Darren Brown: Using NLP to pick up women [Video Included]

For those unfamiliar with the acronym/term NLP, it stands for Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

It’s a concept & technique we use in the pick-up community, where we seduce the target (the woman) via tapping into her subconscious(opposed to trying to seduce her on a conscious and physically level).

The video has great captions to break down what’s actually taking place in set step by step.

I’ve only heard of Darren Brown about a year and a half ago, but I been familiar with the NLP gaming some years now [Ross Jefferie’s Speed Seduction].

So check it out.
Good stuff for the fellaz to a fresh start to 2012.

Pop, Rock & R’n’B turn men into pussies!!!


I don’t believe this revelation is anything grand or novel.

It’s no secret that the pop-culture caters to women’s whims, fantasies and desires, thus excluding the men and what we want and expect from women.

I love R&B by the way: the 90’s stuff from R. Kelly, Joe, Ginuwine, Jodeci, etc.

However, such lyrics have managed to turn men into tricks, losers, BETAS, doormats, supplicators and bitches.

How so?

By giving men the WRONG idea of how to show interest in women.

Classic theme of R&B:

*Tells men to reward women for anything.

*Tells men to reward women even though they’ve been a complete bitches.

*Tells men that women are always right.

*Women must be pampered and spoiled to death.

*Buy her jewelry and nice things to show her that you care or love her (eventhough she’s not your GF).

*Spend on her royally in order to show her that you want her.

*Take it slow as possible.

All the above Beta suggestions will not get you anywhere with women!

I fucking learned that the hard way! But men still are convinced that that’s the way to go in order to get the girl.

Top 4 most Beta/pussy lyrics excepts from 4 of my favorite R&B songs (these lyrics make me cringe to even write them):

Artist: Joe

Song: All the things

Lyrics“treat you like something precious as gold. I’m ready to do all the things your man won’t do. I’ll give the world to make you mines”.

Translation: You should pedestal the fuck out of this chic who you’re trying to court [obviously hadn’t banged her yet]. Her man won’t pedestal her so you’re to come in a promise to anything for her. You should do anything for her to make her yours [including spending, shopping sprees, dropping all other prospects].

Artist: Jagged Edge

Song: He can’t love you

Lyrics“can’t believe I let you leave. I’m half way going crazy. He can’t do for you like I can”.

Translation: Despite she being wrong, you should beg her not to leave or break up since she’s so precious. You should compete for her to prove to her that you really want her.

Artist: Dru Hill

Song:In my bed

Lyrics: …”Somebody’s sleeping in my bed and it’s messing up my head [his girl is cheating]. I gave you money, and every little thing that you need. I gave you the world cause you were my girl…”

Translation: You should do anything and everything for you girlfriend. Then when she does cheat out of ingratitude and feeling privileged, spoiled and bored, you should throw it in her face that you spent money on her like crazy [in hopes she would feel sorry and take you back, despite she being the cheater].

Artist: Sammie

Song: Crazy things I do for love

Lyrics: …”I’ll put you in the flyest gear making sure you tight. Money ain’t a thing: only if you promise not to game. Kiss me girl and I’ll spend every dollar in my name…”

Translation: Buy buy buy and fucking buy! Buy this strange girl you’d just picked up fine things (high-priced dinners, shoes, etc). Money is no object so she can use you like an ATM.


*The common theme of all the above lyrics was this: Treat women like spoiled fucking kids, entitled to the world in order to get her.

*If she cheats…Fuck it! Just beg her to stay anyway (since it’s never her fault)!

*The key to a woman’s heart, pussy and a relationship with her is via ‘SPENDING’ ($$$). Show that you can spend more than the other guy who might be trying to get her by outspending you!

*Buy her gifts and shit although you don’t know her from Adam. Just put her on a grand pedestal bro’!

Now, for the readers who might be saying, “But men don’t take advice from what they listen on TV, radio and the media”.


Of course we do!

The #1 dating advisor to men and women is music; hands fucking down!

Before I got into the pick-up community, R&B music was what advised me on how to get women.

Irony is: I never got laid from following the advice!

I used to spend on women like fucking crazy: shoes, flowers, teddy bears and chocolates for Valentines…The women would take the gifts but end up fucking Joe Blow who never bought her shit!

Was I the only male victim of this massive-social scammery via love music which caters to women?

Hell no!

