“I Have A Boyfriend”, And “How To Not Get Dumped [for men]”

The oldest-rejection line in the book in order to send men running with their tails tucked.

Two-hidden truths about the “I have a boyfriend” line.

1.) When a girl says that to a guy who had approached her to chat her up, she’s either sending an around-the-bush message that she’s NOT interested.


2.) She truly doesn’t have a boyfriend, however said that in order to see how you’d react [will you stay the course or disappear?].

I call this the “Are you a real man” test.

Whenever the target lies about having a BF, she wants to see if you’re man enough to not give a shit[an Alpha-Male quality which women secretly adore].

Or will you let the fact that she “SAID” she has a boyfriend, derail the seduction?

The 3 main reactions a guy has when the target says, “I have a boyfriend”:

1.) “Oh I’m sorry. I apologize for that [he becomes apologetic for no reason]”.

2.) “Ok cool. I didn’t know that. Nice to meet you though. Bye”!

3.) “Ah damn, I thought you were single!! Ok, let’s be friends then”.

When a girl says to me that she has a boyfriend, do you know what I do?

* Ignore it!!

* Pretend I never heard it!

* Plow forward as if she’d never said that shit!

Women get that I know what’s up.

They realize at “that” moment of the chat that “He Gets It”.

Of course she’ll never say, “I only told you that I had a BF just for you to leave me alone”.

But chics do this shit regularly: online, in person, at the club,on the streets, etc.

She’ll say to you that she’s taken, just to blow you the fuck off; although she’s officially single.

As a man in “the know”; it’s your duty to not let this attempt to weed out the Beta-Male fazes you.

Because she’s (supposedly) taken doesn’t mean she won’t still fuck you.

Another interesting observation:

A girl who has a boyfriend, will often times trade up, upgrade and dump her current boyfriend, if a new guy presents more value than the current boyfriend.

It’s the cold friggin’ truth in the cut-throat world of dating!

Women don’t just dump their current boyfriends in order to be with some guy whom they deem to have less value or worst off than her current BF.

In other words, she won’t downgrade in value [whatever is of value to her].

She’ll always go from Beta to Alpha; weak to strong, pushover to resolute.

Classic Scenario:

• Jen meets Steve, a guy who is stylish, Alpha, good in bed, active, has great qualities, everything she can want in a man.

• A year later in the LTR, Steve becomes lazy, starts couch potatoing, neglects his style, doesn’t see a need to further dominate her in bed, etc…

• Jen gets hit on by Nate (online or in person). Nate is an Alpha male (as Steve once was), he knows what’s up, he presents her with values (which Steve, the current BF once had).

• Jen is torn between Nate & Steve (Steve’s the current BF who was all she wanted, but has slipped since).

• Her decision-making process becomes easier: she can stay with Steve the lazy slob who doesn’t dominate her in bed, nor make her laugh anymore.

• Or she can dump Steve for Nate the Alpha, who has all the qualities Steve once had a year ago.

• Now, WWJD (what will Jen do)?

• She will cheat on Steve with Nate, then gradually dump him for Nate [essentially upgrade from zero to hero].

Now, what Jen did isn’t a rare exception. It’s actually the fucking norm!!

A girl will almost always upgrade to a better guy (whom she deems is better).

Why shouldn’t she?

“What Can I As A Current Boyfriend Do”?

Stay Alpha or become the Alpha-Male!


Guys on a whole, have the tendency to lapse and slack off AFTER we win the girl.

It’s as if we say to ourselves, “Hey fuck it! I already have her,she’s now my GF, I can now let my guard down and become a slouch”.

I’ve even fell into this psychological trap with my current GF of 3 years.

I noticed her interest in me faltering (because of a possible guy who’s presenting her with more Alpha qualities), so I took actions by becoming that super-interesting guy who’d attracted her 3 years ago.

Had I remained that lazy guy who felt a sense of “settled”, she would’ve dumped my ass and upgraded [rightfully so]!

What you can do today to avoid being dumped and upgraded on:

• Improve upon your fashion and style (if you’d neglected this aspect of being an attractive man).

• If the communication between you and your GF/wife has slacken off tremendously; re-ignite it by communicating more!

• Re-seduce her as if you’re meeting her for the first time[chics love the thought and rush of being lust after].

• If your life now consist of laboring on the couch with a bag of Doritos watching reruns of South Park; get the fuck out the house in search of new activities!

• If when you 1st. met her, you fucked her like an animal, dominated her in bed, in the bushes, on top of the hood, whatever…and you’re now the lazy lover who’s content with her riding you to sleep; you stand a great chance to be dumped.

• Always recreate yourself in the looks department!

If when you’d met her, you had a mullet or corn-row braids, and it’s 2 years later into the LTR(relationship) you’re still donning the same haircut; you should change it up PRONTO!

One month; get a baldy!

Next few months; grow a neat afro.

