Text Game: “Dos & Donts Of Texting Girls”


Text- Game rules do “NOT” apply to texting your wife, partner, girlfriend, nor a girl whom you’d already slept with [for those girls, any type of text message goes].

However, they apply to texting girls you just met, hadn’t hooked up with as yet, nor went on a date with. You practically just got this girl’s digits.

1.) Keep your messages brief! Your txt should rarely be longer and more detailed than hers. So if she texts, “

I like vanilla ice cream a lot but hate strawberry. It makes me nauseous.

*Your text should be shorter:

I hate vanilla! You have poor taste missy.

*Few years ago, my reply text would read something long like this:

Damn I hate vanilla ice cream so much it’s not even funny! I cant begin to explain how much I hate it for real! But you have poor taste though missy.

*So you never want to be sending her a book if she sent you a leaflet.

2.) Don’t over text! If she texts you 4 times daily (4 texts): send her 4 text or less. But do not make the mistake to send her 7 messages when she only sent you 4.

*You never want her believing that you’re more into her than she’s into you. You want her showing more interest by texting you more.

3.) Always appear to be doing something (interesting) or busy.

*If she texts,

So what are you doing right now?

*The worst replies would be [and this is unfortunately what most guys would say]

Nothing at all.

. Or

Just sitting here bored to death.


Playing Wii with friends.

*Those were the worst generic-type messages you can ever reply with [which communicates to the girl that you have shit going for you].

*You wanna say something like this [even if you have to lie your balls off]. Always convey to her that you’re doing interesting things and that you have an active lifestyle:

Oh, just getting ready to hit the gym then appointment at the spa.


Take my son to the zoo, see some exotic creatures…


Morning jog, skiing then cooking a meal like the Iron Chef lol.

*Always convey that you have a life and you’re not a fucking loafer laying around in your shitty boxers eating cheetos and watching re-runs of Family Matters all day.

4.) Humor humor humor! Avoid sending boring messages. Spruce up your texts also with emoticons, smileys and popular acronyms like Lol, ROTFL, LMAO (which lightens the mood and display humor). For example:

My grandma’s cat pissed on my new shoes LMAO. I’m gonna kill his ass lol!

*Or let’s say she says

What are U up to later Kenny?

*I’d reply with something like this

Nothing. Just cuddling with my stuffed animals & teddies lol.


Going to the gym to try lose this beer belly that’s holding me back SMH.

*So you never want to come off as boring and out-dated.

5.) This is probably ‘the’ oldest text-game advice ever written by the seduction community:Mirroring.

*You always wanna compose your messages similar to hers in the sense of using words and lingo that she uses. It builds familiarity, comfort/rapport. It makes her subconsciously think that she knows you or have a connection with you.

*Let’s say she ALWAYS uses the following words in her texts: Pompous, chilled…. For example, she says:

That POMPOUS guy at my job gets on my nervous!


Everything was CHILLED yesterday at work.

*Your messages down the line should include the words Pompous, Chilled or whichever words she generally uses. This is essentially a form of mirroring & Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP).

*If she usually uses profanity: Shit, Fuck, Asshole, dick, MOFO, etc., you wanna mirror her by using those same words also.

*On the contrary: if she doesn’t curse, you don’t wanna be using much curses (which would turn her off).

*So compose your texts the way she does (with her lingo and her favorite words).

*If you don’t know her favorite catch phrases and words: just look back at her previous messages and check out which words she uses often.

6.) The most important rule of them all [they all are important]: get to the fucking point. You don’t wanna be exchanging txts all day which are leading to nada (nothing).

*The more time you spend texting, more comfortable she’ll become with the idea of “just texting”. Then she won’t see a need nor urgency to meet with you or go out with you.

*I used to make this mistake every-single time: whether it’s via text messaging or Facebook chat. We would text back and forth for an entire week after getting her #. Then when I did try to transition to the ‘meet-up’, she’d flake.

*So don’t make her feel that you’re too comfortable with the idea of texting. So that’s why it’s also a good idea to NOT reply to all of her texts.

Another wicked post on texting girls you guys should all read now! Most important text message you could ever send a new girl!

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To tweak your text game when it comes to getting girls on dates the right way, check out this following video of mines where I teach the proper way of getting girls to meet up with you with less hassle and less worries of flaking:

45 thoughts on “Text Game: “Dos & Donts Of Texting Girls”

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  1. love this shit cause it’s so interesting to see shit from a guys perspective. Funny you say he should make out he has stuff going on .. i agree. that way when we finally hook up, i feel important/special as he made time for me as opposed to him just having nothing better to do.

    thumbs up


    1. so what are you doing right now what are you interested in how would I really get to know you cuz I think you’re very interesting to me and I’d like to get to know you


  2. I been waiting all day to comment on this post! OMG! Deleted a hundred messages that was just like the examples you posted. SMH! LOL


      1. Ok, so some of that may work, but if you’re purposely texting us less than we text you, you better throw in a few flirts so we don’t decide “He’s just not that into me” and move right along…


        1. Lol good point.Well that’s the key in NOT boring boring texts.The ones that he does send(fewer)should hint to his interest in you.So good point.

