The Hypocrisy Of Religious Women And Sex [plus frame control].

Ever so often, I’d reconnect (by chance) with a former fuck-buddy or girl whom I could’ve banged, but didn’t because of Shitty Logistics.

Meet “Divalicious”!

3 years ago, I picked up an HB Canadian from Toronto who goes by the pseudonym “Divalicious”.

I hijacked this photo of Kas from from her days of freakiness.

We did everything sexually imaginable under the bright sun besides FUCKING[poor logistics dammit!!]!

This chic was so raunchy that she wanted me to throat fuck her until she gags and throws up on my cock [talk about freaky].

Fast forward 3 years later to 2012

She got in contact with me somehow (last night). She added me to her BBM Messenger, and this’ how the chat went verbatim (word for word):

[Pay attention to the religious hypocrisy and how it’s used as a front]

Kas: “Hey stranger, it’s been ages”.

Kenny: “Yea I know. From what I can see: you still have the perky booty”.

Kas: “Of course. But I’m serving the Lord now”.

Kenny: “WTF does that mean”?

Kas: “I devoted my life to the service of our lord Jesus Christ”.

Kenny: “That’s good. Are you still a freak though”?

Kas: “Lol, I’ve done away with that life”.

Kenny: “Well I don’t see anything wrong with that life”.

Kas: “For you. But I’m a Christian now, so sex talk and sex is out”.

Kenny: “If you’re really a Christian: then call me Moses LOL”.

Kas: “Lol. I’m only concern in life now is to serve the lord and my church”.

[Watch how I skillfully throw her off and expose the religious bullshit/act. Strongest Frame wins as we teach in pick-up]

Kenny: “Well cool. I don’t mine you being a saint. You wont be the 1st. saint I have sex with”.

Kas: “Lol I’m not a saint. You haven’t changed have you”?

Kenny: “Nah, I’m still the same dirty-old heathen Kenny. Rotten to the core. You betta watch out”.

Kas: “Jesus is protecting me. I’m no more that person”.

[Watch how she’s trying to maneuver the chat back to religion as she’s getting a dose of “backwards rationalization”. But my frame is stronger]

Kenny: “Jesus is protecting me too. BTW, nice boobs”.

Kas: “Thank you Kenny”.

Kenny: “They seem smaller though. You had a reduction”?

[I’m skillfully transitioning back to sex, dominating her pliable frame]

Kas: “Lol no. They’re still same size”.

Kenny: “Ok cool. I enjoyed toying with them. That used to drive you crazy”.

Kas: “Yea I know”.

Kenny: “So a Christian isn’t allowed to have sex”?

[I’m now beginning to rub it in her face that she was a religious hypocrite]

Kas: “Yea, but after marriage”.

Kenny: “So I guess we were married when we fooled around”?

Kas: “That was different then. I now have Jesus in me”.

Kenny: “Cool! By the looks of it, you’re a highly sexualized girl [the clothes she wore in her pic]. Is that a sin to be Christian and sexy”!?

Kas: “No no sin there”.

[I’m beginning to covertly sexually escalate and break down the religious facade/front]

Kenny: “Well since it’s no sin for Christians to dress sexy and revealing. Is it safe to say that I’m enjoying your sexy Christian body”.

Kas: “LOL you’re killing me! It’s ok”.

[Her “Buying Temperature” is beginning to spike upwards, i.e. she’s getting turned on]

Kenny: “Lol, I don’t wanna kill you. I just wanna relive our moments which drove both of us crazy, like when I ate your pussy on the balcony” [which never happened BTW, but I’m entertaining the though just to get her horny].

Kas: “Lol that never happened. But sounds good though”.

Kenny: “But honestly, I don’t wanna tempt you and throw you off of your religious path. I’m like a devil. You don’t wanna fuck with me”.

Kas: “Lol I’m ok with the chat. I’m not so easily swayed and tempted”.

[She obviously wants the sexual chat to progress, but she’s using it under the guise that she can’t be swayed…which is bullshit since I already out frame her into talking about sex]

Kenny: “Sex is so dirty and wrong. I don’t wanna continue. I prefer to see you instead and we chat about this Jesus guy. Maybe you can enlighten me”.

