When You Run Out Of Things To Say To The Girl [3-WH Technique]

Speer of Miami, F.L., the originator of the 3-WH anti-stalling technique.

Speer of Miami, F.L., the originator of the 3-WH anti-stalling technique.

Use the ingenius “3-WH” technique as your lifeline and savior!!

We’ve all been there,where you approach the attractive girl, open her- then stall!!

For whatever reason,you weren’t able to carrying the conversation [surprised by her initial beauty, a rush of Approach Anxiety]…so you C&B (Crash and Burn).

It’s ‘SUPER’ embarrassing when the HB you’re chatting up can sense that you have nothing left in the fucking-verbal tank.

Even more embarrassing and ego-deflating, is when you’ve only been chatting with her for 20 seconds [SMFH]!!

Example of a common Crash & Burn (stall out in convo)

Me: “Hey, just wanted to let you know you’re beautiful .”

HB: “Ok thanks”.

Me: “So… what’s up”?

HB: “Nothing…”

Me: “Ok, later then”.

Very fucking awkward LOL!

But a quasi conversation like above is very common for the average guy.

Use The “3-WH” technique when you stall (originated by Speer of Speer Method.com)

VK & Speer with some hotties

VK & Speer with some hotties

Foreword: I personally don’t use this anti-stall technique [never had]. However, I do recommend it for dudes who have this issue in set.

•Guys; grab your pens & pads and stop fucking procrastinating!

•Take notes!!

It’s pretty simple: “3-WH” stands for: “When, Where, Why and How”.

•Basically ask the girl those 4 questions [doesn’t have to be in this specific order]. It can be done in online chatting also.

Example of employing the “3-WH” when stalling

Me: “Hey, is this the bus which gets me to the town market”?

HB: “Yea it is”.

Me: “Ok cool”.

[Now, instead of standing there quietly like an anti-social loner (waiting on the bus next to the hot girl); continue the chat via 3-WH!!]

Me: “So, WHAT is there to do in this town on the weekends”?

HB: “Oh, we have a lot of sports bars and clubs, bla, bla, bla…”

Me: “Cool. But I’m not really the bar-type. And WHERE is this Club Xtasy I keep hearing about BTW”?

HB: “Oh, it’s further downtown next to the X mall”.

Me: “Really!? I’ve been to X mall 100 times but never seen this Club Xtasy”. And HOW’s the atmosphere and music there”?

HB: “Oh it’s cool! Very chilled most time. The DJ plays great music”.

Me: “I might have to check it out next week or so. And WHEN is the best nights to go there?

HB: “Fridays are off the hook. I usually go with my girls”.

Me: “WHY is it that everybody parties around here on a Friday!!? I’m usually chilling on Fridays”.

HB: “I don’t know. Maybe because…”.

So, there you have it guys; perfect example of using the 3-WH technique while waiting @ the bustop.

This technique could be employed anywhere, in any venue, any situation, any medium (in person, online, etc.).

As Speer would say:“Just 3-WH that shit”!!

Never should you have to stall again, nor wreck your brains trying to figure out what to say next to salvage this situation.

So, the guys with bad memories (like I have): grab a pen and jot down the simple steps of 3-WH.

Or do what I used to do also: just take notes in my phone (notepad app, text-messaging app, etc.), so you can having the info on the go.

Practice it out loud as if you were chatting up an HB10 by asking those 4 questions.

Few times doing this,you will grasp the simple concept to the point that it naturally flows while in field.

Speer & VK Vince Kelvin of Project Hollywood and Project Miami kings of Pick-Up

Speer & VK Vince Kelvin of Project Hollywood and Project Miami kings of Pick-Up

What I Hope Guys Get Out Of This Blog

A lot of us blog just for blogging sake.

I’m a writer at heart: so I do enjoy blogging as means of creative writing.

But don’t just read this blog for a good laugh and insightful ideology on seduction.

It’ll be a waste of your time and mines, if you guys weren’t actually learning [the guys who need to sharpen their skills].

When I first started out [in the pick-up community], I took notes like a mad man: pen and pad in hand.

That was the way I learned.

From scratch, taking notes manually from each PUA article I read!!

My field and lay report, audio, videos and podcasts are for you guys to learn from.

They aren’t to self-gloat about how good I am. So please don’t make this blog be in vain.

Not every guy may need to learn the art of getting laid. But for the guy who’s in search of that; Take advantage!!

Take advantage of all the free stuff you can find on this PUA blog: articles, podcasts, videos, audios, etc.

It’s impossible to just read an article and grasp the lesson of what it had to offer.

It takes actual analysis, note taking and application for one to advance and learn.