Few months later; get a fucking Mohawk!

Go flattop like my man Dj Pauly D from MTV’s Jersey Shore.

The purpose is to stay recreating yourself.

You’re essentially becoming a new guy every now and again.

Women get bored and jaded pretty easily with the same shit, same guy, same shoes, same car, same food, etc.

So you wanna be that boyfriend who’s ultra keen to this.

You will never be cheated on nor dumped as long as you maintain the above 6 things I pointed out[or unless the chic is just prone to messing around].

The key is to stay Alpha!

Remain or become once again, that guy whom she fell for a year ago.

Don’t settle into a monotonous rhythm after you’ve made her your GF, or after marrying her.

My MILF girlfriend, although she won’t admit it, she’s super impressed and deeply attracted to the way I constantly recreate myself [not for her, but for my personal liking].

She has no reason to look at another man because I’m presenting her with the values which will keep her interested.

One month, I’d sport a neat, short haircut.

The next, I’d rock my signature Bill Bellamy mini-Mohawk.

Comedian Bill Bellamy

Comedian Bill Bellamy

I got my eyebrow pierced few months ago (which she protested LOL).

When I first got my brow pierced this year.

When I first got my brow pierced this year.

I shave and groom my beard different ways, which gives her the impression that I’m some novel-attractive character.

One week, I’d dress casual, then Urban, gangster, preppy (my favorite), frat-boyish, tropical(shorts, flip-flops)…

The point is, I virtually become 10 guys in one.

One moment, I treat her like shit, I purposely instigate arguments to wind her up mentally, then I swoop in as the super sensitive guy, fuck her until she climaxes thrice (make-up sex), then I’d recreate this cycle over and over again.

You never want your spouse to become too comfortable with you, to the point that she/he feels they can predict your every move.

In closing:

* Don’t back down from seducing girls with boyfriends, because she just might be looking for an upgrade.

The moral and ethical issues are always deterrents, but that’s for another post.

* Always recreate yourself as a new man, and re-seduce your girlfriend/wife to avoid being dumped.

* Related article by my man Stealth PUA out of Japan Dumped AFC Style.

35 thoughts on ““I Have A Boyfriend”, And “How To Not Get Dumped [for men]”

Add yours

  1. School in session.

    Correct on all points.

    Moralks should have no place in the field of getting girls,esp.when the girl is going to jerk you over fopr some other man anyway.


  2. If the girl is dropping “I have a boyfriend” that early on, the guy is telegraphing too much interest too early, or is so Beta that she’s saying he’d never have a chance with her, no matter what.

    In terms of reigniting the spark, tell your girl you’re both going clubbing. Arrive separately, and act like you’ve never met. Then seduce her and watch the magic fly that night. Just bring your A-game!!!


    1. Without a doubt.You’re spot on correct that the guy must be telegraphing interest was too soon or too obvious.

      You and I know better.But for the average guy,that’s the way it goes(let it hang out early).

      Great idea too with re-seducing her!Those little things like you pointed out,inviting her to the club then rolling up on her as if a stranger,that’s powerful!


  3. hey man cool stuff.usually the boyfriend thing is to make herself mre attractive since in the society it has status.hwever when u are the alpha the boyfriend thing is shit and usually she wil fuck you.and the best reply is abt boyfriend is ignore it.most guys they ruin it by asking further details abt e boyfriend lyc the wanna fuck the boyfriend!the thing is words don,t mak her puss wet so u gotta seduce,escalate make her puss wet forget what she said !your photo says am a badass.cool stuff man.


    1. @Kui Gee-Good insights bro’.

      Every woman wants to seem wanted,so they lie about having BF’s.Good point there.It’s gives them social value as in the case of pre-selection for us guys.

      2.)You’re right again.AFC’s or men who just don’t get it,they’ll start a whole dialogue about the BF,which will only make her think of him more,and make her backwards rationalize things and feel slutty for contemplating cheating.

      3.)Oh without a doubt;I’m all about conveying a badboy/Rockstar persona opposed to the bland look.
      Sent from my BlackBerry® device from Digicel


  4. Do not think those two points apply for majority of time. In a day game I stumble often into another two scenarios.

    1. She has not intentions of cheating on her bf, but loves the attention and will be whoring it to the smallest bits, and throws bf line to feel justified to stay and flirt with me. It is actually very common, I see it a lot especially along married chicks.

    They will stay, flirt with you and go all the way, but will throw bf line when it’s gets too hot.

    2. This one is rare, but probably happens much more often to guys who have tight game or games in social circles. She throws bf line to see how you react and if you can be discrete about it.


    1. Thanks for the reminders.

      Totally correct on the added 2 points.I encounter them all the time infield.

      I forgot the exact term for what you’re saying,but it’s the target trying to not feel guilty for flirting and all that,so she throws the BF line out there,so if anything goes down,she can rationalize to herself that she at least mentioned having a BF.

