Want More Proof That Chics Are Irrational And Illogical? Check This Out!

Last post of 2012 and I’m going out with a semi-big bang towing the line of controversial!

What I’m about to get into may offend women, but enlighten men in the same breath.

Women and logics are as different as night and day!

Or how about water in a frying pan dabbed in hot oil?

They just don’t cooperate well together.

A HUGE part of what we teach in the seduction community is that women are irrational-thinking beings.

I can already see streams of hate-mail from women flooding my inbox saying, “Fuck you Kenny! You’re such an asshole”!!!

I can explain!

Actually, I’ll illustrate some classic cases and examples of mental masturbation and irrational behaviors by women (as pertain to dating).

Long-time followers of this blog would have read the post: Women are illogical and non-rational.

If you haven’t; then check it out!

Why Are Women Illogical

Ok, there’s actually a method to the madness as to why a girl will feel the need to psych herself out and become irrational when dealing with a guy.

Men understand and are able to process logics and rationality.

Women on the other hand do not process logics in a logical manner as we guys do.

That’s why trying to communicate from a (male) logical standpoint with a girl, or with a rational argument, would be a HUGE fucking waste of time.

Doesn't he know that arguing against chic-logics will drive him crazy!?

Doesn’t he know that arguing against chic-logics will drive him crazy!?

For instance, you’re in a heated argument with your GF, and she blurts out to you:

GF: “What would you do to show that you really love me”!!!?

You [the male] being a rational-logical creature, will respond with logical, rational answers [as anyone would]:

BF: “Honey, I want to start taking you out more, walks in the park, go on a romantic cruise to the Mediterranean, buy you that diamond ring you’ve been dying for, tell you I love you more often than before…”

Logical, logical, logical…

Sure, those are the right things to say!

Only problem is that those promises are all LOGICAL, RATIONAL and make sense.

Since women are EMOTIONAL beings, therefore, they do not comprehend rationality [when dealing with men].

They comprehend EMOTIONS!

That’s why arguing a woman with points which makes logical sense will seem foreign and nonsensical to her.

She can only process emotional responses- which are illogical [Chic Logics].

Let’s dabble a bit in Chick Logics just to illustrate how differently women process rational shit opposed to the way men do.

Women use “Chic Logics” in order to process things!

Ever heard the saying, “Never argue with a woman”, or that you can never win an argument with a girl?

Of course!

We’re all familiar with those cache phrases.

It’s not that women are so skilled in the art of arguing [although women are smarter than men].

It’s because they’re fucking equipped with built-in Chic Logics!

There’s no way to win or resolve a conflict in a logical fashion with someone who’s presenting her point of view from an emotional/illogical standpoint!

So that’s why girls always kick our asses when it comes to arguing and verbal throw-downs.

We (men) bring logical data and facts to the table, while she’s dishing out verbal barrages of Chic Logics and emotional babbling. So she’ll always win that battle!

Some Examples Of Chic-Logics (Which Doesn’t Make Sense To Men)

[Take note of the raw contradictions in what she says and actually does in contrary to logics]

Girl: “I’m coming to see you later. But under 1 condition: we’re not having sex”.

•She comes over later then ends up having sex anyway.

Girl: “I hate that guy! He thinks he’s God’s gift to women”!

•Logics would say: then don’t fuck with such a guy.

•She ends up hooking up with this same guy she “supposedly” hates.

Girl: “We’re not gonna have sex because that would be cheating…and I don’t cheat on my boyfriend.

•So she gives the guy a blowjob and swallows a massive load instead.

Girl: “I don’t kiss on the 1st. date”.

•Logics would say: then if she doesn’t kiss on first dates, she damn sure wouldn’t fuck on first dates.

•But ends up having sex on the 1st. date [as if full-blown sex is less sluttier than kissing on the first date].

Girl: “You think I’m some kinda tramp who’s just gonna make out with some fucking strange guy I don’t know”!?

•Little did we know; she’s had ONS’ (One-Night Stands) with random dudes in the past. I guess that is OK, but making out isn’t?

Girl: “I’m going out with my girls later, so I won’t be able to see you”.

•Later comes: “Hey Kenny, do you wanna hang out”?

Guy checks out girl’s boobs as they’re talking face to face:

Girl says to her girlfriends afterwards [via Chic Logics]: “He was staring at my fucking tits all night!? What a damn sleaze-ball”!

