2 Reasons Why She Didn’t Give It Up And Flaked [Credits to Thundercat]

No Entry Tonight!!!

No Entry Tonight!!!

I was browsing the blog of 1 of my mentors in “Game”, Thundercat, a well-known PUA and dating coach. And I stumbled upon a great-short article entitled: “Reasons why a girl won’t have sex with you “.

One of the greatest points he made was that girls flake, or don’t give up the booty because of her menstrual period, or grooming-related matters.

Very eye opening! And I’ll add my 2 cents to Thundercat’s.

#1: She’s on her Period

A regular-female commentor to my blog made this great comment yesterday about why she’d flake:

Roxem commented: “Sooo fuckn true!! Cuz at first we like the guy so we want to make sure we make the best impression & we want everything to go perfectly. So if we have plans but then I get my period, yeah plans canceled!! (keep in mind I have endometriosis so my periods are WAY worse than normal). If I’m severely tired.. cancelled. OMG I have a huge zit?!! Cancelled“!

Roxem basically confirmed that menstruation is a key reason as to why a girl doesn’t give it up or flake. This is an eye-opener for me (since I wasn’t aware of this prior to reading Thundercat’s post last night).

As I retrospect (look back) on my many flakes of 2011, I used to beat myself up trying to figure out why certain girls flaked. With this new revelation: it makes massive amounts of sense now!

Everyone knows that women are somewhat ashamed to admit that they’re on their periods. They only share such a thing with other chics, because most men are weirded out by the thought of “Period”.

It makes sense as to why a girl won’t meet up, nor go on a date with a guy she wants to have sex with, since she figures he won’t bang her on her cycle ’cause it would gross him out.

If she does go on the date or meet up (whether at his place, etc.), if the guy tries making a move, she will put up resistance higher than Mt. Everest. Most times, she won’t even say, “I’m on my period”. She’d feel nasty and dirty and just keep rejecting his advances.

This happened to me a ton of times, but I never figured that she could’ve been bleeding, thus embarrassed, so sex won’t happen.

#2: She isn’t (well) groomed/caught off-guard

As the Master Pick-Up Artist Thundercat eluded to in his post, “Grooming” (or lack there of), is a major reason why chics flake or don’t give up the goods.

Seems fucking humorous, but think about it guy!

If a girl didn’t shave,l et’s say her legs today (might’ve forgotten), she will not be comfortable lying with a guy, with the possibility of he carressing her, to then find out that her legs are hairier than his!

Let’s say she neglected to shave or trim her cunt in like 2 months. So it’s pretty scary down there. She’d obviously become self-conscious about it, thus stopping sex from happening (since she doesn’t want to be embarrassed). So she’d either flake, stand him up, or if she does meet up, she would put up major resistance: as we call it in the PUA community LMR (last-minute resistance).

The above 2 examples spill off into “being caught off guard”. The girl never expected to have sex that particular night or week. She never thought she’d have met you. So the sheer fact that she got caught by surprise-she won’t have a choice but to NOT give it up.

Same goes for attempts at SNL’s (Same Night Lays) or ONS (One-Nigh Stands): the girl was caught off guard, so she might not have shaved her legs to perfection, coochie unkempt, pedicure lacking…), so she will not give it up that night.

I can't see him looking like this!

I can’t see him looking like this!

*Bad-hair day is another classic reason for flakes and why she won’t meet up/no chance of having sex.

We all fucking know that chics are obsessed with their hair. Most sane girls will NOT go on a date with a jacked-up hairdo, stale weave, etc. She’s just not gonna meet up! Period!!

Then again, she’s not gonna tell you the reason as to why she flaked or not willing to meet up. This is essentially Chic-Logics and how women are irrational beings.

Guys, please don’t look at it as bullshit. Imagine if you forgot to brush your teeth, ate some onion-rings, and your date wanted to tongue you down. Of course you won’t fucking do it LMAO!!

Funny story. I remembered once (years ago), I met a girl at the club, seduced her, she invited me to her place (of course via some PUA tactics on my part). When we got there, she insisted that I remove my sneakers before entering the bedroom (some shit about the rug). Not expecting to take a girl home that night, I got careless and I wore a pair of kicks that smelled like an NYC sewer SMFH! So when she told me to remove them,in my head,I was like, “Oh shit, hell NO!!! I’m not about to embarrass myself and have this chic’s crib smelling like a bag of stale-corn chips“! I tried working around it (having sex in the living room instead), but she insisted the bedroom. I eventually gave up, and hit her with some lame excuse as to why I had to leave. So I essentially didn’t give her the dick she wanted because of stinky feet.