Most of my buddies (who are AFC’s and Beta’s), their impression of getting women is via ‘Spending, Expensive Dates, Love Poems and Sending her texts messages saying: “you’re the light of my soul. I would go through hell for your love”. No wonder they don’t get laid thus reverting to banging hookers at brothels on weekends.

Love songs from every genre: Pop, Rock and R&B need to be eradicated in order for men to start being Alphas and real men.

Hopefully that would be a new New Years resolution for us men: to stop catering to women while putting our own needs and wants on the back burner.

Nothing is essentially wrong with listening to beta-male music. Just as long as you don’t take their advice as literal and a guideline to getting and keeping the girl.

Field Report: “KINO Lesson The Arab Way”



It’s been 3 straight nights of hard-bar game at the same bar I gamed at 2 nights ago [Christmas Eve Field Report (at the bar)]. I’m going and going like a damn energizer-bunny!!!

Last night, I entered the bar and spotted a 2 set chubby girls sitting alone at a table waiting on drinks. I wasn’t gonna wait around like an anti-social dude, so I said WTH, I might as well entertain the fatties until some hotter girls rolled in [social proof]. So I rolled over to their table [an empty seat was there], time constraint, sat down by saying, “I’m not asking anyone’s permission to sit here. It’s a free world so let’s enjoy the freedom while it lasts”. Cheeky/cocky-funny lines like those are my favorite. They never fail me. I threw it with a sly smile and the girls giggled away at how ballsy I was.

A while later, some Arab dude rolled up to the table,introduced himself, started chatting up the other fatty, grabbed a seat and started gaming. Talk about balls. This MOFO had game and exuded an alpha confidence that made me look like a fucking looser! The thing that was surprising about his verbal game (which I over heard via his poor English) was that he used negs and he never held back on saying shit that the average guy would see as ‘forward, disrespectful and inappropriate’.

This MOFO had game!

Most of all: he KINO’d the fuck out of that girl [meaning he got physically romantic with her]!!! Right off the bat!!!

It wasn’t loud at all in the venue, but the Syrian-Rico Suave understood KINO and getting close, so he was all up in her ear and on her shoulders.


The girl was totally into him after a while: getting all up into his space.

Doesn’t he look like Fatush from the movie Zohan with the bandana on his head?

I wasn’t doing much of anything besides waiting for some HB’s to come through. I mean- I was definitely active (verbally) and keeping the vibe up, but I wasn’t engaging my fatty despite talking to me. One more beer and those chubbies probably would be looking like models I would lay, but I just drank a Coors and relaxed.

Funny thing about it though,these girls were fucking buying out their asses!! I never had to spend a dime. Neither did the Syrian dude. This guy was awesome in that he didn’t go AFC and buy drinks. These girls were literally slinging drinks at us as if to get us drunk or something!!! They ordered some tacos and pizza for all of us [go figure- they really should not have been eating that shit].

About 2 hours in, some HB9’s rolled in so I approached and open at the counter, “Hey, you’re that girl who stood me up the other night [with a smile of course]. That was messed up. The 2 set smiled and giggled and denied it was her. The fatter one gravitated to me as if she planned on picking me up. What the fuck is with me and big girls!? They seem to always try re-open me and select me as their targets.

Hot chic in white was my target who I’d hit with the ‘stood me up’ line.

My target was the trim one but the bigger one basically brushed her aside and started engaging me! Fuck!!! So the slimmer one was being chatted up by some AFC dude. I was literally in set for like 45 minutes with this hefty girl (who was mighty cute in the face BTW ) but she kept pushing comfort/rapport stuff looking for a deep connection by talking to me about having a miscarriage years ago…So I snuck back off to the original fatty-set. The Arab dude was hugged up with his, 2 other black dudes were at the table tag teaming the other one. The girls was busting on me for bouncing on them…

The key lesson for all of us (from the Syrian-Rico Suave) is this:

KINO, KINO, KINO!!! And you don’t have to buy girls drinks in order to get some play. Have the girls buy you drinks instead. That’s a more powerful tactic to make her invest.

This dude pecked her on the cheeks, hugged her, touched her waist (after talking about some body tattoos), massaged her arms, tugged on her chubby cheeks like a mom would do to her chubby baby. This fucking dude was the quintessential example of an Alpha. His calibration and timing was so ‘ON’ that whenever he’d KINO’d, the girl never recoiled since it wasn’t awkward.

I learned a lot last night from the Arab stallion. Who knows what the hell happened. They all left together (while I was engaging some other girls). Maybe they had a fatty 3-some.

