Roissy/Chateau Heartiste: Exposed As A Manipulative Blogger?

This Roissy character has never appealed to me as he does to other Game bloggers. Something about him, or his blog has always sent red flags of Bullshit to my sub-conscience.

For the record: I don’t bash his Game nor insights on picking up chicks. He also writes decent content on politics (which I blog about too).

But this dude’s blog activities are HELLA fucking suspect!

Earlier today, I was first to comment on an interesting Roissy article. I never received any e-mail notification about any follow-up comments, so I figured the semi-controversial article was deleted or something!

A nagging curiosity told me to check out that same article again. Three hours later- I did.

Holy-fucking shit!!!

This article had 130 comments!

130 comments within 3 hours or less! Is it impossible? No, but highly unlikely (without input from the blog’s author).

What made this super suspect and fraudulent was that I never received any notification of any of those 130 comments [this happened on all of his posts I ever commented on…which was maybe 3 of them]!

2.) I read few of those comments, and they were incoherent and inconsistent with the article’s theme.

3.) Hardly None of those comments came from fellow bloggers, aspiring PUA’s or Manosphere guys (as usual).

So who the fuck is commenting on Roissys’ posts then!!!?

My detective-like intuition tells me that this MOFO is rigging his blog’s commentary in order to make his blog appear more active than it actually is.

To add more wood to the flame, my hunch says that he actually concocts and pre-fabricates 95% of the comments on his posts. In layman’s term: he pre-writes his own comments, and somehow schedules them to be posted at intervals [nice trick]. 😉

And I get the feeling that he’s always tryna 1-up Roosh’s articles by out commenting his.

Pure fucking catty behavior.

But the real difference is, RooshV’s commentaries almost always come from fellow bloggers of the Manosphere and pick-up community.

Roosh’s blog comments almost always originate from guys who generally comment on his blog.

Roissy’s: on the other hand, 95% of his blog comments come from random commentors who aren’t consistently on his blog.

No one could rationalize to me how on everyone else’s blog (including Roosh’s & Krauser’s), I receive e-mail notifications of new comments (standard protocol).

However, on Roissy’s blog, 150 comments could miraculously fly under the radar [super suspect]!!? ❓

Other Game bloggers need to call out Chateau Heartiste on his bullshit! Regular readers of his blog (which I’m not), should boycott it until he gets the picture that fraudulent tactics aren’t necessary.

Why would he cheat @ blogging?

For rating purposes of course. And to make his blog appear to be most active. Self-ego gratification shit, huh?

For those who may say that I’m hating- nah. I just believe that recognized PUA’s and Game bloggers should have a certain level of decorum when it comes to blogging.

No need to manipulate your ratings to make others dick ride your blog.

91 thoughts on “Roissy/Chateau Heartiste: Exposed As A Manipulative Blogger?

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  1. Yeah something in the milk aint clean here…I agree! Why do that its not fun if you not interacting with real people. SMDH


  2. @Serenity-Lmao and that’s my point.95% of ppl who comments on his posts aren’t real ppl nor fellow bloggers.

    Imagine if you had to cheat your way into recognition by fabricating false accounts or false commentors in order to make your blog seems hot or interesting.Pure BS.


    1. +1, dis nigga be trippin, i’ve read tons of roissy’s articles and there are regulars but you can’t figure that out without spending hours reading the comments section (which usually contains even more gold than was in the article lol). and what’s this crap about having to be a fellow blogger in order for your comments to count? i have no intention of writing anything except for comments, am i a real person? maybe i’m one of the roissy’s bots lolz. and really, what’s the point of cheating here (except maybe to make kenny paranoid :D)?


      1. Lol very smart Cunt.

        I’m not accusing you of being a Roissy bot. And I do believe that you’re a real human.

        I did read through the comments regularly. Even if the commenters were regulars, it still doesn’t say that he couldn’t have fabricated fake commenters with the same names to appear to be regulars.

        It’s all good. I’ve since laid off his case since I haven’t read his blog in months ever since this incident.


