Does Wearing “Shades” Get You Laid?

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Dudes donned in shades are friggin’ cool!

Rockstar status!!

Besides the part of looking cool; they seem to aways pull a lot of ass.

Video of me testing out shades to peacock with.

Can’t remember who it was, nor on which site, but a fellow blogger commented that he or she notices that guys who wear sunglasses pull a lot ass, or almost always have girlfriends.

Irony is: I too have noticed this strange tangent over the years!!

Moreover, the guys who give me the most competition[AMOG’s] with picking up HB’s,almost always tend to be shade-wearers [strange shit- I know].

I can’t begin to recount the amount of times I found myself in AMOG battles (competing for the target with other guys) while @ Spanish bars.

And 9-10 times,my competitors are always some shades-wearing Alpha-Natural Player type-dudes who make me have to double down on my pick-up skills in order to pull the robbery.

So do shades give the wearer some divine-magical power to seduce hot women?

Of course not LOL!

But they do give the guy a HUGE confidence boost unlike wearing a chic (stylish)-pair of shoes.

Personally, I love the look of some bad-ass shades.

This was me about 3 years ago heading to the nightclub. And I did get laid that night (Same Night Lay)

This was me about 3 years ago heading to the nightclub. And I did get laid that night (Same Night Lay)

They give me an extra boost of Alpha Swag[like my girl Goth Chic,I hate this word] and confidence that’s indescribable, that I just don’t get from throwing on a v-neck Ed Hardy t-shirt (my favorites BTW)!

But I haven’t worn any (shades) in over 3 years (how surprising being that I live in a tropical climate where it’s sunshine all year round).

As I now retrospect to the years that I did wear them, you know what I discovered?

I got laid more during those years (of wearing shades)!!!

Seems counter-intuitive since women are known to be drawn to mens’ eyes.

But when my eyes were concealed (wearing shades);I picked up more chics LOL [talk about a mind-fuck]!!!

This stark realization means that confidence in one’s self outweighs your physical attributes (as we teach in pick-up).

So those shades-wearing Alpha Naturals who managed to pull robberies on me over the years, the confidence they had in how attractive a pair of shades made them look, outweighed the confidence in how attractive my eyes are (so I’ve been told).

So… I decided to don some shades from now on (at least during Day Game Pickup), taking my peacocking game to a brand-new level (throwback actually).

BTW, my favorite shades-wearing character is Sitch aka The Situation of Jersey Shore.

* Post inspired by my man Vince Lin aka Alpha Wolf, a PUA-dating coach behind the “Seducing With Style” blog: Old-school fashion.

* Related article by the PUA guru Tyler Durden: AMOG battle field report.

* Another related article by Tyler Durden: Stealing horny chics.

* Old post by me back in 2009 on the master pick-up artist forum: Is Jersey Shore’s Mike The Situation A Pick-up artist?

Sitch, the coolest cat to ever don dark shades @ night.

Sitch, the coolest cat to ever don dark shades @ night.

31 thoughts on “Does Wearing “Shades” Get You Laid?

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  1. I can believe that, a guy wearing shades looks instantly sexier. Weird but true.

    P.s. Am I the only female who thinks The Situation is a creepy sleazy douche? He seriously creeps me out, I have not even one ounce of attraction towards him, so I am always surprised to see that he has girls throwing themselves at him. Every time I see a picture of him “eewww” comes to mind.


    1. Now I know I’m not going crazy lol!!

      I always knew there was something about it(wearing shades),but I could never figure it out.I just knew that it works to attract women.

      LMAO all women think Sitch is a sleaze-bag;not just you lol.

      But the badboy persona is part of the reason women dig him.Classic asshole who gets laid theory lol.

      I know you hate him from 1 of your post a while ago.


  2. I read somewhere recently that combat troops wear shades or something to cover their eyes because if the enemy can’t see your eyes it gives them a psychological advantage. Perhaps it was a load of shite. Then again.


    1. Wow,my sworn enemy stopped by lol!This’ cause for celebration with the popping of champagne.

      Actually,I heard the same too about military troops.I see it play out in everyday situation too where guys wear shades so as to not give others any psychological advantages.

      Seems true to me I guess.


  3. Shades are the next thing I’m going to try when I go out. After the field test is over then I’ll let you know lol


  4. Think the shades add to the mystery … when you take em of ..well that’s a whole other story but at that point… you’ve engaged and if you play your cards right (and with that confidence you say you get from wearing them) then you’re more likely to get lucky!


    1. I’m a PUA,I don’t rely on “Luck”. But I get you though. That makes perfect sense now to me that shades give a sense of mystery(which women are attracted to).And in essence,when they come off,the mystery is over. Great point.
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