Next On My “Fucket-List”?

Hola Cuba!! If Krauser PUA and 50 Flags Burto believe that they the only ones with a ‘Pussy-Fucking Pass‘ to Cuba: think again!

I’ve been wanting to do Cuba for 2 years. Plans got derailed due to lack of funds and steady income[Dammit!!].

My Plans For Cuba

Fuck Fuck Fuck and more Fuck!!

Just kidding!

What I’m totally psyched about though it’s the night life over there. I got few buddies who’re going to college there, and the type of adventurous shit that they tell me goes down in the college towns, it’d make Spring Break Miami look like Disney land.

Now that’s my type of fun, where I can actually let my 6-pac abs hang out in the sun as if I were back in my 1st. home [Antigua & Barbuda].

There’s also a huge population of Chinese students and tourists hotties there who “love to fuck you long time” [according to my buddies over there…not that ever bang any].

The clubbing is said to be off the chains too. I wonder if The Naughty Nomad could vouch for this?

The added beauty about Cuba is that they cater to tourists well. Once you’re a tourist or visitor, you can do no wrong.

After all: travelers are who keep the economy flowing, so it’s only right that they’re somewhat lenient towards the people who are bringing the $$$.

10 thoughts on “Next On My “Fucket-List”?

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      1. Cuba is a great place to visit, I been there last summer, but I stayed in resort most of times, the country is pretty poor but lots of fun and people seems to be kind.

        Thanks for the feedback regarding my new blog.


          1. I went out of resort to the city, but the locals don’t speak English at all, and my Spanish is not existent lol, but even if you just stay in resort you will find plenty of women who is horny, of course those ones are not of local flavor and just tourist as yourself.


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