I wanna believe KINO is huge in the Middle-East, or at least customary, because the way this guy came off from the gate seems as if it’s something he was born with.

And check out Christmas Eve Field Report.

Christmas-Eve Field Report & Night Game Sarge [2011]


*It’s 2 AM, just strolling in, tipsy as a man on the edge of a cliff, barely made it up my flight of stairs. :sick:

Hopefully I’m sober enough to even write this field report without slurring the message, so forgive me if I get sloppy.

Ok guys, for those who follow me on Twitter, you would’ve known that I was out all night at a new bar on island.

I was supposed to meet up with a Canadian girl (an HB9), but she never showed [I showed up too late I believe], so I quickly settled into a usual rhythm.

There were lots of chicks strolling the streets outside the bar, so I decided to put my iPhone to whatever good use it has to snap some pics while my buddies run some street game.

*[I fell asleep, just woke up Sunday morning feeling sober].

Ok, before I entered the bar, I was chillin’ with my wingmen trying to pull some hotties out of a rental car while at the Square [a popular, hustle & bustle area on the island].


* [A crew of fatties congregating. I guess they all roll in packs or herds]. 😉


*[My wingman for the night, “Box” ,calls over the hottest one of the bunch to start gaming her. Apparently, she has a pouch on the tummy. Apart from that: she’s a solid 9.3 in the face. She’s tall as hell though [probably 6’1]!!!


* The chubby friend of the HB-Tall girl tries pulling the external interrupt by calling her over- she obliges.

This is why you must befriend the friend of the target [crucial mistake by Box].

As I analyzed the interaction, there were major girl code being tossed around, nevertheless, my boy Box stays persistent and bust on her for being the lap-dog to her friend.

This allowed him some extra time to game on.


* Ten minutes later, “Box” is still in-set not giving up easily as most guys would.

Persistence is key here guys [burn it to the fucking ground]!

The girl slowly walks off but Box stays at it!

He was getting good vibes BTW! Just that her fat-fucking friend kept sabotaging the set!!! 😡

I could’ve occupied the obstacle [the plumper], but I was more concerned with breaking down the in-field dynamics which were taking place.


* We pulled up (in the renter car) beside 2 chicks who were standing in the fucking street virtually blocking traffic [they do that a lot here where they congregate in mid road]!

One was super-slim, the other OK. Nothing much happened.


*The fellaz stayed outside running street pick up while I went solo to the bar straight ahead.


* My first time in this new bar that just opened last week [no grenades here so far].

The 2 bartenders were hot as furnaces! One white, the other black.

Wow, these girls were drinking while bartending! Now that’s progressive!


*I don’t usually game hired guns [waiters, bartenders, strippers, etc.], but I chatted them up a bit.

The black one (on the left) is from NYC and the white chick is from Toronto.

My wings for the night shortly after entered the bar, we grabbed a table, few bottles (red wine and Smirnoffs)…

I don’t know what the fuck I was thinking, but I went to the counter and said to the black bartender, “Do you still model”?

Must have been the alcohol talking to re-open with such a lame/AFC’ish question!!!

She gave me a “WTF” grimace so I said to her, “When we chatted earlier, you told me you modeled”.

The chat stalled, I C & B (crashed and burned)…

Adjacent to our table was a 4-set: 1 fat, the other 3 model-figured [no footage though].

I opened the set by saying to the chubby one [since she was the leader of the group/alpha female], “Hey, why don’t you be a nice girl and take my pic’? You’re taking everyone else’s pic’ in the damn bar. What happened to me”!!? 😆

That was a solid-banter line to break the ice [banter is the biggest part of my game].

As expected, she LOLs, grabs the camera from her girlie bag and took some photos of me and the boys.

Before I got to chat up her friends via introduction [I didn’t have a target in mind as yet], some orbiter tries AMOG’ing me to lower my value and blow me out of the set. But I employed the best AMOG destroyer tactic: simply ignored him!

Found out that they were from the NY Tri-State area (Waterbury, Connecticut) down here for the holiday.

Before they left the bar, they told us to meet up with them at some party or club.

The details were sketchy (probably since they weren’t familiar with the island) ,so I didn’t even know where the hell to meet up with them!

* Key note here: It’s a must that you first open the leader of any set.

You cannot open a set by going straight for the target and ignoring the leader of the group.

You’ll get blown the fuck out via girl-code. So that’s why I’d opened the fat one since she was the loudest one (in other words leader of the set). So once you win her over, the other girls in her social circle MUST conform.


