“No more no less: the best way to get a chick turned on” [Guest Post By The Nononsenser]

[Guest post by The Nononsenser]

Don’t you sometimes have that urge to make your girlfriend/sex partner go crazy? Just for that one time, have sex 5 or 6 times during one night, using all your energy to make her moan and get her as wet as it gets. With any one-night-stand I try to fuck her like she’s never been fucked before, that way I’m sure she’ll remember me as that incredible fuck she once had (I talked about it with some buddies of mine and it seems that we all do that…).

Once these crazy days/weeks of wild sex are behind you and the boredom of the relationship starts to take over, turning her on can become a pain in the ass. Throughout the years I’ve tried different techniques from the most obvious and inefficient stuff that most of the guys still think work (paying for expensive restaurants or jewelry. Once you’re there… There’s no going back!) to the much more efficient stuff (mentioned below). Just to be clear: buying expensive stuff works but what’s turning her on isn’t you anymore but the pricy shiny watch you just bought her.

There are many techniques to turn on a chick but I’ll focus today on the one that brings the most results (at least it’s my opinion): whispering dirty stuff in her ear.

Women LOVE dirty stories; whispering in her ear what you’re about to do in detail will make her go crazy. It’s definitely more efficient to talk about the stuff that you’re about to do than to actually do it for real. You won’t even need any foreplay if you do it well: her pussy is going to be so wet that it’s just going to slide right in.

A few years back I was on the phone with whom used to be my girlfriend. We were both inexperienced, I was her first. I don’t know what got into me, I was such an unconfident teenager (the God of sex whispering in my ears what to do?) but I described what I wanted to do to her with as many details as possible. Keep in mind that she had almost no experience; she was still a virgin a few months back. You can imagine the result with a chick that has more experience (more experience=easier to turn on).

Here is how the conversation went (it was years ago, some details I’m not so sure of, they might be distorted from reality but the end result isn’t):

Me (I’m skipping the first part of the conversation: you don’t need all that boyfriend-girlfriend BS):

“I want to do dirty things to you”

Her: “Ho yeah, what?”

Me: “First, I’m going to kiss your lips very gently, my tongue will run on your lips while your lips are staying still, I’ll run my tongue from the bottom of your neck to your earlobe. Once I get there I’m going to softly bite it”

Her: “Continue…”

Me: “I will run my hand underneath your shirt from the back of your neck to your hips. While I’m in the middle of your back and caressing your hair with my right hand I’ll undo your bra with my left hand”

Her: “Continue” (her voice starts to become more sensual)

Me: “I’m going to take off your shirt and your bra at the same time. You’ll take off my shirt. Your breathing becomes heavier. My tongue slides from your neck to your right nipple. I ‘m licking and softly biting your nipples. After a few minutes my tongue goes from your breasts to your belly button, your body shivers. My tongue goes down south and I use my teeth to open your fly”

Her: “Continue” (she’s ready to get it on. But why stop there?)

Me: “I’ll remove your jeans & socks, all you’ll have on is your underwear. You’ll remove my pants and you’ll notice that I’m ready to get it on. My hands will caress your inner thighs and while I’m switching from your left to your right thigh I’ll slightly touch your underwear… it’s soaking wet. I’m still kissing you, harder this time. My right hand is sliding underneath your underwear for a few seconds. I’ll run my tongue down your body to take off your underwear with my teeth. I’ll ask you to lay on your stomach, you’ll obey. My tongue will run up & down from the bottom of your neck to your lower back until it gets closer to your butt. My tongue runs between your butt cheeks. You have no more control over what’s about to happen. You… ”

Her (interrupting me)

“… I want you now” (We stop with the bullshit and have phone sex. It was the first time she ever masturbated). She admitted 5 years later (we weren’t dating anymore) that it was the horniest/wettest she ever got. And I wasn’t even physically there!

Remember: you start sensual and end sexual (you don’t start sexual). Notice that I avoid saying “pussy”, “dick” or “fuck”.

This method is about 100 times more efficient than anything else (sexual or not). Last week I pulled a similar stunt except that the girl that was next to me had much more experience and we… weren’t on the phone: she stopped me half way through my speech and we fucked right away. She couldn’t wait: too turned on.

I’d like to know how you get chicks turned on, can you share your methods?


