“Don’t Be A Pussy”; book by Chris Miller.


A nice kick-ass paperback book from Hollywood, California’s own seduction-dating coach Chris Miller.

My order of the book is currently in process so I’m anxious as hell to get my copy.

Chris and I have been friends for a while now, so it’s a must that I plug his new book for my readers.


The book is basically a “Player’s Guide” to relationship management, instilling in guys the mindset that “you shouldn’t be afraid to approach hot women”: hence the title,“Don’t be a pussy”.

Also 69 of the Most basic questions and answers about the process of meeting women, dating women, serious relationships and becoming an Alpha Male. If there’s one thing all men have in common; it’s the desire to meet, date, and start relationships with women.

You can purchase the paperback book from one of the following links: Amazon.com,Powell’s Books , Angus Robertson.com, and Barnes & Noble.


SocialKenny’s video blog [bar-girl update]

Ok guys, I wanted to get creative (for a while now), so I’m posting my first-short video blog to get the ball rolling.

If you can’t see the vid’ clip, let me know so I can tweak it.

Anywho, for those who hadn’t been following (or probably stumbled upon the blog just now), I’d picked up an 8 the other day at a bar[# closed and all]. Met up the following night (Saturday), didn’t manage to seal the deal.

Fast forward a few days (now), I’ve been getting some flakey-ass vibes from her when it comes to meeting up again. Reasons for the flakes could be endless.

1 of those evenings, I’d set up a meet with her (at the same pier we met up our second night), but she flaked.

Made plans with her 2 days after that-but she flaked again. Or at least, she hit me with some excuse why she couldn’t make it.

Yesterday afternoon now, I made her know firmly that it’s her 2nd. strike, and she should get it together if she wants us to hang out or further get acquainted. Later that night, she tells me some BS excuse that her roommate left, and isn’t returning until tomorrow (today), so she wont be able to leave the house or some shit like that [classic/don’t-add up BS].

This now leaves me with two choices now: 1.) NEXT her , 2.)Keep pursuing it [hell no] or 3.)Back off and let her chase (by ignoring her and giving her space). I’m going with #3 for the next few days. If Saturday comes and this chic doesn’t decide to meet up, I’m then gonna go to step 1: which is to NEXT her.

As I already stated at the top of the year: “No fucking flakes allowed for 2012”.

“Legalizing Prostitution Globally”? What’s Your Thoughts?


Days ago, I was tuned in to an FM radio program, where a panel of so-called social psychologists were dialoging about the evil-bogeyman: “PROSTITUTION”.

First off, I’m not advocating for men to turn to hookers as our default mode of getting laid. As a guy who’s skilled in getting laid, I’m all for equipping men in the art of seduction, where we can bang hot chics without spending a dime [gold-diggers no offense].

However, what really pisses me off are those fucking bureaucrats in high places who pass laws prohibiting shit which they themselves engage in [talk about hypocrisy]!

As expected, it’s always the FEMI-NAZI (feminist) types to be the ones crying foul whenever the topic of prostitution arises.

On the radio show, the host (a guy) and another male on set, had posed a solid-fucking question to the feminist on the set (which she refused to answer), “To play devil’s advocate, let’s say prostitution was legalized or decriminalized, do you believe people who are anti-prostitution would then all of a sudden start to get involved with prostitution now that it’s legal”?

The answer is of course NO. Hell friggin’ NO!

The solid point that the male-host was trying to make is that, if globally we’d legalized prostitution, people who were always against it, would most likely STILL remain against it!

The only guys who would start banging hookers are guys who were ALWAYS banging hookers!! So it’s not like there would’ve been a mass multitude of guys suddenly gravitating to paying for ass just because it’s legal.

Ok, another argument on the show was ‘religion base’. Those fucking hypocrites aka so-called religious people, obviously would oppose the legalization of prostitution (globally).

The host posed the same damn question to them, “whether prostitution would be legal or not, y’all would still be against it. So what difference would it make if it were on the books as legal“?

Can I get a round of applause for stuttering LOL!!? So the Christians don’t have a plausible reason to oppose legalizing prostitution. Nor do the FEMI-NAZI’s aka Feminists.

If I were anti-prostitution and came across a sexy-ass hooker on the strip: would I bang her just because prostitution is now legalized? Of course not! Our moral stances do NOT change based on legal & social policies.

Same goes for legalizing drugs. I don’t smoke at all. If marijuana was legalized tomorrow, would you then see me strolling down the street with a joint in my mouth looking like Cheech & Chong? NO!

So legalizing something does NOT mean society will then implode into mass drug use, and every faithful husband would then cheat on their boring wives by shagging $50 hookers.

Hence, the feminist’s stance against prostitution is bullshit!

