Random Thoughts Of The Day: “Hygiene And Getting Girls Are Mutually Exclusive”

As I was bathing this morning to hit the internet cafe, a random-ass thought came upon me: Guys with poor hygiene are at the bottom of the totem pole in relation to getting laid.

Not only that they don’t get laid, but they also don’t have girlfriends nor any female friends for that matter.

I’m basing this from what I observe on a day to day basis in my area among the dudes I know of.

The guys who do the worst with women, all happen to be unkempt, dress bad and smell sweaty.

I might be wrong?

17 thoughts on “Random Thoughts Of The Day: “Hygiene And Getting Girls Are Mutually Exclusive”

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  1. For once, you are ABSOLUTELY right, and just because you land a girl doesn’t mean you can quit taking a shower or wearing cologne! We may love you when your hot and sweaty, but we don’t wanna smell you that way!! (unless of course we got hot n sweaty together)


    1. You’re right. I was actually killing my brain trying to decide whether mutually exclusive or proportional was the best word. I even went so far as to google the suggested title but just decided to roll with it
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    1. Lol eew that’s nasty. I’m not even talking about smelly smelly dudes. I’m talking about guys who are low-key off when it comes to body odor. As a guy, I can attest that I’m not always the best smelling guy (unless I’m going out, work or in pubic period). But when I’m home (and I live alone), I let the funk all hang out, especially after a grueling workout or boxing session. But that’s different.
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  2. There’s a difference between a guys natural, musky scent and nasty unwashed sweaty smell. The amount if times I sit next to a guy on the bus in the morning and can smell that he’s just rolled out of bed and into his work clothes without a shower is untrue. Any girl who goes near a guy like that must be a skank


  3. Don’t be a slob, keep your hygiene on point. That’s definitely true.

    I go through periods of lazyness though, since I’m not generally a very smelly guy. Usually women love what I smell like, even though all I’ve done is re-applied deoderant and thrown some beard wax on my face. Hell, they’ve even said that my skin smells really nice after I get out of the shower (just dove body wash). Now, if I smell funky, I will definitely shower, but sometimes I go for a few days without showering.

    A few days you ask? WTF?

    I’m telling you, if I haven’t hit the gym, or been a sweatbox, I can get away with changing my socks/underwear/shirt, re-apply deoderant, rinse my face (just to wake up), and toss some talc on my balls. If I’m really stank and I have to be presentable in a hurry, I’ll do a ball/penis soap down in the sink, rinse off, towel off, then talc. That’s always enough to get me through a surprise encounter with a girl. Mexican showers are the best!


    1. LMAO I’m a guy; so I know about lapses and laziness spells when it comes to hygiene. Guys generally could go longer than women without a bath and not smell. Girls shower like 100 times a day. We men, we’re good with 2 the most on any given day. Beauty about being a man, we don’t have this massive amount of social pressure on us to smell like roses every minute. Dove soap/body wash is the best for me too. But Irish Spring scent will stay on my skin for an entire day.
      Mexican baths. I had a few of those before lol (especially at the gym).
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  4. i liked your book so short and straight to e point.i agree with you that dirty dudes hardly get laid.women are rly trapped coz most of the dudes that approach them are dirty.smartness is key and one of my standards is that ìf i am smarter than the chick,i won,t even bother to date or fuck her.dirty kills attraction and sexual appeal


    1. Agree with you there with the dirty kills attraction comment. Thanks for the props on the book. Very much straight forward and short and not like the rest e-books which are 500 page long and takes 10 years to read and apply
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  5. As Mystery once said, you can be the world’s greatest pickup artist, but if your breath stinks (or any part of you stinks), you ain’t going no where with that woman.

    This is a great point, Kenny. It’s the little things. They add up.

    After all, women read into things. They want INFORMATION about WHO you are. So, if your hygiene isn’t together, what does that say your life?



    1. Thanks for the quote from Mystery. It’s the smallest things like you said which add up bro.

      I had a wake-up call just days ago where I was doing some hard work, quickly stopped by a lounge to grab a drink and go, and the girl who was working the counter happened to be a good friend of mine, and she jokingly bust my balls saying I was sweaty. I felt real fucked up and relieved at the same time that I knew why I was sweaty, and that it wasn’t usual (being that I was doing some heavy manual work that moment).


  6. I don’t think you’re wrong at all Kenny, but I don’t think the inverse is true : i.e. the best groomed guys get the most girls. As long as you’re clean and haven’t got a piece of shit hanging off your eyebrow, you’re good to go!

    By the way thanks for the pingbacks and talking about my infield footage 🙂

    It’s easy to comment on my blog now by the way.


    1. Can’t argue with that point about being groomed. But I’ve been dabbling with some facial hair as of late to see if I can still pull as I would when well-groomed.

      Ok cool, about time you tweaked the comment section on your blog.
      BTW, your k-close post stirred shit up on my blog among my readers (especially the females lol). Later
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