The Biology Of Cheating Men [women must read this!!]


This article is specifically aimed at women, in hopes of shedding some light on the contentious-issue of “Cheating”. And no: this article is not an excuse nor green light for men to dog women out. So feminists- no need to get all revved up over this.

I had an interactive discourse earlier with a female blogger [Serenity ] on the subject of cheating. Her stance was basically that “men cheat more, men are dogs…typical-female jargon [go figure right?]. That’s an argument for another post.

This article will highlight the more intricate details of Why men cheat?

Men were never meant to be monogamous.

Women should understand that at no point in history (pre-history to as late as the 1800’s) was men ever deemed to have 1 partner, i.e. a One-Woman Man.

*Men were always expected to have concubines, few wives and be Promiscuous. Men are promiscuous creatures by nature.

*Trying to force a guy to be Monogamous (having 1 woman) is essentially forcing him to go against his nature and what he’s always innately known as a man [to be promiscuous].

*Being faithful is NOT normal for a men. Yes: it can be done, and is done [men are typically far more faithful than women]. However, it still doesn’t negate the fact that being faithful to 1 woman is still an un-natural and foreign act.

History Lesson:

*The very tainted Bible that everyone loves to death, it’s a haven for promiscuous men (prophets), and it advocates Polygany (having more than one wife).

*The pre-history men (Neanderthal & homo-erectus), aka Caveman, they of course partook in promiscuity, sleeping with various women, etc.

*Every step along history (pre- and modern), men were known as Promiscuous. It was the norm, accepted, no big deal.


I’ve said all that to say, it’s virtually IMPOSSIBLE for anyone, or any guy, to erase what is essentially in his genes, hardwired over the course of millions of years that men has existed.

*So its’ fallacious to expect men to suddenly re-wire our genetical makeup because of what “modern” society considers Wrong, Unfaithful and Cheating.

*Modern society (particularly the western world) and the feminist movement, are trying to force men into living an Un-Natural lifestyle (being faithful to 1 woman).

*So rather than screaming, “All men are dogs“. Women need to look at Infidelity on a man’s part as a biological, evolutionary and internal struggle for us men. You’re expecting us to virtually eradicate what was ingrained in us for millions of years [having more than 1 partner].

*Evolution does NOT work that way!!!

*It took from 350,000 to over 2 million years of evolution for men to make basic biological, environmental and Behavioral changes.

*Likewise with trying to get men to alter their biological wiring to cheat and be promiscuous: it’d take hundreds of thousands of years to happen [and we’re not even into 50 years of men trying to practice “Monogamy].

*Hence ladies, this might be a hard pill to digest, but understand that when a man messes around: he’s only doing what comes natural to him [over the course of 6 million years in his DNA].

*It’s equivalent to society trying to force women to ‘NOT’ care for and nurture their children (a behavioral act they’ve been doing for millions of years).

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  1. Now here you go with this bull crap…Men are meant to be men…provide & protect their family and more than anything love their wife!


    1. I think that’s what YOU want! Too bad it doesn’t change the fact that men are still suppose to want to cheat.


  2. Now I don’t want to contradict myself here but…if you believe in having multiple wives then I am not knocking that…but in my culture in my location on the globe, you only get one damn wife! THATS IT MR SOCIAL KENNY! ONE LOVE ***GIGGLES**


      1. You probably don’t want a wife at all…Mr Pick up! just kidding. I get your point you attempted to make…just not buying it…. Another excuse like the old saying “oh he just being a man”!!! NOT!


        1. Lol well the funny thing is,I
          Always seen that as an excuse(a man being a man).But over the past few years,I realize the truth behind it.

          So when are we getting married?Maybe you can tame the animal.