•Logics would say: why wear something so revealing and skimpy yet get all offended and bitchy whenever men stare?

In all reality; she wants and loves the sexual attention that she gets from men, but her innate-ILLOGICAL mechanism forces her to go contrary to what she LOGICALLY wants [for men to check her out].

On a personal note, this is what a former Fuck-Buddy of mines said to me 2 days ago [check out the chic-logics at play]:

Me: “Hey *******, I’m at an after-Christmas function. I wanna pass by you at 9”.

Girl: “Cool! But we not gonna have sex though. I have a boyfriend now. But we can cuddle”.

Me: “Cuddling is good”.

Went to hang out with her at 10 PM. We cuddled and I banged her.

Logics would say:

•Since you have a boyfriend, why the fuck should you invite another guy over, under the pretense of “Cuddling”?

•Should you even be cuddling with another guy anyway?

•If you really didn’t wanna have sex, didn’t you think that cuddling with a guy you were once intimate with would be a bad idea?

What makes this illogical, irrational and nonsensical, is that she knows if we cuddle, it’d lead to sex without a doubt.

Therefore, she shouldn’t have allowed me to come over (to cuddle).

She wanted sex!

But she has to go about soliciting sex from me in an illogical fashion.
Guys, that is how Chic-Logics work!

It’s fucked up!

Chics engage in such illogical “psych-your-mind” situations on a day to day basis as far as dating, sex and relationships go.

Had I been the average guy who never heard of “Chic Logics”, I would’ve taken such maneuvering by girls as literal, deceptive and offensive.

She said she wants to cuddle.

The average guy (unaware of Chic-Logics) would say:

“Nah I’m ok. I’m not up for just cuddling”.

Little does he know, she didn’t want to cuddle in all reality; she wanted to fuck.

However, a combination of Chic-Logics and her ASD (anti-slut defense) prevented her from admitting she wanted to fuck.

Men would see such a thing as lying, contradictive, misleading and down-right uncalled for.

Once again; that is men looking at things from a “Rational” standpoint instead of an “Emotional” one.

Women talk emotions. Not logics!

I’m curious to know what my female readers feel about this article: bullshit, or makes sense?

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27 thoughts on “Want More Proof That Chics Are Irrational And Illogical? Check This Out!

Add yours

    1. Lol yea I notice that I always do that [like my own posts]. It’s first thing I do after publishing.

      What trouble will you be getting into tonight in Canada?
      Sent from my BlackBerry® device


    1. @D Queen- Those aren’t literal examples but just examples of the stuff women do and say in their dealings with men. That is generally how EVERY woman acts. And every man can attest to it. So it’s not just the women I dated. Every woman act this way.

      You’ve most likely acted this way before (Chic Logics) but didn’t notice it.

      The thing about chic logics is that women aren’t aware of it neither. It’s done on a subconscious level.
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  1. I think, to appease your female readers and be more fair to them, not to label this as “illogical,” per se. They do indeed deceive, but it’s not illogical (when it comes to sex). They’re socially pressured to not crave sex, so they have to pretend like they don’t want it, or “just want to cuddle.” If guys were in the same situation, where wanting sex is looked down upon, we would be lying our asses off while secretly hoping the chick would push for sex and we’d be “overtaken by the heat of the moment” or be “tricked” into doing something we didn’t “really want to do.”

    Great post, though; definitely agreed with what you had to say!


    1. @Ego- That makes total sense lol! If the shoe was on the other foot and we men were repressed about being sexual, then we men would become that way also.

      But this all ties into the entire theme of the article and what you were saying.

      You made the women a little less mad with me by your comment lol
      Sent from my BlackBerry® device


      1. I agree with ego. Not sure logical/illogical are the right words to describe it. I 100% agree that when it comes to wanting sex, women are downright liars. But it has to do with social conditioning ,as ego mentioned, and ASD (lol). I know I’ve been guilty of it and most of my friends, if not all! I’m not even a guy and it annoys me.
        I wish you had more examples about how women argue versus men. I don’t think that example proved your point. I know several women who would have loved the answer your example guy gave.


          1. I am not sure if they are aware or in denial. Some of my friends admit it, others won’t. Either way, it’s about saving face and not coming off as a ‘slut’.