  3. Some people in the manosphere will hate on you for calling out a semi-popular pua-blogger, but honestly you make some good points and those comments do look shady.


    1. Great points KM.

      You right,I’m already feeling the hate on Twitter from Manosphere dudes who seem to be totally in love with certain guys.

      1 blogger told me that if I published this post,I’m not gonna be respected or something to that effect.They fail to realize it’s not about being respected.But about calling out ppl on their BS.

      Roissy’s blog comments look shady as hell!!Everything about them are suspect.And I wonder why am I the only guy who ever peeped this.


  4. Your link doesn’t go anywhere, so it’s hard to check. But at this moment the top post at CH is dated yesterday and has about eighty comments. As a regular there I find that a good number of the comments are from regulars. I don’t see any evidence of astroturfing there, unless GBFM is the Hyde to Roissy’s Jeckyll.


    1. Seems like the link broke as I published the article.I’ll rectify it now.Still though,the link has nothing to do with the overall theme.You can check any article on his blog,and you’d notice the suspect commentary patterns all throughout.


    2. The article I was speaking of is entitled “Difference between Conservatives and Liberals”,or some shit like that.

      I really haven’t noticed regulars as far as commentors.Plus,even if so,the regulars are suspect.Why don’t the ever comment on other Game/PUA blogs?Why aren’t any of them fellow bloggers who have links back to their websites and blogs?

      LMAO @ GBFM being his Jekyll.A fellow PUA on twitter mentioned that too,so it’s so funny your saying it.

      Overall,I don’t knock his CH’s Game.I writes great shit,and very controversial(reminds me of my blogging style lol).What I do knock is his non participation in his commentaries.That’s suspect and ungrateful.


    1. Lol yea I’m high off that new drug.The 1 that makes you see clearly though BS.

      It shouldn’t be hard for you to believe that Roissy rigs his blog comments in order to make his blog appear most active.


    1. An article he wrote yesterday.I can’t remember the exact title,but it was something like this,”Do Liberals and Conservatives have a certain look about them”?It’s a political piece.I’ll post the link(although it doesn’t mattter,’cause the same suspect shit shows on each post).


        1. You might have something there. It will require a lot of detective work to prove it though. I have always found it weird that most of his commenters have the same generic photo types.


    1. It’s not even a lot of time he has(which he does BTW).

      I mean,honestly,dude got mad skills with getting women.That’s keeping it real.I don’t knock him on that.But it’s just suspect when the ppl who comment on his blog doesn’t appear to be real ppl nor bloggers.

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Kenny – Dude, no offense but this article is stupid as hell.

    Chateau Heartiste moderates all comments. That’s why all of a sudden 100 comments will seemingly appear out of thin air. I’m guessing there are 3-4 guys who write for Chateau Heartiste. Even with that many dudes fabricating comments, it would be difficult (if not impossible) to create that much content that quickly.

    The Chateau sees tons of comments from people who comment elsewhere in the Manosphere. Compare CH with In Mala Fide. You will see several of the same commenters.
    Very few of these commenters are bloggers. Delusion Damage said that he found roughly 150 Manosphere blogs to include in his aggregator. Are you implying that Roissy & company are creating a legion of sockpuppets and using them to comment on other blogs? This would be a full-time, 40-hour-per-week job.What’s the motive? It makes absolutely no sense.

    Bwana Simba – “I have always found it weird that most of his commenters have the same generic photo types.” This is a back-end WordPress function. If you haven’t registered with Gravatar (like you did to get your lion picture) then you are automatically assigned a generic image whenever you comment.


    1. Hey Bronan,thanks for logging in.You’ve been avoiding my blog for a while now.

      We all know that generic photos are system gravatars for ppl who aren’t bloggers,etc.But it’s just shady!!

      Krauser PUA’s blog gets major comments too.But 70% of them are from recognized bloggers,or ppl who frequent other Game blogs.

      Ppl who comment on Roissy’s blog never comment on any other Game blogs(via their names,unless they use other names).

