DRUGGED [Spanish Fly Edition]!!

Disclaimer: If a guy has to go the route of cheating for sex; you’re a fucking looser!! If you have to slip something in a girl’s drink just to get you some ass; you deserve to be castrated like a fucking sickened dog!!

Those living in a bubble, or just too young (30 under), this’ the general and scientific scoop on “Spanish Fly (the liquid)”.

*Spanish fly enjoys a long
history of being able to help women achieve a better and stronger orgasm.And also to help men get some sort of harder erection.It operates by irritating the urethra in men and the vaginal area in women, thus increasing sensitivity and theoretically preparing a better grounds for higher sexual pleasure. However, Spanish fly is now ILLIGAL in America.

*It’s a liquid mixture of herbs like cayenne and ginseng which help with low libido.

*Spanish fly, or Cantharides(laboratory name) as it is sometimes called, is often given to farm animals to incite them to mating. ….. Spanish fly has been given to humans for purposes of seduction. It is
dangerous since the amount required is minuscule and the difference between the
effective dose and the harmful dose is quite narrow.

*It’s illegal in the U.S. unless used for animal husbandry (mating).

Street Lingo:

*Date-rape drug(akin to Roofie).

*An aphrodisiac (1 of the world’s best, with properties which date back to Hippocrates).

*A magic pill (liquid) for female-sexual enhancement.

Back in the 90’s, you were able to freely purchase these from any corner bodega in NYC (don’t know about other cities).

As a naïve 13 year old, I thought they were condoms since they usually hung in the same section as rubbers.

Thanks to the male-hating, misandrious, feministic policies of America, you can now get a federal charge for buying or selling this.

Thank goodness I don’t live in the post 2000 America!!

In the Caribbean islands, any scumbag can walk up to a street vendor and get himself few bottles of the date-rape potion.

Back in 2007, my wingman Unit and I went jewelry shopping, and instead walked out the store with a huge quantity of Spanish Fly!

Almost $550 XCD (Eastern Caribbean Dollars) worth. That’s roughly $250 USD.

Unit didn’t know what the hell they were until I’d given him the scoop.

Our mission (my intention) was to sell them to white American tourist guys coming down to have some fun looking juicy-black pussy.

First time in my life I felt like a drug dealer [although it isn’t illegal in the island to sell and purchase].

Unit and I staked out at the port where the Carnival-cruise ships would come in from Miami. Like 2 drug-pushers, we would accost the male passengers with “our product”.

In little or no time, we sold about 2 boxes worth at the port!!

Later that night,we hit up some beach bars with our merchandise in backpacks.

By this time, our faces were well known to the tourists as the guys with “the products”.

I made more $$ @ the beach bar selling bottles of Spanish Fly than I’d made from my day job!!

The skinny on Spanish Fly

It comes in different flavors and colors, but that’s pretty contradictive since the liquid is odorless and has no taste [so I don’t see the point for advertising it as having different flavors]!

What they say it does [I wouldn’t know since I never field tested it], is that it gets the chic sexually aroused instantly!!

Let’s say you’re at a bar, girl asks you to buy her a drink, then you slip the mickey in it by pouring a tiny drop of Spanish Fly into her drink.

The liquid totally dissolves and blends in with whatever color the drink is. And it’s odorless and tasteless, so it won’t leave a residual effect.

Guys who’ve tried it on unsuspecting lasses told me that the girls become visibly horny within minutes.

She KINO escalates rapidly (starts touching and groping the guy), and she’s willing to fuck right there on the bar stool!

That’s some powerful shit!

I never felt a need to use anything that would artificially make the girl wanna bang.

My pride wouldn’t allow me to date rape a chic nor manipulate her sexual state in order to fuck her.

I wouldn’t feel like a real Alpha,knowing that I had to use some sort of stimulant (besides my Game) to lay the object of my desire.

If the chic willingly and knowing volunteers to take a drop of it in her cocktail [to get herself 100 X more horny]: then isn’t that cool?

So the jury is still out whether it’s a date-rape drug or just a liquid to enhance the sexual vibes with the girl you’re seeing.

What’s the general consensus from women about being date raped or drugged?

How do guys see this situation? Is it ok to drug a chic in the name of “enhancing her sexual desires for you”?

I've had this bottle for 5 years,still full and never used.I figure to just save it as a souvenir

I’ve had this bottle for 5 years, still full and never used. I figure to just save it as a souvenir.

