Most Bangable Pop-Culture Chic of 2011


Hey guys, I’m just gonna post my top 3 most bang-worthy TV personalities of 2011; be it actresses, singers, fitness gurus,…doesn’t matter! As long as their asses been on TV [pop-culture] more than twice for the year.

Call this my “going out with a bang” list for the year’s end [Woa!!].

Jillian Michaels


I’m usually disgusted by chics with abs and more toned biceps than I got. But JM sexy as hell! All those fitness informercials at 4 A.M. got me sprung!

Lauren London


This chic is said to be on Entourage and 90210. I hate those 2 shows so I never actually seen her on there. She did play in the movie ATL (which I hated), which landed her on my bang-list for 2011. She does modeling also.

Paula Abdul


My bang-list would not be complete without a hot MILF on it.

For those who know me (or been following my blog), y’all would’ve known that I’m a relentless MILF-Hunter to say the least! Can’t think of a hotter Cougar than Paula.

Well that was it guys. I don’t care how Jimmy’s list looks. I don’t care who’s on Joe Blow’s list. This is Kenny’s list!!! But I do wanna know who’s on your list.

Holla back bloggers!

8 thoughts on “Most Bangable Pop-Culture Chic of 2011

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  1. I kinda like Kerry Washington and Al Roker’s wife,Deborah Roberts. Oh,and Nia Long. Something about hot petite black chicks that ignite a fire in my groin


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