About TheNonsenser:

I’m in my mid-20’s, European, and I try to bring a new approach to seduction, sex and relationships with women.

I don’t see seduction as the only interaction we have with women. I try to focus on all kind of interactions that we can have with women: seduction, sex, friendships, love, hate etc.

I have no problem picking up women but that’s not what defines me, I’m just looking for a passionate relationship with the right girls without losing the grip over the relationship. I have been sharing my thoughts & strategies made of articles such as the one above, interviews of women, of pick-up artists on a blog that I created a few months ago: Nonsenseaboutwomen

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Cats Love Strings! [by Chelios]

As the great PUA guru ‘Mystery’ once said, “ Cats don’t take orders, but they can be tempted to chase”.

[That concept has stuck in my mind ever since I got into pickup. To this day and for the rest of my life, it will never evade me where the pursuit of women is concerned.]

Cat-String Theory

Women more times than not have the majority of men in the palms of their hands, because the man finds it harder to get his leg over than a woman does (in my opinion anyway). So when he thinks he has a chance: he jumps in head first as if she’s gold.

The man will often give in and comply to any of her requests; “take me here, buy me a drink, meet on this day” blah blah blah.

Not with me though!!

This is why Cat-String Theory has become one of my favourite theories and developmental logics that I follow and practice.

Cat-String Theory to me and many others, is also known as ‘deliberate withdrawal’.

It’s a set of social withdrawal tactics that are pre-planned.

As human beings, we always desire what we cannot seem to have and grasp.

Cat-String Theory by Mystery is based upon (selective) withdrawals.

For example, I had one girl that amazed me, a girl I wanted to hook up with when I wasn’t Alpha.

She led me on and kept me at distance just where I couldn’t reach (it felt like finger tips away). But as I kept giving in, she took from me, saw me as an easy ride and eventually told me to be on my way, “ we’re not compatible” “I’ve met someone I like”.

Cat-String Theory is something you can develop over time: short or long.

It is just about your commitment to the course.

It will stop you from being needy to which is essential in pulling women, resulting in positive progress on your all-round game.

Some examples are:

•Show interest. If by text, don’t always reply nor have a straight pattern.

•Going in for a kiss, pull away, blow her a kiss or stop and say, “ you haven’t earned one yet”, I always get a humoured reaction from that and many have said, “ how do I earn it”?

Remember to be Demonstrating Higher Value (DHV) when you can!
You need to have a reason on why she should persevere and chase you.

It could be your looks, charm, charisma or the way you are friendly with other women and less with her (one of the biggest cock teases I find!)

To summarize: Cat-String Theory is ‘Deliberate Withdrawals.

The ability to withdraw even when temptation is there and the prize seems accessible.

It’s a powerful tool!

You’re the toy that she can’t have and she’s the cat who wants it.

By slowly showing her a little more about yourself, she will think she’s closer and closer, and then you can strike and move in when you like.

In most cases (if played right), pretty much seeing her is on your terms.

“Disinterest promotes attraction”!

Make yourself a challenge!

You are the one who is too high maintenance- not her.

You have to be taken out on your terms as well as hers.

Best get back in field!

Chel … 😉

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Chelios PUA, online-dating instructor out of London

Chelios PUA, online-dating instructor out of London

Rest In Piss Uman [Professor Mentu & Ashur]!

Rest In Piss “University Of Man”

Try visiting the ‘University of man blog’, and this’ what you’ll encounter:

“When we first started writing The University of Man nearly a year ago, Ashur and I decided we
would write until we reached one million views. A little over 250 posts and 4,000 comments later,
we changed our minds and decided 897,681 hits would suffice.

We appreciate every page view and comment, and the friends we met online and in person along the way will not be forgotten. But Ashur and I have made our statements, so now it’s time for us to move on and maintain a dignified silence.

We hope we made you happy for a while”.


The University of Man

Sounds familiar?

How backwards is it to actually ditch your blog at a moment when you’re supposedly doing great. Sounds like his blog was actually doing poorly to me.

Few months ago when I was feuding with Ferdinand Bardamu of the now deceased blog: In Mala Fide, I also predicted the death of The University of Man website/blog as the 2nd. power-house to fall.

Lo and behold, the Uman blog has died a few days ago [just as I foretold].

