Classic-Sinister Articles You Might’ve Missed [from Socialkenny]

Ever so often, a blogger accrues a new set of following, who might’ve missed out on some passed goodies.

So, her’s 63 of my all-time greatest and controversial.

*Men are dumb when it comes to dating, sex and seduction

*My 2012 pledge and manifesto

*TV match-makers give shitty-dating advice

*Chubby celebrities I’d fuck in a heartbeat

*Sweet-black pussy haven

*Next on my fucket-list?

*The average guy compared to a pick-up artist is full of shit!!

*Sex comes when you least expect

*Men should be allowed to cheat

*Prostitution should be legalized globally

*Lesbians the greatest threat to mankind

*Every kid should love living in America

*Coming to America: my culture shock

*Tweeting from the club madness. Sure sex slipped out my hands.

*Hot girls suck in bed

*Women are against using condoms

*The G-Spot is a myth

*I wouldn’t bang her with a 10 ft. pole

*Top 3 things girls lie about: and why

*Democrats are fucking pussies concerning Anthony Weiner

*I got kicked out a bar for cursing out a bitchy bartender

*My holiday-season rant. Fuck Christmas!

*Pick-up artists biting the hand that feeds them

*List of blogs I read and the ones I shit on

*Tired of being a pussy

*Finding love in a crazy place”

*Women are illogical and irrational

*To hell with what she believes!!

*Pop, Rock & R&B turn men into giant pussies!

*S.O.P.A. the internet-killing bill

*Cellphone technique for picking up girls in loud venues

*The photos Socialkenny doesn’t want you to see

*Q & A of the week; when should he call?

*Jesus; the greatest pick up artist ever

*Fat people should be banned from…

*Let’s occupy Valentine’s day movement

*Only time you should buy the girl a drink

*Arab men are solid at KINO

*Chics hunting on Christmas Eve

*Why you shouldn’t buy girls drinks

*What’s more important: hot body or cute face

*Most interesting question ever

*Aquarians rule

*Socialkenny the MILF-hunter

*Is it ever ok to bang married women [by Entropy PUA]?

*Why do men cheat (biological argument)?

*2 reasons why she will not give up the pussy

*Q & A does facial hair matter?

*Nice guys and gay men are the same

*Picked up a hot girl @ my favorite bar

* How to pull robberies

*2 mistakes that’ll kill your blog

*Easiest girls in the world are…

*Why are Americans so unwilling to learns new languages?

*Women should be blamed for dead-beat dads

*Girl stealing 101

*2 green lights for banging girls with boyfriends

*Reading books is a waste of time

*Don’t be a pussy (by Chris Miller)

*Guys who get laid have a certain tell

*Every one is 2-faced

*The Seduction/Pick-Up Community (with video demos)

*Breaking up with your GF via text message (opener)

*Socialk’s take on the Alpha-Male (video included)


Or go to the post: Vote your favorite PUA coach 2012

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