          1. You can’t handle me mentally and my sex game is stupid…so marriage would last as long as my comment! HA! Kisses!!! LMAO


          2. No challenge, just stating facts. And as far as the sex game goes…like I said it’s stupid…not bragging because I don’t do any fascinating tricks or erotic stunts. I’m just confident in me by the time I finish fucking your brain and the time it will take for you to get there you will instantly nut! I’m just saying…*pops my own collar* the Queen has left the stage!! #NEXT lol…


  3. Oh and one more thing…if you get to have another woman then I must get to have another man and you must watch me with him…**cooling off*


        1. Lmao y’all so want it both ways.

          It’s like last night at a bar,a girl asked me to buy her a drink[totally against my rules],so I said to her,”ladies first”.You buy me one first”.she refused,so I’m like,”y’all can’t have it both ways.1 minute it’s ladies first,then the next y’all not.


          1. We I knew her prior,so she wasn’t a random stranger.

            And yes:we were made to have sex with many women.You consider it cheating:not me,neither do the man upstairs(God or whoever he’s called).


        2. The Bible is flooded in contradictions.If adultery was forbidden,how come all of his prophets had numerous wives and women on the side?

          Abraham had Sarah,Hagar and a slave girl he was all banging the same time[Hagar had Ishmael,Sarah had Isaac].Solom had numerous wives.All the prophets were sleeping with many women although having a wife.Why didn’t God punish them nor say it was a sin?

          The Bible is full of contradictions and lies because when the Nicean council was compiling the original Bible,they stole text from Egypt and all over,kept books,threw away what they didn’t want,etc.So the Bible is distorted(history admits that).That’s why it’s full of contradictions.


  4. hmm i’ma be a tad controversial n my girls are always harassing me for my views but here goes. I don’t expect my man to be with just me for the rest of his life, i think its unrealistic and i think its that view that breaks up homes that were otherwise very happy.

    My issue is, care enough not to make me feel like you’re seeing someone else and do not by anyones standards, build an emotional relationship with her … the emotional connection i cannot and will not accept. Sex? Thats just sex at the end of the day, n if i never know (and ur safe) we never have a problem .. it’s the lack of consideration you gave me by letting me find out you’re fucking someone else that is the problem for me.



    1. Wow that’s deep Kai.

      And I wish more women were more realistic when it comes to expectations.And to not expect too much.

      Good point too about being discreet opposed to blatantly making you see what he’s up to.


      1. Laila I totallllly agree that I ‘want’ my man to be mine n only mine forever but as ridiculous as this sounds, to me he only cheated if I find out … It’s crazy, how I feel I don’t really understand myself because I’m not saying I want an open relationship, like don’t come home and tell me you just had a wonderful night with Amy cause I will tear ya ass up … BUT if you come home and you still make me feel like the most amazing woman in the world, the only woman you need … and I never know bout ur wonderful bed spreading with Amy then we’re cool …

        🙂 Guess I’ve just learnt that like Kenny said, it’s unnatural for men to be with one woman, it does sound like an excuse but it’s more of a realisation i guess.


        1. Good point Kai.I’m not advocating dogging women out,but men are biologically driven to mess around.You obviously agree with the truth in that.

          I’m currently in an open relationship in a way(my baby mama and I can’t get along for the most part,but we yay together for the kids’ sake.So instead of breaking it off,I chose to have the relationship opened.She doesn’t know about he girls I may meet,and likewise:I don’t know about who she may mess with.

          And that was your major point Kai.You don’t want what he may do to be thrown in your face.Otherwise,you may be able to deal with the fact that he might cheat.


  5. Okay, Kaiscribe…I can understand your point of view with the emotional part! WOW! I just can’t know…I just would like to feel and know I am sufficient for my man. Woudln’t want him to lack in any area to want to be with anyone but me. Yet, with men/dogs they tend to be so damn greedy and selfish, careless and wreckless with their cheating! Rather you do backward flips on his penis and suck, swallow and/or spit it’s never enough for some of them. They will cheat anyway. I will not allow them an excuse to have more than me…I rather fuck myself endlessly with industrial strength battery operated toys before I allow my man to sleep around on me…just my thoughts.