      Other blogs(non Game blogs) would have 200 comments(for instance:how to blogs).But 90% of comments come from fellow bloggers with link backs to their blogs.So no trickery there.But Chateau Heartiste’s just exudes a feeling of ingenuity.


  6. @Bwaba Simba-Exactly!!!!

    That’s what made me suspicious.Almost all of his commentors have the same generic photo.And none of them are fellow bloggers who have link backs to a blog,so one would really never know if they’re real ppl or just friggin’ fakes.And my hunch tells me that they’re fake,pre planned comments posted by him.


  7. Kenny, buddy, stop. Just stop. When I comment at Roissy’s place, I get 60 to 70 link-backs per day for almost a week. The traffic is real.

    Gonna count how many I get back from you.


    1. You get the link backs,but what happen to me?

      And the link back comments aren’t the main issue.Readers and commentors are usually spread out on other blogs in the same genre.But Roissy’s followers seem to only read his blog and not others.Just smells fishy.

      We all know Roosh’s commentors.


  8. Don’t listen to the haters, Kenny – you’re onto something here. Where you need to look, though, is beyond the obvious conspiracy between Roissy and Roosh, two one-syllable noms de plume beginning with “R”. The real intrigue lies within their DC-based companions who are also in the blogosphere: VK, Rookie and Gmac. Bucking the one-syllable r-beginning names, these three bloggers – ALL in DC, ALL connected to Roosh and Roissy, and all purporting to know one another in real life – have names using nearly identical two-syllable setups with a hard “K” sound in the last syllable.

    Let’s look at this phonetically, shall we?

    Do you somehow think this is coincidental? No. I’d bet Roissy even changed his name to “heartiste” to mask his alliance with Roosh, given the initial similarity of their names. What you have uncovered reaches far beyond Roissy writing 130 comments in three hours for reasons that… well, you’re working on that.

    No, what you have uncovered goes to the very heart of the manosphere itself. You need to dig deep to expose the truth of it all, and expose what’s really happening in the District of Columbia.


      1. I went to Johns Hopkins, but… I went to the DC Campus!!! Mentu rhymes with the “oo” part of “Roosh”, too.

        Damn. I’m busted.


    1. Wow wow wow!!!That’s all I have to say about J Devoy’s comment lol!

      And how ironic that the 2 gurus I called out of my podcast are Roissy and Roosh out of DC lol.GMac seems above board though.

      Holy shit JD;you might be onto something lol.I need to sign up with your “Conspiracy 101” class.

      I might’ve just tipped the iceberg on this.


  9. It’s time to let you all know: My blog is run by 8 year old peruvian slaves hired by none other than Roissy himself. He’s a secret shadow blogger who secretly runs THE ENTIRE MANOSPHERES – except for Kenny’s blog.


    1. I never bashed Roissy’s Game.I’ve maintained that he writes good shit.And I agree with almost everything I read from Roissy.

      Just that his blog seems to be rigged and automated with mad fake comments from nondescript ppl that none of us in the PUA community or Manosphere knows about.


  10. You are just now figuring this out?

    You want the truth?

    Here you go:

    The Roissy, RooshV, and InMalaFide blogs are all written by the same author. They are all “Ferdinand Bardamu”, a closet keyboard neckbeard who is trying desperately to create a movement to stop feminism. The Roosh photos and videos are what “Ferdinand Bardamu” really looks like and the Roissy photos are some stranger he found on the internet.

    There you go.


    1. You’ve gotten it all figured out huh lol?

      Nice try at deflection.But you make a good argument though.

      And as much as I’d like to implicate Roosh,he’s not part of this suspicious cycle.


  11. tl;dr

    However, I did skim it. I came away with three impressions. One; you don’t know how computers, much less the internet, work. Two; you don’t bother to look at your settings (you can select whether you receive notice of follow up comments AND new posts, and they mean two different things), and therefore come to erroneous conclusions. Three; logic has no place in your thought process. Your commenters are the most entertaining part of your blog. You might want to reexamine your choice to put your writings out in public until you’ve written another couple of million words for practice.


