Socialkenny Confronts A Girl Who Was Blowing Him Off [In-Field Video]

Went through my Youtube-video archive and found this one: “Calling girls out on their bullshit”. This video is probably a year old but the message is still relevant.

The girl at the end of the video, I’d picked her up, gotten her phone # and Facebook add.

A day or so later, called her, but no answer nor return call.

I sent her a message on Facebook; no reply.

Two weeks later, called her again, no answer. I sent her another Facebook message; no reply.

This is a sure sign of a chick who is not interested in me, but just coughed up her # for 1 of the 4 main reasons chicks give up their phone numbers. Or she was just extremely busy and couldn’t reply nor return my calls [bullshit excuse].

Funny thing though, while running some errands in the same locale I’d initially met her (weeks prior), I ran into her by chance.

As you’ll see at the end of the video, I sort of called her out but in a non-needy way.

It wasn’t bitchy and whining, yet assertive and non-needy at the same time.

Long story short: she still never replied to her Facebook messages, nor returned my call [I never called again].

You win some and you lose some.

The irony about pickup and Game, is that you WILL loose more girls than you gain.

You will get rejected way more than you pull!

That was just another 1 of those instances where I virtually got rejected or blown off…and I don’t mean a blow job.

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  1. Kenny , i agree with your last statements.I think the idea that the man got to make the 1st move thus chasing is a big lie by the society.when it comes to the game its all about co-operation.


  2. I hate when Men ask me why I haven’t returned their call or text. Um, duh, because I didn’t want to rather I was busy or not doesn’t matter. You should just keep it moving and say hey if she was interested she would have made time to reply at some point. To me this just makes you look thirsty…just my opinion. (speaking in general)


  3. Love the post. And you’re right, key is being non-needy. I’ve seen girls get either inordinately uncomfortable in these situations, or outrageously passive aggressive. Both reactions are uproariously funny.


    1. Lol I know. That’s why I did it with this chick. And they’re always acting as though they didn’t know, or they didn’t see the text or missed call. I enjoy the confrontation and see it as humorous rather than serious as if I really care.


      1. By the way, what are you using to record your interaction? I used to use spy gum cam, but it is not really suitable for an interaction that happened on a spot and not pre planed (e.g. you need to place the camera in your poket etc…).


        1. I wish I had 1 of those. I basically use an iPhone recording app my Blackberry phone and at times a Sony video recorder. Nothing sophisticated there. I want to step it up where I can record me and the set together, but in that case, I’d need someone to hold the cam or I’d have to position the cam at a spot where it records while I can game freely.
          The reason why I don’t go KINO much and k-close and hug is because I can’t really do it while holding the cam. That is really fucking up my game because I usually KINO.


          1. I see, yah it sounds more inconvenient than with my spy gum camera, but the quality of sound from iphone is better. I was considered using iphone for recording at some point, but than figured out when I go for # close, it is going to be mess with the recording right there on screen 🙂


          2. Lol yea I’m telling you. I know the iPhone inconveniences. I’ve fucked up on few # closes because I wasn’t able to close without being caught recording. Plus I haven’t been able to execute my favorite # close routine which is to hand my phone to the target and have her input her #.


          3. lol, I always found it funny how when you handle girl your phone she inserts her number automatically.

            Few first time it happened it was like light bulb went into my head, was so surprised.

            Classic example of auto piloted responses.


          4. So true. I know what you mean. It’s the logical thing to do which makes it seem so autopilot. Give a girl time to think, that’s where shit goes wrong.


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