What did the Manosphere-game blogs In Mala Fide & Uman have in common?

Both of them made a tragically unprovoked mistake to go against Socialkenny via hyperboles, racial insinuations and raw stupidity…UNPROVOKED!

Ferdinand Bardamu [the then owner of the now deceased In Mala Fide/Bona Fide website], had lashed out against me on Twitter some months ago (unprovoked), as he felt excluded from the Twitter chat among 10 of us. Some of the guys included in my conversation were: Bronan, The Private Man, Badger, Bill Powell, Blaze, to name a few.

So Ferdinand hung himself (unbeknownst to him) by Tweeting some bullshit on my conversation timeline.

In response, I immediately created an article and podcast episode about the ridiculous-Twitter incident. Thereafter, I predicted that I will personally kill his blog by tanking his readership and views.

Shortly after, In Mala Fide-Bona Fide announced that it’s closing shop, under the guise that Ferdinand has other business to tend to (which was bullshit). Read “The tragic death of In Mala Fide blog caused by Socialkenny PUA”.

What really led to the collapse were my article and podcast aimed at exposing Ferdinand Bardamu as a nut-job!!! You can read that fatal article here: “Ferdinand Bardamu, a Twitter-trolling closet fan of Socialkenny”, and download the over-kill podcast from the following link: “Socialkenny PUA podcast show, episode #2, Ferdinand Bardamu the troll”.

Fast forward beyond the untimely death of In Mala Fide, Professor Mentu of the University of Man blog, had made the same mistake that Ferd’ did by attacking me with racial insinuations in 1 of his in-direct rants aimed at me.

Since that incident (which had spun out into a huge Twitter feud between Professor Mentu, the Manosphere and I), I declared that the power-house Uman blog will shortly and surely meet its death just as In Mala Fide/Bona Fide did.

That incident also prompted me to put Mentu’s blog on my shit list: “Game blogs I read, and the ones I shit on”.

Another Game/Manosphere blog which Socialkenny had killed was Beer and Concrete by another low-key racist: “The Geographer”, who had taken Mentu’s side against me, hence landed himself on my shit list.

The Geographer’s blog perished so quietly, that a pin dropping in a packed coliseum would make more noise. Visit his blog, and the silence is surely deafening.

The next blog to perish under the weight of Kenny’s pressure WILL BE that bitch The Alpha Persona, as he’d chosen to feud with me over the past weeks on Twitter…UNPROVOKED.

His website is now on life support until I decide to fucking pull the plug on that low-key racist prick. But I just haven’t been motivated enough to waste time on the idiot. A feud with him would be like a chihuahua head to head with a pitbull [so unfair].

The underlying lesson to other Game and Manosphere bloggers is simple: Don’t jump on the Kenny-haters’ bandwagon just to get blog views, or to get virtual pats on the shoulders by other writers. Don’t dick ride faggots like Ferdinand & Mentu just because you feel that they’re too big to fail. As I’d proven twice already: Kenny is bigger, stronger and will fucking crush you.

Faggots like Matt Forney had jumped on the Kenny-hating bandwagon when he wrote this post a while ago: My day of rolling like Kenny, which he took indirect shots at me but obviously failed. BTW, who the fuck is Matt Forney again!!!?

In Closing

I was once the biggest fan of the Uman blog. Before our falling-out, I was the main commentor on that blog, essentially driving traffic to his site by my name alone.

However, he [Professor Mentu] fucked himself royally by launching a war against me which he wasn’t equipped to win. He was suckered into a battle (by other Manosphere bloggers), then paid for it after his daily blog views and hits had plummeted by the hundreds!

Professor Mentu made the strategic mistake of attacking his biggest fan (as I was initially)! Ungratefulness will always come back to bite you in the ass!

Mentu showed his ungratefulness and innate stupidity by turning on me just to appease the kings of the Manosphere: Roosh V and Roissy (since I’d exposed Roissy, and called out Roosh).

The Geographer made the same mistake (of dick riding Mentu); and his blog subsequently bit the dust!!!

The Alpha Persona, not wise enough to notice the perilous trend, decided to make the same mistake (of sucking cock and Kenny-hating), now his blog is in its final stages of a slow death.