    1. First of all asshole,I’m quite savvy in internet “Know-how”.

      And for the record,I know one can chose whether they receive updates or not.But if you could read,you would’ve read where I wrote that I “Always” select to receive new comments,but I never receive them.

      I’m not even gonna address the rest of your commentary.You’re probably Roissy or Roosh on the down low BTW.


  12. I don’t really read that much Roissy blog because I find his views a bit negative to my taste (I prefer live my life positively no mater how tough things might be), but the question is, why would he do something like that.

    His blog is totally non commercial, he sells no products and no services to anyone, point is there is no really motivation for him.

    His blog doesn’t even has own domain name.

    And the no follow up on comments can be just glitch in the mail system of that just happened to happen.


    1. I never fount Roissy’s views as too controversial.I like his stuff almost all the times.I don’t have a prob’ with his insights.

      Why would he cheat?Ego I guess.Ratings,bragging rights.To compete with Roosh.


      1. Inciting rape isn’t controversial? Riiiiggggghhhhhttttt….. Well I hope the news of rapists like Ched Evans and Hamid Safi etc. getting convicted will make Roissy and other such “PUA”s pause for thought. That may tax their one brain cell too much though.


  13. Regarding the “Roissy’s readers don’t comment on other blogs”, I think that’s fairly simple:

    1. His is the most popular blog, hence will get most commentors and follow-through to other blogs is subject to natural attrition.
    2. He mostly writes opinion pieces designed to wind people up and start a comment war. He’s deliberately fishing for comments in ways most bloggers aren’t.
    3. He frequently replies to comments and tools commentators, so there’s a vicarious thrill of being noticed by him that motivates some people to post. Sometimes he takes a comment as a subject of a future post.
    4. His blog isn’t like the “active gamer” blogs that are studied by people who’ve thrown themselves into regular approaching (a small audience). It’s for armchair theorists (a wide audience) who won’t bother with blogs that deal with taking action.
    5. He’s better than most bloggers. If someone with limited time / passion for the manosphere is only going to choose one blog it’s likely to be his.


    1. Wow!Some solid-constructive criticism Kraus.You broke it down like a mad scientist lol.You definitely brought massive clarity to this dilemma.

      I now see this in a new light.It’s not that Roissy cheats at blogging,is that he tailors his posts in ways that’d cause shit,then tool his commentors,propels then to engage and fight.Makes sense.Pretty conniving too if you ask me lol.


    2. P.S.In other words,it’s safe to say that Chateau Heartiste has a lot of time on his hand.

      And the greatest point you made Kraus was that he caters to arm-chairing.You really don’t get “How to’s/instructional posts on his blogs.Mainly theory and insights,but nothing which will arouse you to get the fuck off the couch and go sarge.

      Reminds me of my AFC/newbie days,where I’d read massive amounts of solid info,but never applied in field.I was more at home with just garnering info just to say,”I know how to”.

      That’s why I said in recent posts that there are some gurus and MPUA’s and Manosphere dudes who can talk a good talk,but they have no in-field experience,no footage/pics(as you do),etc.


      1. “In other words,it’s safe to say that Chateau Heartiste has a lot of time on his hand.”

        Yep! I think it is also safe to say he has a lot of time with his dick in his hand too, as no woman in her right mind would go near it.


        1. Lol you killing me James.

          It’s just so amazing and ironic that a dude that everyone praises in the Manosphere doesn’t go sarge,doesn’t have lay reports,and doesn’t game.

          I guess he’s a keyboard jokey.


  14. Also, the photo of Roissy is proof once and for all that wanking obviously does not make you blind, cos he doesn’t look blind in that photo and he is definitely a complete and utter wanker.


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  16. I live on the same street as Roissy (lanier pl just above adams morgan for all the creepy game stalkers out there) and see him around the hood occasionally so I can confirm he is in fact real. Saw him at safeway one time with a decent enough looking girl for his age. The bro is waaaay old looking in real life. Like a lot of these pickup blog guys he’s likely banging a bunch of girls who are at or around average most of the time but they have the skill to occasionally pull some real hotties – just not with the frequency with which they blog.


