Socialkenny Confronts A Girl Who Was Blowing Him Off [In-Field Video]

Went through my Youtube-video archive and found this one: “Calling girls out on their bullshit”. This video is probably a year old but the message is still relevant.

The girl at the end of the video, I’d picked her up, gotten her phone # and Facebook add.

A day or so later, called her, but no answer nor return call.

I sent her a message on Facebook; no reply.

Two weeks later, called her again, no answer. I sent her another Facebook message; no reply.

This is a sure sign of a chick who is not interested in me, but just coughed up her # for 1 of the 4 main reasons chicks give up their phone numbers. Or she was just extremely busy and couldn’t reply nor return my calls [bullshit excuse].

Funny thing though, while running some errands in the same locale I’d initially met her (weeks prior), I ran into her by chance.

As you’ll see at the end of the video, I sort of called her out but in a non-needy way.

It wasn’t bitchy and whining, yet assertive and non-needy at the same time.

Long story short: she still never replied to her Facebook messages, nor returned my call [I never called again].

You win some and you lose some.

The irony about pickup and Game, is that you WILL loose more girls than you gain.

You will get rejected way more than you pull!

That was just another 1 of those instances where I virtually got rejected or blown off…and I don’t mean a blow job.

Sexting Backlash Capped Off With A Side Of ASD [Anti-Slut Defense] NSFW

Women are fucking nuts!

We can all agree on that!

Ok, I apologize for being such a prick with the opening declaration.

What I meant to say was that women are illogical and hyper-emotional [nothing new there].

I want to publicly say that I invented the art of “Sexting”.

Although being a Beta-male AFC in my pre-pickup years, I was always exceptionally great at phone sex, which I started having around the tender age of 12…Honestly!

My little brother and I used to randomly dial phone sex lines [like 1800-fuck-now] and actually dupe the operators (via false info) into thinking we were over 18 when we were only 12 and 13.

Hence, I’m super experienced in the art of getting a woman sexual arouse over the phone (phone sex), and by extension- Sexting.

Seems contradicting being that I was poor at getting laid [besides the lucky ones here and there].

So being proficient in talking to women over the phone doesn’t automatically translate to proficiency in face-to-face combat.

The Weird Twist Of Sexting

What I’ve noticed over the past 3 years pertaining to Sexting chicks, is that they would often times fall into modes of denial and regret, which is spurred on by a woman’s built-in Anti-Slut Defense mechanism.

Every fucking girl has 1 of these babies!

It is easily activated once she is sexually aroused beyond normal, or when she’s angered and offended!

In my case however, being a very dominant guy with a badboy streak (which most girls are hell-bent on taming), I have the tendency to anger women (most times on purpose), which activates their ASD [Anti-Slut Defense], which causes them to become regretful that they’d engaged me in the nasty act of Sexting!

Case in point, I’d be Sexting with a hot girl, sending dirty pictures back and forth to each other, and for some reason, if the Sexting goes dead, or a disagreement ensues which leads to harsh words being exchanged, it’s always the case that the girl would say something like:

“I sent you fake pictures”!

“Those weren’t my boobs”!

“I googled those photos you muthafucka”!

You get the point!

Whenever Sexting goes wrong, the girl will almost always try to save face by lying and saying that the raunchy photos she’d sent weren’t of her.

To me, this is plain laughable since I know that it’s her ASD at work.

You’d never hear a guy say (after having a Sexting fallout):

“Whatever bitch, that wasn’t my cock in the photos! Ha ha ha”!

Contrarily, you’d always find a girl to say:

“Whatever you dog, that wasn’t my pussy in the pictures; it was some random bitch from the internet”!

I had a girl sent me some photos of her panties drenched in vaginal juice [during a round of sexting].

For some random-ass reason, we had a disagreement hours later and she said to me:

“Fuck you! Those pictures I sent with the panties weren’t even mines LOL. I googled for them and tricked you LOL. Ha hahaha”!

