey the logistics (which takes practice and quick thinking) to see by which means she prefer to communicate. Or simply ask; “are you the type to chat over the phone or a texter”? If you deem that she’s a texter; then take her IM [BBM, Whatsapp, iPhone messenger] contact, and start there, then transition to phone game (when you will have gotten her # later on via texting).

Paul Janka On Dr. Phil, Plus 5 In-Field Videos Getting Girls’ Phone Numbers

Paul Janka, the NYC playboy and seduction coach

Paul Janka, the NYC playboy and seduction coach

Cheers to the fucking weekend!

I like posting pick-up videos to give you guys some encouragement and get y’all pumped to talk to women and get laid.

Those who don’t know who Paul Janka is, watch the following video first where he’d appeared on an episode of the Dr. Phil show about male ego.

Ok, so PJ has been 1 of the first and only guys in the seduction community to ever appear on TV.

The beauty about this in which makes PJ an official playboy, is that in spite of his grand exposure, he still chases ass on the streets to filming in-field videos.

He didn’t just make a few bucks and say “to hell with ass-hunting”!

Very humble character in that sense.

Below are 5 short Day Game in-field videos of PJ approaching, opening and #-closing college students on the streets of Austin, Texas.

What I like most about PJ’s method, is that it’s great for gaming girls when you’re out of town.

Many girls are more willing to hang out with a guy when he’s not from their town.

She gets to become his quasi tour-guide and such.

PJ takes advantage of this by always telling girls that he’s from out of town (which he is) and leaving in a few days, which makes the girls more willing to sleep with him fast since he’s leaving town shortly.

Great move by PJ!

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