SocialKenny’s PUA Show: Podcast Episode#2: On Twitter-Troll Ferdinand Bardamu [4-29-2012]

Podcast addressing the internet/Twitter troll:Ferdinand Bardamu.

In this 2nd. episode of Kenny’s PUA Show, I talk about:

•Ferd aka “The Turd’s” trolling
•His wack blogs
•How he turned me down as a contributing poster: but now regrets
•He being offended that I exposed Douche & Moist aka Roosh & Roiss.

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Ferdinand Bardamu: A Twitter-Trolling Closet Fan Of SocialKenny PUA.

I was told that this was Ferd aka Turd as a child,donned in his Nazi costume for Halloween LMAO!!!!!

I was told that this was Ferd aka Turd as a child,donned in his Nazi costume for Halloween LMAO!!!!!

Tell ’em why you mad Turd!!!

You secretly admire my shit, but don’t know how to go about expressing that admiration. So like an insecure Twitter-trolling homo; you lash out.

It took a great deal of boredom for me to actually address this bi-polar troll, who calls himself Ferd’.

Obviously, Mr.Turd has been off his meds, thus going off like lose firecrackers in Twitter-ville.

Apparently butt-hurt and disheartened that I had the cojones to expose his “CLOSET” lovers:RooshV & Chateau Heartiste. But hey look- I don’t knock him for defending his boyfriends. Wouldn’t any female defend the guy who’s banging her?

I apologize Turd!

But if this’ your lame-shit attempt to indirectly get some @ mentions on twitter, in order to gain some notoriety in the Men’s movement[in which you’re an underling, non-entity minion BTW]: Epic fucking fail Turd!!!

Now look,we shouldn’t blame “The Turd” for being an attention-whore.Yea yea yea, I know he comes off like a fat kid in a candy store, or a little lass who’s been menstruating for the 1st.time…But understand; he has no home training. That trailer-park upbringing wasn’t sufficient enough in instilling manhood and gravitas.

Blame his senile parents for not recognizing his sex, thus rearing him as a girl instead of a boy[I empathize man SMH]!!

This is why Ferd “The Turd” is mad:

Apart from me slinging some proverbial arrows at his 2 masters[Roosh & Roiss aka Douche & Moist], Mr.Turd’s sudden anger towards me goes a bit deeper than that.

Few months prior, I’d signed up to become a poster/member of his wack-ass site InMalaFide: in hopes of spicing up his boring blog via better content(which means more readers, comments and traffic).

But, Mr. Turd e-mailed me saying that he’s too busy to incorporate any more members or whatever…I frankly wondered “WTF can one be busy doing on a trailer-park: besides fucking his teeth-less grandma [pretty sick shit Turd]”!!

In hindsight: I should be the one fucking vexed that he tried playing me by denying me a poster spot on his weak blog LMAO!

But you see, bitchism doesn’t run in my blood. Nor do I harbor malice. So I re replied to his e-mail saying something along the lines of, “No prob bro’. I understand. Whenever you get the time.It’s all good”.

And to further demonstrate that I don’t hold grudges over bullshit: I began following him on Twitter LOL!When I should’ve felt offended that he denied me a contributing- author spot on his weak, low traffic blogs!!

So it turns out that Turd probably browsed my blog afterwards, seen my killer content and insights on pick-up, religion and politics, then realized the great potential I had in attracting massive amounts of new traffic and readers to his blogs…So he regretted.

Instead of being a big man to say, “Hey Kenny, I apologize for excluding you. I can now sign you up”.

He chose to go out like a little bitch to show his lack of manliness by lashing out on me via insults[a sloppy hot-mess off his bi-polar meds].

That’s what separates real men/Alpha’s, from the “pretenders” aka Beta-Males like Turd.

A jealous fucking closet-fan of my active PUA blog.

But since Ferd’s an insecure bitch: he’d never come out to actually admit that he reads my articles[on the low], and enjoys them more than the bullshit he writes himself!! Nor will he ever admit that he actually learns some pick-up tactics along the way LOL.

Your blog is wack, you don’t get laid, have no skills in seduction, your vaginal canal gets bruised because I talk shit about your lovers Douche & Moist: formerly known as Roosh & Roiss.

Then you wanna talk shit on Twitter about my Game LOL!!

Check my field reports and lay reports. Check my video page and see me in action via Youtube.

So please, do all of us a favor in the online-men’s movement, and remember to take your fucking meds bro’!