[An obvious bait and ploy to get her # and hook up]

Kas: “My # is ***-***-****. Call me whenever you’re back in my town”.

Kenny: “Cool. I’ll be looking forward to hearing about this Jesus guy and for you to convert me”.

Hypocrisy in Religion (namely Christianity

Only a dummy would believe that she coughed up her # for the purpose of chatting religion.

No, she wants to fuck!

I’ve been through this a million times with a million girls; met girls who were all about it(sexually), then due to some random situation in life, they begin to profess “I love Jesus”.

Kas’ situation [I came to find out] was the same as 95% of the chics who pull this “I’m now religious” stunt.

She’s been in a bad relationship, BF dogged her out,beat her ass, treated her like trash [so they say]…

Then miraculously found GOD and Jesus.

Do I buy it?

Hell fucking no!!!

99% of the times [the cases I observed], these chics are just bluffing themselves in a ring of hypocrisy.

They’re weak, super gullible and easily mislead.

Thus my statement from an earlier article: “women in the church are the easiest in the world to seduce and bang”.

They hide behind paper-thin facades of religion(Christianity), when in fact it’s just BULLSHIT for a time.

But the real hypocrisy surfaces when Christians play this self-righteous game to say that sex before marriage is wrong.

But how many Christians in the church are virgins and will remain virgins until they’re married?

How many people in the church have had sex out of wedlock?

A cool 99% I’d say.

The Lesson

• Sex overpowers religion almost all the time.

• Women will play the religion card and pretend to be religious until she runs across a guy who “gets it”.

• Women go through many phases in life (due to emotions and hormonal imbalance), where one moment they’re celibate, religious, spiritual, man-haters, feminists, etc.

• But at the end of the day: it’s a self-delusional facade most times.

• It only takes an Alpha Male like I am to expose the bullshit for what it is.

• That is why I’m never dissuaded to picking up religious chics, because I’m socially aware enough to know that what a woman believes in, holds ZERO weight when faced with a challenging Alpha Male.

• Faced with a Weak-Beta Male (which most men are), she can convince him that sex is sinful, bad, wrong and nasty.

I respect that women wanna change and do things differently.

But do it genuinely, or Alphas like I am will be able to see through the front.

If you’re religious and Jesus’ the only man in your life: then stick by that.

But don’t play the middle.

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54 thoughts on “The Hypocrisy Of Religious Women And Sex [plus frame control].

Add yours

  1. Man you might go to hell for it but you’re right lol. Last girl I met was a professional Christian Singer and choir director. She told me flat out in our second convoy she was a nympho and used to be a stripper at 16. So there’s definitely merit here.


    1. We don’t expect anything different from a feminist but to defend other women and not see hypocrisy for what it is.Think about that warrioress.


    2. @Warrioress-Lol come on now.This is absolutely the norm to have women sell out their religious faith just to have sex.

      My generalizations has proven to be the norm almost all the times in my case.And it’s most likely the same with others.


      1. Unfortunately this is true Kenny. You are truly the PUA as your cynicism (rightly so) towards women’s true natures remind me of Neil Strauss’ journey to realization in The Game. Now I can’t wait to hear your thoughts 15-20 years from now after you have had a kid, failed LTR or marriage, and possibly been divorce raped. You will have then moved from PUA to GAME….lol

        Back to the post, I went back and clicked your JESUS PUA post and read between the lines and I urge other readers to go back and read or re-read it. Put your religious brainwashing aside for just 2 minutes. Now think back to all the sexual scandals with religious leaders. I think many men instinctively know this and use “the cloth” as a guise for sexual conquests. Since taking the red pill I have noticed this specifically in the black church (yes it happens in white churches too….Catholic Church being a prime example).

        Connecting the dots even further, my girl has told me some rather creepy shit that went on when she attended a Catholic school. It was standard practice for the priests to “date” these young girls. Warrioress, OPEN YOUR EYES….

        JBAMAI MAXIM#2 Failure to acknowledge Game empowers your rivals.


        1. I don’t know how I missed this comment but solid stuff as usual bro’.

          I can’t disagree with you 1 bit!

