Getting Laid In NYC [Kenny’s #1 Secret]

It can be pretty easy breezy to bang hot girls in NYC.

If you’re a guy living in New York City, surrounding areas (Tri-State), or visits there at times, but you still find it absolutely hard to get laid, there’s either 2 underlying problems:

1.) You’re secretly gay but won’t admit it.


2.) You have zero skills in picking up chics!

More often than not; the problem is usually poor skills with seducing girls.

Apart from being a C-Minus student in the art of “banging hot pussy”, there are 2- psychological tangents which may still get you laid in NYC [in spite of having poor skills].

But I’m gonna kill you in suspense just a little.

Read on!!!

Now, these 2 highly-classified theories aren’t only applicable in NYC, but in L.A. , Toronto, Sao Paulo, London, Tokyo, Mexico City, Sydney, Jakarta, etc.

And what do these cities all have in common besides heavy-air pollution and cheap hookers?

They are huge!!!!

Now, from an arithmetical standpoint, the bigger the city, the greater the chances of getting laid [DUH!!].

Sure! But that’s not the point to this elusive secret of poon-banging in NYC.

What I’ve realized living in NYC my entire life

1.) I never gave a girl my real name whom I’d fucked.

2.) Everyone goes by aliases.

3.) Girls in NYC hardly give guys their real names (initially).

4.) Girls in NYC are less prone to becoming clingy, attached and stalkerish.

Now, I’ve laid out some baits and clues as to this top-secret theory to Banging NYC pussy.

I think it’s time to divulge the 2 key tangents.

They are…[Drum Roll please]…

“Transient & Anonymous”

Not pretty impressive as top secret, huh LOL?

But I’ll show you how POWERFUL these 2 adjectives are to getting laid in NYC (or any big city).

*Transient: Passing quickly into and out of. A transient person is one who passes in and out, and only stays briefly.

NYC is flooded with “TRANSIENT”(being that it’s a tourist haven).

People come in and out as quick as you can fucking blink!!

Now, if you as a guy position yourself as a “TRANSIENT” nomad(just passing through): women will be 10 times more willing to sleep with you!


For the simple fact that you will have told her that you’re a vacationer, tourist, visitor just passing through.

She will feel a more sense of urgency to let you bang her since you’re leaving soon.

On the flip side, if you let her know that you’re living (or live) in NYC, she will feel no urgency to move fast.

So adopt the “TRANSIENT” persona, and you’ll get laid like a friggin’ Rockstar in NYC.

*Anonymous:Unknown, unnamed, unidentified.

As the renown-seduction coach Paul Janka(out of NYC) said: “New York is a city of anonymity”.

An NYC chic will let you bang her today, comforted by the fact that she will remain ANONYMOUS tomorrow [coupled with the fact that she’d given you a fake name to begin with].

As we teach in the PUA Community;the greatest fear a girl has is that the guy she fucked will tell someone that he’d fucked her [thus painting her as a slut].

In NYC and other big cities,this fear is drastically mitigated and virtually nonexistent.

A small-town chic may be hesitant to let you bang her because y’all may have mutual friends, and or loosely linked via social circle.

However in NYC, the chances of you having a mutual friend with a random chic you met online or during street pick up, is as rare as flying donkeys.

It just doesn’t happen! It’s unheard of and virtually impossible!!

NYC girls are ultra attuned to this realization [“he doesn’t know whom I know, I don’t know who he knows”].

So they’re 1,000 times more willing to have sex with a random.

Since I have a telling NY tri-state area accent, I can only play the “Anonymity Card” when looking easy ass in NYC [since I’m not a Transient just passing through].

It’d be hard to convince a savvy(or dumb) New Yorker that I’m from Miami when I have an obvious uptown-NYC lingo.

But if a guy from Australia, Down South (USA), Mid-West were to say:

“Hey, I’m from Chicago, I’ll only be in NYC for 4 days”.

That NYC lass will allow him to bang her under the pretense that he’s a Transient nomad.

I have island buddies who go to NYC for a week or so, and they get laid via my Transient theory.

They have accents and let the girls know that they’re just passing through.

Girls sense the urgency and make sure sex happens before they leaves.

Example of how to use my “T&A” Theory

Plan on visiting NYC or any decent-size city?

Go online to meet some girls from that city (prior to going there).

Let it be known that you’re a Transient (just passing through), and how long you’ll be staying.

For the anonymous card: just remain anonymous and encourage her to remain anonymous.

Don’t tell her you wanna meet her family, sisters, mother, her friends, etc.

No “getting to know you better” vibe.

Remember, the more you know about her (personal life): the less willing she’ll be to banging you.

BTW, the Transient card works brilliantly in small towns also.

Just as long as you’re NOT from that same small town in which the girl lives.

Lastly, having Game is still a necessity to getting laid in NYC.

After you do # close the target and get her #, you still need Game and skills to get the lay[irrespective of how easy it may seem with my T&A theory].

Check out a related article by dating coach Tripp out of L.A. Tips to attracting women in Los Angeles.

“How to bang foreign girls”, the free e-book by Socialkenny coming soon.

Socialkenny’s PUA Podcast Show Ep#6: Latest Seduction Product Reviews

Download mp3

[This post was originally written on June 17th. 2012]

Episode 6 of the show, I’m podcasting from a hotel balcony; saying goodbye to the tedious in-house recordings that everyone does.

I’ll be reviewing few seduction/PUA products which has recently come out : including e-books (free and paid), DVD sets and audio programs.