My boys bounced to the club, I was too tired and had a bit too much red wine so I took my ass home instead.

No telling what would’ve transpired with the CT girls (had I went to the club) but the bed was calling.

Check out the PUA acronym and term page to familiarize yourself with the lingo used on this website

5 Reasons You Should ‘NOT’ Get An iPhone!!!


Hey guys, let me begin by saying ‘The iPhone Sucks…big time!!!

Now, I know that was very heavy-handed to say, especially after the great Steve Jobs had recently passed. I applaud the man for his ‘out of the box’ concepts. But he definitely dropped the proverbial ball with the iPhone.

I was fortunate [now unfortunate as I retrospect] that a cousin of mines from Canada virtually threw a brand-spanking new iPhone in my lap-fresh out the box [yippie]!!

That sure beats having to purchase one.

Over time [2 months of Internet use], I discovered the following 5 handicaps about the iPhone (which you would not have known prior to purchase, nor from browsing the booklet) :

1.) You CANNOT…I repeat CANNOT upload files to any website, social network, forum ,etc. from the default built-in Safari web-browser [SMDH].

What!!! This has to be a joke!

Thanks to google, I’d googled, “is it possible to upload images and files to the net from an iPhone”?

A hundred percent of the search result articles said NO!.

The only way to upload files or images (photos) to the net from an iPhone is via app: which is time consuming, being that you’d have to sign up for iTunes (which is a hassle to say the least).

Worst of all, if the site to which you’re trying to upload doesn’t have an iPhone app; you’re fucking screwed!

General sites as forums, in which you’d like to have a photo accompany your profile, they do NOT have iPhone apps! So I fount myself having to borrow a buddy’s laptop every second just to do this [my desktop had blown]. And when my friend wasn’t available (or tired of me bugging the shit out of him), I had to phone someone (overseas) in order to upload stuff for me to forums, blogs, etc.

What a fucking joke!

2.) When you thought it couldn’t get shittier, I stumbled across another annoying handicap [SMH when does it end?]. You cannot save web pages for offline use.


You know what that means?

If you’re reading a good article and you’d like to save it for use later: you will NOT be able to do it! So whatever you’re reading at the moment, you better finish it Pronto! Or better yet: take out a pen and pad to copy whatever info you wanted.

How the hell would that translate being on the go, and having to have a pen and pad handy at all times?

3.) The 3rd. nightmare is related to the above: web pages AUTOMATICALLY refresh themselves at will!

This has to be a friggin joke!

Let’s say you’re entering some info into a field (whichever website you’re on), someone knocks at the door, your teapot is boiling over, the kids spilled juice all over the place, whateva…assuming you’d have to put down the iPhone to tend to something, do NOT make this grave mistake-please!

The web browser WILL automatically fucking refresh itself once the screen hasn’t been touched after a few seconds. So that means your info will be lost, images will have to reload, you’d have to scroll the page to look for where you left off [WTF]!

4.) As much as I love saving web pages, uploading to the net and all, it gets worst [shit!]!

Are you ready for this?

It’s impossible to download ringtones/mp3’s and set them as your ringtone!!!

You may be saying to yourself, “But this is a basic feature of any other platform/phone ever invented since 2005. Enabling a song (mp3) as my ringtone is possible on any other mobile”.

Certainly! But not capable with the iPhone!

To set a song as your ringtone (or message tone), you’d have to do this via the dreaded iTunes.

Which means you’d have to log onto a computer, have to have had iTunes already installed [a supposed simple procedure made complex by the iPhone developers huh].

5.) Last but not least, this handicap relates to the above (#4): You CANNOT download songs (mp3), e-books nor video files via Safari default browser!

In other words, if you happen to be checking out some videos online and decide to click on the download link: think again dude- that won’t be happening!

Same goes for music; you’d have to download an alternate downloader app, and the right one is almost impossible to find.

The layman would NOT be able to do this!

And guys, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The list of bullshit that you inevitably purchase once you get an iPhone is endless!

There are few hidden tweaks which enable you to work around ‘saving web pages’.

I stumbled upon few tips and tricks for this (after 2 days of intense googling).

For computer junkies like I am: that’s no prob! But the average Joe/Jane would’ve already smashed the device to pieces from sheer frustration [I wouldn’t blame them]!

Why is the iPhone so popular then?

I have no fucking idea!

Must be the Apple brand (which is bullshit by the way).