          And you’re totally right about the hypocrisy in the black church(mainly)when it comes to ppl using the cloth to their sexual advantage and a guise.

          And thanks for reading the Jesus PUA post.A lot of my readers(especially the women)were afraid to touch that one,eventhough it’s a dose of reality about women and men of the cloth.


  2. Sex before marriage is outlawed.but like you wrote is so correct when you say everyone goes against it and have sex before marriage.

    I cannot argue with your view here to be honest.


    1. Yep that’s an actual photo of her that I snatched from her Facebook page.

      But it was about 3 years ago when we’d met initially.She no longer dresses that way[so she say lol).


  3. Couple of years ago I used to date a Persian Zoroastrian chick from good grounded family with religious values and stick to your own people attitude. Anyways fast forward 2 years into it we break it off and she meets a good Persian guy from same religion and same type of family.

    They are married now, but here is the kicker she told him she never had sex with anyone or dated or even kissed a guy prior to him lol (and trust me we had sex and lots of it)

    They are now happily married lol

    One of the things that always stroke me is that women do not have principles or some code they follow like man have, they have words and use it to leverage they ways.


    1. Nice nice summarizing point Bogs!

      I couldn’t have said it better with what the Persian chic was doing with her husband(mind games).

      And that’s a classic example of women not sticking to their code,or abandoning previously held beliefs.


    1. Well it’s ironic you said that.

      Online(via e-mail,dating sites,chats,etc.),it’s a woman’s domain.Women have the leverage,monopoly and upper hand with dating and men online.

      There’s only so far a guy can advance with a women via virtual communication.

      My point is,the rare exceptional girls who had stuck to their guns and beliefs were online.

      Online,it’s pretty easy for a girl to ignore a guy and put up a massive front.She can easily just ignore the guy’s messages.

      So online,you would meet women who appear to be faithful to their beliefs.

      However,in person is a completely different ball game!

      When faced with a real man,it’s much harder for a woman to stick to her guns,since the guy is right there where he can manipulate her via his sexual tone,body language,sexual eye contact and all.

      Online,a guy cannot use his body language,eye contact nor tone(voice)to sway a woman.

      Get the point now?


    2. There are women who stick to their words and principles, but those women are the ones who somewhat masculine.

      For the most part however women are emotional creatures and act on their emotions and feelings rather than on some structure of honor or principles that man usually have to guide themselves.


        1. One is structured, logical and planned.

          Another one goes with the heart, lives more in the moment and spontaneous.

          It is not about fair or unfair, it’s more about just different.


      1. So if she has morals she sticks to, she’s too manly and probably not worth your time? And then if she doesn’t, she’s a slut to be used however you want and discarded. Sounds like a pretty miserable lot for women.


  4. yep kenny ie rly gud stuff.i been your old posts u rly knw e game and another thing tht i lyc thz storie ey lot of lessons eg hw to handle lmr, i hv a question whethr e girl is attracted? ths girl lets me lead e chats,meets apptments bt she refuses physical escalation whtr its my apartment or hers.did al e stages of e game bt she want even want the slightest touch frm me bt smtimes when i tease her ,she hits ma shouldr,rub clse 2 me,all thz IOIs whats with girl man and she is an 8..


    1. Thanks man.Appreciate that you like my stuff.

      As far as LMR,to handle that,you will have to pretend as though you’re not interested in the target.

      Instead of going KINO and escalating,just fall back,be silent and let her re engage you.

      As far as the Canadian HB in the photos;it’s on like Donkey Kong!We did eveything in the book except sex.I consider her an HB8 because her face isn’t the prettiest.Otherwise,she would’ve been a 10.


  5. thanks for e answer man.i hv another question about the phone and text game how do u handle the phone game to attract the girls lyc hw many times to cal in week and text.also how do uusually handle the girl tht u can,tunderstandwhether she is interested ornot.also hw abt thz Hbs who donwanna getphysical with meshld i jus next orpersist for sometime and likefor how long..yourwil be very much appreciated


    1. @Sasha-Hell no!

      Women need to understand that men and women operate totally different with almost every subject under the sun.

