Fuck Her Like An Animal!!

I plan to release 3 e-books by year’s end: “How to bang foreign girls”, “My Facebook Method”, and “Sexually Ravage Her”!!

The main theme throughout “Sexually Ravage Her” will be “Dominance in bed”.

“Dominate and ravage her”!

I’ve had more women return to my bed for sequels ever since I adopted some of what was taught in “The Sex God Method”, by PUA dating coach and expert Daniel Rose.

Now I’m not saying that you can’t keep a woman sexually gratified if you don’t beat her up(sexually).

However, you have a much solid chance of keeping her around if you dominate her in the sack; especially in these times where grandma-sex just doesn’t appeal to the up and coming sexual generation.

Sex Should Be A Dramatization!!

Sex should be more drama-filled than actual intercourse.

The actual act of putting dick in vagina isn’t what gives sex that extra edge.

It’s what you’re doing overall to the girl’s body that blows her mind.

Guys hate when the topics of biology and evolution come up, since they just fly right over their heads which are made of a solid matter called “Ignorance”.

In pre-historic times/caveman days, the manner in which the men had sex with their females were rough, dominant, savage-like: bruises, cuts, bites and marks.

Such sexual genetical record is encoded in every woman’s DNA.

It’s no secret that most girls prefer rough, dominant sex.

Sex in a sensual way was never part of the plan.

Sensual is great!

But you shouldn’t be sensual with a girl you’re shagging for the first few times.

An excerpt of what will be in the book, and what I generally advocate when it comes to sex:

How to sexually dominate her to keep her returning

Dominant Kiss: Your 1st. kiss in a seduction location (before fucking her), should be dominant!

• Rather than tilting her chin upwards with your finger to kiss her; tug downwards by the back of her hair to tilt her chin up instead.

• Complete the kiss with a nibble on her chin!


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46 thoughts on “Fuck Her Like An Animal!!

Add yours

  1. Every woman wants a bit of romance and rose pedals and soft kisses down her neck but every woman requires a random fucking as well… pull my hair, hand cuff me, slam me against the wall & make me call you daddy type shit too. When a man does this you are absolutely right it drives a freak (i meant woman) wild!! LOL


    1. Sure!

      Every woman wants and should get romance and soft sex.

      But not at first!

      Your first time fucking a girl should be romantic and soft.It should be terror!

      Not breaking her up with the dick,but biting,slapping,pushing,tugging,scratching,forcing,choking,etc.

      And you obviously grasp this you freak lol!


      1. You think the first time he should be rough? I’m not sure if I want him to beat it up on the first time…shrugs… depends on the mood I’m in!


        1. He’s not the beat up the pussy!That’s where ppl get it wrong!

          Beating up the pussy means nothing.A pussy cannot be beaten since babies come out of there.A dick could never compare and beat it up.

          What the guy should beat up is her body!Not as in physical abuse.But all that I explained above;rough,spank that ass,dig your nails in her,scratch,dirty talking,all the stuff which sparks intense human excitement.

          Black men,since we’re so dumb sexually,we get this false idea that fucking a girl extremely hard is what gets her hooked.

          Little do they know;it’s the all around drama in sex.Pinning her down and choke her ass.

          As a woman,you should know that in the heat of sex,pain dissipates and doesn’t feel painful,but gives a head-rush.


  2. I can agree with you Kenny. Its hard as a big Guy cause you try not to hurt a woman but shit I always tell women if you like it rough a big man knows no other way lol


  3. Rough sex make it hurt, in the garden all in the dirt lol I rarely agree with you but you are so right Mr. SocialKenny!


    1. All that is in it.

      Bed sex could be the possible worst way to start a fling or fuck-buddy situation.

      It was all good in the 90’s and prior.

      But with girls nowadays under the age of 25: no way in the wold a guy can have then come back for seconds by giving her sensual bed-sex.


  4. “In pre-historic times/caveman days,the manner in which the men had sex with their females were rough,dominant,savage-like:bruises,cuts,bites and marks.”

    I fucking kill that pussy, sending it to the grave nigga. Vultures follow that bitch home!


  5. Your blog is interesting! And yes, we like a little rough sex time from time to time, but I disagree that your caveman should make an appearance the first few times. A certain comfort level and amount of respect is necessary before I, and I’m sure many other woman, can allow someone to choke me during sex! I would say aggression is necessary so I know the guy can fuck and keep things exciting. I’m not opposed to having my ass smacked, some dirty talk, and getting my hair pulled, for first time sex, that’s just enough. And the pussy may not be able to be beaten up, but it can be eaten up & that will keep her coming back and let her know that you actually do know what you’re doing!


    1. Correct!I agree with all of yall.

      But I can imagine that all of yall are over 25 and 30.

      With women nowadays under the ages of 30,which are considered the most desired by us men(sexually),this is the way to go.

      We who were sexually active in the 90’s,80’s and prior would not verbally relate to this.

      But those sexually active after 2000;this is what they know.

      I know from experience of banging women under 25.


      1. Lmaaoo, I’m 26 and I live in NYC…I know what’s up!
        I’m no prude about sex & there’s definitely no grandma sex going on over here!!!
        Sex is to be enjoyed and anything goes as long as both people are down!

        As you said, having sex for the first time is like making a first impression, and every woman is different, even women under 25 & 30.

        Some women will be turned on by your over-aggression, some will be scared as hell, and some will be disgusted. Gotta switch your game up and tailor it to fit each woman.

        And women’s sexuality has not changed much after 2000 or any other decade. We just live in a time where people are freer to be themselves and be vocal about it without any severe consequences. Nothing about sex is new, people have been doing wild shit behind closed doors forever!


        1. Lol you gonna rip my head off huh?

          Well I much appreciate a fellow NYC blogger stopping by.

          And you’re right about ppl being and feeling freer nowadays.That was my point.In the 90’s,eating pussy was still taboo in the city(NYC)!

          Today,not eating pussy is like a sin.So how we look at sex has changed.

          And everything comes down to timing,reading the girl you’re with,and reading what she could withstand(as to not scare her).

          Plus,when was fear a bad thing in sex?


  6. Well eating up the pussy is a different story;now that’s possible lol.

    Well the reason I suggested going ruff the 1st.time it’s sort of a 1st.timpression thing.

    But a guy should definitely not be looking to make a good impression by being a pussy sexually.

    In this age and time,pampering a spring chicken during sex is not gonna get her to come back.

    Grandma sex isn’t gonna cut it with chics under 25 or even 30.

    There’s a new sexual threshold nowadays to keeping her coming back;and that’s dominance.


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