So the guy who’s just reading my blog for reading sake, yet he sucks with women: pick up that pen and pad and get to jotting down useful info on how to get laid!

How I became a Master Pick-Up Artist from scratch

Back in my Newbie-student days of pick-up [years ago], I would read a killer article on…let’s say: “How to turn a girl on with sexual- eye contact”.

I didn’t just READ the article, marvel at it, then kept it moving to the next.

Hell No!!

I had my pen and notebook handy, and I would jot down every applicable detail of that article.

Then I’d go out (in-field), to field test the newly-learnt technique on some random girl I had the balls to approach.

Of course I failed!!

I failed miserably many times before I was able to fine tune and grasp the concept of the PUA’s article I’d read. But eventually over time, through trail and error, after countless rejections and screw ups, I was able to successfully apply that skillset in field.

I would browse “The Seduction Tuition” website to learn some PUA routines and openers for approaching and attracting hot girls.

Once again; I didn’t just read the article on The Cube Opener, shook my head at its creativity then browsed on.

I scurried for my pen and pad to write down “The Cube”, and how it is done.

I studied every step of the routine in the mirror until I was able to get it at least 80% without reading it off paper.

I’d spend about 4 days trying to memorize it by heart [most times I failed to memorize routines in their entirety].

After about a week, I’d go in field to sarge and try out “The Cube” routine on a 2 set (2 set of girls).

Remind you: I was a newbie to the pick-up community, totally fascinated by the whole existence of PUA’s.

Yet I still had the balls to apply what I’d read, studied, memorized and learned in field.

I said all that to say, for the AFC’s (average guys who know nothing about getting women consistently), who regularly read my blog articles: Don’t waste your valuable time reading just to pass some time [perhaps you were bored as fuck and needed a humor-boost from Kenny].

If your skills are lacking (which they are, since you don’t get laid, nor have a hot GF), then purchase a pen and pad, or get your ass a cheap kindle pdf reader, or simply save my instructional articles to your smartphone, then take few minutes per day to actually STUDY some routines, tactics and how-to’s.

You will become good at banging hot chics!! But if you just casually read PUA blog articles, one after the other, day after day, year after year…then you’re essentially learning Nothing- NADA!!

You’ll only learn when you become pro-active, get off your lazy-fat ass, write, study, memorize, learn and apply!

The key to success is Write, Study, Memorize, Learn, Apply!!

And grant you, I haven’t written many tactical articles at all [openers,routines, etc.].

I’d say that 70% of PUA and Game blogs out there are mostly based on ideologies [my blog also], opposed to articles and posts that is instructional with applicable gambits to getting the girl.

We can argue and pontificate all day about how Feminism is equivalent to Nazism (which I agree), and how women are attracted to Alpha-Males…,but will they [those articles] get us laid?


Realizing this, I’m now making a promise to each lonely, horny guy out there who reads my blog, that I’ll be writing more articles of techniques, routines, openers and more Outer-Game gambits.

Articles and posts that will get you fucking laid!!

Few prominent-active PUA (Pick-Up Artist) blogs which you can learn some applicable tactics to getting laid, are:

Seduction Science by Jesse Charger.
Approach Anxiety by Eric Disco.
TSB Magazine by Bobby Rio.
Urbanist Game by Urbanist DayGame.
Krauser’s PUA Adventure by Nick Krauser.
PUA Lingo and Seducing With Style by Alpha Wolf aka Vince Lin.
Working Pick-Up Lines by Dan Murray.

Sweet-Black Pussy Haven For Tourists [Antigua & Barbuda]

I’m going out on a limb to say that the women here are some of the hottest-black chicks in the world [fuck Brazil]!

Only few places on the globe have a huge concentration of hot women.

I can see why loads of wealthy Italian tourists enjoy coming here: to spree on hot-young black pussy.

[Photos courtesy of Wardadli productions inc. Antigua & Barbuda].

Being a guy caught up in such a chic-fest is enough to make a man feel like a fish out of water.

This girl has this bad-ass appeal about her that I find pretty attractive.

Clubbing on a boat in the “English Harbor Bay”. That was a great experience when I did it.

Vanilla and Chocolate: what a tasty combination :).

Girls with navel rings are so fucking hot!!

You lucky damn bastard ;)!!

I’ve never been a “Girl-on-Girl” type, but these 2 chocolates bring the lesbian-lover out of me.

I can put my head on the chopping-block to guarantee that these 3 chicks are Jamaicans [they usually dress loud and colorful].

All in all, I’m encouraging my fellow man to travel down (like I do) to enjoy some chocolate pussy. It’s only so much I can handle!

