Playing The #’s Game To Win With Women [Killing The Scarcity Mentality]!!!

It’s Friday, looking forward to a fun-filled night of seduction debauchery, wine tossing, bar brawling, ass slapping, hair tugging, girl mugging…y’all get the friggin’ picture!!!

The most important, yet most underrated aspect of picking up lots of hot girls, is NOT your looks [totally overrated], NOT the Bentley, NOT the fat wallet, NOR even the giant dick[all those things are academic]!

Then what the fuck is it Kenny!!?

Playing the “Numbers Game”!!

This’ probably one of “THE” oldest concept of pickup.

Yet over the years, many of us have neglected “Playing the #’s Game in order to seduce and lay more women.

“Why it’s super smart to play the #’s game with women”

It’s quite elementary in concept: the more prospects you have[phone #’s for instance], the more chances of getting laid or landing that hot girlfriend.

Not a tinge of rocket science at all LOL!!

However, the average guy doesn’t fully embrace this concept, nor does he even know of this concept.

He’d get a girl’s phone #, befriend her on Facebook, then throw all the proverbial chips on this 1 potential lay [which he’ll never get].

5 months elapses, and he still hasn’t laid hands on this 1 cherished girl at which he’s extolling as if she’s a Virgin Mary reincarnate!

So that is 5 whole months down the toilet focusing on 1 particular girl, who most like had already LJBF’d him [friendzoned].

Now, If he were smart (or perhaps a Pick-Up Artist, or Natural like Reema), he would’ve played the #’s Game like a slot machine [only with better luck]!!

“How To Play The #’s Game”

Step away from the fucking remote, and drop the Cheetos bag!!

This is for your own good and sexual well-being!!

If you’re an online gamer [a guy who meets women online, or is a member of an online-dating site], then your primary mission should be to “#-Close” at least 3-5 solid HB’s within the next week or so.

You don’t wanna overkill by getting 100 #’s in a week and cannot practically engage these girls [FMAC as the old-school pickup heads would say].

So aim for 3 to 5 solid #-closes this week [online or street pickup].

It’d be better (depended on your skill level) if you can actually get those #’s in 1 day: which is nothing to advanced PUA’s like I am [pardon the egoism].

Reason being, so you can begin to seduce all 3-5 girls on even foot and at the same level of the game.

Opposed to getting 1 # at a time, tossing all your golden eggs into 1 obscure basket, which from an Arithmetic standpoint would be utter stupidity [1 in 1 chance of success].

Now,you’re effectively playing the #’s Game [hi-5 buddy]!

You now [by aiming for 3-5 numbers] have a pretty decent shot at hooking up with at least 2 of those 5, or 1 of those 3[depended on your overall skill level again].

But when your options and chances are ONLY in 1 girl,you ONLY have a 1 in 1 shot, which you will most likely miss.

With 3 to 5 chiquitas in your contact list in which to game, your odds are 600% greater to achieve whatever you’re goal is; to bang the girl(s), meet a girlfriend, get dates or just to find a phone-sex buddy LOL!!!

The #’s Game concept of pickup transcends all medias: online-dating sites, Facebook, women in your phone-contact list, text game, phone game…

Apply this concept to wherever you FMAC[Find,Meet,Attract,Close].

If it’s the weekend and you’re priming to go out [as I am]: Remember to play the fucking #’s Game!!

Don’t be an AFC idiot and pine away at one chic[unless you’re setting up an SNL].

Don’t focus on getting just 1 number.

Remember, women are in abundance, and they’re as horny as fucking dogs, coupled with the hypothesis that 75% of them probably didn’t get fucked the past 3 weeks[maybe jaded with the same-old weiners and are seeking something fresh, thus keeping the vaginas extra tight].

You’ll always win as long as you have options, and armed with an abundance mentality.

Contrarily, you’ll always lose and resort to wasting toilet paper wacking off when you’re coming from a scarcity mentality [no options].

Life in itself is a #’s game [every aspect of it]!!

The more jobs you apply for,greater the chances of landing 1 or more jobs [opposed to applying for 1, then reclining with all hopes on that 1 application being successful].

Use this short-video message as a reminder:

Now,go out and meet lots of women[FMAC], play the #’s game and get laid this weekend!

Ciao Bella!!

