Some Sex-Tourist Game For Spring Break [In-Field Video]

Spring Break girls in the islands

Spring Break girls in the islands

In my popular e-book: “How to bang foreign girls”, I spoke heavily about becoming a quasi tour-guide, and using the tour-guide technique/strategy in order to pick up tourists, vacationers and girls from out of town [drifters, nomads, transients, etc.].

Right now is Spring Break season, and living in warmer regions such as La Baja Mexico & the Caribbean islands are havens for adventure-seeking travelers who wanna get away for some days.

This is partially the reason why I’m reluctant to ever move back to New York City to live (which is not a Spring Break town at all).

For globally situated Pick-Up Artists like myself; this becomes pussy-paradise, and greater opportunities to flex some muscles, meet massive amounts of new people…and to fuck tons of marauding visitors!

In this video, I just showcased some sociability skills, how to connect with strangers and setting up a random future projected date…

On my way to do some business at the DMV, I spotted a 2 set/mixed set (an engaged couple) who were obvious strangers to this town [takes skills to spot these types], so I approached and opened [can’t remember what I said], I made a solid-first impression, we chatted for about 45 minutes, exchanged contact info and was given the phone # to their guest-house.

The above dialogue wasn’t recorded since this pick up was so sporadic and unintended.

The video starts off nearing the end of the 45 minute interaction/pickup.

Guys who are trying to connect with random strangers need to polish their humor tool.

In the video clip, you’ll hear how light-heated I come off with lots of laughter creating a welcoming vibe instead of a bottled-up, serious-toned approach.

I contacted them later on that night, we met up at a beach bar fiesta, had a blast, went back to their guest-house and let’s just say that this engaged-Asian chick got her last premarital fucking…

In my short book, I also talked about a killer concept dubbed: “What happens on vacation; stays on vacation”. And “What happens on vacation doesn’t count”. Meaning, while on vacation or visiting other towns, cities and countries, cheating doesn’t count as cheating [psychologically] for most people who are taken.

Lots of women and couples would venture to the islands just to hook up with a 3rd. party guy (in this case, I was that guy), in order to live out some wild fantasy or deeply-held sexual fetish.

These people won’t take such a risk with guys from their own hometowns, in fear that they’d be exposed and have to face that other guy (very embarrassing).

Since I’m just some random guy they met on vacation, they really don’t have to worry about seeing me again, thus the sense of shame and embarrassment is nonexistent.

I’ve met lots of vacationing teenagers on Spring Break who are here solely just to fuck guys from another country!

Just as I’ve met lots of couples (married also) who want to engage in gangbangs [MMF], and some husbands who enjoy seeing their wives get fucked by some random guy [I think this’ called Cuckold or something].

This is where I come in (as that other guy)!

It takes skills and social intuition to spot these people who are open to such sexual adventurism.

It’s also super easy to spot girls who are unfamiliar with your town, which makes them ripe for the picking.

I used to run this sort of game often in downtown NYC (Columbus Circle) , where I would pick out tourists and introduce them to my town by recommending certain hot spots to go, etc.

You can also read about this in “How to bang foreign girls”.

For simple tips, insights, routines and techniques on how to attract, pick up, seduce and bang tourists and girls from out of town (visiting your town), grab your complimentary copy of “How to bang foreign girls”, by clicking on the direct-download link below!


sexy girls on the beach for Spring Break in the islands

sexy girls on the beach for Spring Break in the islands

15 thoughts on “Some Sex-Tourist Game For Spring Break [In-Field Video]

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  1. She introduced herself and stuck out her hand eagerly–Boom! Massive IOI right there. It was on from that point on.

    That’s a quality of New York too–there’s always tons of foreigners and vacationers. Especially from Europe, but more and more from South America these days too. I’m seeing tons of Brazilians everywhere. Plus the Japanese always have a strong showing.

    You also have a lot of Americans who look at the city as a kind of foreign place, so they’re in the mood for adventure.

    Every 2nd or 3rd girl I meet is from outside the US it seems. Maybe it’s the kind of women I’m attracted to.

    I sometimes feel like my time here is my pickup “training” and in a few years I’ll be traveling to softer places like the Caribbean and just destroying it lol.


    1. Yea I took note of her eagerness. I honestly had no inclination to contact them, but I was bored as hell and decided to. Plus they were headed to the same bar I was, so it was quite natural we met up.

      I was never a guy to travel. I never got out of the city in like 22 years until 2003 recession years I had to drift to look work and stuff.
      Yea, you would kill it in the Caribbean bro’! I’m assuming you’re of another race (non black). The Caribbean is predominantly black so anyone who comes in with a different color already has a. Great head start since he’s different and somewhat has an exotic appeal. Just as a black guy will get massive amounts of lays in Germany since black men are limited and somewhat a rarity there. This has been documented by others in the Game who had traveled there.


    1. Actually used an iPhone recording app for this 1. I find it better to record with a camera phone because I don’t have to actually conceal it and be too covert since I’m holding it in my hand. An actual digital cam would appear too suspicious. At least in my experience, I’d get ask, “Why am I holding a camera”


  2. SKenny ur a fucking bastard! And I meant that in a good way cuz ur my boy.
    Question, I find that when I approach and open strangers, they get puzzled or startled and shit and I could never figure it out why. What is your secret why u can just approach and not get negative body lang retractions?



    1. Not trying to speak for Socialkenny P but it comes down to your approach and fine tuning that approach. I will leave it at that.


      1. that was not helpful at all. i was expecting practical or applical advice on what to do and what not to do.
        Maybe 1 of the other advance guys could answer


    2. It’s all in the approach like the other commenter said. This advice basically goes for any girl, but more so with travelers. I find that you have to come off with a pleasant smile and a bit extra polite looking. Remember, tourists, vacationers and girls from out of town are unfamiliar for the most part with your town, so your approach has got to be more friendlier than usual. Still use everything you’d normally use (negs, etc.), but appear more pleasant.


  3. Hey SK, why didn’t you just write a lay report and get it over with? Apparently you got a notch with this chick. And as a guy who has been around since I’m in mid 50s, I know some frustrated married couples who were into cuckhold and the likes. And I had even took a trip to Greece some time a go where this is very common. In Portugal too where the guy in the video is from.


    1. @Giacomo- I’ve never really posted lay reports. Even when I do get the lay, I tend to more write it as a field report but not LR per say. Last LR I wrote was probably back in 2008.

      I’ve had my share of experiences like this. 1 thing about travelers as you eluded to was that they are free-spirited and out to have extra fun in this strange town they’re visiting.


    1. Lol seems like a stoner type dude lol! That does help. But what wasn’t recorded (first 45 min.) was the blatant IOI’s from the chick. I was saying to myself, if she’s giving off such blatant IOI’s in front of her fiancé or whatever, then she absolutely has done this before or both of them or into sharing and stuff. To solidify it even more, they wanted to hang out when I’d called them. So all these little things and blatant things made a clear picture.


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