    1. Hear! Hear! Well said. I think this post is just excuses for this sort of behaviours.

      I come from a religion ( not culture ) where four wives are permitted but that doesn’t mean they will take them or that it’s ok to sleep around.

      Bottom line is I would never share and never accept this. you men would never accept your woman doing the same thing either.


      1. Laila,we men just want yall to grasp that it’s beyond being heartless.

        When a man cheats,95% of times,he doesn’t have a rational reason for cheating.Men dont cheat because we want new pussy.All vaginas taste and feel the same[that is keeping it real,and all men can attest to that].Men cheat via some unseen force telling us we have to bang this other girl.

        Women cheat for logical,rational reasons:lack of sex,need companionship,needs love,no attention,etc.So a woman know why she cheats.Men don’t know why we cheat lol.That’s what I’ve been saying.It’s programed in us to the point that we don’t need a reason to cheat.


        1. I agree with that most men cheat and don’t know why! I agree with why women cheat and I agree with what Kaiscribe is saying about as long as I don’t know and my position as top priority isn’t compromised by his cheating. I’ve been in a relationship for 17 years so you know we had our hiccups and I’ve excused a few slips because shit happens. However, I refuse to just accept it as a standard thing in a relationship. Ughhh…I hate that most of this is true….You freaking win this one…


    2. TOTAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLY agree! This is the thing … I TOTALLY TOTALLY TOTALLY agree when you say you’re not gonna allow him to sleep around on you … I get that because neither am I.. I’m not gonna be like “oh hi babe, did you have fun with karen tonight?” … NO … not at all.

      But I guess what I’m saying is I feel like I’ve accepted it is unnatural for a man to sexually be with one woman forever, whereas it isn’t unnatural for women, we’re genetically built to take care of the home and our families,we can’t do that if we have multiple families with multiple people. Men are built to provide and reproduce and they can do that with multiples families with multiple people. So I just think that I can’t have a problem with what I don’t know is happening, if he is sleeping with other women then so be it … long as I NEVER know bout it.

      When men cheat, you usually find out about it when shit is rocky, because they stop caring enough to hide it properly. If a man engaged in sexual relationships outside the home, but you never ever suspected it because he kept you as happy as you always had been … there’s nothing to accept because you don’t know. But if he always flaunts that shit and ur always forgiving nonsense – thats a different matter entirely.

      it’s a naughty topic lol


      1. Okay Kaiscribe…you put some good shit on here. That is so true…and I guess this is really the point SocialKenny was trying to make. I can agree with you 100%!


        1. Another great history point Kai made was that men can have multiple families simultaneously,which a woman cannot.She can only be impregnated once,and only have 1 child per year(unless twins,etc.).So the point is well clear:it’s wise and natural for a woman to have 1 man.

          And another good point is:as long as he keeps you happy and doesn’t flaunt stuff in your face:then it could be acceptable.


      2. Lmao exactly Kai!!You are totally understanding of this.

        Women were genetically and biologically created to be with 1 mate.As you said,a woman cannot afford to sleep around with every guy she sees,or she’ll run the risk of gettin pregnant by each guy,thus making her unfit to do her biological duties:caring for kids,family and home.

        Men in the other hand,we can impregnate a girl tonight and do the same for tomorrow.We we created to procreate or have as much offerings as possible.That’s why the creator didn’t make men unable to have kids after a certain point,etc.,opposed to women having menopause.


  6. @Ladies-All I’m saying is that a man being faithful to 1 woman is a NEW thing.Y’all can’t expect mankind to just be faithful when we’ve been messing around for 6 million years.


  7. You are stirring up some ish here!!!, The funny thing is my mother would agree with you on this one (we have heated discussions about this all the time). I hear what you are saying regarding the history of the topic, but we’ve evolved, we’ve developed tremendously since then, so why is it so easy for me to sit on my stuff to preserve our relationship but so difficult for him to keep it in his boxers?


    1. Some how,I can picture the type of woman your mother is.I have an aunt like that who’s always debating religion and stuff like human nature.