Ok cool!

Few days later while nonchalantly browsing Facebook (we were FB friends also), lo and fucking behold; the same colored-finger nails and rings on her fingers in her Facebook photos, were the exact same of the girl’s who had sent the wett-panty photos days earlier.

Epic Fucking FAIL!!!

So she was exposed by her own damn self!

This has occurred quite a few times with me over the past 3 years, where chicks would try to pull this stunt after regretting that they’d engaged in Sexting.

On another occasion of Sexting, I had a girl sent me a pic’ of her playing with her pussy.


We had an unrelated fallout days later:

HB: “By the way, that photo with the girl playing with herself, that wasn’t e stupid! You are so dumb LOL. I would never stoop so low…not for you”!

Once again; her nails, rings and mere shape of her fingers had exposed her!


Another occasion, this chick sent me some photos of her playing with her giant nipples.

Sexting black girl

Sexting black girl


We had a fall out, she utters the oft-repeating:

“Those photos were fake! It’s not even me in the pictures you fucking bastard! Stupid idiot”!

Little did she know in the haze of her emotional tantrum; the bathroom backdrop was exactly the same as the backdrop as the one in her Facebook photos which she’d uploaded soon after!!!

What a fucking coincidence…NOT!

Girls, if you’re gonna try to trick men in such cases whenever you’re ASD becomes activated, please ensure that your tracks are well covered or you’ll be the 1 looking like an emotionally unstable fool.

I understand that a woman has to guard her pride and dignity in such instances where society could very well easily judge her as a wanton slut.

But if it has the potential to become such an embarrassing ordeal; then refrain from Sexting!

Lying to yourself and lying to the guy to whom you’d sent those dirty pussy-shot photos, will not suffice!

This also puts to rest the stupid notion (held by women), that men and women operate the same, and that both sexes are swayed by emotions the same way.

That myth should be now put to bed forever.

Women are highly driven by emotions when it comes to dating, while men are practical and rational in our approaches to courtship.

Doesn’t mean we aren’t emotional [anger is an emotion], but we do not easily allow emotions to lead us into irrational behaviors.

I’ve had girls whom I’d banged say to me (after a fallout):

“You never fucked me”!

How irrational and self-deluded is that, that you can say to a guy who had undoubtedly fucked you 2 weeks prior, that he didn’t fuck you!!!?

Such examples of mental-masturbation and self-delusion are totally foreign to men: yet a normal day’s walk in the park for women.

Such irrational behaviors are triggered by the girl’s Anti-Slut Defense [ASD], which men do not possess by the way.

I’d like to have my readers weigh in on this.

Guys, are you familiar with such weird occurrences during Sexting (or after a fallout)?

Have you ever had a girl try to convince you or pretend as though you never banged her even though you did?

Girls, have you ever done or said such things during or after a fallout (be it Sexting or phone sex)?

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Travel Tips To Cuba [For Spring Break] From Simeon Moses, The Pick-Up Artist

Is that time of year again when lots of people are looking to travel to tropical regions, and college-going girls are obsessed with creating “Girls Gone Wild” moments for themselves.

One such place you’d want to travel to (for Spring Break) is fucking Cuba!

Don’t be fooled by the slanderous-American media; Cuba is a great place with an equally great nightlife and it’s virtually crime free!

You’re more likely to get struck by a rogue lightening than to be robbed or kidnapped by some marauding thugs.

Friend of mine, Simeon Moses, winner of VH1’s the Pickup Artist 2 reality show (back in 2008), had posted a post on Facebook yesterday about his recent trip to Cuba.

I thought it was pretty insightful and encouraging since I’ve been planning on heading over there but keep procrastinating.

This is what Simeon posted (below)

Simeon Moses from the Pick-Up Artist season 2

Simeon Moses from the Pick-Up Artist season 2

Now taking questions on Cuba:

Since I have a lot of people asking me questions about my trip to Cuba and my experience I am going to post answers on this thread. So if you would like to know anything about my trip or observations on Cuba please comment on this post and I will
answer in the same thread.

