What The F**k Happened To VH1’s Pickup Artist J-Dog!!!?

J-Dog, Master Pickup Artist (MPUA) dating coach raised in England.

J-Dog, Master Pickup Artist (MPUA) dating coach raised in England.

What the f**k happened to J-Dog!?

Haven’t heard anything about him since 2008.

This dude was 1 of my favorite Pick-Up Artist dating instructors over the years.

When he was featured on the first season of VH1’s Pickup Artist back in 2008 as an instructor alongside Mystery, Matador and Tara, I thought J-Dog would’ve been the one to make the greatest impact in the subsequent years.

He hasn’t showed up at any PUA seminars, PUA conventions nor any PUA summits over the years [not of what I know].

I mean, this dude had the platform to really skyrocket his career as a dating coach in the seduction community.

I recall seeing him on the first episode of the Pickup Artist and saying to myself, “I wanna be like this dude”!!! Peacocked just the right way to fit my style [the bad-ass attitude].

My man JTR on an earlier episode of his PUA podcast show said that J-Dog runs the Arizona lair/forum. But from what I know, that lair hasn’t been active nor updated since 2008 or ’09, just as his blog/website hasn’t been updated since ’08 neither: Ask J-Dog.com.

I tweeted him asking what’s up with his blogging and coaching and he said that he’s busy working on some mobile device stuff, but he will be putting out some dating-advice article shortly [see tweet].

What I respect most about J-Dog’s story, is that his is similar to mines and perhaps 85% of the guys in the seduction community; from geeks without a clue about women, to becoming rockstars getting laid regularly.

Justin J-Dog as an engineer, clueless with women and style.

Justin J-Dog as an engineer, clueless with women and style.

Hopefully he does get back into the Game and start coaching again.

I’d hate to see heavy-hitters wither by the wayside while pussies like Nick Sparks & Christian Hudson who have zero Game, stick around teaching bullshit without ever having to showcase skills.

By the way, you can follow Justin J-Dog on Twitter at @ASKJDOG. And although it’s pretty much inactive, you can read some of his past blog articles at Ask J-Dog.com.

Or go to the post: Vote your favorite PUA coach 2012

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15 thoughts on “What The F**k Happened To VH1’s Pickup Artist J-Dog!!!?

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  1. This nick Sparks dude is a fuicking clown. I was on the article the other day when you and him went back and forward arguing over insights on game. This dude came off as suck a fucking condescending prick


    1. @Velma Thanks for chiming in, but let’s not make this a post about that idiot Nick Sparks. I may just write a separate post about that incident. But I did notice you on that article.


      1. I got you. Yea j dog is cool that why I had to commet on this in the first place. I didn’t know he was from England though. But he is a cool as mofo and knows his shit well. Respects to j dog.


        1. have not heard anything about him in ages too. from the tweet kenny, seems like he’s busy in mobile networking field. thats fucked up they took him off season to for that bitch tara.


      1. Socialk, I want to adress this bitch nick sparks though. Open the floodgate or something. But if I start, I don’t want to get banned from your blog like how Alek Novy gets banned as a troll on every pickup artist site lol


  2. Kenny pua are you sure that’s the right address to j dog’s twitter? I triee clicking to follow but got led to a dead end unless it a problem on my end.


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