What I Hope Guys Get Out Of This Blog

A lot of us blog just for blogging sake.

I’m a writer at heart: so I do enjoy blogging as means of creative writing.

But don’t just read this blog for a good laugh and insightful ideology on seduction.

It’ll be a waste of your time and mines, if you guys weren’t actually learning [the guys who need to sharpen their skills].

When I first started out [in the pick-up community], I took notes like a mad man: pen and pad in hand.

That was the way I learned.

From scratch, taking notes manually from each PUA article I read!!

My field and lay report, audio, videos and podcasts are for you guys to learn from.

They aren’t to self-gloat about how good I am. So please don’t make this blog be in vain.

Not every guy may need to learn the art of getting laid. But for the guy who’s in search of that; Take advantage!!

Take advantage of all the free stuff you can find on this PUA blog: articles, podcasts, videos, audios, etc.

It’s impossible to just read an article and grasp the lesson of what it had to offer.

It takes actual analysis, note taking and application for one to advance and learn.

So the guy who’s just reading my blog for reading sake, yet he sucks with women: pick up that pen and pad and get to jotting down useful info on how to get laid!

How I became a Master Pick-Up Artist from scratch

Back in my Newbie-student days of pick-up [years ago], I would read a killer article on…let’s say: “How to turn a girl on with sexual- eye contact”.

I didn’t just READ the article, marvel at it, then kept it moving to the next.

Hell No!!

I had my pen and notebook handy, and I would jot down every applicable detail of that article.

Then I’d go out (in-field), to field test the newly-learnt technique on some random girl I had the balls to approach.

Of course I failed!!

I failed miserably many times before I was able to fine tune and grasp the concept of the PUA’s article I’d read. But eventually over time, through trail and error, after countless rejections and screw ups, I was able to successfully apply that skillset in field.

I would browse “The Seduction Tuition” website to learn some PUA routines and openers for approaching and attracting hot girls.

Once again; I didn’t just read the article on The Cube Opener, shook my head at its creativity then browsed on.

I scurried for my pen and pad to write down “The Cube”, and how it is done.

I studied every step of the routine in the mirror until I was able to get it at least 80% without reading it off paper.

I’d spend about 4 days trying to memorize it by heart [most times I failed to memorize routines in their entirety].

After about a week, I’d go in field to sarge and try out “The Cube” routine on a 2 set (2 set of girls).

Remind you: I was a newbie to the pick-up community, totally fascinated by the whole existence of PUA’s.

Yet I still had the balls to apply what I’d read, studied, memorized and learned in field.

I said all that to say, for the AFC’s (average guys who know nothing about getting women consistently), who regularly read my blog articles: Don’t waste your valuable time reading just to pass some time [perhaps you were bored as fuck and needed a humor-boost from Kenny].

If your skills are lacking (which they are, since you don’t get laid, nor have a hot GF), then purchase a pen and pad, or get your ass a cheap kindle pdf reader, or simply save my instructional articles to your smartphone, then take few minutes per day to actually STUDY some routines, tactics and how-to’s.

You will become good at banging hot chics!! But if you just casually read PUA blog articles, one after the other, day after day, year after year…then you’re essentially learning Nothing- NADA!!

You’ll only learn when you become pro-active, get off your lazy-fat ass, write, study, memorize, learn and apply!

The key to success is Write, Study, Memorize, Learn, Apply!!

And grant you, I haven’t written many tactical articles at all [openers,routines, etc.].

I’d say that 70% of PUA and Game blogs out there are mostly based on ideologies [my blog also], opposed to articles and posts that is instructional with applicable gambits to getting the girl.

We can argue and pontificate all day about how Feminism is equivalent to Nazism (which I agree), and how women are attracted to Alpha-Males…,but will they [those articles] get us laid?


Realizing this, I’m now making a promise to each lonely, horny guy out there who reads my blog, that I’ll be writing more articles of techniques, routines, openers and more Outer-Game gambits.

Articles and posts that will get you fucking laid!!

Few prominent-active PUA (Pick-Up Artist) blogs which you can learn some applicable tactics to getting laid, are:

Seduction Science by Jesse Charger.
Approach Anxiety by Eric Disco.
TSB Magazine by Bobby Rio.
Urbanist Game by Urbanist DayGame.
Krauser’s PUA Adventure by Nick Krauser.
PUA Lingo and Seducing With Style by Alpha Wolf aka Vince Lin.
Working Pick-Up Lines by Dan Murray.

5 thoughts on “What I Hope Guys Get Out Of This Blog

Add yours

  1. Good stuff here. A lot of guys that are trying to get into the game are always looking for the perfect line, perfect way to move, talk to the girl, etc. They don’t realize that you really have to come up with your own game. All you can really get from guys like us are the principles of the game and you have to add your own spin to it. You will never get better by just reading. You have to go out and make your own mistakes. The game is always changing. I’m sure you get some of the same emails like me. “Yo what should I take this girl, what should I eat, how many drinks should I have, when should I kiss her?” I’m just like give me her number and I will just take her out myself haha


  2. Your posts are a bad influence on me 😛
    The more I read, the more I’m drawn into the world of pickup, distracting me from everything else, lol.

    Picking up women is like being in a virtual reality. You feel like you own the world.
    PUA is truly an art, one that requires hard work like what you’ve put in – Kudos on that 🙂

    I remember the days when I recorded every PUA session on my iPod – analyzing my vocal tone, escalation, etc. Other PUA’s go as far as video recording their sarges. Truly amazing.


    1. Lmao those were the days Stealth.

      My mp3 players were packed full of gurus insights on inner Game.

      I appreciate being a bad influence lol.Stay half focused on Soccer/boxing though.You already know girls dig guys who have a well-rounded lifestyle.


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