          But the point for that is this:no one appreciates nor like what they accumulate easily.We all know that.If I find a $10 on the street(easy work),I’d spend it instantly on BS without a care.But if works for that $10,you netter believe that person would spend it more wisely.It’s human psychology.

          So if a guy’s texting you more,essentially showing you that he’s available,he’s essentially handing himself over to you,therefore you won’t cherish him as if you were to have fought for him.

          Get the point?


  3. These are such good points. But you know what else needs to happen in text, correct grammar. If you are actually talking to an educated girl, that has some sense, grammar is going to make a big difference! It would be such a turn off if a man texts me ” I’m coming over their later.” because sorry, no you’re not!


    1. Lmao good thing you mentioned grammar.That’s key,and that’s what we advocate.I was gonna add grammar to the list,but I wanted to be brief.

      Lmao at their instead of there.


  4. I am enjoying your blog the more I look through it. I like what you have said here. I disagree on some points but not because they aren’t correct but just personal preference. If a guy uses smiley faces and SMH too much it is the biggest turn off. I personally think a man should be more intelligent than that. We aren’t in high school anymore. Plus if a guy texts me less I might end up thinking he really isn’t into me that much and choose to not waste anymore of my time. Other than that I think these were some really good key points! Good luck out there with those tourists!


    1. With smileys and LMAO and stuff,he should use them as often as you do(in response and stuff).

      As far as texting less:the average guy who doesn’t know how to attract women is gonna play this wrong and give the girl the impression that he isn’t into her.

      A guy(like me)who’s into the seduction community knows how to play it,where she doesn’t feel that he isn’t into her,but she becomes more attracted to him by missing his texting.If someone is always available:you can’t miss them.If they’re not so available:you would miss them.That’s the concept:always be a bit out of reach to make the girl chase for his attention.


      1. You have me laughing out loud at work.. If only all men were as understood us crazy women as much as you do. They would be a lot farther in dating.


  5. Decent post with all valid points. Seems like you got a good verbal game.

    The only thing I would add that if you just # girl, is to try and keep text reserved to figuring out logistics for the next date, chit chatting leads to nothing good and actually milks the attraction she has for you.

    On a related note also, if you # closed girl and did not manage to get her out for a date for 3-4 weeks, you might as well write her off, she probably doesn’t even remembers how you look lol, and you just became a somebody who she is only texting with.


    1. Without a doubt BogsPUA.That’s why I’d mentioned that you should’n be exchanging texts like crazy.Get to the point of a meet-up.Texting is for logistics basically as you said.

      I need to hardwire your last point in my head about NEXTing a girl after about 3 weeks without a day 2 or something.


  6. Check out Kenny PUA’s latest video on Youtube where he field tests an interesting opener about hickeys:

    Hey Kenny, pay me later for the promotion bro lol 🙂 . Good video though! I love the opener!


  7. I sometimes say

    (she says) what you up to?

    (me) I would say I’m cooking but that’s boring so I’m actually doing a parachute jump from space 😀


    1. Lol I’m gonna have to hijack this 1 from you to use it on the next girl I have a texting session with. Thanks for stopping by Tim. Hope you stick around to give your take on things.


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  10. Good blog I guess, but your text sucks ass! I had a HB10 all sweet and keen had only been talking under a day or two, as soon as I sent you’re not interested in being your message buddy text, I was blown out IMMEDIATELY by Ummmmm and 2 – 3 messages trying to recover but I got a freeze out…! Fuck you man! You suck. Hahah 😦


    1. But this is the thing Jake. She was gonna reject you anyway!

      Most women wait for the slightest reasons to blow a guy out whom they were gonna blow out but just waiting for him to slip.

      It’s just that simple. That HB10 was NOT into you. You were only buying time by playing it safe. Plus other factors in your text game might have sunken you.


  11. What do I tell a girl that says “so tell me about yourself”. I just want to screw this girl and not get personal and she’s not a dime.


  12. Great tips. For a long time I had problem of shyness. I don’t know why but every time I approached some attractive woman and very beautiful, I ended up crashing at the time of the conversation. When you’re too shy things seem more difficult than the normal. But after studying several books and articles on seduction I have seen improvements in my performance with the girls. Today right out of the House and aboard people the day defers to improve my social skills. I have enjoyed reading the articles of your blog. Thanks for sharing your ideas with us.


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