TV Shows I Miss And Grew Up On During The 1990’s (which makes me feel so nostalgic)

Aah, the great-old 90’s!

Of my 30 years of physical existence on the planet Earth (spanning 3 decades), the 1990’s are the most memorable and loved. In fact, I don’t remember shit from the 80’s (was too young), and the 2,000’s suck donkey balls as far as T.V. shows are concerned [with the exception of Reality Shows].

And the reason I chose the following shows of the 90’s, is the intense sensation of nostalgia and longing that they give me whenever I retrospect or happen to glimpse reruns of these shows.

I’ll try to see how much about these shows I could remember without actually googling anything (except the years).

Here goes…!

*Party Of Five [1994]

A teen drama which aired around 1994. It was pretty much like Beverly Hills 90210 (which I loved back in the 90’s).

Something about shows like these had an intense pull on me during my teen years.

*Full House [1987-1995]

Whenever I hear the theme song from this show, I get sentimental flashbacks from my teen years [sounds hard for an Alpha-Male to admit LOL].

I used to watch this show every day after school (Junior High.

*Doogie Howser M.D. [1989-93]

Doogie Howser M.D.

Doogie Howser M.D.

Wow! Talk about a favorite!

This show made me want to become a medical doctor. I was glued on this something serious!

*Living Single [1994]

Living Single

Living Single

Damn! The theme song from this show (the earlier years) brings tears to my eyes…ALMOST!

My mother loved this show also.

*Saved By The Bell [’89-1993]

This show is my all-time favorite without a doubt!

I loved Saved By The Bell!

The character Zack was my idol! I hated A.C. Slater (played by Mario Lopez)!

BTW, I hated the college years with a passion!

*The Wonder Years [1988-’93]

The Wonder Years

The Wonder Years

Ah man! This was my shit! The only character I remember from the show by heart is Kevin Arnold (the protagonist).

It was a hit series back in the day.

*Blossom [1990]



All I remember is that I had a major-kiddie crush on Blossom.

She definitely wasn’t hot, but the quirkiness and nerdy persona made me attracted in a weird way.

*New York Undercover [1994-’98]

New York Undercover

New York Undercover

I used to love cop shows as a kid throughout the 90’s! This drama used to air on Fox every Thursday nights. My brother and I wouldn’t miss it for anything! Every kid who grew up in NYC as I did, loved this show like a ritual!

The theme song for this show makes me wanna travel back in time to the good-old 90’s.

*Beverly Hills 90210 [1990-2000]

Beverly Hills 90210

Beverly Hills 90210

This was my love!

The theme song was sick!!!

I had a serious crush on the Jewish girl [forgot her name]. I wouldn’t miss this show for nothing!

*Singled Out [1995-1998]

Singled Out

Singled Out

A sort of dating-game show which aired on MTV.

I fell in love with Carmen Electra & Jenny McCarthy from watching this show.

This show made MTV (in my perspective)!

There were other shows from the 90’s which I loved like: Fresh Prince, Martin, Night Court, Married With Children, Family Matters, Law and Order, 21 Jump Street, etc. But those shows never gave me the sense of longing for the 90’s.

Feel free to mention the shows you liked from the 90’s in the comment section [doesn’t matter the genre].

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