The “Empty-Restaurant Effect”

It’s 12 pm, you’re hustling to your lunch break- but unsure of what to eat.

You arrive at a juncture where there are 2 decent-looking restaurants.

From which will you decide to eat lunch?

Restaurant A is very busy and crowded.

Restaurant B surprisingly has no patrons and is virtually empty beside the waiters.

Any rational, hungry person will chose to go to Restaurant B (where there’s no one, and he-she will get his lunch much faster).

But wait!

“Why isn’t anyone eating from Restaurant B”?

“Is there something wrong with the food there”?

“There must be something wrong with the staff or customer service”.

“Or perhaps the food from Restaurant B isn’t any good”.

“Maybe that’s the reason it has no customers…its food is terrible…must be”.

“Although I’m starving like Marvin and really have to get back to work for 1:20, I’m gonna go to Restaurant A eventhough I have to wait a while”.

[Hey readers; do you see where I’m going with this in relation to women and how they subconsciously chose the men they deal with?]

Now analyze the above scenario of both restaurants.

One is empty, has no customers.

The other is packed.

Logically, one would or should chose to eat from the one which presents the least waiting time [Restaurant B].

But is that how we operate?

Of course not!!

We don’t make our meal decisions based on logics and logistics (how close or far the restaurant is).

We eat from the restaurants and food joints which we deem have the best-tasting food (not which is nearer or farthest).

Let’s delve deeper.

Let’s say you’ve never eaten at Restaurant A nor Restaurant B, what would be your best indicator to say which serves the best food?

You’re not gonna approach Restaurant A and ask the cook if their food is the best [even if it tastes like shit; they wouldn’t tell you that].

Neither will you approach Restaurant B to ask the cook if their food is the best.

So how will you know, judge or discern which has the best food, from which may give you the runs for the friggin’ week?

Given the key facts I laid out at the top about the 2 restaurants (1 empty, 1 full), you will surmise and guesstimate that the full restaurant has the best food (since it has customers).

Likewise,you will surmise that Restaurant B must not have decent food, or it wouldn’t be empty.

Although you’re starving, any sane person would eat from Restaurant A, although it’s full and present a longer wait.

Only a reckless fool would eat from the empty restaurant which no one frequents (not knowing if their food is safe or good).

Get where I’m going with this yet?

The way in which women chose men is the same as the “Empty-Restaurant Effect” scenario.

You have 2-attractive guys in a bar.

Guy A is standing alone, isolated, no one (male or female) is chatting with him…

Guy B has 2 girls chatting with him, and maybe a guy or 2 is in the mix, he looks accepted, social, safe, cool, friendly, well-liked…

Which guy will women in this bar gravitate to?

You fucking guessed it; Guy B!

In fact, Guy A could be hotter (physically)! He could be a Brad Pitt or Will Smith look-alike.

Guy B could be ugly as hell.

But the fact that Guy B has been socially accepted [just as the restaurant with a lot of customers], women will undoubtedly be more attracted and drawn to him, than opposed to Guy A who may be 10 times hotter.

The fact that Guy A is isolated, alone, has no one chatting with him; the observant girl (subconsciously and consciously), would assume that something is OFF about him, or maybe he’s socially awkward, weird, unsafe…

But she will assume (from her scanning) that Guy B is social, safe, cool, wanted, protective, wealthy, high status and high valued, etc.

So, the guy who’s surrounded by women will draw way more attention and attraction value than the guy who’s alone.

Same concept applies to the “Women are attracted to men who are taken theory.

You will not eat from a strange restaurant (no matter how stunning the building may look), if it doesn’t have any customers buying its food [unless you absolutely have to-which you may regret when you have to get your stomach pumped].

Likewise, a girl will not pay attention to a LONER guy @ a bar(no matter how hot he is), over a guy who has women around him.

She will be attracted to the guy who has women.

She will repel and ignore the guy who’s looking lonely, alone and segregated.

9 out of 10 women don’t even know that they make this unconscious screeing-out decision, where they may overlook a good guy (the loner), and choose the one who’s good with women, which will be the same guy who may drive her crazy down the road via infidelity.

Disclaimer: This concept was not originated by me Socialkenny PUA. It’s common knowledge in the PUA community’s that such insight on human and female psychology is held true. And I endorse it (as I’d seen it happen consistently).

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  1. Excellent analogy. I was just about to write-up a post on this. Pre-selection is huge. I think this is why guys have evolved such an avoidance for rejection as well. In small tribal villages, a public rejection sets you up as the empty restaurant. Nobody wants you when you’ve been rejected by others. So it was avoided at all costs.



    1. Beat you to the punch huh?

      Without a doubt pre-selction is huge.It’s so funny how some seduction coaches are now saying that pre-selection isn’t real or applicabe[I can’t remember who said it].