Or go to the post: Vote your favorite PUA coach 2012

[Video/Audio] Chatting Up Sexy Girl At Festival [May, 26th. 2012]

Just pulled up at the festival grounds.

Just pulled up at the festival grounds.

Fore-note: The spot where I’d approached her outside was so dark, that I wasn’t able to record a decent video [her face doesn’t even show].

Nevertheless: the audio is decent(despite loud music). And there are lots of key things for guys to learn “Social Vibing“.

BTW, this annual event on the island of Barbuda is called Caribana. It’s huge!!!

It’s like a Mardi Gras on steroids!!

Few thousand people packed into a huge field (like a rave), with an adjacent club attached.

Thousands of people come to Barbuda each year just to attend this 4 day concert-type event.

I’m 1 of them [besides, I was born here, so I’m generally here good portions of the year].

From this video/audio of me chatting up this HB9, you will have learned:

•Neg theory
•Social vibing
•DHV Spikes
•False Time Constraint (how to use FTC)
•False Disqualifiers
•How to stack forward
•How to use silence (pregnant pause)
•Assumption theory
•How to force IOI’s to build attraction

Ok, she was in a 3-set (3 girls. 1 of them a popular-local artist), but as I approached, the other 2 girls rolled off.

Me: “Whad up, you gonna be my date tonight”?

Me: “That’s not a big thing to ask for”.

HB9: “I heard you”?

Me: “Aah boy”.

HB9: “Where you from”?

[She’s immediately seeking rapport with me. That’s doesn’t often happen if a girl isn’t attracted to the guy].

Me: “From here”.

HB9: [Un-recognized question]

Me: “How can I put it. I live in New York, but I’m from here”.

HB9: [Un-recognized question]

Me: “I go back and forth. But how you figured that? You never seen me? Don’t I look familiar”?

HB9: “No”.

Me: “Well the funny thing, I never seen you before. This your first time here [at the event]”?

HB9: “No. I come every year with friends”.

Me: “And you don’t recall seeing me [at the event]? Well it’s the same thing. I probably wasn’t here when you came”.

HB9: “Every year I come”.

Me: “Oh ok. I wonder how I never seen you. That’s so strange”.

Me: “So you and Julia are like friends [Julia’s a known Soca music artist here on island. I noticed they were chatting as I approached]?

HB9: “That’s my niece. You know of Teresa [another local artist]”?

Me: “Oh yea! That’s your sister!? You joking”.

Me: “You look like what’s her name…Pauline, Paulette [the artist Teresa’s sister and back-up singer]”.

HB9: “Pauline’s my sister”.

Me: “Ok. I actually thought that was you”.

Me: “I honestly don’t believe you have a date. I’m serious. I really don’t believe that”.

[HB laughs]

HB9: “Why would you think that”?

Me: “Aaaam, well you’ve been standing here for…an hour.

HB9: “Nooo lol”!

Me: “Alright- 2 hours. Standing here for a long time, your date hasn’t arrived yet”.

HB9: “I met you (standing here)”.

Me: “Nah, I met you here! I think…alright, you met me here”.

Me: “But still- doesn’t matter. Your date seems like he’s not coming. And you know the saying: “if you snooze you lose”.

HB9: “Lol what’s your name”?

[This is the hook point where she’s still seeking rapport and a connection by knowing me].

Me: “Kenny”.

HB9: “You got a girlfriend here”?

Me:”Yea I got a girlfriend”!

HB9: “So where is she”?

Me: “I don’t know! Probably out with a guy somewhere lol”.

HB9: “I don’t wanna get in any problems or a girl to attack me”.

Me: “Ah come on! What you think, this is like 1980 something…so that happens a lot? Come on, I don’t think that’d happen”.

Me: “So do you have a boyfriend”?

HB9: “Maybe. Not here”.

Me: “Yea!? So you got 1 home [in Dominica]? I mean, every girl got a boyfriend! That’s straight up”.

HB9: “But he doesn’t live in Dominica”.

Me: “Oh ok. Where he lives, the states?

HB9: “Yea”.

Me: “Oh ok cool”. So I see you like guys from the states”.

[She blushes. Confirmation that she’s attracted to my Americanism].

HB9: “Why you say that is seems like it [that she likes U.S. guys]”?

Me: “Just saying, if your BF from the states…and I maybe happen to be from the states…you know- seems like you like that”.

Me: “I mean, be straight up! You do”?

[She gives a half-ass maybe]

Me: “So what do you like, the accent”?

HB9: “Not really the accent. I like the way yall dance”.

Me: “Huh”?