      Totally chic-logic which doesn’t make sense lol.

      You’re 2nd.point,I have noticed it often(although rare for you).
      Sent from my BlackBerry® device from Digicel


  5. I used to say I have a bf all the time whether I did or did not … it doesn’t work anymore. Very rarely does a guy politely concede and walk away (whats this world coming too? lol).

    I agree with ‘changing it up’ for both men and women in a relationship


    1. And this goes back to what a few of the other guys were saying on here,that girls lie about having BF’s even when they don’t.
      That’s why men shouldn’t care much whether she said she does,because there is a 50-50 chance she’s fibbing(for whatever reason).
      Well,even the guys who do stay,they got no game most of the time,so I don’t know how far they get.

      Sent from my BlackBerry® device from Digicel


        1. True.But they persist without any Game and skills to the point that they piss off the chic.They should come see me for some lessons lol
          Sent from my BlackBerry® device from Digicel


  6. Good stuff man, it’s very easy to get complacent in a relationship after time, and that goes for women too. I know my last girl I was really getting tired of her because she got comfortable and lazy. But I’ve been guilty of this as well previously.


  7. While I don’t agree with every piece of advice to avoid being dumped by your girlfriend, guys have a tendency to slack off once they “win” the girl. (Girls do this as well…..)That’s why it’s not a bad idea to wait a few months before jumping into exclusivity (should really take my own advice with that). However, “A girl who has a boyfriend,will often times trade up,upgrade and dump her current boyfriend,if a new guy presents more value than the current boyfriend.” is very, very true.
    It’s highly likely she isn’t head over heels in love. I’m not with most men I date…. if a new guy has more to offer and treats me better, I’m totally jumping ship for someone better. Most women will.


    1. Ok,thanks for chiming in Ms.Cleveland.
      I obviously don’t expect you to agree with all points,but you do agree with the main ones.
      Without a doubt women are guilty too of getting lazy afterwards.But since men are pursuers,we tend to lazy out more afterwards.
      Sent from my BlackBerry® device from Digicel


  8. Just been hit by the classic scenario, lol.

    But in future, your tips will keep me alert to keep upgrading and updating my alpha-male stance 🙂


  9. I have actually done this lol.

    Went clubbing and wasn’t in the mood for BS from guys that night so told all the guys that tried to chat me up that I had a bf. Worked like a charm for most of them and there was only a few guys who wouldn’t leave me alone after it. They actually just pissed me off, because I genuinely said that to get them to leave me alone and so their persistence was just annoying.

    The one guy I really admired that night was the one who looked sad when I said I had a bf and then told me he wouldn’t do that to another guy and he walked off. Really liked him for that.

    We then actually met again later that night (was a big club) and we danced a bit before he backed off again. I then told him the truth – I literally told him that I lied about the bf to get him to piss off LOL. He had a shocked look on his face but we then proceeded to have a great night after that 🙂


    1. Yea typical reactions from guys.Most go away,1 or 2 may stay just to not make it seem so bad,but they become pesky opposed to persisting with grace.
      Sent from my BlackBerry® device from Digicel


  10. yeah man.bf reply total shit.hey what do u say abt those born again kinda obsessed xians hbs.its smz lyc a waste of tym.the thing is i been gaming this hb and doing kino bt when i luk into her eyes rly deep sexual eye contact.she starts to talk abt the bible and other shit.i haven,t kissed her coz of tht shit i guess am becoming a puss.whats yr say abt thz born again xians hbs?what shld be e next step?


    1. I know what you mean.It’s a classic case of plausible deniability and trying not to feel guilty for flirting with you and feeling sexual.That means whatever you were doing(sexual eye contact)was definitely working,and it made her buying temperature spiked pretty hard.So she tried deflecting it by bringing up religion and stuff.
      Sent from my BlackBerry® device from Digicel


  11. Yes, men and women need to stop being lazy once they’re in a relationship!
    I use the boyfriend line all the time too, if I’m completely not interested AT ALL and if you pursue it, do it at your own risk! Because you are fair game (to mock) at that point! Same thing if I actually do have a boyfriend.


  12. Three weeks ago my boyfriend broke up with me. it all started when I Travel to UK to spend my holiday with my Uncle, I was trying to contact him but it was not going through. when I came back from UK I saw him with a lady kissing in his bed room, I was frustrated and it gives me sleepless night. I called my friend told her what happened and she introduce me to a spell cater who helped her long time ago. And I contact him and I never believed that the spell will work so easily because I don’t believe in spell or anything called magical because I have contacted many spell casters to get him back all they do is to take my money with no result. I am happy to tell you that my boyfriend is back and committed to me alone and he do whatever I ask him to do with love and care. All thanks to dr_mack@yahoo. com the great magician who helped me to restore my boyfriend to me. I am Melissa.


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