Vote For The Top Pick-Up Artist Instructor Of 2012 [presented by Socialkenny]

Every year, a reputable source in the PUA community would present his list of top Pick-Up Artists of the year.

My man Bobby Rio of TSB Magazine had his list of 2010, Alpha Wolf aka Vince Lin, and Casual of PUA Lingo had their list of 2011.

So for 2012, I’ll be debuting my list of PUA-dating coaches, on whom you can cast your quasi vote.

My criterium for selecting the nominees is based on: their blog’s activity (if available), coaching ability, skills to pick up women, execution, in-field videos, lay reports/field reports, notoriety in the community, and overall well-rounded Game.

There will be no favoritism here!!!

My list is very diverse, unlike previously, where 1 specific PUA would be on top each year [Jon Sinn to be exact].

In fact, there are guys on my list whom I don’t even fuck with! But in the interest of fairness- I proceed.

Nominees are [in no specific order]:

•LS Fader of Love Systems.

*He is “The” most active PUA coach when it comes to Stripper Game and picking up hired guns [bartenders, etc.].

*His ability to game hot women in strip clubs and pull exotic dancers is frightening!!

*His prowess is documented weekly via his Twitter timeline and many field reports on The Attraction Forum.

•Krauser PUA from England of Krauser’s PUA Adventure.

*He’s been tearing up the bloggersphere for the past few years via solid Game and in-field prowess.

*When it comes to picking up and laying girls internationally [from Cuba to Mexico]: Kraus takes it to an all-time high!!

*You can read where he bangs his first Chinese tourist in Cuba.

PUA Hydro

PUA Hydro

•PUA Hydro, the owner of Orange County Dating.

*Hydro has been buzzing in the seduction community for the entire 2012. As an up and coming PUA instructor, it’s only right that he’d made the list.

*When it comes to online game and text game [the how to of texting women], there’s no other like Hydro.

You can check out his latest product [along with Artisan PUA] at the following link: Texting 2.0

•Ryan Oceros of Sasha Team.

*He’s out of London, and his biggest strength is picking up women in the day time/Day Game.

*Also, he’s a top moderator over at the Master Pick-Up Artist Forum (a long time friend of mine too). He actually beat me out for the moderator position few years ago [for writing the best post]. No love loss.

Arash, the Iranian PUA- dating coach

Arash, the Iranian PUA- dating coach

•Arash aka Achilles, an Iranian up-and-coming PUA instructor of Seductive Instinct.Com.

*When it comes to classic Game of Mystery Method, Arash is said to be the BEST in the community for learning classic routines and concepts.

*He’s worked with gurus such as Matador of the Venusian Arts. So Arash is definitely certified.

•Tim Strong aka Fade PUA of Assume Attraction.

*When it comes to black men(men in general) picking up Asian chics, Fade PUA is the best in the world at it.

*He’s without a doubt 1 of the most active coaches on the East Coast U.S.(Boston).

*His blog outlines pretty solid insights on How to get an Asian girlfriend.

•Mcmaax of Toronto is probably the most underrated PUA-dating instructor on this list and overall in the PUA dating community.

*This dude is wicked when it comes to Night Game and pulling ass in the clubs.

*I’ve learned a lot from his style and method over the years (and still learning from him) via Maaximum He also shows you How to kiss young girls @ the club.

•KINO 5000 of KINO, the man with bad intentions.

*He’s a Direct Gamer with a vicious style for sexual closing.

*He’s been endorsed and rated by RSD guys like Manwhore and others.

*His Lay Reports demonstrate why he had to be on this year’s list.

•Justin Wayne out of NYC has been buzzing the community for a while with his killer-lay reports via his blog Justin Wayne’s PUA Blog/Justin Dating.

*When it comes to seducing girls via In-Direct Game in NYC; JW is king.

*His ingenious concept/product “The Domino Effect[get quick bangs from daygame]”, has been buzzing in the community also.

Steve Jabba

Steve Jabba

•Steve Jabba of Authentic PUA.

*Steve out of the UK is a Natural-Game PUA instructor who has caught the community by storm over the past month with his now infamous Kiss Close on in-field video.

*Steve has also hung out with the top guys like Gambler of PUA Training, so Steve definitely has credentials.

*He does live one-on-one coaching just as others on this list, which can be organized via his website: Authentic PUA contact page

•Dan Silverman, founder of Miami Dating Coach back in 2006.

*His company is said to rival RSD’s when it comes to pick-up and dating advice and training.

*Dan also gets a huge boost for his in-field ability, unlike certain gurus who are afraid to document themselves in field chatting to HB’s.

•Sasha PUA, 1 of the best Day Game coaches and practitioner in the world(out of the UK).

*He’s been topping many PUA lists over the past few years(deservingly so), including PUA Lingo’s.

*His greatest asset in Game is his #-closing ability and fearless approach to approaching hot women.

*Dubbed “The world’s most infamous PUA”, he also heads Sasha Team.

•Tom Torero of

*He’s probably “The Man” out of London right now when it comes to teaching Day Game and taking the target on an insta-date.

