Want More Proof That Chics Are Irrational And Illogical? Check This Out!

Last post of 2012 and I’m going out with a semi-big bang towing the line of controversial!

What I’m about to get into may offend women, but enlighten men in the same breath.

Women and logics are as different as night and day!

Or how about water in a frying pan dabbed in hot oil?

They just don’t cooperate well together.

A HUGE part of what we teach in the seduction community is that women are irrational-thinking beings.

I can already see streams of hate-mail from women flooding my inbox saying, “Fuck you Kenny! You’re such an asshole”!!!

I can explain!

Actually, I’ll illustrate some classic cases and examples of mental masturbation and irrational behaviors by women (as pertain to dating).

Long-time followers of this blog would have read the post: Women are illogical and non-rational.

If you haven’t; then check it out!

Why Are Women Illogical

Ok, there’s actually a method to the madness as to why a girl will feel the need to psych herself out and become irrational when dealing with a guy.

Men understand and are able to process logics and rationality.

Women on the other hand do not process logics in a logical manner as we guys do.

That’s why trying to communicate from a (male) logical standpoint with a girl, or with a rational argument, would be a HUGE fucking waste of time.

Doesn't he know that arguing against chic-logics will drive him crazy!?

Doesn’t he know that arguing against chic-logics will drive him crazy!?

For instance, you’re in a heated argument with your GF, and she blurts out to you:

GF: “What would you do to show that you really love me”!!!?

You [the male] being a rational-logical creature, will respond with logical, rational answers [as anyone would]:

BF: “Honey, I want to start taking you out more, walks in the park, go on a romantic cruise to the Mediterranean, buy you that diamond ring you’ve been dying for, tell you I love you more often than before…”

Logical, logical, logical…

Sure, those are the right things to say!

Only problem is that those promises are all LOGICAL, RATIONAL and make sense.

Since women are EMOTIONAL beings, therefore, they do not comprehend rationality [when dealing with men].

They comprehend EMOTIONS!

That’s why arguing a woman with points which makes logical sense will seem foreign and nonsensical to her.

She can only process emotional responses- which are illogical [Chic Logics].

Let’s dabble a bit in Chick Logics just to illustrate how differently women process rational shit opposed to the way men do.

Women use “Chic Logics” in order to process things!

Ever heard the saying, “Never argue with a woman”, or that you can never win an argument with a girl?

Of course!

We’re all familiar with those cache phrases.

It’s not that women are so skilled in the art of arguing [although women are smarter than men].

It’s because they’re fucking equipped with built-in Chic Logics!

There’s no way to win or resolve a conflict in a logical fashion with someone who’s presenting her point of view from an emotional/illogical standpoint!

So that’s why girls always kick our asses when it comes to arguing and verbal throw-downs.

We (men) bring logical data and facts to the table, while she’s dishing out verbal barrages of Chic Logics and emotional babbling. So she’ll always win that battle!

Some Examples Of Chic-Logics (Which Doesn’t Make Sense To Men)

[Take note of the raw contradictions in what she says and actually does in contrary to logics]

Girl: “I’m coming to see you later. But under 1 condition: we’re not having sex”.

•She comes over later then ends up having sex anyway.

Girl: “I hate that guy! He thinks he’s God’s gift to women”!

•Logics would say: then don’t fuck with such a guy.

•She ends up hooking up with this same guy she “supposedly” hates.

Girl: “We’re not gonna have sex because that would be cheating…and I don’t cheat on my boyfriend.

•So she gives the guy a blowjob and swallows a massive load instead.

Girl: “I don’t kiss on the 1st. date”.

•Logics would say: then if she doesn’t kiss on first dates, she damn sure wouldn’t fuck on first dates.

•But ends up having sex on the 1st. date [as if full-blown sex is less sluttier than kissing on the first date].

Girl: “You think I’m some kinda tramp who’s just gonna make out with some fucking strange guy I don’t know”!?

•Little did we know; she’s had ONS’ (One-Night Stands) with random dudes in the past. I guess that is OK, but making out isn’t?

Girl: “I’m going out with my girls later, so I won’t be able to see you”.

•Later comes: “Hey Kenny, do you wanna hang out”?

