Nice guys and Gay men are one in the same to her

I’ve always noticed that certain women only hang with certain guys.

Certain women only give their #’s to certain guys.

Certain women only lie in bed with certain men, etc.

Certain women only go driving with certain men.

I’ve been aware of this occurrence for years now. And I figured it out, but I’m curious to know if other guys are aware of this tangent.

For Instance:

Girl says that she doesn’t go anywhere with guys. I’d call her later on and she would tell me that she’s going for a drive to the beach with a guy.

Cool!!! Contradiction but cool!

One day, I analyzed the theme which keeps playing out, then realize that: Girls hang out with men whom they know are harmless.

If she knows or sense that you have a chance to lay her or take advantage of her weak frame: She will not give you that chance unless you trick her into it!

It’s the same reason why women enjoy being around gay men/harmless men who will not try to fuck her. She can essentially let down her guard without worrying about being mind fucked and manipulated into being fucked (although she wants that).

Equivalent to the gay guys are guys whom she had LJBF’d (friend zoned).

A chic would lie in bed butt-ass-naked with a guy she had friend zoned!


Because she knows he’s virtually harmless.

He will not try to bang her,seduce her nor touch her [although she craves those things].

And if that guy-friend does make that fatal mistake to try make a move on her, it’d feel awkward and it’d be his ass!!!

That is why it’s a BAD idea to try friend your way into a girl’s underwears: it won’t happen! Women do NOT fuck their guy friends. Nor do they fuck their gay-male friends.

Essentially, a guy whom she’d befriended is equivalent to a gay man. There is no sexual desire there on her part towards him.

On the contrary,once she knows that she’s sexually attracted to you, and that you can possibly bang her; she will flake on you (few times before meeting), she will test you, shit test you, do shit to intentionally piss you off and throw you off your Game…in hopes that you’d give up [even though she doesn’t want you to give up]. But she will never do those things with her gay friend, nor with a guy she’d friend zoned.

If her male friend wants to come over and snuggle and talk about her man problems: she will invite him over.

If her male friend want to drive her to the beach during the night to watch the stars: she will never flake on him.

If he wants to take her to a party: she will go (to watch other men).

She would even call him up every so often to drive her here or there.

She absolutely trust that he won’t make a move on her (which he never does BTW).

There was a hot teacher in my neighborhood who liked the shit out of me [I blogged about her right here]. I picked her up,got her # and all, but she kept flaking on me (despite her obvious liking for me). Found out that she was flaking on me to go by my neighbor’s to hang and chat.

The dude who she’d go see (we’re pretty cool) told me that they never fucked or anything. He said they were just friends. He tried once but she rejected his sexual advances. He has no reason to lie.

When I thought about it, he most likely made the mistake of befriending her than trying to lay her.

My point is, she had put him in the harmless basket. So she has no problems with freely going by him to hang out.

She also knows that I’m dangerous, in the sense that I’d lay her in a heartbeat, so she will never give me that opportunity to get close to her unless I trick her in essence to hang out.That’s where good Game comes in.

So guys, if a girl is freely willing to hang out with you without any form of resistance (flake, shit tests, etc.), you may be in the harmless basket and don’t even know it. You might’ve put yourself in the friendzone and not know it.

Remember, if a girl is attracted to you: she WILL and MUST fuck with your Game in order to weed you out as an Alpha (dominant fuck buddy) or Beta (weak friend).

SocialKenny’s best, hilarious, controversial articles of 2011

I’ve had shit loads of new subscribers over the past months [ok, boat load might be more politically correct], many of who haven’t gotten to read my previous posts.

No worries brodies and brodettes, here’s a list of my top favorite articles (posted last year).


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What the “Average Guy” would do, and what a “Pick-Up Artist” would do

Difference between Average & PUA

Difference between Average & PUA

With the influx of AFC’s (average guys) to my blog over the past weeks, I figured it’d be a great idea to compose this post, where I illustrate the contrasts between the Average Joe – and the Pick-Up Artist, in any given situation regarding women, love, dating, sex & LTR (relationship).

