Cellphone Technique For Picking Up Girls In Loud Venues


A poster over at The Pick-Up Artist Forum [Storm3x], had asked me a question this morning about picking up girls in loud venues (since where he’s from in Sweden, the clubs are usually extra loud to the point of not hearing a word). So I came up with a routine/technique to eliminate this common obstacle.

First off, guys need to realize that when in loud venues, where it’s hard to verbalize, non-verbal cues are key. So most of what you say out of your mouth-goes out the window (since it’s difficult to hear). My cellphone routine bridges that gap, and make the attraction process more efficient and smoother.

Ok, let’s say you spot the OYD (object of your desire/girl) from afar. Make eye contact first (if possible). As soon as she gives you the universal non-verbal invitation to come over (via eye contact), you then approach her with your cellphone out.

Why cellphone? Remember- it’s too loud for her to hear you. This routine is for loud-ass venues and clubs (like in Sweden). Although you can still use it in semi-loud venues.

As you get up to her (or her friends), type into your cellphone what you would say normally. I would, in this circumstance, say and use an opener like this, “Your parents never told you it was impolite and rude to eye-flirt with random strangers at the club”? So I would write that into my phone (a note app or default-text app) with smiley faces of course.

Then give her your phone to continue the dialogue. Or have her pull out her cellphone (since it’d be easier for her) to continue and reply.

It’s fun, playful, flirty and unique. And it cannot fail. Most women in loud-ass clubs will participate and play along. The only ones who wouldn’t, obviously cannot read. There isn’t far you can get with those types anyway.

And the point of this pick-up routine/technique is NOT to be doing this back and forth for the entire night while the girl is 4 drinks deep. As with any routine, you must transition!So after she gets invested and open, lead her off to a quiet part of the venue to chat. So write that in your cellphone, show it to her [“let’s go to the quiet part to chat”], then take her hand (like a confident bastard) and lead her to somewhere which enables y’all to chat.

If she resists, recalibrate by continuing the cellphone dialogue to further warm her up to the idea of going to a quiet location.

The hidden beauty of this routine is this: when you do decide to go for the # exchange (to get her #), the process would be so easy and smooth, that it makes walking on water looks like child’s play. She won’t refuse to give you her #, since psychologically y’all have already been engaged in phone-game (via my cellphone technique).

Guys remember, this isn’t only applicable in extra-loud venues. If you’re just not in a chatty mood that night at the club, feel free to whip out the smart phone and get playful (whether she can hear you or not). Tell her you have a severe case of strep-throat or hoarse beyond recognition, so the only means of communication is via text…until you decide to tell her the truth!

Feel free to check out 1 of my first blog post, where I’d picked up the hottest girl in a club and took her back to my expensive-island hotel but…Just check it the fuck out. It’d make you learn and laugh a bit at the end [How I picked up the hottest girl at the club (who’s usually bitchy)].

14 thoughts on “Cellphone Technique For Picking Up Girls In Loud Venues

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    1. Hey Mystery.From a female’s standpoint(although I know better than to actually listen to women on seduction advice lol),I want you to tell me how would this routine come across for you.Imagine being in a loud venue(to the point of not hearing a word),a hot guy checking you out(and vice versa),he approaches with the cellphone routine(talking via text),would you play along?


      1. Wait, lemme think back to when I was in a club and hated when someone would yell in my ear and burst my eardrums out…. Hmmm…. πŸ™‚ I could see it working on someone. I can’t say really because it’s never happened in this way, but I can see it working.


        1. Yea it’s pretty annoying having someone yell in your ears and you really can’t do anything but motion with your hands that “I cant hear you” lol.

          The above technique cuts through all that and incorporate a bit of playfulness(which is 1 of the most attractive qualities to women-playfulness).


  1. Nice technique K-Loc.I’m going to try it next week at the club in my town.
    By the way,I read your old posts from late 2007 on the pick up artist forum.I didn’t know you go by the name SocialKenny on your blog until now.I know you as K-Loc on the pick up artist forum lol.Bye.


    1. Providing the guy’s attractive,he would get away with almost anything.It’s fun and interesting.That’s the point.Instead of the guy shouting in your ears and you can’t hear at all.This eliminates that issue.


    1. Thi isn’t a game:it’s a means of communicating in a loud-ass club.
      Plus,that’s why I stated at the end that this is NOT to be dragged out all night.Do this for a bit to warm the girl up an make her giggle some.Then let her know you wanna go somewhere semi-quiet to chat more.If the girl’s digging the guy:she wont mine.


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