I’m a very humble dude who strives to get along and create a cohesive niche in the dating-sphere. But when you attack me with racist innuendos by insulting my intelligence [with the “black men are dumb” undertone], I’ll fuck you harder and kill your career as a Game blogger!

So on that note; rest in piss to the Game-blogger formerly known as Professor Mentu.

I relish in his suicidal demise!

And those bloggers who empathize with his subliminal bigotry, I have 3-nice words for them; Fuck You maggots!!!

Now let’s party! 4 down, 5 more to go!

The Manosphere-Game blogs which are on thin ice:

1.) *The Alpha Persona
2.) *Fly, Fresh, Young
3.) *Danny from New Orleans
4.) *Matt Forney
5.) *Gmac’s Blackbook

Update: The Alpha Persona blog has now died and closed down.

He claims that there’s nothing else to blog about, he’s spent, etc.

Whatever the reason, it’s pretty evident that I predicted the demise of Alpha Persona after Uman.

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Field Report: “3 Guys Battling For 1 Girl At The Club Last Night” [Cockblocks, AMOG’s, Drama, Wingman]

Sipping a glass of wine last night before enetering the bar/nightclub

Sipping a glass of wine last night before enetering the bar/nightclub

Forgive me readers, if this article is riddled with grammatical errors and incoherent babbling, but it’s 5 AM, I’m tipsy, shell-shocked and horny as a MOFO!!! So bear with me as I write this field report as coherently as possible.

Friday, 19th., October, 2012 At Xtra’s Bar & Nightclub

[Pertinent Acronyms]
* HB8: Hot Babe who’s an 8 on the looks scale of 10.
* Congruence Testing: When a woman does or say something in order to see if you’re steady or weak.
* Social Proof: Concept of being a guy who’s socially loved/accepted by others. Social acceptance.
* 2 Set: 2 girls together
* Escalate: To get physical and sexual with a girl.
* KINO: Touching
* AMOG: Alpha Male Other Guy. Basically a cockblocker or competitor.
* Target: The girl you’re after
* Natural: A guy naturally skilled with girls
* DTF: Down To Fuck
* Calibration: Proper timing when trying to seduce a girl.]

Took a few photos outside the joint before going into the bar. Beauty about this bar, is that it has an adjacent club annexed to it where you go from 1 door to the next from bar to club/dancefloor.

Pretended as if I was chatting to someone on my phone just to get close to a sexy-slim girl to chat her up. We chatted for 5 minutes, she told me that she was meeting her BFF on the dancefloor, so we parted ways.

Half hour later, I hit up the dancefloor with the same plastic glass of wine I’d been sipping for an hour [remember I can’t drink for shit]!

The HB8 I was chatting up outside taps me on the shoulder and laughs. We dance for a seconds (no bodily contact though). Her GF gets introduced (who’s actually hotter), they try congruence testing me by refusing to dance in a 2 on 1 session. I almost got thrown off my game but remained unaffected.

To build social proof, I chatted up about 10 different girls in eye’s view of the 2 set I was planning on gaming. This would soften them up a lot more and encourage them to dance with me before some other chick whisk me away.

It worked! 🙂 The social proof spike was in full effect baby!!

The hotter girl of the 2 (Tall-HB), who wasn’t my target initially, grabs me by the waist from behind to get my attention. I turn around and she laughs playfully and teasingly. This was my green light, so I grind on her ass for 2 minutes until she side stepped a bit [perhaps not trying to make her BFF jealous since her BFF obviously liked me initially].

I made 1 crucial mistake at this juncture (which I never do); I didn’t roll off and come back. I stayed on that spot (dancing) forever instead of gaming other girls. I’d already threw all my time and eggs into this 1 basket.

Over the course of 2 hours, I danced on and off with the Tall-HB [maybe 1 and a half hours worth]. Once again, critical mistake of only dancing with 1 chick instead of playing the field and work the entire room as I do 100% of the time.

Nevertheless, we were making good progress as we both physically escalated KINO: she grabbing me, holding my fingers, touching me on my sides. I was doing the same, but I escalated hard my sniffing her hair/neck, caressing her waist with my hands on her thighs, pulling her into me harder (simulating sex) as she playfully pulls away…

Lo and behold…this dude who looked like he was too young to get in the club legally, steps to the 2 set and starts to grind on the girl I was grinding on (Tall-HB)!!

