Q & A: Does Facial Hair Matter?


Ok fellaz (& hotties), I’d promised to post a Q&A segment each week(over the past month), but I’ve been too damn lazy & busy to maintain it [come on- it’s the Holidays].

For those who haven’t been following, I usually take surveys (Q&A’s) among women from my online-social network: be it Facebook, Twitter to POF, where I ask them interesting questions about dating, seduction and relationships. Feel free to check out my first installment [When should he call the girl?].

Ok, this question has been bugging me for years now. Generally, I’m always well-groomed (100% of the times), but there are times when I feel like, “Fuck it”, I don’t wanna have to rush to the barbershop twice weekly or whip out the old razor just because few whiskers are sprouting. Plus I wanna still look attractive enough to get my game on.

Let’s get started!

Mz. Redd201220120102-163821.jpg

Mz. Redd2012 is a cool savvy-New Yorker I’d met on POF. Don’t forget sexy.

Q. “Hey Mz. Redd, on a scale of 1-10, how important is facial hair? Does it matter”?

A. “No. As long as it looks good on you”.


Gabby has been a loyal-Twitter follower of mines for a long time now so it’s a must that I include her.

Q. @TastyGaby- “Hey Gab, quick question: on a scale of 1-10, how important is facial hair”?

A. @SocialKenny- “5 , facial isn’t important but if you have it , keep it neat & clean “.


iKarly is a cool girl from Kentucky who’s on my Facebook-friend list. I don’t even remember how we met!

Q. “Is a guy who’s tryna get at you with facial hair a turn off”?

A. “nope. i think its cute”.


Bri is another fun girl I’d met on the POF dating site. She’s spunky.

Q. “Hey Bri, on a scale of 1-10 of attraction, how significant is facial hair on a guy who’s looking to get with you”?

A. “I would say about an 8.
I like facial hair on a man. Without it they look young, weird, or had a shaving malfunction lol, only some can pull off not having any and most of them are gay”.


Cool-ass Russian-Canadian Who I’d met a while ago on a Hip-Hop website (go figure). I definitely plan on going to Vancouver to hang out with her.

Q. “Hey *****, are men with facial hair turnoffs”?

A. “Not at all. either way…sometimes I like a little scruff”.

So there you have it! Among my online-social circle: having facial hair ISN’T a grave social sin nor a turnoff [Scruffy-facial hair is attractive].

I’ve always seen facial hair as a big NO-NO (since the pick-up community always stresses ‘being well-groomed’). I feel a lot more comfort now to just let it be and get my Wolf-Man Jack on.

Feedback from women in the bloggersphere would be appreciated. Plus: “When should he call”?My female readers will dig this one.

32 thoughts on “Q & A: Does Facial Hair Matter?

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  1. Out of all the feedbacks,Bri’s really shocked the hell out of me lol!But I do get where she’s coming from:the guy should be groomed but don’t shave everything off to look like a 10 year old.Leave some hair(beard,mustache,sideburns,etc).


  2. Lol yeah man the facial hair does wonders. I used to baby face it with my ex because she loved it. Once that relationship ended, so did the smooth. I began growing my scruff, but I always keep it low, never shaped up just natural but I have it as stubble.

    Women love it!

    I have random women approach me sometimes and rub my face or rub their faces against mine. We’re usually out drinking but they just do what they want to at that point [lol].

    I find that most women like their men hairy and find it a turn-on. I never understood how some women date hairless guys. You just look like a giant sperm. Anyway, the hair get’s the women going [Niggas in Paris joke there]!


    1. Lol damn Drew-you got me ready to rock out and let it be.

      Honestly,reason I never grew facial hair was that I thought it would make me look too old.

      Lmao @ sperm!Really though,like you said:it’s a turn on.That’s wild that women would actually come up to you and wanna rub the scruff lmao.Ima let mines rock out.

      If I don’t shave every 3 days,I feel awkward.Ima see how the facial hair plays out for 2012.


  3. @Reema-I really couldn’t call it as far as which gets the better results with women.I’m gonna have to consciously check it out.1 week,go scruffy in social settings.Then the other,my usual shape up.


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