Guy checks out girl’s boobs as they’re talking face to face:

Girl says to her girlfriends afterwards [via Chic Logics]: “He was staring at my fucking tits all night!? What a damn sleaze-ball”!

•Logics would say: why wear something so revealing and skimpy yet get all offended and bitchy whenever men stare?

In all reality; she wants and loves the sexual attention that she gets from men, but her innate-ILLOGICAL mechanism forces her to go contrary to what she LOGICALLY wants [for men to check her out].

On a personal note, this is what a former Fuck-Buddy of mines said to me 2 days ago [check out the chic-logics at play]:

Me: “Hey *******, I’m at an after-Christmas function. I wanna pass by you at 9”.

Girl: “Cool! But we not gonna have sex though. I have a boyfriend now. But we can cuddle”.

Me: “Cuddling is good”.

Went to hang out with her at 10 PM. We cuddled and I banged her.

Logics would say:

•Since you have a boyfriend, why the fuck should you invite another guy over, under the pretense of “Cuddling”?

•Should you even be cuddling with another guy anyway?

•If you really didn’t wanna have sex, didn’t you think that cuddling with a guy you were once intimate with would be a bad idea?

What makes this illogical, irrational and nonsensical, is that she knows if we cuddle, it’d lead to sex without a doubt.

Therefore, she shouldn’t have allowed me to come over (to cuddle).

She wanted sex!

But she has to go about soliciting sex from me in an illogical fashion.
Guys, that is how Chic-Logics work!

It’s fucked up!

Chics engage in such illogical “psych-your-mind” situations on a day to day basis as far as dating, sex and relationships go.

Had I been the average guy who never heard of “Chic Logics”, I would’ve taken such maneuvering by girls as literal, deceptive and offensive.

She said she wants to cuddle.

The average guy (unaware of Chic-Logics) would say:

“Nah I’m ok. I’m not up for just cuddling”.

Little does he know, she didn’t want to cuddle in all reality; she wanted to fuck.

However, a combination of Chic-Logics and her ASD (anti-slut defense) prevented her from admitting she wanted to fuck.

Men would see such a thing as lying, contradictive, misleading and down-right uncalled for.

Once again; that is men looking at things from a “Rational” standpoint instead of an “Emotional” one.

Women talk emotions. Not logics!

I’m curious to know what my female readers feel about this article: bullshit, or makes sense?

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What Women Should Understand About The Male Psyche [Add This To The New Year’s Resolution List]

Days ago, I was social vibing with Dalesa, a cool chic-blogger [and sexy might I add], and the all-too familiar topic was hinted at: “are men and women the same [when it comes to values, dating and desires]”?

The not-so-obvious answer is a resounding HELL NO!!

Men will all agree to this automatically (that the sex’s desires are polar opposite).

However, women tend to expect that both sexes should operate the same: emotionally, psychologically, behaviorally and literally.

When it comes to matters of sex, love, courtship, desires, relationships, dating, mating, passions, etc., women tend to believe that what they (women) want and expect, should be the same things men would want and expect.

Wrong ladies!!!

Another misconception that women have about the sexes, is the belief that what goes for women- goes for men (and vice-versa).

Sure, that’s correct in the sense that we all should be given fair shakes in life.

I have no qualms with that.

But the belief of ‘sameness’ is so so false in relation to hooking up and dating.

As I was saying to Dalesa, “taking it slow”, is NOT a concept that men live by.

The sexy chic-blogger Dalesa

The sexy chic-blogger Dalesa

Men do not want to take it slow (generally) when it comes to banging some fine-ass chic he’d met last week.

The furthest thing from his mind is taking it slow.

He wants to progress towards sex as fast as humanly possible!

And that is where the sexes differ (in relation to the lead up towards banging).

Women are socially conditioned to want to take it slow (although they really don’t want to).

Men are socially deemed pussies if they take it slow. So that is 1 factor why we accelerate as fast as possible towards vagina-town.

Quite often, I’d comment on chic-blogs on the topic of dating, and the oft-familiar declaration which keeps repeating itself (through the commentary) is, “that should go for men too”.

Ladies; NO IT DOESN’T!!!

What goes for women (in dating) does NOT instinctively apply to men!

Both sexes have different sets of needs, desires and values.

This should be common knowledge by now.

Things in which women may view as weird, immoral, unethical, crazy, illogical…may just be another day at the office for us men.