That bi-polar shit you pulled last night wasn’t cute at all [Twitter troll]. Or maybe you had 1 too many cans of Old Milwaukees. If you can’t handle your liquor: Don’t Drink!!

And tell your husbands Douch & Moist aka Roosh & Roiss[check out the podcast by following this Link Here] , that SocialKenny PUA said fuck ’em!!

And if your minions feel offended[preferably FFY aka Fly Fresh & Dumb]: fuck them too!

Ferd “The Turd” and his gang of “Troll”ing minions.

P.S. To those not inclined to reading, or simply can’t friggin’ read: the podcasted version of this article will be released later on tonight (with much more content). Stay tuned!!

SocialKenny’s PUA Show: Podcast Episode #1 [week of 4-22-2012]

My 1st. ever podcast!! Let’s toast to that [preferably some Vodka shots]!

It was actually hard work to be honest; fine tuning, editing, making sure the audio is clear, stabilized, uploading, downloading, re-uploading, bla,bla,bla…Hopefully, I’d be able to put out an ep’ once a week (or bi-weekly).

So…., what better way to make a debut than to kick a little ass, right? Honestly though, it’s unfortunate to have to start off my show with controversy. But it is what it is.

In this 20 min. podcast, I talk about the controversial PUA/Gamer “Chateau Heartiste aka Roissy”, and my nagging hunch that his blog is more rigged than an Afghan’s-road side bomb. Let’s hope that the IED doesn’t detonate. Roissy

In the remaining half of the show,I addressed 1 of my favorite gurus/coaches: RooshV. And how he covertly deleted and blocked me on Twitter and from posting comments on his blog. All because of……It was really catty, condescending and female-like.Roosh

Just listen to the fucking show!

If the pop-up player doesn’t work, you can download the episode in .mp3 format @ the following links:
Download mp3

Download mp3.

IPhone, iPad users can download it directly from the itunes app store by clicking the image:

Roissy/Chateau Heartiste: Exposed As A Manipulative Blogger?

This Roissy character has never appealed to me as he does to other Game bloggers. Something about him, or his blog has always sent red flags of Bullshit to my sub-conscience.

For the record: I don’t bash his Game nor insights on picking up chicks. He also writes decent content on politics (which I blog about too).

But this dude’s blog activities are HELLA fucking suspect!

Earlier today, I was first to comment on an interesting Roissy article. I never received any e-mail notification about any follow-up comments, so I figured the semi-controversial article was deleted or something!

A nagging curiosity told me to check out that same article again. Three hours later- I did.

Holy-fucking shit!!!

This article had 130 comments!

130 comments within 3 hours or less! Is it impossible? No, but highly unlikely (without input from the blog’s author).

What made this super suspect and fraudulent was that I never received any notification of any of those 130 comments [this happened on all of his posts I ever commented on…which was maybe 3 of them]!

2.) I read few of those comments, and they were incoherent and inconsistent with the article’s theme.

3.) Hardly None of those comments came from fellow bloggers, aspiring PUA’s or Manosphere guys (as usual).

So who the fuck is commenting on Roissys’ posts then!!!?

My detective-like intuition tells me that this MOFO is rigging his blog’s commentary in order to make his blog appear more active than it actually is.

To add more wood to the flame, my hunch says that he actually concocts and pre-fabricates 95% of the comments on his posts. In layman’s term: he pre-writes his own comments, and somehow schedules them to be posted at intervals [nice trick]. 😉

And I get the feeling that he’s always tryna 1-up Roosh’s articles by out commenting his.

Pure fucking catty behavior.

But the real difference is, RooshV’s commentaries almost always come from fellow bloggers of the Manosphere and pick-up community.

Roosh’s blog comments almost always originate from guys who generally comment on his blog.

Roissy’s: on the other hand, 95% of his blog comments come from random commentors who aren’t consistently on his blog.

No one could rationalize to me how on everyone else’s blog (including Roosh’s & Krauser’s), I receive e-mail notifications of new comments (standard protocol).

However, on Roissy’s blog, 150 comments could miraculously fly under the radar [super suspect]!!? ❓

Other Game bloggers need to call out Chateau Heartiste on his bullshit! Regular readers of his blog (which I’m not), should boycott it until he gets the picture that fraudulent tactics aren’t necessary.

Why would he cheat @ blogging?

For rating purposes of course. And to make his blog appear to be most active. Self-ego gratification shit, huh?

For those who may say that I’m hating- nah. I just believe that recognized PUA’s and Game bloggers should have a certain level of decorum when it comes to blogging.

No need to manipulate your ratings to make others dick ride your blog.

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