      Lol great analogy with the small-tribal village.And it’s all so applicable to this day.And it’s so ironic that you would never get a woman to admit that pre-selection works(yet they respond to it).


    2. BTW,my 6th episode of my podcast show is about latest seduction product reviews.

      I review and talked about 7 latest products.You’re happened to be one(“She’s 6 steps away”).The episode should be published later this week.


  2. I got where you were going pretty quickly… and in some cases that is very true. But that works with men too, some men go for the chic B…and consider it a competition (speck check lol).

    Great point you made tho!


    1. You the first chic to ever agree that this theory works and happens.On my last article,yall chics ripped me apart on this same topic lol.At least you keep it real Mz.Jerseylicious.


  3. This is a good metaphor for pre-selection. Key fact is that pre-selection is nothing logical. It is simply there or is not. It depends on you as a man though – act like an alpha – become an alpha. Simple but true.
    Thanks for the good post.


    1. And that’s the point I tried to get across:pre-selection defies logics.

      And that’s why women cannot grasp it or don’t want to accept that it’s real.

      Stay Alpha Alpha!


      1. But it is. It totally is real. Women don’t want to grasp it because it is blocked by their anti slut defense. Even worse.. it does not even make sense for them to think that way. It is also not necessary. Only important thing is as a man to know how to use it.


        1. Exactly!

          ASD keeps them from accepting these concepts as true.

          BTW,you would agree that women are the worst ppl in the world to take advice from when it comes to how to seduce them.


          1. Totally. Funny thing is that they always want to give advice. Best response is to seduce them your way and tell them afterwards what you have done and how. It is an extremely good DHV and works surprisingly well on international chicks.


          2. Lol so true.

            It’s always DHV’d me when I tell the girl what Game is all about.I never had a girl react negatively when I tell her.

            For Betas out there,they can ask an HB,”What is the best way to tell a girl that I like her and wanna date her”?

            Any woman will most like say something like this as advice,”Well first,send her a gift or something for a special occasion,tell her you think she’s stunning…”.

            And that is the worst fucking advice ever lol!!


          3. Yeah, be honest about your lifestyle. That projects your love of yourself to her, which is an incredible DHV!

            One sentence I like to remember: “Don’t believe in what girls say, only believe in what they do.” But this also accounts for men. It is more of a universal thing.


          4. Right about the DHV.

            I think 1 of the greatest point I learned from an early stage in pick-up is that one should never believe what a woman says verbally.She’ll lead you wrong when it comes to how to seduce her.


  4. You will go to restaurant A, more people meaning products are fresher as they need to refill their supplies more often, and more people means better social environment.

    Preselection at it best (I know the restaurant was an example for other point you were making) 🙂


  5. I know I’m late. I actually had work to do yesterday (at work LOL!) Anywho, I can only speak for myself and I am a little more logical about things. When on my lunchbreak, I could go to the Wendy’s down the street easy, drive through, or whatever and everyone knows how lunch hour is. But I choose to go to the chinese buffet across the highway. I have options, the occupancy could be at a good 85% but I don’t have to wait for my food and I have more options to choose from, and a meal for later whereas I wouldn’t have none of that with Wendy’s. And lunch hours drive throughs are like driving through one of those automatic car washes.

    When I met my S/O… nightclub, he was there with a rack of guys but he was standing alone. Knew nothing of the entourage he had until everyone walked out at the same time. The whole time, I was thinking that he was there alone. I approached him if that makes any difference. I’m more attracted to simple and condensed scenery. Crowds are not my style and as for people… well, I’m not a people person either, lol.

    After all of your analogies Kenny and your previous post about the women who are attracted to the men that are taken, I’m starting to think that I might be from Mars LOL!!!


    1. Either you’re from Mars or just nor human lol.

      Not trying to have an answer for everything you say(which I do BTW),but there are reasons why I were still attracted to that guy although he was now alone.He was social proofed,and had decent amounts of social value(from his crew).

      Those terms might be too vague for you since they’re PUA terms.


      1. The crew still doesn’t make a difference if I was under the impression that there was no crew. Seeing them leave together didn’t make a difference either. Either way, we had already made plans to meet after the club with or without the social value. I was attracted to him because he was like me. You (or maybe that’s just me) don’t find a lot of ppl chilling alone in a club setting. I’m an introvert, he seemed as if to be the same. Dbl negatives equal a positive to me


  6. To state simply, I disagree with your theory that women go for the guy who’s surrounded by women. I’ve never have and never will…

    Firstly, this analogy would seem true for guys who use this tactic because even though they are surrounded by other women, they’re secretly trying to attract someone else. Women are “attracted”, because the guy invited the attention to begin with, not because he is surrounded, or appears to be wanted.