This article serves as a guideline, for men to step their shit up by paying keen attention to what a Pick-Up Artist does.

*Scenario 1: Girlfriend dumps the guy:

Average Guy would: Throw a fit, plead with her to take him back and work it out, promising that he would change, and that he’s sorry (although he wasn’t at fault for anything).

PUA would: Remain non-reactive, calm and cool, tell here it’s ok, he understands, then walk away, and go fuck some other girl in order to forget about being dumped.

*Scenario 2: Girl doesn’t answer her phone after 2 days of attempts:

Average Guy would: Keep calling constantly, 20 times in a row if he has to. He would send few texts and leave voice mails [which would creep her out].

PUA would: Delete her # immediately from his phone and go pick up 5 other chics (which equals 5 more #’s).

*Scenario 3: Hot girl at a bar/club is looking at him:

Average Guy would: Avoid eye contact with her, or he’d just watch her all night then go home alone.

PUA would: Look right at her (direct eye contact) until she looks away first, then he would approach her right away like a real Alpha male should [women are biologically programmed to be attracted to men with balls].

*Scenario 4: While on a first date, girl says to him, “I don’t have sex on the first date-neither the 4th”.

Average Guy would: Believe her totally, then feels bad that he doesn’t have a shot until 5th. date.

PUA would: Recognize it’s bullshit, and that every girl says that she doesn’t fuck on the first date (even if she does), then he would end up fucking her after the date [a PUA knows what a girl says holds no weight 80% of times].

*Scenario 5: Attempting to get her phone # after chatting:

Average Guy would say: “Soooo, do you have a #? I’d like to call you sometime. Can I have it please so I could call you”? [He turns the girl off by asking, so he’d then get a fake # or some lie].

PUA would say:” I’m so tempted to take your #, but I’m such a busy guy, I doubt I’d have time to call you. We’ll see what happens: give me your #”. [A PUA doesn’t ask-he commands because he knows that women are NOT attracted to men who ask permission].

*Scenario 6: Group of hot girls in the club standing next to a guy:

Average Guy would: Walk off, keep it moving, stands there silently, mind his business [typical weak, pussy anti-social behavior].

PUA would: Chat up the whole group of girls instantly [social-circle game] as any social guy should. He’d even go so far as to try organizing an orgy later on.

*Scenario 7: Chic with bitchy attitude tells guy to “get lost: leave me alone, I don’t wanna talk to you”!

Average Guy would: Lap his tail and run(dejectedly), or throws a fit and curse the b***h out (even though some girls deserve a cursing-out, this isn’t the case for it).

PUA would: Laugh,look her straight in the face, remain un-phased, and say something like this, “How does your boyfriend manage you? You’re like a chihuahua off the leash”.

*Scenario 8: Girlfriend chats and flirts with other guy:

Average Guy would: Throw a fit, chastise her, stand there awkwardly, leave and go home very upset.

PUA would: Put a stop to the interaction by butting in, chat with the guy friendly, then say, “Hey, nice to meet you dude, me and Sharon are gonna browse the venue” [compliments to Savoy, the master PUA for this routine].


He would more often than not, go flirt with another girl his damn self.

*Scenario 9: Girl at the bar wants guy to buy her a drink:

Average Guy would: Pull out a wad of cash, buy her the most expensive cocktail (in hopes of impressing her), then buy a round of drinks for her friends also SMDH (hoping to impress them also as a big-spender).

PUA would say: “I don’t buy girls drinks on the fist night: it’s against my policy”.


“I don’t buy drinks for strangers. I’d have to get to know you first to ensure that you’re not a gold-digger”.

*Scenario 10: Girl asks guy (while on date or out), “So, what do you do”?

Average Guy would say: “I’m a lawyer, doctor, accountant, student, food-vendor, clerk, bus-driver” [something typically boring and lack luster].

PUA would say: “I’m a bit ashamed to tell you. Usually, whenever I tell girls what I do, they either go crazy and shit or run for the hills. I’ll tell you, but I guarantee you’ll be offended. I’m a male prostitute”.