The Christian’s stance against it is bullshit. And the legal & moral stance against it is also bullshit!

If a guy wanna bang a prostitute: let it be!

The law shouldn’t be regulating who can bang whom (under whichever circumstance). Same as religion should keep its ass out of ‘who lays whom’.

Text Game: “Dos & Donts Of Texting Girls”


Text- Game rules do “NOT” apply to texting your wife, partner, girlfriend, nor a girl whom you’d already slept with [for those girls, any type of text message goes].

However, they apply to texting girls you just met, hadn’t hooked up with as yet, nor went on a date with. You practically just got this girl’s digits.

1.) Keep your messages brief! Your txt should rarely be longer and more detailed than hers. So if she texts, “

I like vanilla ice cream a lot but hate strawberry. It makes me nauseous.

*Your text should be shorter:

I hate vanilla! You have poor taste missy.

*Few years ago, my reply text would read something long like this:

Damn I hate vanilla ice cream so much it’s not even funny! I cant begin to explain how much I hate it for real! But you have poor taste though missy.

*So you never want to be sending her a book if she sent you a leaflet.

2.) Don’t over text! If she texts you 4 times daily (4 texts): send her 4 text or less. But do not make the mistake to send her 7 messages when she only sent you 4.

*You never want her believing that you’re more into her than she’s into you. You want her showing more interest by texting you more.

3.) Always appear to be doing something (interesting) or busy.

*If she texts,

So what are you doing right now?

*The worst replies would be [and this is unfortunately what most guys would say]

Nothing at all.

. Or

Just sitting here bored to death.


Playing Wii with friends.

*Those were the worst generic-type messages you can ever reply with [which communicates to the girl that you have shit going for you].

*You wanna say something like this [even if you have to lie your balls off]. Always convey to her that you’re doing interesting things and that you have an active lifestyle:

Oh, just getting ready to hit the gym then appointment at the spa.


Take my son to the zoo, see some exotic creatures…


Morning jog, skiing then cooking a meal like the Iron Chef lol.

*Always convey that you have a life and you’re not a fucking loafer laying around in your shitty boxers eating cheetos and watching re-runs of Family Matters all day.

4.) Humor humor humor! Avoid sending boring messages. Spruce up your texts also with emoticons, smileys and popular acronyms like Lol, ROTFL, LMAO (which lightens the mood and display humor). For example:

My grandma’s cat pissed on my new shoes LMAO. I’m gonna kill his ass lol!

*Or let’s say she says

What are U up to later Kenny?

*I’d reply with something like this

Nothing. Just cuddling with my stuffed animals & teddies lol.


Going to the gym to try lose this beer belly that’s holding me back SMH.

*So you never want to come off as boring and out-dated.

5.) This is probably ‘the’ oldest text-game advice ever written by the seduction community:Mirroring.

*You always wanna compose your messages similar to hers in the sense of using words and lingo that she uses. It builds familiarity, comfort/rapport. It makes her subconsciously think that she knows you or have a connection with you.

*Let’s say she ALWAYS uses the following words in her texts: Pompous, chilled…. For example, she says:

That POMPOUS guy at my job gets on my nervous!


Everything was CHILLED yesterday at work.

*Your messages down the line should include the words Pompous, Chilled or whichever words she generally uses. This is essentially a form of mirroring & Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP).

*If she usually uses profanity: Shit, Fuck, Asshole, dick, MOFO, etc., you wanna mirror her by using those same words also.

*On the contrary: if she doesn’t curse, you don’t wanna be using much curses (which would turn her off).

*So compose your texts the way she does (with her lingo and her favorite words).

*If you don’t know her favorite catch phrases and words: just look back at her previous messages and check out which words she uses often.

6.) The most important rule of them all [they all are important]: get to the fucking point. You don’t wanna be exchanging txts all day which are leading to nada (nothing).

*The more time you spend texting, more comfortable she’ll become with the idea of “just texting”. Then she won’t see a need nor urgency to meet with you or go out with you.

*I used to make this mistake every-single time: whether it’s via text messaging or Facebook chat. We would text back and forth for an entire week after getting her #. Then when I did try to transition to the ‘meet-up’, she’d flake.

*So don’t make her feel that you’re too comfortable with the idea of texting. So that’s why it’s also a good idea to NOT reply to all of her texts.

Another wicked post on texting girls you guys should all read now! Most important text message you could ever send a new girl!

On a related note, this podcast episode of mines addresses online dating (text game by extension) which will benefit you greatly in overall texting and online dating: Socialkenny’s PUA Podcast Show episode #9: Best Online Dating Tips Ever.

To tweak your text game when it comes to getting girls on dates the right way, check out this following video of mines where I teach the proper way of getting girls to meet up with you with less hassle and less worries of flaking:

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