Q & A of the week: “When should he call”?

Ok guys, I promised a Q & A segment to my blog where I would ask some of my female Facebook friends questions on dating.

With their consent of course[Kenny does have etiquette at times], I’d be posting a pic’ with a fake name [Fuck off stalkers!!].

The questions were asked in real time via Facebook chat BTW(interesting), so these are women I generally chat with.

Every guy who dates or picks up chics, has heard about the ‘3-Day Rule’, where the guy shouldn’t call nor contact the girl before 3 days of getting the digits. For obvious reason of not looking desperate.

Being a curious bastard as I am, I wanted to get a general feedback from every-day women on this subject.

Ok, here we go!

20111214-075241.jpg T.T.

Cool-sexy chic I met days ago via mutual friends on Facebook, so I threw her in the fray.

Q. If a guy was to get your # and he calls the same night, would you see that as desperate?


“Nope. Not really. Says that he’s interested”

Q. Ok cool. Should he wait to call?


“Well to me: it doesn’t really matter but it shows that he’s interested. But others have their own opinion”.

Me: Some women say that the guy would look desperate calling the same night.


“Unless he reaches the point where he’s just calling str8 then that’s another story”.


KW’s a hot MILF I’ve been Facebook friends with for a while now. We probably have like 40 mutual friends, so she’s essentially in my social circle (online at least).

Q. Ok, if you gave a guy your # and he calls the same night, would you think he’s desperate?



Q. So how long should he wait to call? Few days or what?


“No just call her”.

Me: “Some women say that it looks desperate to call the same day. What do you say”?


“No it’s not desperate…what’s the difference if he calls the same night or 2 weeks lata”?


Cute Bronx chica I’d met on POF dating site.

Q. If you give a guy the digits and he hits you up the same day/same night, would you say thats’ needy and desperate?


“Umm no not desperate but I need to keep my eyez open lol”.

Q. Lol, so when should he call?


“Maybe that same week. But can definitely text show that he’s interested”.

20111214-105853.jpgAsian-Queens, NY

Cool Asian girl I met on POF too. She’s quite interesting with her insights.

Q. If you give a guy your # and he contacts you the same day or night, would that seem desperate?


“Yea. Why”?

Q. Ok, but why would that be?


“Maybe he just wants a booty call”.

Q. So generally, how long should the guy wait to contact you to not seem desperate for a booty call


“Umm maybe a week not sure”.

Findings & Conclusion

Wow- that was interesting to find out where women stand (supposedly).

We in the seduction community, already know that what a girl wants and expects LOGICALLY, isn’t what she wants, expects or goes for EMOTIONALLY.

Anyway, the most interesting finding here (for me), is that most of the women I surveyed, do NOT think it’d be needy and desperate to call the same day/night of getting the digits.

Yet it’s still a catch 22 though with going for what a girl says and what she actually responds to.

Nevertheless, I like the point made by Miz (the Bronx chica) about the guy texting same day/night to show that he’s still interested.

That’s key! And I happen to do that shit most times. Rather running the risk of the girl forgetting who you are, it’s worth it sending a short text with built-in humor (based on the initial chat).

The hidden beauty of this Q & A post is that it could be used as an opinion opener in street approaches or wherever.

Cool shit right?

BTW, I got the concept for doing this post from my boys Solo and Drew, who’s doing an interview-type thing in NYC for his blog via Twitter.

25 thoughts on “Q & A of the week: “When should he call”?

Add yours

      1. That’s true Silly G.

        1 of the girls above actually mentioned that.That the sooner the contact,more it shows he’s interested.

        Safe to say the longer he waits,more the girl would think he’s genuinely not into her.

        It’s a balancing act though lol.


  1. All depends on the woman. Here’s the old rule… What women want and respond to are completely different. So let’s say a chick wants you to call her the next day.

    She may love it, but then at the same time she may take it for granted and that may be enough attention for her to keep your attention at a DISTANCE. 😉

    So let her like it, but let her like it and still have to wait a little. When I follow up with chicks quickly it never seems to go as well as when I “give them the gift of missing me.”

    I think having them think about you and want it for a while is going to be more effective than just being the guy who is always up her ass…


    1. Hey Ronnie,that’s why I said this could be like a catch 22 thing.And to actuall go off of what the target says she prefers would be a big blunder,since women most times go contrary to what they believe they want lol.

      So it’s a good thing that you pointed that out.


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