“I’m a zoo-keeper [indicates risky guy and adventurous]. My job entails guarding vicious animals and keeping male tigers apart from the tigresses, so they don’t try banging them. Next thing you know, they’d be a lot of cubs going wild, which makes my job harder”.

Bonus Round (a little extras)

*Scenario 11: Girl says she likes romantic walks on the beach:

Average Guy would: Although he hates walks of the beach, in hopes of wanting the girl to like her, i.e. to please her, he would then lie and say, “yea, I LOVE romantic walks on the beach”!!

PUA would: Disagree with her and say, “What!!! I hate romantic walks on the beach! That is so boring! You have no sense of excitement girl [he isn’t afraid to offend nor disagree, ’cause he knows that girls are attracted to me who stand firm]!

*Scenario 12: Girl says she likes Italian food and wants to eat at Luigi’s.

Average Guy would: Agree and say, “Ok, Luigi’s it is” [essentially handing over all powers and choices to the girl because she’s so precious].

PUA would say: “Nah, we’re going to the Mexican joint. We’ll do Italian another time” [essentially taking the lead role and the decision-making role as a dominant guy should in this case. He understands that it’s the woman’s biological role to follow-not lead].

*Scenario 13: Girl asks guy, “Do you like me? I really wanna know”.

Average Guy would say: “Hell yea I do! I like you a lot! It’s obvious I do. You’re very beautiful. Most beautiful girl I seen in a long time. And I like you” [virtually kissing her ass and putting her on a pedestal as all weak men do].

PUA would say: “I like EVERYBODY. You’re very likeable too. I seen no reason to dislike you at this point. Keep it up! [PUA understands that the best answer in such case is to be VAGUE about his feelings]. Make the girl unsure and in doubt, which would in turn intrigue her more. This is what girls do to men all the time (being vague).

*Scenario 14: Girl asks, “Do you have a girlfriend”?

Average Guy would say: Nah!! I’m single!! Totally single!! I don’t have anyone. It’s hard to find a good girlfriend nowadays”.

PUA would say: “Yes, of course I have a girlfriend. I dread being single! Any guy that doesn’t have a GF is either an outcast or has AIDS” [PUA knows that women are NOT attracted to single men and that single men do NOT get laid. It’s equivalent to the saying that, “The easiest way to get a job is to already have a job”. Unemployed ppl have an EXTREMELY hard time finding a job. Same as a man who’s truly single would have an EXTREMELY hard time getting laid].

*Scenario 15: Girl is visibly turned on and excited (during the chat):

Average Guy would: Continue chatting away about his boring job, his BMW or how hot she is.

PUA would: Seize the opportunity to take advantage of her arousal by making out with her. He would tell her to “Shut Up, and kiss me already” [essentially increasing the sexual tension]!

*Scenario 16: Girl says to guy she’s chatting with, “Why’s your pants all hanging down off your butt”?

Average guy would: Pull them all the way up immediately and apologize or come up with some plausible excuse for sagging his pants [essentially kissing the girl’s ass in order to be liked and accepted by her SMDH].

PUA would: Laugh, and pull his pants down some more (in defiance), then say something like, “Do you check out random guys’ asses all the time? Your eyes have no business down there. You are such a little pervert”.

The grand take-away lesson for guys reading this is article, is to realize that women are NOT attracted to men who kiss ass, supplicate (ask and beg), apologizes and put them on pedestals.

Women are biologically programmed to be attracted to men who are firm, dominant, non-conformatist and asshole-like.

So adopt the above qualities of the Alpha Male/Pick-Up Artist, and you’d beging to see drastic changes and get laid like a Rockstar.

Trust me!

“How to steal a girl from competition (Girl-Stealing 101)”

You done got robbed!!

You done got robbed!!

I was browsing RooshV’s controversial site as usual, and came across an interesting article on “How to pull a robbery”.

He made many great points (as usual), but few key insights were missing. Here’s where I come in [with a Doctor Evil voice].

Why pull robberies on other guys?

Simply because the OYD (object of your desire) /the girl you want, is most likely already talking to some dude in the venue. So you can either bitch out,go home alone to jerk off as usual: or man up and take the girl!

