Every kid should LOVE living in America!!!


Aah…! Where else on the globe can a child curse, swear and use obscenities like: shit, fuck, damn, stupid, ass without getting the shit slapped out of them or a tree branch shoved up their little asses? Welcome to America kids lol-any thing goes!

If your ungrateful parents dare to put their slimy hands on you[beating]: Just report those MOFO’s to your kindergarten teacher or junior high counselor, and they’ll be sure to dispatch the gregarious child-protective services to whisk you away to the loving government of the USA or foster care. Wouldn’t that be nice kiddies? YEA!!!!

Children rule in America. Parents are walking on thin ice like 3-strike felons SMH.

This past Summer at a family picnic (at the park), my younger brother almost got into some serious trouble with the law, when he accompanied his OWN daughter to a bathroom to pee. An officer spotted him and ran to the rescue LMAO! Despite everyone at the family picnic vouching for my brother as being ‘the dad’: the cop was still pressing the issue that some wrong doing was going down! Oh-and you KNOW the cop was a black dude [it’s always your own]!

So kiddies, whenever your dad tries to accompany you to a PUBLIC restroom to take a #1 or 2-what should you do? [Kids proclaiming] Call the cops!!! Hahaha that’s right. Remember this is America: kids are the parents.

I have a background story to share with y’all kids [kids proclaim: yay!!].

When I was a child coming up, despite living in America, I still had a strong-morally influenced background from the Caribbean upbringing. We were taught that cursing was bad, and not to be used by kids under any circumstance. If we did curse,it was without a doubt that the wrath of Satan was to visit our asses via a thick leather belt or tree branch. And we were to be grounded for days, all privileges stripped, and handed a severe beating by the principal at school the following day. Corporal punishment in school is LEGAL in the Caribbean. That means,a teacher or principal could LEGALLY give your mischievous little fucking brat a grand spanking.

I can hear Americans cringe at the thought of a teacher whipping their childs’ asses lmao.

So kiddies, be thankful that you’re living in a moral-less nation where anything goes. Tell the teacher to Fuck off, and there’s nothing he/she could do about it. Don’t you love America kids? [kids proclaim: fuck yea Mr. SocialKenny]!

And if your ungrateful parents dare raise a finger at you:remember 911. Send their asses straight off to the big house for child endangerment, battery on a minor…Don’t worry, the lovely state prosecutor will ensure that your parents never get a chance to spank you again (as they’ll be rotting in jail where they belong).

Let me hear an amen for America kids!

[Kids proclaim]: Amen!! God bless America. The only place on Earth where a kid can be free!!!

BTW, in the Caribbean, and most likely 99% of the world’s countries, where kids have no freedom(since they don’t deserve it,being that they’re too young), parents are FREE to accompany their children to the bathroom (public or private).

*Parents are FREE to govern their own children (since they birthed them, which should give them that innate right).

*The state has no jurisdiction over any parent’s child (as it should be).

*No peace officer/cop could be stupid enough to intervene in any situation he sees going down between a parent and child (short of homicide or actual rape).

*When a child misbehaves,the parents beat them, and it doesn’t psychologically scar the kids for life (as some bullshit American child psychologist may want you to believe).

Children are children, which means subordinates, and should be treated that way. America needs to stop playing big-brother or big daddy, quick to intervene in domestic issues which families should be the SOLE party to rectify any issues.


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  1. I was in Spain for a while, and parents are totally scared of their children. A child can shout “I HATE YOU” to his parent because he didn’t buy him a toy or shit. And they don’t even dare to put a finger on their kids, because children can call the social service and their parents are punished, even kept away from their children.

    Funny thing, is that when the kid sees the shit that is living with the social worker or begins to miss his “abusive” parents, he realizes he fucked himself up.


    1. That’s crazy to be happening in Spain.Sounds like some Americanized kids there lmao.That is just strange to me Josh,that in Spain the kids have such powers as in America.

      Thanks for checking in bro’.


    1. I like exposing the hypocrisy of America.For a country that brags every day about having freedoms,when in reality you have no freedoms.You have more restrictions than any other nation in the world.I’m just exposing that.


  2. This is so true…but I had an officer come to my house a some time ago…black and white officer whom sort of reminded me of the cops from “Sanford & Son”, anyway, they came in my home and told my kids it was still legal for me to whoop their ass. I just couldn’t leave marks and hit them in their head and stomach! LOL! They were scared as hell…I’m sorry mine gonna get the shit slapped out them if they fall out of place. Mommy don’t have time to be going to pick their ass up from jail so this is my preventive…whoop that ass! Lmao


  3. Scars for life? I agree Social Kenny…that’s bullshit…Kids who got their ass whooped are far more better than the rich spoiled bratts who never saw the back of their moma hand! And as weird as it may sound…you know you parents care when they stay in yo shit and set rules and boundaries…vs parents who be like whatever and let you do and say whatever and never pay yo ass any attention…I’m not saying you have to beat your kids for every little thing but when they need it, its our job as parents to deliver!


    1. You right.That’s the real scar for life right there:when you ignore the child or pay no attention and let them be spoiled crazy.