      Women are emotionally driven.Men are not.

      When someone is emotional,or easily driven into an emotional state(whether sexual),they are more susceptible to being fooled.Women as the more emotional sex,are way more easily misled.

      Although I’m anti-religion,Eve is a classic example of women being easily misled and dooped.

      BTW,thanks for entering the hot seat on my blog.It can get pretty hectic and controversial here lol.


      1. Oh, believe me, women know that, I’m just saying that you are generalising a lot and when it comes to as you mentioned in one of your comments: “body language, sexual tone” etc women and men can be manipulated with the same techniques, slightly differently but still the same techniques. There are religious women who are religious for whatever reason full stop, there are asexual people in both sexes and there are more gentle feminine men who need different things too and who are also hiding for whatever reasons behind religion.
        So, in general, I just don’t agree with the concept: “every woman is like that” and “every man is like this”.


        1. They are always exceptions to the rule.Of course nothing is ever 100% a certain way.

          Men do enter the church or become religious also,but it’s not for the same reason as women.

          A guy may all of a sudden wanna become spiritual and religious because his brother died in a car accident and he now feels it’s time for him to so-called straighten his life,so he enters the church.

          Men do not find God because they were in a bad relationship.

          Women on the other hand flock to the church because of a bad break up,a boyfriend who treated them like crap,etc.

          Totally different mindset with what motivates women and men.


          1. Sorry, have to disagree here – this is exactly why my ex went to church and he admitted it…it doesn’t matter what you replace church with – you can have a totally varying reasons…


          2. As I stated,there are exceptions to everything.This guy was obviously the rare exception.

            Either he’s effeminate or have more strogen in his body than the average male which makes him more female-prone.Most likely that’s the case.

            But most males don’t make such decisions based on a breakup.

            We may go crazy and fall into a deep depression,but generally,we’re not gonna pull a “I found Jesus” stunt.To then back peddle 4 months later back into a life of fornication.


    1. I would disagree…the church girls would appear to be bigger freaks because they are church girls…but freaks who practice frackishness are the biggest ones…I’m sure you know that this art has to be learnt and taught…


        1. Yes, I am…what I mean by that is out-of-the-ordinary sexual experiences that people indulge into which cannot be discovered by sitting and praying…yes, they might want more because of restrictions but they are no experts.


  6. @KuraGee

    1.)You should not call nor text more than she does.If she texts you 2 times per day,text her 2 or 1 time.But don’t text her more,or it’d show that you’re more interested.You want her to be more interested by calling and texting you more.

    2.)If she’s interested in you,she will text or communicate more than you do.If yall are chatting online,if she replies more and chat more than you do,then that is an obvious IOI(indicator of interest).

    3.)If the HB(girl)doesn’t wanna get physical with you,it’s not that she doesn’t like you.It’s the fact that your calibration is off(bad timing).You need to KINO escalate or de-escalate the right way.

    If the HB recoils and pull back in a nagative way when you try to touch her,you should stop attempting to touch,resume conversation,then try again(with light KINO).

    Plus your issue could also come down to bad KINO escalation.You have to start KINO lightly(KINO ramp).You cannot try giving a girl a shoulder massage if you didn’t first try holding her fingers.

    The point is,touching a woman(KINO)should be done lightly at first,then escalate as the chat continues.

    But the worst possible thing to do is to next the girls who aren’t responding positively to your attempts to touch her.

    By the way,you can download the free short pdf by PUA guru Vin Dicarlo,who I learned KINO and touching from(years ago)

    Or read the article by him on how to KINO escalate the right way

    You’re touching women problems should be solved after reading Vin’s article.


  7. Hey Kenny, it reminds me of rappers who go bankrupt and then becoming preachers like mace and MC Hammer. They say they become preachers because the collection plate come around!! haha


    1. Lol great example Captain.

      This is exactly the type of shit I’m talking about where ppl use religion as a front for whatever reason.

      But they eventually get exposed soon.Mase is a perfect example.

      Lmao @ collection plate coming around.


