“Meet The Psycho Bitch; 4 Flakes In 4 Straight Nights ”!!

It’s not often that I pick up a bi-polar chick who flies off the fucking hinges like a coked-up Charlie Sheen infused with a massive dose of tiger blood (winning)!!

However, I’d struck jackpot the other day [lucky friggin’ me]!

Meet: Nika


*Nationality: Jamaican

*Job Description: Works @ a t-shirt printery, aspiring model.

*Notable achievements: She almost won the national high school spelling bee in her junior year.

Field Report

*Met at a massive youth-political rally 2 weeks ago (we both support the same political party here on island).

*Chatted her up, got the # and her BB PIN, added each other on Facebook.

*We texted and chatted over the phone for about 2 days.

*We set up a meet-up for the Friday evening…but she flaked.

*Rescheduled for the next night (Saturday); she flaked again.

*Reasons for the first 2 flakes?

*First flake, I honestly can’t remember her reason. Second flake, claimed she was tired from a hard day [which is another classic-flake excuse]. If she was so tired, then why agree to the date?.

*The Sunday noon, we set up the 3rd. attempted meet-up for that Sunday night.

*Sensing the impending flake; I went to a bar instead [check the related post here from that night: Is this guy a pussy or not? ].

*She BBM’s me at 10:30 PM: “Hey, where are you? I’ll be ready to meet up when I finish these dishes”.

*The meet-up was set for 8:30, and she’s already 2 hours late.

*As a Pick-Up Artist, this’ where having options comes in. If you don’t have any options (that night), then just go sarge instead and hit up a bar or club like I did.

*Time passed and she never met up nor contacted me again that Sunday night. So that’s flake #3 (three nights in a row).

Now, I have a rule in game: I allow the girl 3 flakes before I NEXT her.

It’s nonsensical to drop the girl after she flakes just once.

Most girls WILL flake at least once or twice before conceding to the date or meet-up.

Also, the main causes of flakes are lack of comfort and self-consciousness [2 reasons why she didn’t give up the pussy and flaked]. Eighty percent of flakes are results of lack of comfort on the girl’s part (she feels fat that day, has a pimple, bad hair day, on her period,etc.).

So always give her the benefit of the doubt at least twice or thrice.

*She half-assed apologized for the Sunday night flake.

*We chatted Monday. At this point, I’d let her know that this’ the last time she has to stand me up.

*She breaks out into a crying tirade over the phone [I mean literally fucking bawling!!]:

“Muthafuckers like you never understands what I’m going through! My friend died days ago and that shit is fucking me up! I don’t wanna see anyone period! Not even my fucking mother I talk to right now”!

*Then she hangs up.

*She texted me later, “Sorry about earlier. We can meet up later. But this time, we should make it earlier”.

*Me: “We’ll meet at 7 pm at the ******”.

*At 6:30 pm that Monday evening, I texted her, “I’m at a bar picking me up a Smirnoff Ice. I’ll bring you 1 too” [she’d told me prior that it’s her favorite drink. Plus this’ a good anchor to get the girl to show up].

*Sensing that she might flake again (4th.time), I only bought 1 drink. 7 pm came,7:30,7:45,7:55,8:15…

*Called her…no answer.

*She BBM’s me: “I’m getting my hair done”. Don’t feel like coming out with my hair this way”.

*At this time, I’m saying to myself, “BITCH!! Why the fuck would you set up a date/meet-up if your hair wasn’t fucking done already”!!!?

*It was bullshit obviously! Of course her hair was done!

*This is just a classic case of Chic Logics, and highlights how women are ‘NOT’ rational and very illogical.

*At this point, I’m furious, both ears smoking in anticipation of unleashing a heavy barrage of verbal bombs on this bitch, but I’d managed to hold back the firepower!

*She calls me almost 9 pm [at that time, I’d already left the place, bought a pizza and went home. Since it was a Monday night, my options for other meet-ups were non-existent].

*HB Psycho: ““You just don’t fucking understand me and what I’m going through right now. So fuck you and leave me alone”!!

*She hung up so abruptly after her verbal tirade, I didn’t even get a chance to put a word in and curse her ass the fuck out!

The Aftermath Breakdown

I deleted her that instant from my BBM, phonebook and Facebook.

Did I regret letting this drag out into 4 flakes?