Here are some FAQs.

Q. Isn’t Cuba dangerous?

A. This is an emphatic NO!

I’ve visited over a dozen countries in my lifetime and Cuba is by far the safest country I have ever traveled to in terms of worrying about violence robbery.

There is virtually no violent crime and very little crime committed against tourists. The biggest danger in Cuba are poorly maintained sidewalks that could cause you to trip or fall into a hole.

Same goes with kidnappings: this is not Mexico or Colombia. There are 0 kidnappings here. As a tourist you are safer here then most every place in the United States.

Q. Is it expensive?

A. For the most part is very affordable.

The only exception to this are the expensive luxury hotels in Havana and the resort town of Varadero which I have dubbed “Canadian Cancun” To give you an example the cheapest food I had were 20 cent pizzas (20 cents in US dollar equivalent or 5 pesos Moneda Nacional) and cheapest drink was 4 cents for sugarcane juice.

Even at most restaurants for tourists I paid less than 10 bucks. A good fish dinner was 5 bucks in many places.

A group of British next to me at a beach-side bungalow restaurant paid 6 bucks for an entire 3 pound lobster cooked with sides. There are more expensive tourist traps if you want luxury food.

In terms of housing, I paid on average 20 dollars per night to stay in Casa Particulars which are Cuban homes who rent out an extra room to tourists like a bed and breakfast but smaller.

Some were nicer than others. For 5 bucks they would cook you an insane amount of food.

Q. Isn’t it illegal [for Americans]?

Technically I guess it is. It’s about on par with jay-walking in a suburban street. Here is the summary of the “difficult time”

– I flew to cancun. When I got to the airport there were no flights that night so I had to stay one night in Cancun and then returned in the morning.

– I got to Cancun airport early and Cubana the main Cuban airline office was not open yet.

– Aeromexico had a noon flight to Havana so I went to their counter instead. I waited 10 minutes in line. I get to the front.

“I would like 1 ticket to Havana please. Roundtrip. Leaving today and returning March 19th.”

I hand them my passport and 350 dollars.

The counter woman hands me my paper ticket and visa. There is no comments on my U.S. passport by anyone through the ticketing process. I check-in for my flight and 3 hours later I am on a plane to Havana.

At Havana airport, I was pulled out of line for about 10 minutes. I think this was mostly because I was carrying a large camera bag.

Once they determined I was a tourist I went through with little issues.

Leaving Havana you just pay 25 bucks for an exit stamp.

On the way in, Cuban authorities generally do not stamp american passports as a throwback to the old policy that was I guess stricter about travel from U.S.

On exit they stamp your boarding
pass not your passport. So in terms of having cuban stamps in your passport its a non-issue.

Even without passport evidence of my trip I still declared my visit to customs.

This was upon advice from a frequent traveler to the U.S. who says customs authorities (at least in Miami) don’t care about illegal-Cuban travel as it is administratively unenforced for the most part.

He was right!

When I showed up in Miami from Cancun, I had my passport stamped without even being questioned despite clearly marking on my custom forms I had been to Cuba. When I went through customs I was questioned for about 30 seconds.

Here is the summary of the conversation.

Customs Agent: “Where are you coming from”?

Me: “Cancun”

Customs Agent: “You were in Cuba?”

Me: “Yes”

Customs Agent: “You flew through Cancun”


Customs Agent: “You have family there”

Me: “No”

Customs Agent: “Why did you travel there”

Me:”Cultural Research”

Customs Agent: “Do you have any alcohol, cigarettes or tobacco you brought back with you”

Me:” Yes sir. I have 10 cigars.”

Custom agent gives me a dirty look.

Customs Agent: “Don’t do that next time. There’s an embargo.”