Some of the products I’ll be reviewing:

•”The Night Game Blueprint”, free e-book by the PUA “Warped Mindless” of Real Natural Seduction.

•”Meet More Women”, paid e-book by “Date Masters“: John Robbie & JD Serrano.

•”Minimal Game”, the book by the controversial Aaron Sleazy.

•”She’s 6 Steps Away”, audio product from Eric Disco of Approach

I can’t guarantee that all reviews will be positive and to the liking of the product creators…

Will I take some cheap-shots at gurus and pick a fight with Sleazy (as usual)?

Well, check out the episode [it’s 23 minutes long].

Download episode here

IPhone, iPad users can download it directly from the itunes app store by clicking the image:

This episode may not show up in iTunes until a day or 2 [apple sucks!!!], so you may just wanna download it from the default links.

“Minimal Game” by the controversial seduction coach Aaron Sleazy.

Cool Accessories For Men [“Attract Girls By Peacocking”]

Some of Kenny PUA's actual accessories

Some of Kenny PUA’s actual accessories


A Seduction Community concept where the PUA wears accessory(ies) or clothing item(s) which will attract women to talk to him.

That item or accessory is usually colorful, shiny, interesting and stands out.

Think of a peacock in comparison to a rooster cock: the peacock is more colorful, radiant, attractive and demands more attention.

What would be more attractive to anyone (irrespective of gender): something bland or something colorfully decorated?

Hence the seduction community’s concept of “Peacocking”.

*Peacock Theory by PUA Lingo broken down by dating coach Alpha Wolf.

*Use Peacocking correctly by PUA coach Alex Becker.

Why Should I Peacock?

You don’t have to in fact.

But the benefits outweigh the cons by a ton.

Wearing an interesting, strange piece of item is a great way for the target (the woman) to strike up a conversation with you.

It gives her a reason to open you (initiate the chat).

Mystery, the Godfather of the PUA community, he's peacocking with the strange hat, black nails and interesting necklace and pendant.

Mystery, the Godfather of the PUA community, he’s peacocking with the strange hat, black nails and interesting necklace and pendant.

On the contrary, wearing NOTHING interesting will give girls ZERO reasons to strike up a convo with you.

What Is Not Considered Peacocking

Gold, silver chains and plain bracelets are not peacocking items!

Or at least, they are bad examples of peacocking.

Anything that is too common would not be a good source of peacocking to attract women.

A chain around the neck is way too common to attract any attention from hot chics.

Same goes for gold, silver or platinum bracelets.

A hot chic is not gonna see you @ the bar counter ordering drinks and say to you, “Nice bracelet”.

Beaded bracelets however (colorful ones, or ones made of ornaments or shells) will be a better choice.

The Magic Of Peacocking (whenever I’m in-field)

Every single time I go out (bar, club or even grocery shopping) ,1 thing is almost guaranteed to happen: young-hot chics commenting on my peacocking.

For instance, I wear multi-colored shoelaces in my sneakers (Converses).

According to my entire wardrobe, the laces will match and coordinate (yellow & white, blue & white, green & black, etc.).

Actual peer of my ash-black colored Converses with blue & white laces to match my outfit.

Actual peer of my ash-black colored Converses with blue & white laces to match my outfit.

It’s almost 100% guarantee that whenever I enter a lit place (store, bus, office building), at least 2-3 sets of girls will say something like this (about my shoes/laces):

“Wow, I want sneakers just like yours”!

“Where did you get em”?

“I like your shoes”.

“Hey Jessica [motioning to her girlfriend], look at his laces. Hot right”?

Peacocking In The Bars & Clubs

My absolute favorite item to peacock with in nightclubs is those glow-in-the dark necklace thingies that you put in the fridge.

I honestly don’t know the fucking name! 🙂

Glow in the dark necklaces for kids.

Glow in the dark necklaces for kids.

These MOFO’s are like my best friend @ the club [fuck a wingman]!

Simple, inexpensive, yet so powerful!

Hot chicks in my circumference will say to me:

“Why are you wearing kid stuff in the club”?

“Can I hold your glow-in-the dark thing”?

Then it’s on like Donkey Kong!!

Another great example of how peacocking with simple, cheap accessories and items can have women initiate conversation with you.

What Peacocking Is “NOT”

•It’s not a form of showing off.

•It’s not attention-seeking.

•It’s not trying to stand out and seem like an outcast.

The intended purpose of Peacocking is to:

1.) Separate yourself from the average Joes who are bland-looking.

2.) Give HB’s (women) reasons to strike up conversations with you.

3.) Give her something to comment on (your interesting accessory) during the conversation.

Peacocking Items And Accessories You Can Buy:

Wear 1 of those happy birthday hats (for children) to the bar or club (if they permit it).

That’s sure to get women saying to you:

“Happy Birthday, congratulations”!

“Hey birthday boy”!

At the bar,these are chic magnets to entice her to open you and start conversation.

At the bar, these are chic magnets to entice her to open you and start conversation.

Pant/pocket chain

Pants/pocket chain

Removable-belt buckles

Removable-belt buckles

Leather wristbands

Leather wristbands

Women love to comment on pendants

Women love to comment on pendants

Simple beeded-bracelet(1-rowed)

Simple beeded-bracelet (1-rowed)

Multi-rowed beeded bracelet

Multi-rowed beeded bracelet

Other items you can peacock with:


•Shades (colorful ones)






•Mardi-Gras necklaces

Kenny testing out peacocking with cool shades.

Mystery talks about peacocking.

James Rosier tests out some peacocking on the streets.

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