        1. Women are without a doubt illogical and irrational (in the ways I’d explained). Saying to a guy, “Can we hang out later”, when she really wants to have sex is irrational. Sure she has a reason to hide her motives (as Ego said). Nevertheless, if the guy isn’t smart enough to pick up on this, she will let it all go to waste instead of voicing it. So it is irrational. But I could’ve used better words still.


  2. In revenge & love man is more barbarous than men remember The girl-the harmless creation, capable to destroy a looser’s heart. Want to play dirty now?


  3. LOL-what u think..I tought men r the smartest…LOL? But you are so fragile …can’t even hold a good time during sex-and when u are done OMG that’s IT’S! Totally loosers, In another hand look at us we are able to extend our pleasure to a level where guys never been. So, who is the boss now? You guys maybe lucky picking up girls-but just look what u loosers have to do against the natural and beauty that we possess-you study a book or pay for self estime conseling…common guys don’t you know that you have a mother-a sister- and one day if you are lucky and get marrie you will have dauthers too. But this time the face of coin will be looking at you…


    1. Wow! Reading that made me feel as though you and I have history or that we know each other.

      I agree that women are smarter. Men are dumb when it comes to courtship and dating.

      As for the part about pickup and relatives. What we teach, isn’t anything diabolical or damaging to women.

      We’re basically encouraging men to step their game up.


  4. This is pretty funny and you’re right about the “psych-your-mind” games women play when we really want sex as much as a guy does, but want to try to wait for whatever reason. Sometimes we just can’t wait anymore, so an “on-the-spot” decision looks like we were being illogical and deceitful all along. As far as the cuddling situation, I disagree with you. In my experience, a man would show up anyway – knowing there’s even a slight POSSIBILITY that something more than cuddling will happen. And a confident guy KNOWS something will likely happen, because if she’s inviting you over, she wants you – and she wants the D (eventually).


    1. Finally a woman who sees what I’m saying lol!

      This is what I was trying to communicate to the other commenters as to how women can become illogical and almost deceitful when it comes to sex and wanting sex. She wants it just as bad as the guy does, but she doesn’t want to seem slutty about it so she hides it and play it off. It’s mainly to protect her reputation, and this is where ASD (Anti-Slut Defense) comes in (as we say in pickup).


    2. As to the cuddling; I totally agree with you on the part about a confident guy and a guy who’s savvy enough would know that something would likely go down.

      Once again, some more mind games by women. They really don’t want to just cuddle, but they can’t say “come over and let’s fuck”.

      The only how a woman would feel comfortable with being so forward, is if the guy and her already had sex few times.

      You’re a chic, so you should know this.


  5. oh yeah. I’m a girl and I absolutely agree that 97% girls are irrational and illogical. I mean, a friend of mine says, “Hey, he’s an acquaintance(knows him for months already), I don’t want his arms around me.”
    And she screams about kissing strangers which she only knows for half a hour. (Oh, if I remember correctly, she’s imagining things beyond that)
    Perfect chic logic ain’t it?

    Another says, “Hey, cheating is bad, so very bad.”
    And she is being crazy for two guys at the same time.. Actually, five if you count the celebrities(I mean, she’s imagining to marry the celebrities). I’m a chic, but I don’t have chic logic.. More of I’m not even dating yet.


    1. @ASDF- Lol wow, it doesn’t get any wilder than that. Those examples are perfect ones. As for the celebs, that’s another common thing I find with women who are taken. They claim to be faithful but constantly drool over celebs and the possibility of being able to sleep with 1.

      Well, you’re like the 2nd. girl I ever came across (in cyber space) who acknowledges chic logics as real. Most girls flat out deny that they ever act that way.


  6. Chick logic is definitely real.Theirs this women that would always give me shit when we would hang out.Everything would be cool for a few days and then she would start insulting me and start acting real bitchy,bratty and mean.Took me years to figure out that what she really was communicating was that she was horny and she wanted me to fuck her.

    Logic says why would you keep inviting a guy to hang out with you but then constantly insult him.Well now I know she wants to fuck but I couldn’t figure out the chick logic.


    1. Perfect analogy/example you just gave of chick logic. That was on-point perfect! 🙂 Logics would say, “why would a girl like me and want me to fuck her but act all differently when around me? She must not like me”. Logics would say that. However, inside of a girl’s mind, that is a way to communicate she wants to fuck or she really likes you. They don’t do this consciously. They don’t even know they do it.


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