*This guy isn’t shy about opening and being in-field with the world’s hottest women.

•Daniel Vercetti out of England of Vercetti’s voted #1 Love Systems coach in 2010 by LS’s clients.

*Hailed to be the undisputed-master of body language.

*Hence the moniker to “The Body Language DVD set”, which is a product he’d released some time now.

Guys who almost made the top 12 nominee list:

•Josh Pellicer of The Tao Of Badass.

*The reason Josh didn’t make it is because of the lack of content out there about his seduction skills (be it video, audio or articles).

•Redman PUA of Project Hollywood.

*A long time Facebook friend of mine.

*He rolls in the company of gurus Vince Kelvin & Speer with the Project Hollywood crew.

*Why Redman didn’t make it is the lack of in-field footage on his game for the public to scrutinize.

Ok voters, participate by clicking poll box below for the PUA-dating coach you like to vote as top/best coach of 2012 [based on whatever criteria you prefer]…oh, and your comments count also.

The winner [according to the readers’ most selected and voted] will be featured at year’s end.

So who should lead the pack!?


124 thoughts on “Vote For The Top Pick-Up Artist Instructor Of 2012 [presented by Socialkenny]

Add yours

    1. Josh is probably the guy I favor most,but I didn’t make the cut for the reasons pointed out.

      Tao of Badass concept is sort of shrouded in mystery,so it was hard to judge how the product did or does.


      1. A bunch of guys weren’t on the list:Rob Jude,Bravo,Alex Weber,no Venusian guys.

        But I didn’t wanna pack this list with “the usuals”:Sinn,Mystery,AFC Lyons,Gambler,Brad P…

        Mad dudes out there never get exposure because the bigger heads have the unfair monopoly.


        1. I see, but it doesnt redirect it simply had links.I can see why he didn’t link it directly; I think he maybe transfering to wordpress. Good one since blogspot has been blocked by this firewall from work


          1. Blogger is full of shit!!

            I hate that platform!It puts you through so much hell to post a comment from a wp account.IDK if blogger and wp fueds lol.


  1. good list bro…but dude i would never have guessed that that guy dan silverman would be as good as his infeild


  2. In fact,I never knew Of Dan Silverman until yesterday when I was compiling my list.Someone told me to check him out on Youtube also and I was impressed with the infield.


    1. I’m tryna avoid a list loaded with guys who’ve been there every year on others’ lists.

      Same as last years list by PUA Lingo.It was diversed and featured PUA instructors up and coming.

      Why no Asians?I wanted to put some Asians from Casanova Crew like,and Simple pick up guys but they haven’t been making noise few months now.


    1. Nah I didn’t make it on my own list lol.Isn’t that what you call fair?

      Would’ve been conflict of interest,so I had to stay out.

      Sasha is great without a doubt.

      My only thing is,he’s more direct(I believe)while I’m in-direct when it comes to the way I open women.


      1. is that so? you maybe right; but in my opinion he’s more indirect(or at least the approaches I’ve seen);in fact to the unknowing observer it would seem at first that he is a nice guy or even a beta becase of his particullarly kind demeanor.
        he doesn’t run an asshole game that is for sure.
        But that’s my opinion


          1. Well I’m strictly indirect.

            I dread going up to an HB and say,”I just wanted to let you know you’re beautiful and I had to come talk to you”.

            It made me puke almost just writing that lol!


          2. try the appocallypse game:
            “hey you have a watch? what time is it?”
            “okay thaks, you wanna go home with me?”
            that would make a good field video. you know, just for fun. now that I think about it I think I’ll try that out myself.


          3. Funny that you mentioned Apocalypse.I read about this method of opening a few years ago.The example he gave was more for a bar setting.But that takes balls to pull off.


  3. LOL- You know you are out of touch with the PUA world when you have no clue who most of the people on the list are. Have to remember never really got into the PUA so much as the science of courtship. I wanted to learn the process so I could know what to do, and not lose being myself (with all the routines and what not).

    The pricing on some of this stuff is ridiculous, makes me sad how much these guys who were once poor guys like ourselves are financially abusing guys who can use the help. Whatever happened to giving back?

    Thanks for letting me know, I’ll have to check them out.


    1. Lol you’re actually not out of touch with the PUA world.

      Most of the guys on the list aren’t gurus nor in the “main stream” if I should say.

      Few of them I just discovered the other day.

      I really wanted to highlight the guys who weren’t getting the time of day over the years because eveyone kept choosing the big wigs like Mystery,Juggler,Thundercat,Vin Dicarlo,Steve P,Hypnotica,etc.

      You might be on the list soon as a natural gamer.Half of the guys on the list consider themselves naturals anyway.


      1. That would be mad respect you’d be giving me based off the couple I know and the few I looked at. That would be quite the honor and I appreciate the respect. Those guys are damn impressive, just to be conceptually mentioned with them is a compliment.

        One issue is I don’t like publishing field reports and what not. I’m very big on discretion (within my own world most people don’t know who I slept with). In fact I pride myself on the fact that I don’t kiss and tell, it’s not about that. I’m not sure I would deserve the honor of even nomination with me keeping my adventures so private.