For instance; cheating.

Women obviously take this sort of stuff very fucking seriously!

It’s the greatest act of betrayal under the friggin’ sun [for women that is]!

Do we men see cheating as such a big deal of betrayal?

Of course not!

It is an issue for us, but it isn’t tantamount to treason.

And this hearkens back to what I wrote some months ago, that men are biologically programmed to cheat.

Our value systems are totally different.

Machismo and bravado are things which women do not comprehend (for the obvious reasons that females are the submissive sex of the 2).

Therefore, saying to your hot hunk of beef, “you should act more docile, be less protective, get in touch with your feminine side”, etc. are things which do not compute to most men.

However, quite normal for women to expect, say and do.

Expecting your boyfriend to giddily cuddle and chat about your wonderful day @ work after ejaculating his little spermies, is just not a fun thing for him.

He’ll be more satisfied with dozing off or crawling out of bed to find something more stimulating to do.

Sure he can play along for a minute or 2, but he’s secretly saying to himself, “This chic cannot shut the fuck up”!!

Now, women may see this sort of stuff as pretty fucking insensitive and rude, that their husbands would rather be gambling with the fellas than to lie in bed for post-sex conversation.

For men though; this sort of anti-climactic mindset is quite routine.

Also, I’ve heard women say a lot, “How can someone (a man) cheat on his spouse (wife), and lie down with her afterwards”!?

Once again, this speaks to the differences of the value systems of the sexes: what women see as unfathomable, abominable and down-right nasty, to a guy’s value system, he may not see such act as nasty or punishable by death.

Overall, women need to grasp the differences in values between the 2 sexes, and rid themselves of the cliche-type notion that “what women do- men do”, “what goes for women- goes for men”.

Men (being the macho bastards we are), put more value on hanging out with the boys for New Years celebration, than to go on cheesy-ass dates with our GF’s awaiting the drop of the ball to reign in 2013.

•Women value cuddling.

•Men don’t give a rat’s ass about cuddling (generally).

•Women value post-sex conversation.

•Men just want to sleep after sex.

•Women value PDA.

•Men only want to perform PDA if there are other men around in order for him to guard his woman against other competing Alpha-Males.

•Women value foreplay.

•Men only do foreplay in order to get his cock erect (he’s not doing it for you).

•Women value jewelry.

•Men hate buying jewelry for their women (we only partake in this because of social pressure).

•Women love climaxing together.

•Men in general could care less about cumming together, nor about you (the girl) cumming at all. We just wanna cum!

•Women value the art of listening.

•Men hate to listen [our innate rebellious nature].

•Women hate other girls who cheat [although women cheat more].

•Men understand why other men cheat, and are empathetic to it.

So ladies, please desist from the delusions that what is important to you (as a woman), is equally important to him (as a man).

This is the root cause of 70% of the fights in relationships between the sexes: women seeming to believe that what goes for them- goes for men.

Make 2013 a year of new outlook on men and dating!

Sure men are insensitive assholes, but there’s a method to the madness.

Ciao Bella!

Or go to the post: Vote your favorite PUA coach 2012

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Cheers to 2013 ladies!

Cheers to 2013 ladies!

Post-Flake Management 101 [RooshV Style]

Flaking sucks big donkey balls!!!

In a recent article [I hope she flakes], the seduction artist, RooshV, came up with an interesting mind-hack to alleviate the pain of a girl flaking on you.

I thought this was pretty friggin’ ingenious to say the least!

Roosh wrote:

““I have so many things to do that my schedule is always packed.

Every night before I go to bed I fill my next day’s to-do list full of tasks that will keep me busy for
the entire day.

Dates with girls disturb my work flow and set me back as much as half a day. While I do enjoy dates and want to have sex with girls, I also place great importance in completing my day’s work…””.

If you can’t see the genius in that, then you need to remove the fucking blinders fast!

Flaking is inevitable!

I don’t give a shit if your Game is as tight as a vise-grip. A girl standing you up on a date, or canceling [flaking] is 1 of those things that WILL and MUST happen.

In fact, the tighter your Game is, the more flakes you will have attracted [I’ll address this theory in a future post].

Therefore, having better Game and tighter skills are not the solutions to reducing flakes.