Note: Guys who generally suffer from AA (Approach Anxiety), and are afraid of being rejected, they will scope the entire venue for soft targets i.e. girls who are receptive and are dancing already.

So by me dancing with Tall-HB, it communicated to the orbitors that this girl was seducible. Guys were basically scheming for the opportunity to interject so they can get a piece of the action.

I call this sort of sniper game a bitch move- but it works!

As the PUA guru RSD Tyler Durden wrote years ago, “women in the clubs are in trances, jumping from 1 stimulus to another”…from 1 guy to the next.

Also, those orbitors were smart enough to feed off of the momentum I created, and the girl’s trance-like state, so the teen-looking guy swooped in as I took a 2 second breather…FUCK!!!!

Can’t believe my target is now grinding on this dude who came out of nowhere! But it’s the law of the jungle in dance-floor game. Your girl can be fucking taken within a heartbeat by some AMOG or competing Alpha Natural.

To make matters worse, some other dude was preying on the Tall-HB. So there’s 3 guys tryna pull this 1 girl who was DTF to the max!

Now Guy 3 comes in and whisk away the Tall-HB from Guy 2 and took her into some secluded corner alone [nice play on his part to isolate the girl]. At this point I was fucking furious of the AMOG-ing.

[Socialkenny tweeted @ 12:30 AM:

Some fucking AMOG/Cockblocker keeps hogging up the chic who’s dancing with me every minute. It’s on like Donkey Kong!]

Guy 2 comes up to me and shouted in my ears: “Hey man, that bitch was fine. Where the fuck is she though”!!!? At this point, I’m saying in my head, “You cockblocked the shit out of me, and you end up getting cockblocked”!!!

[Socialkenny tweeted @ 1:52 AM

It really comes down to who could cockblock the best @ the #club. I’ve been fucking cockblocked by this slim-Jim MOFO!#ReturningFavor]

Seen my boy Unit, he asks if I’m good or want another drink. I oblige and took a beer. Went back to the dancefloor to FMAC [Find Meet Attract Close] the target. Guy 3 still has her well wrapped up in isolation. I’m now faced with 2 choices; go over there, grab her hand and pull her away, or use Guy 2 as a pawn to go over there and pull her away for me (in essence).

Guy #3 obviously knows his shit and is playing it skillfully beating the shit out of us!!!

[Socialkenny tweeted @2:53 AM

Fuck!!! I got AMOG’d and some Natural-player type dude went away with my target after a battle!!!

I say to guy 2: “I can’t believe you let this dude fucking take your chic away”! Guy 2: “I’m going over there right now to get her back”. So I baited him into pulling the robbery.

Note: Reason I didn’t go over there myself was because I didn’t wanna look too stalkerish and wind up chasing the girl away by chasing her too much.

Like a God-send; some dude or chick accidentally tripped over the cables leading to the DJ booth shutting off the music [why they had cables running right there…IDK].

Dude (Guy 3), who’s apparently part of the DJ technical team [I came to notice], ran to the booth to rectify the shit. Guy 2 swoops in, he bitches out a bit by procrastinating. Guy 3/technician seen the attempted robbery and ran back over to retake the girl [strong play again]. This fucking guy is dominant, a Natural Alpha/player! FUCK!!!

[Socialkenny tweeted @ 3:00 AM

Threw all my eggs in 1 basket instead of zoning in on at least 3 HB’s. Rookie mistake. Shit happens

At this point, I’m extra pissed that Guy 3 is tooling and schooling the shit out of the competition and AMOG-ing us like little bitches!

It’s now 3 AM, I went outside to the club’s courtyard for a breather while tweeting what was going down.

I call this the “hook-up decision hour”, where chics decide who’s gonna take them home (if any), and the most aggressively-skilled guy wins.

Friggin’ crunch time! All or nothing. Go hard or go home… to spank the little monkey.

After a while, I re-enter the dancefloor. My state isn’t as pumped as before, so I seem out of it. Twirling the floor looking for the target. Surprise surprise; Guy 2 has her and he’s grinding her. I’d rather do battle with Guy 2 since he’s less skilled than Guy 3 (and obviously much younger having less experience).