My last robbery

On my last post [Get laid tonight by pulling robberies],Cadence, a female commentor, made this great point, “From a lady’s perspective, you may be pulling a rescue”.

Anyway,A month ago at a karaoke joint, I was standing next to a guy and a hot girl. The venue was surprisingly sausaged-out that night (1 chick to 5 guys). So options were limited.

I waited for a lull in conversation, the guy stalled out (as usual), a giant pregnant pause ensued, the guy turned his head away (scanning the room in the awkward moment), so I seized the opportune moment to swoop in like a fucking hawk upon a barn mouse [ok bad reference but]…

The guy stood there like a deer caught in the headlights of 10 Mack trucks.

Within 2 minutes, he bounced while leaving me to mind fuck the girl he had warmed up for me.

4 good signs to look out for when attempting a robbery:

*A lull in conversation
*Awkward silence/pregnant pause
*The guy going to the bar to buy drinks (leaving the girl alone)
*The guy turning his head or back (perhaps his buddy said something to him)

Frankly, a master PUA needs none of the above signs/AI (approach invitations): he approaches regardless (if he desires the girl).

The general reactions of the guy whom just got robbed

1.) Stands there silently (waiting for the perfect moment to leave without making it obvious he got robbed).

2.) He’d attempt to pull the re-robbery on you by doing something low-valued: like buying her a drink (hoping she’d ditch you for him).

3.) More commonly,he’ll say to the girl, “Hey I’m gonna leave, so we’ll catch up later, or “we’ll talk later”.

What he WON’T do at all (contrary to popular belief), is to start an altercation (which will DLV him), which would make him appear needy (fighting for a girl who’s not his GF).

Guys, this is NOT a fucking gangster-film, where a guy shoots you for talking to his girl!

Humans are generally afraid of altercations with strangers, so the guy will almost NEVER punch the shit out of you for pulling the robbery (he has no right to).

The time I inadvertently pulled the robbery on his girlfriend:

Now, I don’t go out intentionally trying to game girls whom are taken. But when you’re In-Field; shit happens. It’s difficult to discern who’s taken or not.

Few years ago at The Coast Nightclub (on the island of Antigua), I spotted an HB8 at the bar counter with some guy (they stood next to me while ordering drinks),so I opened her immediately. Can’t remember what I said verbatim (word for word), but it hooked her. At that point, I still didn’t know dude was her BF.

We flirted somewhat (while her BF was right there), 3 minutes later, he rolls off leaving her alone with me [I felt the tension].

I said to her, “Is that weird dude with you? Seems like he likes you lol” [that’s a classic PUA technique to lower the other guy’s value].

She chuckles and said, “He’s my boyfriend, and he’s mad at me right now”.

I was like WTF!!! I turned around and noticed her BF off in the distance holding 2 drinks in his hands.

After a while (5 minutes), he gathered the proverbial balls to come back over, whispered in her ears then walked off again. She then tells me that he’s pissed that she’s disrespecting him by talking to a random guy (me).

Being a guy who was afraid to pull robberies, I excused myself and allowed her to go back to her BF. But I could’ve pulled a Mehow, and make out with the chic right there (the vibe was there).

The point of that narration was to show that men (boyfriends) in general are non-confrontational. They will NOT approach the guy (me) and say, “Hey that’s my fucking GF so keep it moving”. They will allow the interaction to proceed, then take it out on the TRUE- guilty party (the GF) when they get home. After all, it isn’t the guy’s fault for being social. The GF is the one in the wrong.

The reactions of the girl who’s being stolen away:

She is NOT gonna say to you “fuck off, leave us alone, don’t you see we’re in a conversation”!!?

Following social norms: she’s gonna be obliged to chat with you, right there, in front of her BF, her date or the guy who’s chatting her up.

And if your game is semi-decent, the other guy will be blown out the fucking water!

She will not tell you to leave. The guy you’re currently robbing will have to leave instead. It’s like a battle out there in the field: Strongest survive, Bravest guy gets the girl, Weaklings go home alone. The guy who has the heart to pull robberies will always get laid more than the guy who preys on lone-wolves (women by themselves in a venue).

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