What you can do ahead of time in order to “deal with potential flakes much better”, is to do what Roosh does (which I’ll be doing from now on).

I (generally) don’t get offended whenever a girl flakes on me, for the simple fact that I know there’s a 68% chance that a girl will flake [from my experience].

However, when you enter into a situation (planned date) without respect for the flake (that it can’t happen to you)- when it does happen, you’ll become an emotional wreck, beat yourself up and despise the chic who flaked on you.

So flaking can and will happen to all of us.

That’s the first thing you should accept.

Roosh’s Post-Flake Management [Taking Preemptive Measures]

Preemptive measure is the best way to sum this up.

Let us say that you’d established a meet-up or a date with an HB for Saturday (let’s say that Saturday will be 2 nights from now).

What the average guy does in that situation [I’m guilty of this once in a blue], is to completely clear his schedule, kill all prior plans and bank on this 1 date to come to fruition.

I’d say that 90% of men in the western hemisphere are guilty of this (which is standard practice by the way).

When the date does fall through and the girl flakes (cancels), changes her plans, came up with a lame excuse, etc. you’ll be left in a fucking limbo wondering what went wrong, left without shit to do since you’d scrapped your previous plans for this date.

To counter this:

•Make sure you have other plans!

Be it a reserved date with another chic, or plans with your friends to go fist-pumping at a nightclub…

Whatever it may be, just make sure to make other plans.

Roosh would organize his to-do-list a day or so prior to date night.

I personally never made a to-do-list before (mentally nor physically). I just get out of bed and freestyle the rest of my day as most of us do. But from now on, I’ll make sure to establish a to-do-list, more so for days in which I have a meet-up with a girl.

Instead of sitting around waiting on “date time”, had you have a to-do-list, you would’ve been doing something else to occupy your time.

If the date doesn’t come through, then you can quite naturally fall back on what you had to do anyway (from your to-do-list).

Anything can be on this to-do-list.


Let’s say I have a planned date for Saturday night @ 9 PM.

I would fill out my to-do-list from the Friday night accordingly [this’ actually how my Saturdays go]:

9 AM: Look some breakfast.

11 AM: Watch some Saturday morning news programs.

1 PM: Do some in-house exercise (pushups, crunches, shadow boxing, etc.).

3 PM: Look something to eat.

5 PM: Maybe a nap.

7:30 PM: Write an article or 2 for the blog.

9 PM: Watch some HBO or Showtime boxing.

If boxing isn’t scheduled for that night, I’d make plans to go to the bar and nightclub.

So during the hours that I had a date established (9 PM), I would’ve been watching some boxing or getting ready to hit up some local bars.

If the date materializes, and the girl doesn’t cancel (@ 9 PM), then it’s all good- I’ll go on the date.

However, if she does flake, then fine! I had other shit that I wanted to do anyway (from my to-do-list). So the fact that the girl had flaked, wouldn’t be a blow to my self-esteem or ego.

Had I not have any other plans (be it minuscule or grandeur), I would be left to loaf around the PUA bachelor-pad in my briefs watching reruns of Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills [that shit is fucking painful LOL].

So take preemptive measure to handling flakes by making a to-do-list (via cellphone app, computer or old-fashion pen to pad).

Ensure that you have other plans and other shit to do in case the girl gets cold feet and cancels on you [most times, they don’t even call to cancel].

Push comes to shove and you’re totally fed up with flaky girls; just do what Kenny did the other night in the following video!

Check it out!

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PUA Forums: The Best, Worst And The Ugliest…Which To Sign Onto?

Contemplating to register with a PUA-Seduction forum in order to get your skills up, or to impart some knowledge of your own onto the less fortunate (i.e. newbies)…?

Well you may need to read this article before you do hit the ‘sign up’ button.

I’ll be giving my unapologetically crude review on which forums are worth your time, and the ones that are ran like Nazi-style concentration camps [as my man JTR would say; these fucking Nazi mods].

Firstly, my reviews (good or bad) aren’t based on the size of the forums [some are huge, some small and local].

I’m a member of various PUA forums- large and small, old and new. So I’m well qualified to speak on this shit and give a balanced review.