HB9: “As long as he can dance”.

Me: “Oh ok ok!! Sounds good. You went dancing last night [Friday]”?

HB9: “No! I was too tired when I came! I fell asleep till the next day”.

Me: “Well that was a good thing ’cause it started [the show] like 4 o’clock AM. That’s crazy”!

Me: “So when you came”?

HB9: “Thursday”.

Me: “From Dominica”?

[Don’t get Dominica mixed up for Dominican Republic. They are 2 separate islands in the Caribbean. English is the main language in Dominica, and they also speak Creole]

HB9: “I came to Antigua Wednesday night. And I came here [Barbuda] Thursday morning”.

Me: “So what’s your name by the way, Edalyn [very common name in the island of Dominica, so I assumed it was that lol]”?

HB9: “Adelia”.

Me: “Oh, Adelia”!! Adelia…the girl with no date tonight”. But she might end up being my date [with a sly smile at her]. But that’s only if her BF doesn’t show up out of nowehere LOL [we laugh together]”.

HB9: “So what’s your GF’s name”?

Me: “[Just came up with the first random name in my head]Gloria. Don’t know if you know her”.

HB9: “Not really”.

Me: “You know a lot of people here [in this part of the town]”?

HB9: “Mainly by their face really. But I don’t really mingle with them [girls]”.

Me: “Oh you don’t!? Ok. Are they jealous of you”?

HB9: “No, that’s just how I am. I’m very shy”.

Me: “But you don’t seem like a shy girl. You are!!?

[She nods her head shyly]

Me: “Wow, you doing a good job for a shy girl! You’re actually talking to me. I mean, I usually intimidate girls. You’re doing a good job. That’s good”.

[At this point: Im qualifying. Essentially accepting her by complimenting her on not being shy (which she was)].

Me: “So how about dancing? You know how to dance”?

HB9: “I’m not really a good dancer”.

Me: “Ok well…I’m actually a dancer teacher”.

HB9: “Really”!?

[She gives me a “You fucking liar” look. But I didn’t let it phase me. I remained congruent through this congruency testing by her].

Me: “Yea. I’m a dance instructor. I’m serious, you can ask around about me. Everybody knows that. So I can actually teach you some steps tonight”.

[Key note: I’m not asking her, I’m telling her. Most guys would ask if they can teach her some steps. An Alpha assumes dominantly].

Me: “But I’m gonna have to charge you $10 an hour”.

[we both laugh].

Me: “Are you ready to go in [the concert grounds], or you waiting around a little”?

Me: “Well I’m about to head down here so…

[I intentionally forced a pregnant pause while I look at her seductively].

HB9: “I don’t like competition”.

[The fact that she says she doesn’t like competition is confirmation that she seems me as the Alpha male, and she’s attracted to me, and she’d essentially want me for herself].

Me: “Yea me neither”!

Me: “But I thought every girl liked competition. Not true”?

HB9: “I’m a jealous lover”.

Me: “Woa! Jealous lover [she laughs animatedly]!

Me: “So you’re the type of girl that’d kill her boyfriend in his sleep”?

[We laugh hysterically together]

Me: “Anyway, the line is kinda short right now so…[people was lined up like a bloc long to get in the spot]. I’m gonna go in”.

[False-Time Constraints]

Me: “So, Adelia, by the way my name is Kenny once again. It was nice to meet you [I never ever come off politely but this time]”.

[I extended my hand to hers and grabbed hers]

Me: “Shake hands. That’s how we do it in New York”.

[I carressed her palm and held it 3 seconds]

Me: “Wow, you got soft hands! That’s good”.

HB9: “So when are you going back to New York”?

[Lmao, she does NOT want me to go. She wants me to stay at chat with her since she’s so attracted to my Game (however subtly)].

Me: “In a month or so”.

HB9: “Take me with you”.

Me: “What’s that”?

HB9: “Bring me with you”.

Me: “Yea that could work. We can organize something, you know. I can pack you in my suitcase”.

[We both laugh, and she taps me, which is a huge IOI that she’s into me].

Me: “Yea, so I’ll see you inside”.

[I steady trying to get away but she kept keeping me there].

Me: “And I hope your date doesn’t show up. And I hope my girlfriend doesn’t show up [we laugh together]”.

Me: “So…later”.

The breakdown for guys to learn

•Noticed how I opened her without fear of rejection nor nervousness (no sign of Approach Anxiety).

•My voice projection strong instead of monotone and light (which displays weakness).

•My tone and vibe was light and banterish. Not serious,deep and heavy (grave turnoff).

DHV Spikes
•Being an American or Americanized in the Caribbean is a HUGE DHV (plus).

