Post-Flake Management 101 [RooshV Style]

Flaking sucks big donkey balls!!!

In a recent article [I hope she flakes], the seduction artist, RooshV, came up with an interesting mind-hack to alleviate the pain of a girl flaking on you.

I thought this was pretty friggin’ ingenious to say the least!

Roosh wrote:

““I have so many things to do that my schedule is always packed.

Every night before I go to bed I fill my next day’s to-do list full of tasks that will keep me busy for
the entire day.

Dates with girls disturb my work flow and set me back as much as half a day. While I do enjoy dates and want to have sex with girls, I also place great importance in completing my day’s work…””.

If you can’t see the genius in that, then you need to remove the fucking blinders fast!

Flaking is inevitable!

I don’t give a shit if your Game is as tight as a vise-grip. A girl standing you up on a date, or canceling [flaking] is 1 of those things that WILL and MUST happen.

In fact, the tighter your Game is, the more flakes you will have attracted [I’ll address this theory in a future post].

Therefore, having better Game and tighter skills are not the solutions to reducing flakes.

What you can do ahead of time in order to “deal with potential flakes much better”, is to do what Roosh does (which I’ll be doing from now on).

I (generally) don’t get offended whenever a girl flakes on me, for the simple fact that I know there’s a 68% chance that a girl will flake [from my experience].

However, when you enter into a situation (planned date) without respect for the flake (that it can’t happen to you)- when it does happen, you’ll become an emotional wreck, beat yourself up and despise the chic who flaked on you.

So flaking can and will happen to all of us.

That’s the first thing you should accept.

Roosh’s Post-Flake Management [Taking Preemptive Measures]

Preemptive measure is the best way to sum this up.

Let us say that you’d established a meet-up or a date with an HB for Saturday (let’s say that Saturday will be 2 nights from now).

What the average guy does in that situation [I’m guilty of this once in a blue], is to completely clear his schedule, kill all prior plans and bank on this 1 date to come to fruition.

I’d say that 90% of men in the western hemisphere are guilty of this (which is standard practice by the way).

When the date does fall through and the girl flakes (cancels), changes her plans, came up with a lame excuse, etc. you’ll be left in a fucking limbo wondering what went wrong, left without shit to do since you’d scrapped your previous plans for this date.

To counter this:

•Make sure you have other plans!

Be it a reserved date with another chic, or plans with your friends to go fist-pumping at a nightclub…

Whatever it may be, just make sure to make other plans.

Roosh would organize his to-do-list a day or so prior to date night.

I personally never made a to-do-list before (mentally nor physically). I just get out of bed and freestyle the rest of my day as most of us do. But from now on, I’ll make sure to establish a to-do-list, more so for days in which I have a meet-up with a girl.

Instead of sitting around waiting on “date time”, had you have a to-do-list, you would’ve been doing something else to occupy your time.

If the date doesn’t come through, then you can quite naturally fall back on what you had to do anyway (from your to-do-list).

Anything can be on this to-do-list.


Let’s say I have a planned date for Saturday night @ 9 PM.

I would fill out my to-do-list from the Friday night accordingly [this’ actually how my Saturdays go]:

9 AM: Look some breakfast.

11 AM: Watch some Saturday morning news programs.

1 PM: Do some in-house exercise (pushups, crunches, shadow boxing, etc.).

3 PM: Look something to eat.

5 PM: Maybe a nap.

7:30 PM: Write an article or 2 for the blog.

9 PM: Watch some HBO or Showtime boxing.

If boxing isn’t scheduled for that night, I’d make plans to go to the bar and nightclub.

So during the hours that I had a date established (9 PM), I would’ve been watching some boxing or getting ready to hit up some local bars.

If the date materializes, and the girl doesn’t cancel (@ 9 PM), then it’s all good- I’ll go on the date.