“The Nazi-Style Forums You Need To Avoid”

•The Pickup Artist Forum

•RSD Nation Forum

•The Attraction Forum (Love Systems)

•PUA Hate

Over at The Seduction Chronicle blog, the admin author made an observation that was spot on about certain forums:

“Forums such as RSD Nation and The Attraction Forums are similarly large but suffer from censorship and moderation that is skewed to support the respective companies ( Real Social Dynamics and Love Systems)”.

I couldn’t have said it better!

The Attraction Forum (by Love Systems):

Attraction Forums by Love Systems

Attraction Forums by Love Systems

Despite the bullshit, I’m cool with the master-PUA coach, Savoy [president of the Love Systems company].

I actually did some work for them [Love Systems] about 2 years ago, along with Gil Rio, who’s an LS coach out of Brazil. Gil and I translated the fame PUA books: The Mystery Method and Magic Bullets, from English into Portuguese and Spanish [since Savoy wanted to expand into the South-American region].

So Savoy and I have history, and are pretty much cool. But it’s the fucking moderators over @ the attraction forum to be blamed for the strict policies and enforcements which are bad for the forum.

This forum also has major log-in issue, where you’re not able to successfully log in for days on end [I haven’t been able to sign in over a year- for real]!!

RSD Nation Forum:

Those faggots @ RSD Forum had closed my account about a month ago.

I signed up about a month ago. After a week of posting My PUA in-field videos and interacting on others’ posts, I noticed I wasn’t able to sign in anymore, so I contacted them as to my log-in issue.

Lo and fucking behold! An e-mail came through from an RSD forum moderator (I suppose) :

“You’re account has been blocked and suspended. You are obviously promoting your products and have a personal gain and agenda as to why you’re posting your content on the forum…”

Basically, the faggot moderator was trying to insinuate that posting of my videos on the forum was for promotional or financial purposes, and that is not allowed [which obviously wasn’t the case].


Videos are ALLOWED to be posted on forums LOL! That’s the purpose of having a video-embed link in the first fucking place!

But what they didn’t want to say, is that if you’re not posting and promoting Real Social Dynamics products- then you can’t post any videos at all.

That would obviously send red flags flying as to the blatant-discriminatory practices (which would turn off possible registrants).

I highly doubt that RSD Tyler [Master PUA guru and owner of RSD] would be the one orchestrating such fowl play.

Their gripe and need to ban me was solely because my Youtube videos (tutorials and in-field) were becoming hits via RSD forum.

My posts (videos included) on their forum were generating like 20 replies per day. I was becoming too popular, so they shut down my account within a week of being on the forum.

It’s unfortunate, ’cause I’m cool with RSD Julien and RSD Alex.

The Pickup Artist Forum: Probably the most active forum in the community (with the most members).

I’ve been a member of this forum since the beginning of 2008 (on which I’m a forum leader).

Great forum by the way, in that one has no issues when it comes to posting videos and links.


I’ve got into fights with a number of moderators over there; In particular Hobbit & Chief PUA, who comes across as a jealous chode since he’s always jumping down my throat about strict-forum rules like a Nazi mod’.

Just yesterday, I received a pm (private message) from Chief saying that he’s giving me a final warning for violating forum rules because I’d recommended my free e-book to some newbies who were inquiring about useful-pickup books.

So he’s threatening to ban me from the pick-up artist forum if I post another link to my free e-book.

I sent him a nice-warm message saying: “Fuck you faggit! You can ban me all you want clown. I’ll start my own forum you jealous prick”!

After that message, I probably did get ban. But fuck it!!! 😆

Those clown moderators at pickup artist forum went on a witch-hunt to suppress my name, growth and products.

This sort of mockery and jealousy-trip can happen to you. So I don’t advise anyone to sign up to that forum, unless you’re content with getting virtually bitched slapped by the likes of Chief PUA, who salivates at the thought of banning members unjustly.

Despite being an active member of that forum since early 2008, with virtually over 2,000 posts, helping the average guy with his dating life…I’m a proud guy who’s willing to risk being banned and deleted than to be chumped by pussy moderators as if I’m a newbie.

PUA Hate: the name speaks for itself.

These clowns are very suppressing, strict and ruthless when it comes to content and what you can and cannot post.

In spite of the name (PUA Hate) and its knack for spewing propaganda on other PUA’s, this forum has featured some top PUA coaches in the game over the years (some however post as anonymous).