  4. Does Mystery even still pick up chicks? Hasn’t he settled down with one woman in Las Vegas?

    Watching those vids is interesting, but some of those guys are so aggressive (you have to be, I guess) I wouldn’t like it. If I’m out doing something like shopping, I’m not in the mood to be hit on by some strange dude. Now, if I’m at a club or bar, I’m asking for it. It goes with the territory.


    1. He does still teach and coach and do videos.But I don’t know about actively sarging.

      That’s why he didn’t make this list.He’s not as actively making noise as other guys.

      You made me almost spill my drink when you said that you asked for it in their territory.

      So you prefer to be approached in the day or at some night venue?


  5. When I was available, I preferred to be approached at night, which is stupid when you think about it.

    Why should that matter? I guess I didn’t like to be distracted when I was running errands.


  6. @OA-Speaking of cheap Brandy,just last weekend @ a club,I ordered my first glass of cherry Brandy(ever in my life)but the shit was spoilt or something like that(haven’t been ordered lately,and some stupid bartender put it back on the shelf).There went my 1st.sip of Brandy down the fucking toilet lol!


  7. I checked out the website of the Stripper Game guy (LS Fader).

    Getting a stripper is dreaming unless you:
    1) are rich
    or 2) are famous
    or 3) or extremely hot with preferably longer hair than hers. You can be poor in that case, and she’ll support your ass.

    Strippers are only interested in money, and when they are working they can’t STAND the customers. Any of them. They are just wallets.


  8. This is my point of view. Fader makes it seem like you can pick up strippers. Well, you can if you have money.

    Strippers are too jaded, too mercenary. They tend to think a man should be paying ANY time they are together, even outside a club. They see men as wallets. They are also immune to the normal pickup stuff. They’ve heard it all. They hear how beautiful they are a hundred times a night like a broken record and they also get negged a lot. Men are very critical when they are in a strip club.

    If I were a guy, I wouldn’t waste my time with strippers, except for some fun at a club now and then.


    1. Well,for PUA’s,the ultimate high is being able to pick up a stripper,for the simple fact that they’re harder to get.They present a much greater challenge as you insinuated.

      But with a certain skillset;they are seducable.

      The key isn’t to present yourself as a potential suitor or customer.

      Strippers do not date their clients,nor guys who pedestal them.

      And they are NOT immune to the pick-up stuff.PUA’s are the only guy they’re not immune to,since out approach is unlike every other guy.


    1. Beckster Man sounds very familiar.If I’m correct,I seen a vid or 2 of him on Youtube.

      And the biggest thing you mentioned here is how certain guys get on certain list,and otherd don’t.That’s why I made this list diverse.

      I don’t wanna put guys on my list who have no in-field experience.

      I’ll check out Beckster Man closer.Thanks for the heads up.


    2. @David-I was actually following Beckster PUA from England all the time and I didn’t even realize it.

      I just did a bit of research and he’s a solid PUA for a good amount of years now.I asked some dudes on the PUA forum and they gave him 4 thumbs up.


  9. I don’t mean to boast but If I wasn’t the greatest Pua coach of this year so far, I must’ve missed it.

    Here are some reviews:

    If anyone would like to see what I am about, or would like to learn the legit bad intentioned way to have same night sex, email me at and I will grant you free access to this seminar.


    1. Hey Kino 5000,you own the right to boast bro’ lol!!Your lay reports say it all.

      Good deal with the seminar things.A lot of newbies can benefit.

      As a fellow night game dude,I’m feeling it.


  10. Also I don’t know how Fader made the list. I have met him and aside from being cross eyed with grey hair, he’s pretty spastic in a socially awkward way. Pretty sure if I were a pretty girl I’d rather blast myself than date him.


    1. Lol this comment has got to be comment of the year Paul lol.

      I never met Fader personally (however we do talk), but we planned on strip-club sarging together in the city somewhere (NY), but plans never materialized. So I actually can’t comment on his body language nor congruency. Thanks for chiming in Paul.


  11. what about rsd guys?
    i think guys like julien, alex and brad definitely deserve a seat on the list.
    also, would you also consider making a list that includes both the big names and new comers?


    1. Good question. As far as RSD guys, I totally endorse them. I just wrote a post about Julien the other day. To add those guys so late in the year would be a discredit. The year is virtually done, so I figured to leave them off as it wouldn’t be fair while the other guys been on the list for months.

      As for old guys, I didn’t want the list to be like every other’s. Every year, it’s Sinn, Sasha, David Wygant, Mystery, etc. on ppl’s list. I wanted to feature coaches who are on the rise. Maybe I’d mix it up next year.


      1. Very nice playing, one of the nice thgnis is that you don’t drag your fingers up and down the neck!I have no problem calling you a pro :)good day to you


    1. Lol come on Hydro. You know I had to nominate you. But you actually got on there late though. Real late. The other guys been on from the get go. I’d only remember to add you like a month ago. 2013 should be your year, right?


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