  8. yeah got the ladder thanx 4 e gud stuff.but i didn-t quite understand ur point:But the worst thing to do is to next girls who aren-t responding positevely to ur touch.-sme puas suggest that u next those kind girls.u knw i hav bin with this girl i did e light kino up up to e face stage by stage and she is cool with it bt kiss no,wait a lil bit do it again e whole bt no kiss en she blurts i don-t like it and is tht what u do 2 every1 i ignre e Q.can u say she is intersted,e girl smz 2 b confusin..nid help


  9. I understand why some PUA’s would say next the girls who aren’t allowing you to KINO.

    But when the problem could be solved,there’s no reason to next them yet.

    Dude,it was a shit test and a congruencey test that the girl gave you when I attempted to kiss her.

    You did a good job when you KINO escalated lightly.

    But instead of going for the full-blown kiss makeout,build up to it.

    Try kissing her on the arm,fingers,forehead,but not the lips right away.She will reject it half of the time.

    But it’s a shit test and the girl is interested,but she has to test you to see what you’re really made of.


  10. yep S.Kenny ie great advice i ever heard man:if e problem cld be solved why next her.thanx again for the D.E.L read it e whole day and understood i saw a new chapter . .jusreadur old post tht hbsgiv crap advice ie i
    have seen mosthbs criticise smemasculinequalities lyc edeep voice bt yetfall e guys withthz is it theirshittesting orwhat?alsoi wantsmebodylaguage tipstoattract e hbslyc voicetone,eyecontact,tc and why itworks..i wana styalpha lyc u. again thnx 4 e insight


    1. Yea,the D.E.L. is a beautiful KINO concept about touching.I learned how to touch women the right way by reading it all week.

      You’re right,female advice on dating is crap,and we shouldn’t listen them unless they teach something different.

      Well body language and tone is a big part of turning on the HB.

      Those all play a huge part when entering the seduction phase.


  11. If this girl totally gave up the slut/bad girl days in favor of ‘born again virgin’ bullshit, she would have deleted these sexual photos off FB for good.

    I’m sure she’s ‘changed’ herself for the better, but even so, old habits can always come back.
    I bet you could look up scriptures from the bible and quote them as you finger her.


    1. @Phoenix-Lol Great point,great point!Thanks for pointing that out.

      Imagine a member of her church seeing those photos on her Facebook?And most likely,they have seen them but didn’t say anything because they are most likely in the same boat of using religion for a moment until a hot guy comes along again.

      I don’t knock any women for making that change to live a better lifestyle.But don’t use religion,God and Jesus to fake and front.

      LMAO @ fingering her while looking up scriptures.I can foresee it already.


  12. I don’t wanna interject for Bogs,but let’s put it this way:

    Woman are more feminine than men.

    Men are more masculine than women(quite naturally).

    Feminine is synonymous with submissive.

    Masculine is synonymous with resistance and strength.

    With that,men are more likely to stay resilient than women.

    It’s just nature.Don’t blame us.


  13. I don’t wanna interject for Bogs,but let’s put it this way:

    Woman are more feminine than men.

    Men are more masculine than women(quite naturally).

    Feminine is synonymous with submissive.

    Masculine is synonymous with resistance and strength.

    With that,men are more likely to stay resilient than women.

    It’s just nature.Don’t blame us..


  14. Love the article. Was actually basing my next blog on this same topic. Just experienced the same exact b.s. with someone. Everything going great, compatible,etc. and out the clear blue sky this person is living for God until he gets an itch in his pants. To see through the nonsense, i mind fucked this person about acceptable forms of sex…..please its all sex! The only thing I disagree with is it can be guys as well. Good for you calling people out.


    1. Thanks for stopping by. Appreciate it.
      I definitely get where you’re coming from (as we agree). Since this’ a male-oriented site, I figured to mainly point out the stunts pulled by women when it comes to the topic. But sure; men do this also. Men do it a lot too lol! As you said, until they get that itch, it’s a different story. Looking forward to reading that article by you.


  15. Your own hyper-inflated ego is more important to you than this woman. So is it really hard to believe when she finally got some self-respect she no longer wanted to be used by someone so sick that he would try to damage her happiness just for his own validation? She grew up, found something way more satisfying and worth living for than a delusional narcissist. Maybe one day you will too.


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