I’ve only been a member of this forum less than 6 months now. Surprisingly; they showed me mad love because I’d called out seduction guru, Aaron Sleazy out of Germany, who’s hated on that forum.

However, 2 days ago, I got a pm (private message) from 1 of their Nazi moderators saying I was banned for violating forum rules…which is bullshit!

These guys banned me and closed my account because I was able to tool the shit out of their moderators (on the subject of Game), and I was able to gain some notoriety there.

If it’s 1 theme that these fucking PUA-forum moderators subscribe to, is to keep you from getting too large.

The moment that you’re gaining a name in the seduction community via their forums, and it’s not to their interest; you will be friggin’ suppressed, banned and shut the fuck down…which is unfortunate, bias and defeats the purpose of having a forum.

“The PUA Forums You “Should” Sign Up With”

Aaah, there is light at the end of the tunnel!

It’s not all bad when it comes to seduction forums.

Some of the following forums I’m a member/poster of, so I can personally say that their moderators are cool as a MOFO! And you won’t be bombarded with warning messages over petty bullshit like mistakenly posting in the wrong section.

•PUA Forums

•Phase-Shift Lounge [Kings Of Pickup]

•Casanova Crew [JTR]

•Justin Wayne Dating Forum

•Post Masculine [Mark Manson]

•RooshV Forum

PUA Forums: With research, I’ve yet to come up with any negative reviews on these guys and the way they operate their forum. Seduction guru Bill Preston gets 2 thumbs up for this.

I may have to sign up shortly.

Phase Shift Lounge: owned by my man Speer, the Israeli-master-PUA dating coach out of Miami.

I’ve been a member here for some months now without an iota of static, bullying or suppression.

I freely post my pick-up videos and insights on seduction, and the guys are interactive too.

You can virtually get one-on-one coaching here, as top PUA coaches like VK Vince Kelvin, Speer, Redman PUA, Maven, etc. are all regular posters and always active on this forum.

Signing up is highly recommended!

Casanova Crew Forum: I’m not just recommending this forum because JTR is my brotha from anotha motha!

I’ve been active on this forum for under a year now. It’s active, interactive, and your inquiries (posts) will not go unanswered.

Neither will you be blasted left and right with warnings and violation notices even when you’re not violating shit.

They do have a no-troll tolerance; but trolling activities should be banned anyway.

As for posting videos and such, I regularly post and embed my Youtube pickup vidoes on Casanova Crew Forum without issues.

JTR and these guys aren’t concerned with “keeping the man down”, as those pricks over @ pickup artist forum.

Therefore, it’d be a good choice to register on this forum.

Justin Wayne Dating Forum: I’d registered with this forum the other day (less than a month). I was personally invited to join actually by Justin Wayne PUA himself, so that says a whole lot as to the integrity and character of the individual(s) you’ll be interacting with on his forum.

Strangely though, I’m unable to log in for the past few weeks, and I’m having issues resetting my password to a new one. Seems like a glitch in the sign-in field.

Apart from that, the forum is pretty-much brand new yet active. And you’ll be respected and given leniency for minor mistakes [although I’ve never violated even unintentionally].

Post Masculine aka Practical Pickup Forum: I’m not a member of this forum (yet), but I’ve only heard good reviews so far about the way Mark Postmasculine [formerly known as Entropy PUA] runs this forum.

RooshV Forum: My nemesis Roosh! No love loss since I’ve been feuding with him over the past 7 months.

Roosh, the Turkish seducer, has always been a lenient and tolerant guy [sounds contradicting from my previous stance].

He hardly censors or bans anything…even trolling on his blog posts.

Because of my prior differences with Roosh, I never bothered signing onto his forum. But I recommend it though, being that his forum gets solid reviews, opposed to a gung-ho, shut-you-down approach towards its members.

There you have it folks!

The good, the bad and the fucking ugly… in terms of PUA/Seduction forums.

Wanna learn some quick game for the holiday on into the New Year?

Then sign up on the recommended-seduction forums, and shit on the ones which operate like Hitler on steroids!

Other recommended PUA forums with a decent reputation:

PUA Zone aka Sedfast

Beyond Pickup (The Philippines

Stylelife Academy

Or go to the post: Vote your favorite PUA coach 2012

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