If your intent is just to make and receive calls; then cool [almost].

However, for web browsing and using the net period, you’re better off getting any other handset on the market.

The only silver lining to this is that the iPhone makes for a good wingman.

I’m a Pick-Up Artist, and for some reason; girls are fascinated by iPhones.

Just having one helps me pick up chics.

There’s a lot more I couldn’t mention here (cons):

* App crashing

* Slowest web browsing ever (despite best internet speed)

* Inadvertently hanging up

* No photo albums (so every
photo is saved in same file).

Seems like a part 2 article would be rational since there are so many cons and few pros.

Want To Know If He’s Cheating?


I was just lying here in my apartment, gazing around, brainstorming some interesting topics I can blog about.

Now- I’m a man [DUH!], which means I’m NOT too inclined in keeping my bachelor pad in tip-top shape; pants thrown here, boxer-briefs tossed there, dirty Converse all-stars propped up on the old CPU, oily-pizza box from last week staring at me from under the bed…you know- typical male-mess.

We tend to get slobby at times. Men who live alone can relate-right?

Anyway, I was dialoguing with myself, “It’s the Holiday season, even though I’m anti-climactic about it, I’m expecting to pull some hot girls back to the pad.

My GF and I are sought-of on a break [what’s fucking new?], so I better get this shit in order!

Like a city roach scrambling to take refuge when the lights come on- I did the same shit and scurried to get the pad in order, and somewhat clean.

As I’m cleaning, I said to myself, “Look at how easily I could’ve been busted if my girlfriend and I were still exclusive”.

For the guys who aren’t in relationships, nor haven’t been in one recently, this may seem vague. I’ll explain a bit later.

It’s generally accepted, or at least in the seduction community, that women are 100 times more perceptive than us men.

Women are fucking clairvoyant, which means they can pick up on shit lightning fast, while we men are slow as snails to pick up on the obvious.

Thus the social stigma that women are best at cheating (since they rarely get caught compared to men). Women can pick up on: when a guy likes her, when he’s trying to buy his way into her panties, when he’s nervous, etc.

Women got that!! They are good at picking up on patterns.

Pertaining to patterns: men tend to get lazy after few months in a relationship, hence falling into a routine (which his GF notices):

*He no longer gets a haircut

*Farts around her

*Lets his guards down

*Lives like a slob

*Isn’t worried about cleaning his pad every single minute just because his girlfriend is coming over.

My point is, it’s common that people (mainly men) fall back into lazy routines after ‘winning the so-called prize’ (the girl).


During the course of my LTR, I settled into the pattern too, “What the hell- that’s my girl! I’m not gonna hire a fucking maid nor become one just ’cause she’s coming over! So what if the fridge is empty or the cat pissed on the floor!? I’ll have her grab some snacks on the way over then clean up the cat mess when she gets here [shrug]”!

It’s normal to operate that way when dealing with your GF.

You can relax, be lazy and not worry about impressions.

But do we operate that way when hoping to pull some new ass?

Of course not!!!

With the possibility of a new prospect coming over, if the guy has to search Craig’s list for a cat-sitter or bum some money off a buddy to stack his fridge, then he’ll do it by any friggin’ means!!!

Can’t have your date come over and your dirty underwears are sprawling all over the couch, exposing her to your slobbery. But this is where a lot of cheating guys go wrong. They break their patterns without reasons.

This isn’t just related to domestic things as cleaning.

This could be a guy who never goes to the gym then suddenly; he starts going to the gym often.

Sure he CAN truly want to lose 10 lbs. to gratify himself. But when sudden change of patterns and lifestyles occur, 9-10 times, it signals infidelity or the thought of it.

If a guy only tidies his pad once a month, then starts doing it every week (without reason), then it’s crystal clear that he’s doing it for the purpose of picking up women [a new woman], or appearing presentable to that woman.

People just don’t break patterns and routines for their spouses, partners neither someone they’re already familiar with (relatives, etc.).

We generally break patterns to make an impression on people we are NOT familiar with.

Classic Example: My girlfriend used to hound me to fucking death about cutting my semi-Mohawk.

Did I do it?

Hell no!!!

*She harassed me about a pair of jeans I wore which had a mini-hole in the crotch area. Did I stop wearing it? Of course I still wore that shit!

Now that it’s the Holiday season and I’m expecting to see a lot of girls in town from NYC [escaping the Winter to the islands], my GF and I are on a break (as usual-can’t get along), so picking up random HB’s is a ‘MUST’.