•My NY accent immediately boosted the attraction she felt for me.

Mirror, Mirror, Mirror!!
•Notice at every juncture of the conversation, we laughed together?

•I timed/calibrated my laughing with hers. This is what we call “Mirroring” her body language in the seduction community.

•People feel more comfort with others who display similar body language. Me laughing on cue with her, sub-communicates to her brain that “we are one”. We are in union. Our bodies synchronized.

•If I’d not laughed when she did, smile when she did, we would essentially been on different planes, and the attraction would not have built (or faded).

•So mirroring her movements, body language,timing her laughter and smile is fucking key to attracting her!!

False- Time Constraints (FTC):
•Always give the target the impression that you’re ABOUT to leave [this is pick-up 101]!

•Notice few times in the video that I said to her that I’m about to go?

•At that point, if she’s attracted to me and likes me: she will not try letting me go so easily. So that’s why she kept trying to keep me there by re-initiating convo’ via questions

False Disqualifier:
•I told her that I had a girlfriend!

•How many guys would’ve told the truth? Maybe 2% of guys globally [and all Pick-Up Artists BTW]?

•Never lie about your relationship status! If a girl doesn’t fuck with you because you have a GF: it means she wasn’t gonna fuck with you regardless if you were single.

Neg her (subtly diss her)!!
•Notice how I’d negged her multiple times (without over doing and coming off as a huge douchbag).

•I negged her by saying to her that her date stood her up, and when she said she’s a jealous lover, I negged her by saying she’s the type to kill her BF in his sleep/psycho-chic .

•Those negs were SOLID since they made her laugh and not disrespected.

SOI’s(signs of interest)
•Was this girl feeling me? Hell fucking yea!!

She showed this by subtly:

•Laughing at my jokes and puns
•Trying to gain rapport instantly
•She wanted me to take her with me back to NY.

•However, she did not give much physical IOI’s.

What I could’ve done with success:

•I could’ve gotten her # after the interaction with ZERO chance of rejection.

•I could’ve kissed close her at various hook points.

Why didn’t I kiss her after seeing she was open to it (more physical play)?

Absolutely no reason!

Why didn’t I get her #?

•Those following my blog since February would’ve known that I’m currently on a #-Close Detox.

•I notice when I get a girl’s number, the less chance of me fucking her or even getting a meet up.

•When I don’t go for the # (and just focus on seducing her there), the success rate of hooking up with her is 60% higher than if I got her #.

What the Average Guy would’ve done

•Assume she wasn’t interested when she said she had a boyfriend.

•Walk away after finding out she was taken [believing that girls with BF’s don’t cheat]

•Went for her phone # like 1 minute in the chat [before any attraction], get rejected or get a fake #.

•Get her # then hope to call her next day(s) opposed to seducing her same night to fuck her the same night.

•kissed her ass because of her beauty [opposed to treating her like a bratty sister like I did].

•Chatted with her all night thus subcommunicating that he has all the time on hand for her [turn off].

•Complimented the shit out of her!

We ran into each other inside the club

I was fist pumping away with Smirnoff Ices in both hands.

I broke 1 of the rules of pick up and offered to buy her a drink.

She said she wanted a Smirnoff Ice, I affirmed but gave it a second thought and changed my mind.

A guy that must’ve been about 6’8 came up to her and put his arms around her and said something and roll off.

She said to me that was her “so-called” BF and he’s upset she’s talking to a guy (me).

Met up randomly again (maybe an hour later), we danced a bit hips to hips, the same dude (her BF) must’ve text her to stop. She stopped, went over to him and got verbally chastised.

This happened maybe 4 times between 2 AM and 4:30 AM, where the BF interrupted or called her away.

Most Crucial Note from the video

•Average guys still seem to be puzzled that you can tell the OYD (object of your desire) that you have a GF.

•As we teach in the Pick-Up Community: “girls dig guys who have girlfriends”!!

•And if you don’t have a GF, it might be an uphill battle for you to get that girl.

•I’ve never told the target (girl) that I have a GF and she all of a sudden got turned off!!

•So there’s absolutely NO reason to lie about having a girlfriend or wife!!

•It will “INCREASE” your chances and “INCREASE” the attraction for you.

•Saying you’re single does the opposit [very counter-intuitive for the average guy to grasp].

•Notice how I never stopped talking, no awkward silence, and I never ran out of things to say.

•I did most of the talking (which is what you wanna do as the guy). The “90/10” rule apply here where I did 90% of the talking.

•Never have the girl do the bulk of the talking, or she’s gonna lead the interaction down her road: which leads to nowhere.

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