I had nothing to lose since I wasn’t that invested. But I would’ve been really fucked emotionally had I put everything aside for this flakey girl.

For the guys who may say that I should’ve NEXTED her after the 1st.flake. That would be counter productive in my book since most girls flake at least once or twice.

So I’m a huge advocate of giving a flakey girl a chance or two.

Not that she WILL accept the date anyway, but you have a better shot of landing that date by giving her a few chances to either hang herself or show up.

Same as if a girl doesn’t answer the phone on the first call, you wouldn’t erase her # so quickly.

Worst possible thing to do is to invest time and money into a date/meet-up. Then if she flakes, you stay home,mope around and beat yourself up.

If I were the average Beta-male sucker, I would’ve made reservations at a trendy restaurant, bought movie tickets, decorated my pad just for her, withdrew a wad of cash from the ATM for the date, bought her a date-warming gift for nice gesture…

All of those things would’ve went to waste(time and $$), including a serious blow to my emotions (of being stood up and spending on a proposed date).

So, I did the right thing by not investing an ounce of anything (money and preparation).

My attitude was,”if you show, you show. If you don’t, I’ll go to plan B and C” (game other girls, set up another date with another girl, or just go out and look more viable prospects).

So, 2 lessons here for guys to learn:

1.) Never give up too early. Let the girl fuck her chances by exposing herself as a serial flaker. You have nothing to lose in giving her a chance or 2 to come through.

2.) Never invest time nor money into a potential date.

Fuck what you read in Men’s Health magazine or heard on Millionaire Matchmaker! They will all lead you astray as far as dating advice goes.

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Socialkenny’s PUA Podcast Show Episode #7 [10-21-2012]: “How To Kill Your Social Anxiety”

I’m back with my podcast show like a fat kid at an all-you-can eat buffet…

In the 7th.episode of the Kenny’s PUA Podcast Show, I share some crucial insights on social anxiety and approach anxiety and how to get rid of them.

My techniques to ridding yourself of social anxiety (with women),is definitely not the easy route to take.

It’s equivalent to staring the barrel of the gun right in its fucking face!!

I also shared some funny moments of my upbringing of being an anti-social introverted coward who was scared shit to participate in any activity at school.

And the many years I failed gym class because of my social anxiety [who fails gym LOL?]!

So my social anxiety was probably the most extreme case.

And if I was able to eliminate it for the most part; then the average guy who suffers from approach anxiety and social anxiety can over come them too.

You will learn in this episode:
*How to be social.

*How to get rid of social/approach anxiety.

*How to get yourself in state to chat up the hottest girls in the venue.

*How to attract women by being a social guy.

*How to not give a shit what haters think about you.

For the average guy who wants to become a social-fucking machine like I am (with women or just in general), this episode is for you.

Click the following “download now” link to instantly download the 24 minute episode to your mobile device or computer.

Alternate download:

For the iPhone/iPod users, the episode will be available in the iTunes store shortly [as usual, Apple is full of shit]. In the meantime, you can click the iTunes image for previous episodes until the latest one appears.

Rule #1: “She Just Wants To Be Bent Over”

Over at the RSD Nation PUA forum, a junior member dubbed Vicious Skills, had posted the following post which is based on insights from Natural Tim, a PUA coach for RSD out of Melbourne, Australia.


I love this concept Tim came up with years ago.

Stop lying to yourself!

As much as you want to believe that girls are innocent and that “this one is different” or “she is classy”.

The reality of it is that she just wants to be bent over.

Girls masturbate more then guys do.

They just don’t tell others about it because they don’t want to be
judged for being sluts.

There are giant stores running in every city just selling sex toys for girls, with over 300 different types of dildos and vibrators just for girls.

What that tells you is that
girls are fucking horny, they want to get their brains fucked out.

This is how you should be
thinking whenever you see a girl you are attracted to.

Remind yourself constantly that she is fucking horny and wants to get fucked and she will do it as soon as a champ steps up and bends her over!

– When you see that hottie stunner at the bar, remember… she just wants to be bent over.

– When you are talking to your friend’s mom and she’s banging hot, remember… she just wants to
be bent over.

– When you are wondering whether or not you should go for her number remember… she just
wants to be bent over.

– When you are thinking about whether to approach or not, remember… she just wants to be
bent over.

– When you are thinking if you should go for the make out or not, remember… she just wants to be
bent over.