    A woman Who is looking for a serious relationship and a real man, will not care about this seemingly effective tactic by men. it only works when women themselves want to have fun – and that’s much easier to do with men who clearly just want to have fun too.

    So, please do not disregard the choice that women make in those situations – to go for the easier player who is attracted to them FIRST.


    1. You gotta be kidding me Nifti!!

      Then again,I wouldn’t expect any female to agree to such insight.

      Logically and rationally,you nor any woman would nor should be attracted to a guy who has women around him.

      But women are not rational beings(expecially when it comes to love,sex and dating).

      Women who are looking for something serious WILL be checking this guy out when she weighs the odds between him and Mr.Lonely sipping his cocktail with his head between his lap.


        1. Perfect example of how women and men are totally different when it comes to this.

          If a man sees a girl at a bar and she’s chatting to guys,we would not look at her at all!

          We’d say she’s a slut,bitch,hooker,and she won’t even be on our radar.We will be attracted to the girl who’s alone.So that is a logical and smart choice.

          A woman will be curious as to why that guy seems to be getting attention from women?

          What is it about him?Who is he?


          1. Nope. I could care less about the “in crowd”, nothing about someone like that has ever rocked my boat, or could ever. When I see a guy that has to affiliate himself with a crowd or be in the scene/limelight…. I see red. That means stay away.

            Most people that I have found that keeps themselves surrounded by people or in a scene such as you describe, are usually feeling inadequate about themselves. They have to be validated. I don’t look for that validation


          2. Difference in feeling inadequate and being a social guy who people feel a want to be around.

            The guy who’s alone might not come off as inadequate,but he does come off as a loner,anti-social,scared,shady…


    2. Not to keep pounding this point,but women do NOT make logical,rational,good decision when it comes to choosing men.

      Their decision is based on emotions and values.A guy surrounded by women presents more value than a guy standing by himself or with a bunch of guys.

      If women made rational sound choices in the men they attract,they would be no deadbeat dads,divorces and breakups.


  7. Lol you gotta be bugging.

    Yes!Logically you and every girl SHOULD prefer the guy who looks more available.

    But yall keep missing the point that women do not follow what is LOGICAL.Yall do not make your decisions in men based on logics and what is in your best interests.

    Women make their decisions against their best interest in men.

    Yall being females wouldn’t be able to see this.

    But men,we can see this.That’s why every guy who’d commented on this post agrees and gets what I’m saying.Because men are rational beings.


      1. For instance again how women are not logical being.

        Sex is an emotional decision for 99% of’s an emotional investment.

        For men;it has nothing to do with emotions,but logics.We want to cum(which is logical).

        Women want a connection,which is irrational and emotional.


        1. Well call me emotionless. If I’m in a relationship, yes I look for that connection within sex. That is common sense. You don’t want to be in a relationship and not have any type of connection (emotionally) when having sex with a person that you are suppose to be in love with.

          On any other given day, if I am/was single, then I’m fucking because I want to fuck and I need to get my rocks off. I guess you can put that in the same category as you stated. So I guess you can take that for what it’s worth. If it’s casual sex, then it’s just that casual. I gon’ get me and chuck the towel


          1. Whether it’s a fling or not;it’s still an emotionally filled process for women.

            For instance;what if a guy fucks you tonight(and you’re single),leaves without even talking or saying anything,he doesn’t call you for 2 weeks,he calls you to see you for sex,you give in,he fucks you again,disappear…How would you feel?

            Without a doubt you’d feel inadequate,cheap and used just for sex.

            What would make you feel such emotions?Emotions of course.Men don’t feel this when it comes to sex.


          2. LOL! I’m sorry Kenny. I beg to differ. Before I got into this relationship, that person that you just described was me. And believe it or not, it was the guys who were questioning me about my motives. I didn’t care one way or the other.


          3. Plz.stop fronting or try to come off as if you’re so Detached.

            Women pull this shit all the time and front as though they’re “Different”,the “Exception”,the 1 who can compete with men as far as attitude.

            Plz.quit it.


  8. Ok Sense So Common,you win with convincing us that you are attracted to weirdos who have the personality of serial killers like Richard Ramierez aka the night-stalker.

    You win.

    It’s a lost cause battling logics with women,because yall are not logical.And you are proving tht by what you just said.


    1. LOL!! Kenny I deaded this conversation a long time ago. Let me refresh your memory…

      *sensesocommon | June 21, 2012 at 12:55 PM LMAO!!! this is going nowhere. So I’ll just say ok*

      And you see here, the logical thing to do, a long time ago… was to have let it go then. lol!! Now that’s logic.


  9. Guys who come to the club alone:leaves alone.

    Guys who come with their boys;usually leave with their boys.

    Guys who may come alone,but from appearance he’s not alone because he’s chatting up girls in the venue;he has a great chance of leaving with a chic.


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