Socialkenny just arrived at an island bar [last weekend], and a chick fight broke out[not over me though lol]:

Check out the PUA acronym and term page to familiarize yourself with the lingo used on this website

Either I’ll Fuck Her; Or She’ll Hate Me [Go Hard Or Go Home]!!

My style is pretty simple, I never give up on pursuing a hot piece-a-ass until 2 things happen: Either I’ll get to fuck the girl, or we’ll have a major fall-out where she’ll hate my guts and see me as the biggest asshole she’d ever met.

As the PUA guru Tyler Durden once wrote : “Persistence is king”.

I never give up on a pickup half way through.

I push the peddle to the metal until I either crash and burn the car, or fly full speed ahead directly into her awaiting vagina!

That is my meta-frame (mentality) whenever I’m chatting up a potential-fuck prospect; online,txt messaging or face-to-face combat (vis-a-vis): It’s All Or Nothing!!!

She’ll either dig me- or hate me!

No in-roads, zigzags nor detours: either she’ll love me and wanna spread those legs ASAP, or she’ll wanna see my guts splattered across a highway, struck by a speeding Mack truck at full throttle [pretty gruesome stuff].

Frankly, I’m never gun-shy to lay down the verbal smack-down if the girl gets snarky and bitchy somewhere during the chat [and I sense that she won’t be DTF].

I’m a huge advocate of the saying that some women need to be cursed out, shamed, degraded, verbally abused and brought to the brink of tears when need be.

Whenever I’m engaged in Text Game with the target,if my Bullshit-Sensors go off, or she says some off-the-cuff shit like, “What you think, I’m a whore who’s just gonna spread her legs or wanna hang out with you”!!

It’s “gloves off” time when her attitude takes center stage.

I’ll curse her ass out so badly [usually with 2 lines], she’ll usually respond with a, “I didn’t deserve that. What did I do or say wrong Kenny”!!?

By time the texting session concludes, she’ll either hate my guts or wanna throw the pussy my way.

Now I know this totally goes against community rules of being non-reactive and non-argumentative.

But if it’s 1 part of my Game that I’m totally incapable of tweaking and ridden myself of, is the willingness to cuss a ***** out whenever she becomes bitchy or indifferent.

And frankly; I don’t wish to fix this part of my Game.

Some women can use a verbal beat down in order to conform to being fucked, accept the date, come over to the crib or quit the childish games.

Hence the theme of this article: She’ll either give up the pussy, or hate me with a fervent passion for acting like an insensitive asshole (which is ok with me).

I’m not advocating that other men reading this should adopt my flow.

Not every guy is equipped with steel balls to really disrespect a woman, especially when he has a “Scarcity Mentality” [it’s either her or no pussy].

However,men like I am (rare as flying donkeys), come from an “Abundance Mentality”, where no 1 chick is so precious and regal, that we’d sell out and bow to bitchy behavior just to penetrate her vagina.

You will NEVER see Socialkenny do this:

Me: “So Jessica, what’s your plans for tomorrow? We should meet up”.

Jessica: “I got better shit to do. I’ll be busy so TTY another time”.

Me: “Ok then. We’ll talk later”.

[SMFH @ the generic-Beta male response which comes from 90% of men who are desperate to get laid].

But you’ll always see Socialkenny do this:

Me: “So Jessica, what’s your plans for tomorrow? We should meet up”.

Jessica: “I got better shit to do. I’ll be busy so TTY another time”.

Me: “Bitch, your time ain’t worth shit. Suck this dick and gag and let me know how you like it”.

Jessica: “WTF was that for!!? Dude you’re so friggin’ rude and a jerk-off”!!!

Me: “Respect my time. Either you’re down [DTF] or not. But I’m 2 sec. from deleting your ass”.

Jessica: “Aight, I’ll see you tomorrow then when I’m done from the gym. Gosh”!!!

I expend and exhaust all my verbal resource until she either caves in to getting sexual, or become agitated by my persistence and asshole attitude.

I have nothing to lose with such an asshole approach to such entitlement chicks.

In fact, the only way to lay such girls [young-entitlement whores] with the least amount of flakes and head-games, is via Asshole Game, and communicating that you’ll not beg, be docile nor supplicate just to get a piece of her cherry pie.

She’ll either value my time, get with the program and come get this dick.

Or she’ll hate my guts and asshole style, and wish that I was hit by a train tomorrow so she could celebrate my death and take dumps all over my tombstone.