    1. Thanks for chiming in Anonymous.I was actually thinking that Rois isn’t a real person lol.You gotta wonder when a lot of these dudes in the bloggersphere never even post pics of how they look,nor do they post pick up videos on youtube like I have.

      Well thanks for the clarity.At least we now know that he’s a real person and not a fictitious character.


    1. Lol nice try Sam.

      But 90% of my commentary comes from real ppl/fellow bloggers.Heartiste’s are from characters which are impossible to track to see whether they’re real or not.


  17. I could see how one would think that. And I agree to a certain degree.

    I have a few blogs I use for different purposes, but I make sure all comment’s are never my own – as well as that comment’s using certain blogs titles are anonymous as per requested by those who submit them to me to post as comment’s, if that makes sense, but that’s far more rare than me at least attributing what I write to what I attach a certain name to.

    I have noticed however, at CH, that what you’re suggesting is likely true in certain regards; what bothers me most though is how he, with a certain ease, can & will take any comment made by someone else ( – only post it after he’s written a “new” article, on the comment’s from a previous one where you would expect your comment to be included immediately, not after the fact that he’s re-written your words), and write an article summarizing their work, that others then comment a shitload on (or him[?]), in that it’s from the voice of Heartiste, rather than the previously mentioned voice, which is not acknowledged by him, as it’s buried amongst the pile of random shit [he’s likely] added to where it was originally intended to go, where then later it’s given attention to validate a newer article of his, as people will look back and think, yeah this guy was right![]. So he hides the voices he takes the information from via adding a shitload of commentary, and posting a “new article” based on previous real commentator’s information presented.

    It’s an odd form of plagiarism that at first validate’s the readers of the blog who comment, then proves his website is purely for trafficking. One would have to ask how many other blog’s are written by him, simply in the voice of someone else who could come across that blog and think “wow, that’s exactly what I was thinking the other day! I should read this guys stuff and comment!” only to find their comment soon becomes a new article which may as well be what you said that’s by the moderator added when chosen. But that’s how it works in blogs I suppose, give the readers what content they inspire in the author? Though due credit should be given in every instance of such an occurrence, it simply doesn’t seem to work that way.


    1. Wow! I couldn’t have summed things up better than you have. You’ve now raised more questions for me when it comes of CH’s blog activity. I did notice some shadiness with commentary as regards to some comments being displaced and stuff.

      Many ppl may ask, why would CH rig his blog period? In the name of traffic of course. As you’d eluded to, when a potential commentor sees how interactive (supposedly) a specific articles is, he will feel more of a sense to get involved. So create some dummy comments to start a spiral of comments with the occasional real comment.

      Thanks for raising some new points on this issue. I may have to write a second post.


  18. I do feel that one of his frequent posters,Greg Eliott sounds suspiciously just like him. He’s always on the race baiting topics. Check out his style of writing and see if I’m not right.


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  20. i won’t speak for roissy aka ch, but i can imagine his response to this entire article would be “lol” and a smirk, maybe.

    you must have read some out of context comments which usually go off in some very strange tangents. there are regulars and if you cared to notice, many log in with their wordpress accounts.

    very much a case of haters gone hate and jellies gone jel.


    1. oh no wait, i just realised you were black. there’s nothing wrong with that, but i’ll speak for myself here; if i was black and i saw some heartiste articles about “how blacks are destroying america” (paraphrased), etc, i too would be mad.

      that said, i’d delight in the feeling that i can be part of the problem bemoaned by ch… that would be a good feeling indeed 😀

      as for your comments about his allegedly fake comments, haters definitely gone hate and jellies definitely gonna jel.


  21. “3.) Hardly None of those comments came from fellow bloggers, aspiring PUA’s or Manosphere guys (as usual).”

    Hardly “none”…. This guy is a fucking retard.


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