      And this officers that came to your spot advising you to beat,they must’ve been looking some ass or something,because there’s no way in hell American cops would see a child getting a spanking(in public) and allow it to go down like that.


  4. I’m adopting my sister’s kids through CPS, and talk about STRESSFUL! Now, we get to have visits from caseworkers, and they make all these rules about how you can and cannot discipline a child. One day, one of the kids in a fit, actually spit in my face! I spanked him, and he told me “I’m gonna tell my caseworker”, so you know what I said? “Go ahead, I dare you!” Guess what? He hasn’t dared to do it again…


    1. Lol I didn’t even know kids knew what case workers were.And what nerve to set guidelines on how one should raise their children.Pure hypocrisy to dwell in a system where the government has more say over the child than the parents do.It’s bullshit,and ppl need to start saying it the way it is.

      Yes they’re nuts out there who abuse their own kids,but don’t punish the masses on the account of few nuts.


  5. Social Kenny…you can spank your children without going to jail here in America, you just can’t give them an ol’ fashion ass whoopin as we all know that is totally different! But you better know a lot of us still do it…f*ck the police (as the thugs say) LOL


    1. Lol you can beat you children,but don’t let the wrong ppl see that going down or you will be in trouble.If a teacher has suspicion that your child was abuse or has marks on his-her skin from a spanking,your ass will be reported.

      But I’m not basing it on beating.My brother couldn’t take his daughter to the bathroom without a cop rushing to arrest him.Do you consider that freedom or a good thing?


  6. Yes adopting children is opening the door for officials to be all up in your soup for real. My mom does foster care and it get to see it all! And at the same time I also see why they have put some laws in place too….I’m just sayin


    1. Oh yes, the laws are there for reasons, I just can see where they’ve gotten so carried away with it that the children start to feel entitled to do “whatever they want to”. It’s a tough balance between protecting kids and enabling them to thugs!


      1. Laws are there for a reason yes.But we shouldn’t punish every parent on the behalf of a few looneys who abuse kids.

        Same as the bullshit so-called war on terrorism that America is so paranoid about.Because of a few nuts,America has been doing all types of shit(via law)to supress it’s population via phone taps,privacy invasions,TSA giving travellers hard time at airports,etc.All because of 2 nuts!?If a guy rapes his own daughter in most parts of the world,the law deals with him but doesn’t punish law-abiding citizens for 1 nutbag.


  7. Yea, in NY you can legally beat your kids to a certain degree.

    I do no think anything is wrong with spanking your child. Or, as i call it, beating your child. I am not for the over-the-top shit some parents do though.

    It is crazy how you can be scared of the government, if you are just disciplining you OWN child.


    1. I hear you BK Lesbian.But I must be living in a different NYC.To my knowledge,you will be arrested for spanking your child.What one does in their homes(where the law cannot see),no one knows.But if a mom was to spank her child in public(a supermarket,park,etc)and a cop sees and judges that you used excessive force:you can and will be arrested.That’s why I said it depends on who’s around.Plus if someone reports you,you will have problems.


  8. Preach!

    I live in London UK and our laws are pretty much the same as the states in terms of you can’t hit your kids and you gotta be careful what you say to them and what not … kids have too many rights. I will say though that laws or not I grew up in a house that did not play, as did all my family members and most of my friends. I knew that my mum didn’t play and the law could stipulate what it liked but I knew my mum was boss regardless.

    My son better understand that he will know the same, because I didn’t see the ‘government’ in my bed the morning after he was conceived, nor did I see them at 3am when I was waking to feed him nor do I see them at the checkout when I’m breaking my pocket to provide for him. So the government can kiss my ass.

    I dare my son not to know that I’m boss. He is a child and whilst he will be treated with respect, he will still be treated as a child. smh.


  9. God know’s I am proud to have Trinidadian upbringing, I’ve lived most of my adult life in Toronto as well as work in the school system and it’s no stroll in the park. The nonsense that children get away with here is appalling. I pray for strength each day for God to prevent my hands from slapping one of these kids. They need some licks like yesterday!!!


    1. Lmao thanks for checking in.The island side of us always balances out when it comes to parenting.

      Yea but kids in the sates,Canada and England are out of hand SMDH.And the law grants them too much protection.In Trinidad or Antigua(where I’m from),the parents are the law when it comes to their kids.


  10. And that’s the way it should be. I tell my best friend all the time that you can see a difference with children from the islands and the states. She is now here but she is firm as hell with her kids. It shows with the amount of respect they have for her too…These spoil disrespectful damn kids in the states need some old school parenting for sure! **ok that’s all I’m going to say here* LOL


  11. As a child raised by a Caribbean family I know what you mean. That’s why most Caribbeans have a more responsilble work ethic and standards. I know that not all of us are like this but you can see the differance from US and West Indian upbringings.


    1. Well that was exactly my point DJ.
      It’s a huge difference with how we were brought up. All this kids reporting parents to teacher or the cops because mom spanked them is totally unheard of in the islands. Putting all that power in childrens’ hands is never a good thing. I never swore around my parents as a kid(and adult),so it used to bug me out when I first went to NYC and 10 year olds were cursing their mom out
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