I religiously abide by the theory that there are more fish in the sea, so I’m never hesitant to piss 1 off (who wasn’t DTF anyway), to then pick up 3 more in order to weed out the 1 who’s DTF’able.

Every lass I pickup, will undoubtedly get to meet my little shtick quite early, and know that I’m not the guy to bullshit around without expecting a hail of verbal-ballistic missiles which will pound her into submission or run for cover.

Go hard or go home!!

Never give up half way!!

Push until you get the girl or until she hates your guts and deletes you!!

The more you play it safe with any particular girl; the less chances you will have to actually hook up with her,and you’ll end up in the dreaded friendzone being strung along for months on end.

Better off pushing the limits now while the initial attraction is still there.

Not many men will subscribe to my method of all or nothing and being verbally abusive.

But in this age of wanton vulgarity, these PYT’s (Pretty Young Things) aren’t looking to hook up with passive Betas who are just too afraid to get nasty and disrespectful.

I don’t play it safe with ANY woman I pickup (online or in person).

I’ll prefer to know if she’s down right now, than to be strung alone for 3 months, to then find out that she’s NOT down (DTF).

Gym Openers [Picking Up Girls At The Gym]

For those outside of the PUA loop,openers are NOT, and I mean NOT pick-up lines!!!

They are conversational starters and ice-breakers aimed towards starting the chat.

They are not meant for the girl to jump into your lap as cheesy pick-up lines are supposed to do (which never happens).

Over @ the Master Pick-up Artist forum(where aspiring PUA’s go for advice on pickup), Pirrhyc Pearl, a newbie/student, posed the following question:

“I always see gorgeous women at the gym working out..I doubt girls really want to bothered while
their working out, I know i don’t!. I have had several female friends tell me they don’t want to talk to guys because they are sweaty and don’t look good! Any good gym openers? Advice”?

Socialkenny replied:

That’s good that you at least recognize that
women aren’t too keen on being picked up while sweaty.

But gym openers are pretty simple. It comes down to banter and being playful. You don’t wanna approach her with a serious
tone. Do it light-heartedly.

PUA:” Hey, you’re cheating over there”. I actually
seen you doing 2 reps instead of 5 that every woman is required to do. Haven’t you read the

Obviously you want to throw this opener in a humorous semi-smiling/shocked expression.
You CANNOT deliver such opener with a serious face and serious tone. And of course you should modify the opener to suit whatever exercise she’s doing (be it the treadmill, jump rope, curls with dumbbells, etc.).

“5 Perfect-Gym Openers By Socialkenny PUA”

Ok, so you’re eyeing that tight-ass HB10 at the fitness gym and you’re all frozen with AA (Approach Anxiety) wondering what to say!!!

Before I give away my routines, do me a favor first: smack yourself to get back into your head and realize that hot women DON’T bite!!

Ok, now that you’re back to senses and composed as an Alpha should be, open the target with 1 of the following openers (ice-breakers):

Fore-Note: Remember, be playful!! Deliver the routines with a semi-smile so the target knows that you’re obviously bantering.

1.) “Hey, you’re cheating over there”. I actually seen you doing 2 reps instead of 5 that every woman is required to do. Haven’t you read the notice”?

2.) “Come on…gimme 1 more,you can do it, come on, come on…”[in an exaggerated tone]!!!

3.) “Hey, I’m fitness coach Kenny, and I just wanna say that you’re totally doing that wrong”.

4.) “Hey girl, I’m looking to hire a personal trainer. You accept cash or check”?

5.) “I got a little secret to tell you. You see that guy over there? He’s totally been checking you out for the past hour. He’s so mesmerized that he hasn’t even worked up a sweat yet. Do you do this with every guy who comes here”?

With some of the openers, gauge distance well between you and the target.

You don’t wanna be directly in her armpits making her very uncomfortable (being that she’s sweaty).

But if it’s a case where she just came in, warming up, etc.,feel free to KINO (touch) and get closer than if she was saturated in perspiratory juices.

Also, you can obviously modify the openers depending on the situation and the type of exercizes she’s doing.

Now go out and fucking have fun seducing hot women at the gym!!

Check out the short-video version where I give some examples of gym openers and the tonality for delivery.


