Hey Ladies; How Would You Approach This Guy At A Bar?

For The Record: Chics suck big time at opening men and sparking up conversations!

So I know better than to expect any perfect-homerun approach here.

As a Pick-Up Artist, I’m usually equipped with an arsenal of conversational starters in my memory tank.

But in a world where women increasingly wanna be like men, and allotted the social privileges that we have : Well give manhood a shot ladies!

See how it feels to walk in manly shoes!

How would you step to this guy at a bar; and what would be your opening line [irrespective if he’s your type or not]?

Socialkenny will judge and score you as “You’re Lame or You’ve Got Game”!

[Credits to my man Glenn PUA, dating coach out of NYC for inspiring this nifty little challenge].

30 thoughts on “Hey Ladies; How Would You Approach This Guy At A Bar?

Add yours

  1. First thing that came into my head here was jokingly tease him about his shirt (it looks kinda girly lol & the stripe pattern is different & maybe a bit distractive). Not sure exactly what I’d say (hey, I just woke up, my brain isn’t functioning yet!), but I would give him my flirty eyes, a little sarcastic tone of voice & a slight laugh so he wouldn’t know for sure if I was serious or joking… Then I’d mention how he’s lucky because I actually love stripes, idk about any other girl fallin for that shirt though (laugh)!

    That’s how it’s going down in my mind anyways lol. Playful, teasing, & with the “I don’t really care” kind of attitude that shows I’m interested but not desperate.

    What do you think?


    1. Sorry to say Roxem,but “You’re Lame”!Got no Game!!

      Flirty eyes and stuff would be great.

      But to tease about the shirt would totally put him on the defensive as a man.May make him wanna run home and change it lol.

      Good try though at picking up this guy.


      1. Lol maybe he SHOULD go home & change it….

        But I’m sure I come off wrong with guys. I guess I should try being nice… it’s not really in my blood but I could give it a shot πŸ˜‰ lol


    2. A better approach: call his shirt interesting while gripping it, and ask about the backstory.

      Anytime a female compliments a man’s clothes and reaches out to touch it, it creates a good vibe. Any time a woman even jokingly criticizes a girl, he may write her off as difficult or over-tease her to the point of her insecurity.


      1. Yeah I can see how that would work a lot better than my approach lol. Idk, I think with me I get so closed off that I’m afraid to let that wall down & show vulnerability. Openly showing that I like someone & taking the risk of getting rejected, that’s hard. Damn, I just realized I’m afraid of rejection!? Lol funny how you can’t tell when you’re doing something bad.

        On the other hand, feel FREE to give me more advice y’all!! I’ve been talking to a guy recently (over the phone) and we’re finally meeting up Friday night. I’m not nervous about meeting him, but I’m nervous about doing all my bad habits. I’m really feelin this guy & I know its mutual… I need to just let my vulnerability out & just go for it!! Easier said than done lol. Any tips will be MUCH appreciated πŸ™‚


        1. I think with me I get so closed off that I’m afraid to let that wall down & show vulnerability.

          The next time a guy approaches you, remember this. If you’re not interested, let him down easily but clearly.

          I need to just let my vulnerability out & just go for it!! Easier said than done lol

          It’s actually not that hard. Just follow the feeling. Don’t worry about “does he like me?” and “what If I look to forward?” Focus on whether or not you like him and just go with the feeling. If you feel like playfully hitting him, do so.


  2. Lol that’s pretty Lame as you’ve accepted.

    But feel free to give it a shot if you were @ a bar or club.What would you say to this guy if you were intending to pick him up?


  3. I’d just go up & say Hi & see how he responds to me. If I felt a good vibe I’d ask him if he’s with someone or not. If he says yes – hint taken. If no – I’d just start chatting & see where that goes or if at a dance club – take him out for some dancing – of course!


    1. You have some big balls there lol[figuratively speaking].

      You’re approach is on border-line Lame,but I’d say “You Got Game”.

      Your boldness and lack of finesse would definitely throw him off and having feeling a rush of anxiety,but this could possibly go somewhere.


    1. This is a hypothetical question.

      I don’t expect any woman to approach men anywhere.

      But just to show how women are awkward when it comes to seducing men.

      So the overall point is to hopefully show men that they should still be the man and lead instead of leaving it up to women.


  4. By the way,I’m hoping your next post would be an actual post about what goes on in your life when it comes to dating.Poetry is cool.But we wanna get a glimpse of the real you.


  5. wouldnt step to him with a ten-foot pole lol he looks like he’s either high or a couple of chromosomes away from being mentally challenged therefore he has no business being in a bar……I’m waiting for the LAME lol


      1. Fine I’ll play along-Just so you know I don’t appraoch men but in this case I’ll be drunk and say something like “Where have you been all my life”


        1. Don’t worry.It’s not only you.No woman approach men,so you don’t have to feel funny about that.

          “Where have you been all my life” is cheesy,and a pick-up line(which are extremely cheesy).

          So you’ve failed and get a “Lame”.

          But it’s all good though.Every other girl has failed as well.

          Is it safe to admit and agree that women suck at approaching men?


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