Set Up Your PUA-Bachelor Pad [as a bang-worthy abode]

It’s all in the atmosphere, scents and vibes!!

Set up your bachelor pad in a way that sets the sexual/seductive mood, and make sure that it DHV’s you as a sensual unique guy.

“Sexual Aroma”

•Whenever an HB (hot chic) enters my lair, the 1st. thing she smells permeating through the air is either burning incense or some fruit-scented fragrance.

•In advance, I’d sprinkle few drops of “Eat it raw” oil around the apartment, in hopes of bouncing her back to my spot.

•You want her asking, “What’s that fragrance”?

•Essentially putting her sexual motors in forward motion from the get-go.

Give Her The Ritualistic “Tour De Casa”

•I love watching MTV’s Jersey Shore [watched all episodes and seasons from the inception].

•One thing my boy Sitch would always do(whenever he brings over a DTF girl): he’d show her the entire house or at least few rooms.

•Im not sure if The Situation was doing this ritual by design, or if it’s part of his Game, however this concept and routine is huge for us in the pick-up community [perhaps Sitch’s been reading some of “The Game”]!

•Reason being; you wanna get the girl familiarized (visually) with the pad, thus building some comfort:

*Show her the bathroom
*Show her the dining area
*Give her a peek of the backyard
*Take her to see the pet outback
*Show her your kid’s room
*Introduce her to your roomies (if any)

•It’s a powerful yet subtle- psychological technique which the target (the girl) doesn’t even know is taking place.

“Music To Bang To”

•Same concept in which a good DJ applies @ the club; always play what the crowd demands and wants!

•So, prior to bouncing this girl(your date, etc.) back to the bachelor pad, you should’ve already fount out what type of music she listens to.

•If she says “anything”, don’t take that as an OK to throw on some stupid fucking Lil’ Wayne or some other dumb-Rap shit which kills sexual progression.

•Throw on some R&B, Soft Rock, or my favorite; Epic Trance [which is infused with a heavenly, cloud-9 type feel to it]!!

•By all means; avoid Hardcore Rap, Heavy Metal and anything upbeat [unless you’re gonna fuck a Goth or aspiring-female gangster rapper].


•This is the most under-appreciated (consequently most crucial) aspect of “setting the sexual mood”.

•White lights must fucking go!!

•Brighter the atmosphere (i.e. room), the more it leaves the girl in a rational frame (which is to not fuck you).

•Those oldies-R&B guys were on to something when they sang about “Dimming The Lights”.

•Now, you obviously cannot have the place pitch dark, since that’d only startle the chic and activate her ASD(Anti-Slut Defense)

•A fluorescence effect (in a dark color) makes the best atmosphere.

•My bulbs were spray painted blue, and some dipped in a dark dye(done at home by moi).

“Give Her A Photo Album”

•Another ritual of “getting her comfortable” in the strange environment (which is your bachelor pad), is to hand her a photo album for her to skim through (or just some photos).

•You want the target as comfortable as possible @ your place.

•Nothing builds more comfort than going through baby and family photos.

•It even makes a greater impact if those baby photos are of you or your kid(s).

“Sit Your Ass On The Bed Ritual”

•A nice trick/routine I learned the other day from Speer, is to make it easier for her to sit on the bed.

•I mean, the spot that you ultimately want her to be at; is on the slaughtering table/the bed!

•Best way to make this happen, or to even eliminate the chances of her NOT sitting on the bed, is to get rid of all the chairs from your room!

•When the target enters your abode, quite instinctively, she’s gonna be guessing where to sit.

•If there ARE chairs; she’s gonna sit in one.

•If there are NO chairs (in the room), she will have no choice but to sit on the bed (which is where you want her).

•But the biggest subtle mistake is to present her a chair to sit.

•Leave her no choice but the bed or the floor LOL.

“The Bed ‘Decor’ And Accessories”
These thingies are my best friend and best wingman whenever I go out,or to sprawl them on the bed
•I don’t know WTF you call these, but my little sister had left a few of them @ my pad, so I put them to good use.

•Whenever I have a chic come over [whom I hadn’t laid yet], I would throw these thingies on the bed to create a sort of rose-pedals effect.

•Nine out of 10 times, the girl would grab 1 of them, curiously ask what are they, which would lead into a canned conversation about them, which would lead to me throwing 1 around her neck[Lock-in Prop as we say in the PUA community].