– When you are thinking if you should escalate hard or not remember… she just wants to be
bent over.

“Kenny’s Take”

Without a doubt I agree with everything said in this insightful rule by Tim.

The average guy needs to realize that women aren’t saintly as he would love to believe.

They are horny fucking dogs who are way more sex-bent than men are.

Only when you,the average guy, begins to grasp this concept will you begin to appreciate women more as sexual-loving beings instead of pedestaling her as a Mother Teresa who gets the chills whenever the word sex is mentioned.

Nice concept by Natural Tim.

Tim In-field with his students teaching them how to kiss random girls on the street. He emphasizes “no talking”; just doing(kissing the girl). “Don’t waste time chatting to girls when they want to be kissed.

If you’re feeling Tim’s style, check out his active blog where he writes about adventure, becoming your own boss and having an overall rad lifestyle: “Do Something Rad”.

Or go to the post: Vote your favorite PUA coach 2012

Check out the PUA acronym and term page to familiarize yourself with the lingo used on this website

Texting 2.0 Products By PUA Hydro & Artisan

PUA Hydro(left) & Artisan PUA(right)

PUA Hydro(left) & Artisan PUA(right)

Having issues with texting women, and not getting the results you deserve?

Well, California’s dating coach PUA Hydro, of Orange County Dating Coach.com, along side Artisan PUA of Artisan Dating Coach.com, are here to assist.

Here’s a nice nifty Text-Game Product from my man Hydro along with Artisan, 2 PUA instructors who have been making noise in the community as of late. So it’s only right that I recommend their Text-Game product to my audience.

In-field video of Artisan picking up girl.

Texting 2.0 Over 200 Texts 2 Make Women Want You


Most guys try to “get to know” the
girl through texting. Learn how to
make every conversation fun and


Find out how to send a first texts
that will have her asking YOU what
you’re doing. You’ll have an arsenal of texts that GET RESULTS!


Flirting never stops! One key thing
to a good relationship is to ALWAYS KEEP THE ATTRACTION and flirting will do that!


Getting women out on dates has
never been more simple! Setting up the conversation to where she’s telling YOU when she’s free.


Every time you text her she’ll want
to chat and not resist where you
take the conversation!


You’ll have the knowledge to keep
every text fun and exciting so she
doesn’t get bored!


– First texts that will get responses

– Funny and teasing texts that
make her text back

– Texts that are so flirtacious she’ll
LOVE texting you back

– Find out how into you she really is

– Setting up dates to where SHE’S

– Normal conversations turned

– Witty responses to her normal
everyday questions

– Fun and non-needy ways to get
cold numbers to respond

– *Action* words to spicen up the

– Asking for the date

– Cutting the fluff out of

– Guiding conversation

– Avoiding the deadly “friend zone”

– How to properly banter with

– Ways to text her daily without
coming off needy

– Staying away from awkward texts

And That’s Not It…

You will also get a FREE Skype
Session with Hydro completely FREE!!! Once you have received your Texting Guide you will schedule a day and time to cover your latest sticking points with texting…

Get 15 of the BEST text openers
that will get results like no other
text openers. You want girls to respond to your texts?? These will get you to that next level of getting them to not only respond but want to flirt with you…

Wait!!! It Gets Even Better!

I’m going to throw in an extra
special bonus THE ULTIMATE
GUIDE TO TEXTING GIRLS from Text Master, Artisan!!!
This guide has over 160 PROVEN
texts that get results!!!

By Artisan PUA

By Artisan PUA

The Ultimate Guide Includes…

-When and how often you should
text girls

-The first thing to text girls after you
meet them

-What to text a girl the very same
night you meet her so she’ll come

-Other random texting openers that will make girls laugh

-Text messages that show you are a “real man”

-Games and fun roll plays done
through texting

-The right mindset you must have
for texting girls

-How to use texting to get girls to
chase you!

-How to go from texting girls to an
actual phone conversation

-How to use texting to get girls to
meet you again in person (a date)

-How to bring out a girl’s sexual side without appearing creepy, weird or needy

-What to text if a girl says
something mean or rude

-What to text if girls deliberately
“tests” you

-How to answer a girls question
such as “who’s this?” in a fun
interesting way

-What to text a girl that has just
flaked on you …and much, much more

You’ll get all of this for just $9.97