However, if she does flake, then fine! I had other shit that I wanted to do anyway (from my to-do-list). So the fact that the girl had flaked, wouldn’t be a blow to my self-esteem or ego.

Had I not have any other plans (be it minuscule or grandeur), I would be left to loaf around the PUA bachelor-pad in my briefs watching reruns of Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills [that shit is fucking painful LOL].

So take preemptive measure to handling flakes by making a to-do-list (via cellphone app, computer or old-fashion pen to pad).

Ensure that you have other plans and other shit to do in case the girl gets cold feet and cancels on you [most times, they don’t even call to cancel].

Push comes to shove and you’re totally fed up with flaky girls; just do what Kenny did the other night in the following video!

Check it out!

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26 thoughts on “Post-Flake Management 101 [RooshV Style]

Add yours

  1. @socialkenny Yes i agree most women will flake that is a given,i think what happens (happened to me too) is that guys think that the reason that the girl is flaking is that something wrong with guy,too fat or ugly or too many pimples etc etc…but i have spoken to lots of guys and this happens alot like you said,its hard for guys to admit that this happens alot and to expect it cause i think they want to keep hopes high and not think its not going to happen….


    1. Yea I get you. It’s so true what you said about flaking. It’s not about the guy. It’s all inner battling on the girl’s part: “is he safe, I might get date raped, I don’t know him that well, my legs aren’t shaved, I look fat in this dress, my hair is ugly…”. Those are some of the things which pops into girl’s head when it’s time to go on the date. So it’s almost never about the guy why she flakes. That’s why I was saying, no matter how tight your game is, she can still flake once she begins to question herself about herself.


      1. This totally fucks up everyone’s concept of what flakes are and are not and why they occur.

        I got a D2 with an hb7.9 a few days ago, I was so sure that she was going to meet me at the place but she canceled by text hour before. I took it ok because she had flakey ways anway


        1. If you were so sure that she was gonna flake, then why would you still leave your place to go meet up with her. That just defies logics and was a bad play on your part dude. Step your game up and don’t get played.

          Player life!


          1. Dude first of all respect my shit and don’t come off as judgmental when you don’t know the story.

            The hb was just the case with any other. With any girl, there is a risk taking when making day2s and stuff, and as Kenny was saying, you never really know when the girl will flake so it come down to a gamble really.


          2. Ok and what di you do instead when at the local and the girl never showed. Oh she canceled. So what did you do at that place to counter this?

            Player Life!


          3. I games other bitches. What else? Most spots is japan is set up in a way that if a girl flakes and have a strong chance to still chat up other girls because the environment have other girls available in masses so it’s not a sausage fest as you would I games other bitches. What else? Most spots is japan is set up in a way that if a girl flakes and have a strong chance to still chat up other girls because the environment have other girls available in masses so it’s not a sausage fest as you would tink.


  2. Maybe set up a date where there is potential to meet other girls so if it falls apart you can at least meet someone else like pua japan said plus if the girl does show up you will seem more value to other women cause you are sitting there with a chick 😛


    1. Cool enough. But I don’t do traditional dates, so a situation like this would rarely happen. I usually stay @ home until the last second or until she shows up then I show up, but I don’t believe in showing up on time or first. Nevertheless, if I’m @ the venue and she flakes or is late, I’ll be chatting up other HB’s


      1. Icarus gets my point clearly. I only go places for dates where I can at least talk to other girls until my date comes or if she flakes.


  3. There has to be a rating i think if a girl is SEXTING you that she wants to bang you that night do you meet at a bowling alley or do you wait till she comes over ???? i think there needs to be a rating


      1. BTW Danny I haven’t been getting your updates of new posts eventhough I been subscribed…unless you put me on some kind of ban list to not receive your updates. I’ll resubscribe to see if that helps.


  4. @Danny from New Orleans- So it’s safe to say that you don’t need a flake technique or after-flake management thing. Once they flake once; that’s it!

    I usually give them 3 flakes before I push the delete button and next them.


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