•A string of beeds on the bed also draws the girl in.

•Any such little inexpensive accessory would progress the seduction further.

So don’t be a lazy fucker!

It’s pretty economical to purchase the following player items which will set up your pad as a chic haven:

•Scented candles
•Fluorescence bulb
•Scented oils
•Baby-making music/mp3 player
•Spray paint(to spray the bulb)
•Fashion magazines

When that date or booty-call leaves my lair, I want her saying, “I never had such a visually stimulating times in a guy’s room before”!!

Few ACTUAL items you’d find in my bachelor-pad apartment to compliment the sexual/seduction vibe:

Some girlie magazines which she can browse through while I quicly change in the other room

Some girlie magazines which she can browse through while I quicly change in the other room

This raspberry air freshener thingy would have the pad smelling like the garden of Eden on steroids

This raspberry air freshener thingy would have the pad smelling like the garden of Eden on steroids

This condom is honestly like 5 years old. But there's a reason I still have it.

This condom is honestly like 5 years old. But there’s a reason I still have it.

Eat it raw oil. I'd sprinkle some of it on my bed and that shit just attracts women like magic.

Eat it raw oil. I’d sprinkle some of it on my bed and that shit just attracts women like magic.

Some lube in the event that I give her some anal penetration.

Some lube in the event that I give her some anal penetration.

Who remembers “Spanish Fly”?

The Alpha-Badboy Look [that’d leave her pussy moist]

The prototype of the “Badboy” Alpha-Male which drives women crazy and soak their Barbie panties.

*The chic-badboy look has always appealed to women since the post-Great Depression times of the 1930’s.

*Also during the World War 2 era, where real men did real work (manual labor) along with warring, which subsequently attracted droves of hot lasses.

*Picture that asshole-guy puffing away at his camel cigarette at the bar while sipping on some brandy[how appealing].

*The James Bond appeal embedded with the “I’ll kill you MOFO” look!

*Women have been attracted to the bad-boy persona types since time immemorial.

*And that’s why I advocate fucking her like an animal.

*Below are few of the ideal prototype of a chic badboy.

[Photos courtesy of Justin Chung Photography, how to talk to girls @ parties.com, and Masculine Style].

*Grow your goatee with some shrubs on the side.

*Leave that hair disheveled, Mohawked or styled like The Fonze.

*Attract her by becoming her badboy, and stop being a Beta-Male Pussy!!

Vote For The Top Pick-Up Artist Instructor Of 2012 [presented by Socialkenny]

Every year, a reputable source in the PUA community would present his list of top Pick-Up Artists of the year.

My man Bobby Rio of TSB Magazine had his list of 2010, Alpha Wolf aka Vince Lin, and Casual of PUA Lingo had their list of 2011.

So for 2012, I’ll be debuting my list of PUA-dating coaches, on whom you can cast your quasi vote.

My criterium for selecting the nominees is based on: their blog’s activity (if available), coaching ability, skills to pick up women, execution, in-field videos, lay reports/field reports, notoriety in the community, and overall well-rounded Game.

There will be no favoritism here!!!

My list is very diverse, unlike previously, where 1 specific PUA would be on top each year [Jon Sinn to be exact].

In fact, there are guys on my list whom I don’t even fuck with! But in the interest of fairness- I proceed.

Nominees are [in no specific order]:

•LS Fader of Love Systems.

*He is “The” most active PUA coach when it comes to Stripper Game and picking up hired guns [bartenders, etc.].

*His ability to game hot women in strip clubs and pull exotic dancers is frightening!!

*His prowess is documented weekly via his Twitter timeline and many field reports on The Attraction Forum.

•Krauser PUA from England of Krauser’s PUA Adventure.

*He’s been tearing up the bloggersphere for the past few years via solid Game and in-field prowess.

*When it comes to picking up and laying girls internationally [from Cuba to Mexico]: Kraus takes it to an all-time high!!

*You can read where he bangs his first Chinese tourist in Cuba.

PUA Hydro

PUA Hydro

•PUA Hydro, the owner of Orange County Dating.

*Hydro has been buzzing in the seduction community for the entire 2012. As an up and coming PUA instructor, it’s only right that he’d made the list.

*When it comes to online game and text game [the how to of texting women], there’s no other like Hydro.