Adding to that, a lot of us guys who have pride, or are pretty much sane, would’ve done the same to avoid an awkward situation.

Same as a girl who has pride would be embarrassed to remove her shoes to get in bed if her toes were visibly jacked-up.

Same as she would flake or turn you down for sex if she’s on her period.

Just as a girl who gave a shit about her appearance won’t show up on a date on a bad-hair day.

But it’s so ironic after all these years of studying Game, I never thought that flaking and LMR (last-minute resistance) could’ve been results of her Period & Grooming (lack there of). My PUA mentor Thundercat aka Joseph Matthews, was spot on with his observations.

25 thoughts on “2 Reasons Why She Didn’t Give It Up And Flaked [Credits to Thundercat]

Add yours

  1. When it comes to being on our period it’s not just the bleeding part that bothers us… it’s the fact we’re bloated, gassy, face breaking out, crabby, feels like our uterus is being ripped out slowly… who wants to go on a date & try to impress someone when they feel like this?? Granted, not every girl gets such extreme period side effects like this, but most get some of these. I’ll tell a guy when I flake that I’m on my period & feel like shit. It’s a good thing too cuz if the guy doesn’t understand why I’m flaking because of this or gets weirded out then I probly won’t pursue him much longer. 

    Also, with the last minute surprises… if we weren’t expecting it then we could be sporting granny panties or something because we’re just lounging that day. Unless its a guy we’re super comfortable with already, it’s gonna be a no-go. 
    And yes on the toes part. If we haven’t gotten any in awhile & haven’t been wearing open toed shoes (like if it’s winter up in the north), then a surprise is a hell no because a pedicure is probably required for this!!

    Lol it’s the little things. Is this due to us being illogical?? Lol. 


  2. This is a great example on why you shouldn’t bother “analyzing” why a woman flaked. Because you’ll always be wrong. There are a million reasons she could flake that have nothing to do with you.


    1. That was exactly my point:when a girl flakes,90% of the times,it has nothing to do with the guy she flaked on.

      But guys in general,since we’re so dumb when it comes to courtship,we think that she flakes because she doesn’t like us.


  3. @Rox-It makes a lot of sense that a girl would NOt want to go on a first date or any date while she’s on her period.Facial breakouts with pimples and all that.

    But the thing is that urks us guys,is that the girl will never tell us that she stood us up because she’s on her period.She will agree to meeting then flake.Then come up with some excuse like,”I had to help my mother with something at last minute”.

    Now when I thinnk of flakes,I won’t take it to heart anymore.It’s really nerve-wrecking for women to meet up with a guy she really likes.So flaking isn’t that the girl wants to be playing games.But she’s nervous,unsure of herself,trying to look and be at her best.


  4. This is very true. But that’s just another reason why you should never be caught slipping and stay on point. It’s different if youre already in a long term relationship though.


  5. So from now on-give the girl at least 7 days after the first flake, then you will know if she was on her period! LOL!! She should be over it by then, right!


  6. This is so true…because I would never say to a guy “I am on my period”! Very personal and private thing…an old guy friend just blurted it out to me once…he kept trying to take me out and I was flaking…**like aww I don’t feel good and after a while he said what you on your period? I thought I’d die!! LMAO!
    **many girls do flake because of this** GREAT POST & GREAT COMMENTS**


  7. That’s why one should have enough women in his life that some chick flaking on him will not means much and he can just give a call to another girl and go out with her instead.

    That’s being said, no matter what the reason the girl might has, if she wants to see you she will always suggest or offer or just hint for another time to meet. Otherwise she is just a time waster.

    Either way, you should never wait for another person to come around, you should always move forward.


  8. @Serenity-Lol the old guy put you on the spot.

    But the funny thing is,from now on,I’m not gonna take flakes personally.I used to believe that girls flake because they’re just liars and con-artists lol.Every guy thinks that too(about flakes).

    Soo I’m gonna start gauging the time to plan a meet up when I think she isn’t on her period.


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