      To your question,this why:omen were NOT meant to be cheaters nor promiscuous.Contrary to mens’ ways in history,women were always known for having 1 ma opposed to screwing 2 guys.
      Look in the Bible and you cannot find a case where a woman cheated or had 2 husbands or a man on the side.No time in history or pre-history did women engage in cheating,except for nowadays.And that can ne blamed on the feminist movement which teaches women to be like men.But prior to 1950’s,you’d RARELY hear anything about a woman cheating.It’s not in y’all nature nor in y’all history,so that’s why it’s easy for y’all to sit on y’all stuff lol.


  8. The truth is sex for a man is more visual and lustful and less emotional. When a man is in live with a woman it’s not because she is great to look at or great in bed it goes much deeper. For some crazy scientific reason they separate love and sex easily. My own religion recognises this and encourages us to cover up from men’s lustful and sleazy nature. Yes, it’s true men are lustful and sleazy when it comes to sex and females. If he wants sex with a woman that is all it is to him sex. Nothing more nothing less.

    Whereas we females can’t separate the two so easily. For most of us sex is a deeper form
    Of love and commitment and communication. And that’s really the jist of it.


    1. Great points Laila.You seem to know about men on a deeper level lol.

      As you said:men can detach sex from emotions.When men have sex,there’s totally NO emotions involved.I’m a man,I have men friends so I know first hand that sex has nothing to do with emotions for a man.

      Thats the problem that women do not grasp.When a man cheats,his GF may say,”how the hell can he get involved with her if he doesn’t have feelings for her”?

      Women need to understand that it doesn’t take feelings for a man to sleep with a woman.And my point is still crystal clear:men were created to mess around.


      1. Perhaps I know them too well… Seen too much that’s the problem.

        Maybe they are programmed to or built to sleep around but that doesn’t make it ok. AIDS and other diseases proved that sleeping around was not ok and that basically it was time to zip it up.

        Yeah if he’s gonna cheat he will and if he doesn’t want to he won’t. Simple!


          1. And a little preview of that is this point,”humans are POOR at making good decisions”.We all know We might catch something from sleeping around.But does that fear and knowledge deter us,NO.


  9. In the Bible,God said to man,”be fruitful and multiply”.He didn’t say that to Eve(women).He created Eve(women)so that she’s UNABLE to bear kids after a certain age.

    A man’s sperm cells never die.He can have kids up until he dies(be it age 90).So God created men with the ability to have kids forever.That is a man’s duty:to multiply and get around.That is the natural order.It’s un-natural for men to not sleel around and to not have many kids.

    Realistically,how many kids can a woman have?She hits puberty around age 12(on average),she hits menopause(where she cannot have kids)usually around age 42.She can only have 1 child per year(if no twins,etc).So mathematically,a woman can only bear about 30 kids if she’d have 1 each year.

    Now,how many gis can a man impregnate?A guy can impregnate 20 women per year,20 women per moth,100 women per week(if he has the chance to sleep with 100 women in 1 week).So there’s no biological limitations on how many kids a man to have.But there’s a limit in how many a woman can have since she wasn’t meant to be promiscuous(sleep around).


  10. @The Ladies-Please understand this,JUST BECAUSE A MAN CAN CHEAT DOESN’T MEAN HE WILL”.

    It’s a huge difference between CAN and WILL.

    Most boyfriends are content with just banging 1 girl.So I’m not saying very man WILL cheat.Just saying it’s his biological duty as a man to sleep with many women.Doesn’t mean be will do it.


  11. @The Ladies-Please understand this,JUST BECAUSE A MAN CAN CHEAT DOESN’T MEAN HE WILL”.

    It’s a huge difference between CAN and WILL.

    Most boyfriends are content with just banging 1 girl.So I’m not saying very man WILL cheat.Just saying it’s his biological duty as a man to sleep with many women.Doesn’t mean he will do it.