You can check out his latest product [along with Artisan PUA] at the following link: Texting 2.0

•Ryan Oceros of Sasha PUA.com Team.

*He’s out of London, and his biggest strength is picking up women in the day time/Day Game.

*Also, he’s a top moderator over at the Master Pick-Up Artist Forum (a long time friend of mine too). He actually beat me out for the moderator position few years ago [for writing the best post]. No love loss.

Arash, the Iranian PUA- dating coach

Arash, the Iranian PUA- dating coach

•Arash aka Achilles, an Iranian up-and-coming PUA instructor of Seductive Instinct.Com.

*When it comes to classic Game of Mystery Method, Arash is said to be the BEST in the community for learning classic routines and concepts.

*He’s worked with gurus such as Matador of the Venusian Arts. So Arash is definitely certified.

•Tim Strong aka Fade PUA of Assume Attraction.

*When it comes to black men(men in general) picking up Asian chics, Fade PUA is the best in the world at it.

*He’s without a doubt 1 of the most active coaches on the East Coast U.S.(Boston).

*His blog outlines pretty solid insights on How to get an Asian girlfriend.

•Mcmaax of Toronto is probably the most underrated PUA-dating instructor on this list and overall in the PUA dating community.

*This dude is wicked when it comes to Night Game and pulling ass in the clubs.

*I’ve learned a lot from his style and method over the years (and still learning from him) via Maaximum Seduction.com. He also shows you How to kiss young girls @ the club.

•KINO 5000 of KINO 5000.com, the man with bad intentions.

*He’s a Direct Gamer with a vicious style for sexual closing.

*He’s been endorsed and rated by RSD guys like Manwhore and others.

*His Lay Reports demonstrate why he had to be on this year’s list.

•Justin Wayne out of NYC has been buzzing the community for a while with his killer-lay reports via his blog Justin Wayne’s PUA Blog/Justin Dating.

*When it comes to seducing girls via In-Direct Game in NYC; JW is king.

*His ingenious concept/product “The Domino Effect[get quick bangs from daygame]”, has been buzzing in the community also.

Steve Jabba

Steve Jabba

•Steve Jabba of Authentic PUA.

*Steve out of the UK is a Natural-Game PUA instructor who has caught the community by storm over the past month with his now infamous Kiss Close on in-field video.

*Steve has also hung out with the top guys like Gambler of PUA Training, so Steve definitely has credentials.

*He does live one-on-one coaching just as others on this list, which can be organized via his website: Authentic PUA contact page

•Dan Silverman, founder of Miami Dating Coach back in 2006.

*His company is said to rival RSD’s when it comes to pick-up and dating advice and training.

*Dan also gets a huge boost for his in-field ability, unlike certain gurus who are afraid to document themselves in field chatting to HB’s.

•Sasha PUA, 1 of the best Day Game coaches and practitioner in the world(out of the UK).

*He’s been topping many PUA lists over the past few years(deservingly so), including PUA Lingo’s.

*His greatest asset in Game is his #-closing ability and fearless approach to approaching hot women.

*Dubbed “The world’s most infamous PUA”, he also heads Sasha PUA.com Team.

•Tom Torero of DayGame.com.

*He’s probably “The Man” out of London right now when it comes to teaching Day Game and taking the target on an insta-date.

*This guy isn’t shy about opening and being in-field with the world’s hottest women.

•Daniel Vercetti out of England of Vercetti’s Blog.com voted #1 Love Systems coach in 2010 by LS’s clients.

*Hailed to be the undisputed-master of body language.

*Hence the moniker to “The Body Language DVD set”, which is a product he’d released some time now.

Guys who almost made the top 12 nominee list:

•Josh Pellicer of The Tao Of Badass.

*The reason Josh didn’t make it is because of the lack of content out there about his seduction skills (be it video, audio or articles).

•Redman PUA of Project Hollywood.

*A long time Facebook friend of mine.

*He rolls in the company of gurus Vince Kelvin & Speer with the Project Hollywood crew.

*Why Redman didn’t make it is the lack of in-field footage on his game for the public to scrutinize.

Ok voters, participate by clicking poll box below for the PUA-dating coach you like to vote as top/best coach of 2012 [based on whatever criteria you prefer]…oh, and your comments count also.

The winner [according to the readers’ most selected and voted] will be featured at year’s end.

So who should lead the pack!?


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