The Tall-HB(target) spots me while she dances with Guy 2, she grabs my shoulders and smiles. I took that as an IOI (indicator of interest), so I turned around and we sandwiched her [Guy 2 grinding her ass, I’m grinding her from the front]. This went on for 3-4 minutes.

Now I see that I can actually use Guy 2 as an ally rather than a foe. If anything, we can try to pull a 3-some if he manages to isolate her.

I busted on Guy 2 shouting: “You can’t handle that fat ass of hers”! They both laughed, so I grabbed her and isolated her somewhat as we danced. She grabbed my dick, I say to her, “Don’t do that or you’re gonna get something started”! She laughs as I slapped her on the booty.

Guy 2 [my new ally] comes over and we both share her a bit. She said she’s tired from all the dancing so she leans up against the wall. I turned my back for 10 seconds, turned back around to face the target, and guess fucking what…? Guy 3 [the real competition] is back dancing with her.


Note: Once you’re a dominant guy (as guy 3 was), you can almost always persuade a girl to go contrary to what she says or believes. She was obviously drained, but Guy 3’s frame was so overpowering that she danced with him anyway. This’ the essence of frame control.

Sensing that I was a competing Alpha, Guy 3 once again pulls a fucking hat trick before I could gather my senses and pull a counter attack. He checkmated us (or me) and led the girl away quickly.

Note: As RSD Owen wrote years ago in his stunning article: “Stealing Horny Chicks”, when a girl hits buying temperature (horniness), she becomes very receptive to being led, tossed around and used. Sort of like a fucking zombie. Her brains are fried at that moment, so guy 3 sensing this (since he’s a Natural), he took advantage of the Tall-HB’s zombie-like state.

Anyway, I wasn’t about to accept defeat that easily…especially with a DTF chick who was grabbing my cock half the night. I made a last-ditch attempt to pull (the robbery). By the time I got outside of the club, they were already up the block, arm around waist.

[Socialkenny tweeted @4:20 AM

@3rdMilleniumMen Lol yea man! Dude pulled a sniper move and was able to get my target to chat with him, then bam!! Vanished up the bloc

I virtually prayed for a speeding car to careen around the goddamn roundabout and send Guy 3 flying!

At this point, I was faced with 3 realistic options: 1.) Go game another girl (which I should’ve done from the get-go), and hopefully try to pull one who’s already @ Buying Temperature, 2.) Go grab a seat on the couch and sulk, 3.) Go home.

I decided on #2! Grabbed a seat, and here comes Guy 2 (the 1 who initially cockblocked me): “Yo man…that bitch left or what”!!?

I really wasn’t in the mood, so I ignored dude, but he kept tryna chat.

The weird thing is, I see potential in this kid. I actually dig his style and Game. 99% of the dudes were wall-flowering in the venue, scared to approach women. But Zack kept on tryna pull ass. I admired that about him, and we had a decent chat about gaming girls. Turns out that he just turned 18 the other day as I suspected (very young).

Anyone who’s followed my writings for a while now, would’ve known that I hate the shit out of wingmen and the concept of wingmanship. But I can see myself winging with the kid and fine tuning his Game with some pick-up concepts [like calibration, not being too eager,etc.].

We exchanged #’s and Facebook, I told him my schtick as a Pick-Up Artist and that I blog (in which he got intrigued). So I decided to recruit him as my official wingman!

To Be Continued…

Guys need to realize that to compete in the clubs and bars in order to pick up hot chicks, it often times comes down to AMOG battles with other guys for the girl.

The strongest survive in the jungle of nightclub game. If you have no skills, you’ll be going home solo every friggin’ night out. This’ why the average guy is intimidated by going to clubs and such venues; most men are pussies and aren’t equipped with the know-how/skillset to compete.

Last night, I lost!!

I lost to a better man that night. A guy who was willing to take more chances and be more dominant and proactive.

Most nights though, I’m on the winning end of the stick with my targets. This was just 1 of those rare times where I had to battle and engage in stealth game to try and pull a One-Night Stand/Same-Night Lay.

And I enjoyed the hell out of the display of skills and will.

Right after, I tweeted that I wasn’t upset at all about the outcome. This is the law of pick-up in the clubs/bars. Either learn how to play the game or get fucked! But to not play at all is a losing proposition.

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