Thanksgiving kisses To All My Female Bloggers [Kenny Loves Y’all]!!!

Just another day in the life of a rockstar Pick-Up Artist giving thanks.

Just another day in the life of a rockstar Pick-Up Artist giving thanks.

The world knows that I don’t celebrate thanksgiving ’cause it was hatched on the massacre of thousands of Native Americans by blood-thirsty settlers.

Nevertheless, with reservation, I want to acknowledge some female bloggers who have shown me massive amounts of love over the past year by interacting on my site, thus keeping it striving (and vice versa).

Irony is, although this’ a male-oriented blog (seduction), 80% of my commentors are chics, who in essence, shouldn’t want anything to do with reading PUA blogs; especially mines which is littered with misogynistic rhetoric and the glorification of man-whoring!!!

Anywho, basically consider this my thanksgiving gift to my female bloggers!

As much as I’m opposed to orgies, I lust for the day to come in which I can organize a grand orgy with all of the following female bloggers LOL.

Just saying.

So, Socialkenny PUA would like to thanks the following chic-bloggers (all of who are sexy BTW) in no specific order of sexiness:


*Bossy Bitch Moksie

*Free Chick

*Beltway Girl

*Constant Confessions

*Silly Girl

*D Queen

*Sunny D

*Kandi the Black Goth Girl



*Nifti Talks

*Single White Female

*Carolina Courtland


*Mz. Bambi

And the newest girls: *My Female Persuasion

Any chic that I forgot: sue me!

Oh, before I bounce, I just wanted to point out the dichotomy/irony of this blog being male-targeted but women interact more.

This’ the problem with men; we are fucking too proud [except me]!

Guys tend to believe that if they check out and read websites about picking up women, it confirms that they need help with women. So to satisfy their huge egos [Beta mentality]; they refrain from reading and commenting on sites such as this one.

That is the reason why many women read and comment on my blog opposed to men. Women have nothing to lose here, while men have to protect their fragile egos of being associated with men’s-help blogs.

So I definitely appreciate my fellow-male bloggers Reema and MP of Black men uncensored who put ego aside to chime in rather than staying away just to protect their egos.

Anywho, Thanks to all of the chic-bloggers for sticking with me through rough and tough, bump and grind. I know that I’m not the easiest guy to get along with [half of the women on this list have felt my wrath of no-bullshit before].

Thank y’all!

Let the orgy begin!

34 thoughts on “Thanksgiving kisses To All My Female Bloggers [Kenny Loves Y’all]!!!

Add yours

  1. Thanks for acknowledging me. I appreciate it!

    I want you to know that when inexperienced guys ask me for advice I tell them to come to your website where they can find out how to gain confidence in approaching women. Your website has tons of info.

    A dude doesn’t have to become a player, what he does with the information is his choice, but any guy could learn from PUAs such as yourself.


    1. I got tears coming down my eyes right now like I’ve been watching the Titanic. I appreciate the endorsement and recommending this site to the average guy. As you said, it’s not about being a player. It’s overall garnering skills which can be applied for confidence,etc.
      Sent from my BlackBerry® device


    1. Lol some of the girls on this list managed to piss me off and we fought. But you were in the middle category; itching for a fight that I wouldn’t mine resolving with some good sex.
      Sent from my BlackBerry® device


  2. Thanks! I better be on that list!!!!!
    That’s interesting that more women comment on your blog, because more men interact and comment on my blog. I give advice to both sexes but mostly have female dating stories.


    1. You are on the list! How was I to keep you off lol!

      Thing is though, men are too fucking proud, so they refrain from commenting on male blogs which give men advice on women. They feel that to interact on such sites, it means they need help with women. So it’s a male-ego thing.
      Sent from my BlackBerry® device


  3. Hey Kenny,

    Thanks for the mention – I do appreciate your thoughtfulness. I enjoy reading your posts and even though you hold no punches, deep down inside I do find value to your knowledge. Keep em’ coming and once again, thanks!

    Mz. Bambi


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