    1. Lmao despite me having my views on this issue:I’m no serial cheater myself.So it’s not like I’m using this knowledge to justify cheating.I’m generally faithful(unless my GF pisses me off and dumps me as she always does).


  12. Interesting article, as a man i cannot not to agree lol

    Two books come to mind:
    1. “My Secret Garden” by Nancy Friday and “Sperm Wars” by Robin Baker.

    Maybe you should post about women cheating as well, with 50% divorce rate in USA and 89% of them initiated by woman, and than 10-30% worldwide man rising other man kids while honestly believing that those kids are they own. It can be an interesting article.


    1. Oh of course women cheat way more!!We all know that lol.

      I didn’t write this article to show how much of cheaters men are.I know women are the real cheaters.

      I read half if that book by Nancy Friday lol.The fantasies that women have is real striking.Great book bro’.I forgot which PUA guru recommended it,but I got it online and loved it.


  13. WOW at the comment’s….but you are right about the make up of man. I never really thought about it in that way. So NOW I agree with Kai Scribe Just don’t let me find out And no emotional cheating…..hmmmmm Enlightenment….


    1. Thanks for checking it out.Kai made an excellent point.

      But as I said above in the comments,”Just because it’s in a guy’s genes to sleep with many women does NOT mean he will or have to”.


  14. Its seems men and their abilities have been completely underestimated here. For years, men have undeniably had the upper hand when it comes to power to make laws (i.e. monogamy-in/polygamy-out), and communicate social expectations to the mass. Each person sets their own expectations as to what they want in a partner, if men truly want a more polygamous lifestyle, why do their actions (i.e. continuing to get married to one person, and allowing monogamous driven laws to pass) suggest otherwise???
    Also, there are many monogamous animals in the animal kingdom, such as emperor penquins, beavers, gibbons, and many types of birds.
    Interesting comments though!


    1. Great point.One would think that since men are making laws all around the world regarding marriages,they would make it legal to have many wives,etc.But socially,that won’t be accepted by the masses and(females).


    2. Think about all the beta men who suddenly don’t have kids or family to provide for.

      Suddenly those man don’t have reason to work, crime will go up drastically, drag usage, wars will become more frequent factor, and when most of population doesn’t work they don’t pay taxes as well and whole countries could collapse.

      Monogamy was probably one of the good thing that religion could invent, it was a good financial decision and good way to deal with aggressiveness by putting it energy into better things.


      1. You make a good argument for monogamy in regards to the male/female ratio, and it certainly is an issue polygamous communities face. Given that it is not the most common relationship type I don’t think its a reason to stop the people that do chose to live a polygamous life.


  15. big surprise , its a matter of ( women ) mostly, accepting this … do people honestly think any animal species would be alive today if they were monogamous there entire life.. yes I agree tfor the children for the wife today society ……. it’s better to be monogamous… just like eating food for women and men it’s best not to eat until you are so fat you die of a heart attack


  16. I was looking for a balanced, scientific explanation of cheating.
    This is not that. This is a bunch of badly explained excuses for men to be cheating dirtbags. If you are going to use the excuse that ‘men aren’t meant to be monogamous’ or just say biology and act like you’ve won this argument by simply naming science as the obvious culprit/scapegoat of male infidelity.
    If you are going to talk about genetics or biology as an excuse for cheating, you need to include the simple fact that women the same, or more of a biological need for polygamy. The natural extension of this fact, men are more likely to cheat based on other factors. One of the main ones is that society repeatedly enables and allows excuses (such as the ones in this article) about cheating and other behaviours (street harassment, misogyny etc.) to stand. If a man cheats, he uses an excuse and people get over it, if a woman cheats, it can permanently mar her social life, when biologically, gender does not determine likelihood to cheat.


    1. Though I disagree with you on 95% of your points, I do agree that women are held at a different standard and are demonized for things that men get away with. I agree. But don’t run from the reality on the ground that men are inclined to being promiscuous and it goes deeper than men just wanting to sleep around for the sake of it


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