“5 + 1 Things I learned From Banging Fatties” [NSFW-a politically incorrect article]

Who let the controversial, politically-incorrect Socialkenny out the box again?

Those who haven’t receive the memo [new readers], I’m usually a very controversial writer. However, I’ve been tame over the past 5 months since deciding to ease up off pick-up rhetoric and stick to pick-up advice.

Well at least it lasted 5 whole months lol!!

Confession Time: I went through a phase in my life [few years ago] where I was almost exclusively fatty-banging.

Few years ago before I took the fatty-banging detox, I picked up fatties at the club

Few years ago before I took the fatty-banging detox, I picked up fatties at the club

Maybe I was jaded with fucking the same body type (slim) for almost 2 decades, and wanted to explore the forbidden side of chubby-land.

A very cute fatty and I @ the beach  gearing for sex.

A very cute fatty and I @ the beach gearing for sex.

Whatever the reasons were, I’ve since been on a fatty-banging detox over the past 2 years [what a relief for my ego].

1.)Copulating with fat women fucks with your self esteem as a man.

* It’ll give you a false sense of security and settle, “Is this all I can get”?

* The worst mental frame a man can be in (while dating), is to believe that he cannot do better, and has to date down and fuck with a certain type of women.

* Fatty-banging will lull your ass into this false sense of security, where you’d actually lose a part of you as you begin to question your viability to bang hotter girls.

2.)Ninety percent of fat women have nasty attitudes, and are queens of sarcasm[huge turnoff for men].

* They will break you down as a man as you begin to introspect and ask yourself, “Should a woman of her stature and poor-social status really have such entitlement attitude”?

* You want a perfect example of the average fat chic with an attitude? Think Monique the comedian or the roles such fat-black chics are always playing in films.

3.)After fucking a fatty, she immediately tries coercing you into exclusivity.

* Although all women are guilty of this, it’s even more prominent among fatties.

* This could be understood since over-weight women have a smaller pool of men to chose from.

* So she has plausible reasons to want to swindle you into unwanted espousing.

4.)They will bang raw-dog almost all the time.

* All women fuck without condoms, or have and or will at some point[when deciding she wants kids].

* However, the bigger the girl[from my sex-perience], the easier it is to convince her to bang without a rubber [less resistance].

* This is also intelligible (understood)being that her chances to find a mate or baby-daddy is slimmer compared to thinner women.

5.)Once you bang one, it’s impossible to stop!

* Like a bag of potato chips; once you pop- you can’t stop!

* This isn’t because the pussy is better [all pussies are ultimately the same on a physiological level: same makeup].

* Psychologically though, fat women will seem like the only type you will attract and who will be attracted to you.

* It’s like a wearing an un-scented pheromone for attracting fat women. They will gravitate to you like flies to some good shit.

6.They have ZERO patience with the courtship process [with men].

* These girls just wanna fuck!!

* Sure, every girl just wanna fuck, but the slimmer, hotter ones with higher social value, are more likely to entertain chatting for a week or so [plus they have a bigger pool of men who want to bang their uterus out].

* Fat women are so low-key desperate/anxious to get a good dicking, it’s next to impossible to convince her to “get to know each other first”.

* She will NEXT your ass once she senses that you’re not gonna come over and fuck her immediately[even if it’s bad logistics and poor timing; she doesn’t get it]!!

* They have zero patience at all for online dating and chatting on Facebook unless the dick is imminent [today].

* Thus the reason they’re always disgruntled with online dating(since they don’t wanna go through the drawn-out process of chat and phone game for a few days first).

Do I hate fat women?

Hell nah!!

I just hate their death-inducive lifestyle, laziness and unwillingness to step their shit up in order to participate in the dating world.

You can’t expect a man to fawn all over you when you’re favorite passtime consists of watching soaps and pigging out at Burger King twice per day.

As much as we men love to put our dirty dicks in equally dirty vaginas; we ultimately desire a girl with substance who actually have a decent lifestyle[LTR material].

Perhaps the pick-up guru,Roosh V, should revive The Holy War Jihad On Fat Girls among the community at his Fat-Girl Jihad site?

I doubt Big Game Nigel would like that LOL.

But if it’s 1 good thing I can say about fat girls (physically), is that they’re almost always cute in the face.

It’s not often that I see an unsightly one.

Even the ones I used to f-close before my fatty-banging detox were extremely cute in the face.

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