Customs agent waves me through.

The toughest punishment I got was a dirty look and a finger wagging. I know really harsh punishment. Not sure if most people could handle that kind of draconian behavior that the government enacts if you go to Cuba.

In summary, “It’s really difficult to get in and out of Cuba because of the embargo” said no one ever who has actually traveled there.

That’s all for now. I’ll leave the rest up to comments which I will respond to for those curious about the trip or who are thinking of making the trip themselves.

Cuban beach

Cuban beach

Some Sex-Tourist Game For Spring Break [In-Field Video]

Spring Break girls in the islands

Spring Break girls in the islands

In my popular e-book: “How to bang foreign girls”, I spoke heavily about becoming a quasi tour-guide, and using the tour-guide technique/strategy in order to pick up tourists, vacationers and girls from out of town [drifters, nomads, transients, etc.].

Right now is Spring Break season, and living in warmer regions such as La Baja Mexico & the Caribbean islands are havens for adventure-seeking travelers who wanna get away for some days.

This is partially the reason why I’m reluctant to ever move back to New York City to live (which is not a Spring Break town at all).

For globally situated Pick-Up Artists like myself; this becomes pussy-paradise, and greater opportunities to flex some muscles, meet massive amounts of new people…and to fuck tons of marauding visitors!

In this video, I just showcased some sociability skills, how to connect with strangers and setting up a random future projected date…

On my way to do some business at the DMV, I spotted a 2 set/mixed set (an engaged couple) who were obvious strangers to this town [takes skills to spot these types], so I approached and opened [can’t remember what I said], I made a solid-first impression, we chatted for about 45 minutes, exchanged contact info and was given the phone # to their guest-house.

The above dialogue wasn’t recorded since this pick up was so sporadic and unintended.

The video starts off nearing the end of the 45 minute interaction/pickup.

Guys who are trying to connect with random strangers need to polish their humor tool.

In the video clip, you’ll hear how light-heated I come off with lots of laughter creating a welcoming vibe instead of a bottled-up, serious-toned approach.

I contacted them later on that night, we met up at a beach bar fiesta, had a blast, went back to their guest-house and let’s just say that this engaged-Asian chick got her last premarital fucking…

In my short book, I also talked about a killer concept dubbed: “What happens on vacation; stays on vacation”. And “What happens on vacation doesn’t count”. Meaning, while on vacation or visiting other towns, cities and countries, cheating doesn’t count as cheating [psychologically] for most people who are taken.

Lots of women and couples would venture to the islands just to hook up with a 3rd. party guy (in this case, I was that guy), in order to live out some wild fantasy or deeply-held sexual fetish.

These people won’t take such a risk with guys from their own hometowns, in fear that they’d be exposed and have to face that other guy (very embarrassing).

Since I’m just some random guy they met on vacation, they really don’t have to worry about seeing me again, thus the sense of shame and embarrassment is nonexistent.

I’ve met lots of vacationing teenagers on Spring Break who are here solely just to fuck guys from another country!

Just as I’ve met lots of couples (married also) who want to engage in gangbangs [MMF], and some husbands who enjoy seeing their wives get fucked by some random guy [I think this’ called Cuckold or something].

This is where I come in (as that other guy)!

It takes skills and social intuition to spot these people who are open to such sexual adventurism.

It’s also super easy to spot girls who are unfamiliar with your town, which makes them ripe for the picking.

I used to run this sort of game often in downtown NYC (Columbus Circle) , where I would pick out tourists and introduce them to my town by recommending certain hot spots to go, etc.

You can also read about this in “How to bang foreign girls”.

For simple tips, insights, routines and techniques on how to attract, pick up, seduce and bang tourists and girls from out of town (visiting your town), grab your complimentary copy of “How to bang foreign girls”, by clicking on the direct-download link below!


sexy girls on the beach for Spring Break in the islands

sexy girls on the beach for Spring Break in the islands

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