You can bet a million bucks that I went to the barbershop yesterday!

And you sure won’t see me wearing those jeans with the hole in the crotch around possible prospects!!!

Essentially, my patterns and routines were broken due to possible new-pussy prospects. So if you really wanna know if your GF/BF is cheating or looking to cheat: pay attention to their patterns and lifestyle changes.

Subtle things as NOT wearing a shirt that they always wore, tidying their apartment outside of their usual allotted time could be red flags.

Men tend to NOT be readily able to pick up on these subtleties (coming from their girlfriends).

However, women can spot these changes and breaks in patterns like fucking witch doctors!

Women truly possess an innate ability to see through the bullshit. That’s why it’s harder for a man to cheat and get away with it.

In the same token, that’s why it’s easier for a girl to cheat and get away with it.

Men naturally don’t pick up on patterns, so it’s hard for us to gauge whether a girl likes us or not, while a girl can tell within a blink of an eye that that guy wants to ravage her!

Guys, if you plan on being cheating dogs, remember to not break patterns and routines unless you have plausible reasons, ’cause if you do: she’ll know it.

The Only Time You Should Buy The Girl A Drink…


After writing 2 previous articles a while back on ‘drinks’ [you can check it out here:How does she earn a drink from me], it’s only right to share some examples of the dos and don’ts on this matter.

Plus it’s the holiday season and a lot of guys are usually drink-happy: willing to empty their wallets just for mediocre conversation.

This is my first-actual strategic post or routines in other words. So I’m pretty psyched to offer some stuff that guys can actually apply at the clubs and bars.

Key Note:
# 1 rule in Game: It’s not what you say: it’s how you say it.

With that in mind: routines, openers and lines, will NOT work if your vibe, tone & energy arent congruent.

One can literally approach a girl at the bar and say, “I hate you sooooo much…”, and still manage to attract her and pique her interest if his tonality is alpha and he has a sly-cocky smile to accompany his verbals.

Alpha Routine

Ok, assuming I’d already approached and opened the girl, and we’ve been having a decent chat for the last 15 minutes, this is what I’d do if I were in a Santa Clause-type mood [pertaining to drinks]:

Me: “Lol, hey you’re such a friggin’ rockstar, I’m starting to think you’re too good to be true. But I can’t take a chic like you home to my parent though”!

Girl:” What lol! Whats that supposed to mean?

Me: “Bla,bla,bla…Hey I’m thirsty as hell. I’m gonna get me a rum & coke. Since you’ve been such a Bad Girl, I’m gonna go against my rules and buy you a drink. What you want?

Note: At this point, a real Alpha and a confident/cool guy would take her by the hand, waist or shoulder and lead her to the bar.

For those who aren’t that confident and they lack the balls to pull it off: it’s ok to go alone to get the drinks.

Breaking it down:

Why are such moves and lines so critical in trying to seduce a girl?

As I said in my previous post: it subcommunicates to the girl that I’m:

*Have balls
*And most of all ‘Different’

Women are Super attracted to guys who display the above qualities.

Women are attracted to men who are challenging and ballsy [as we all know by now].

Whenever a guy goes up to a girl and the first shit that comes out of his mouth is this, “What’s up girl? I’ve been checking you out. You chilling? You want something to drink”?

He instantaneously kills all possibility of he being a challenge.

In other words, he turns the girl off since she hadn’t done shit to deserve a drink.

Women want to know that they’ve earned and worked for your interest.

Another key point:

*telling the girl that, “I’m going against my rules by buying a drink”. That says to the girl subconsciously, that she’s special.

She’s exceptional!

He doesn’t normally treat girls to anything, so for him to go against his rules for her: she must be deserving of it.

Now that’s how you compliment a girl!

You never want to compliment a girl verbally nor directly [unless you are a proponent of direct game].

Compliments should be indirect and under the radar.

Compliments should be vague and hard to read.

The more obvious you are when complimenting: the less the girl will appreciate it.

With that said, remember to be challenging, ballsy and different! Not boring as the last 10 guys who had approach her.

And the rule still stands: Do Not buy her a drink! But this is just an exception depending on how good the vibe goes.

Check out Why you shouldn’t be buying her drinks, which is part of my drink-series articles.

How I learned that being a ‘Nice Guy’ doesn’t get you anywhere in life nor with women


Yep! I learned that being nice doesn’t pay: be it with women, your bosses or relatives.

Growing up, and even into my adulthood, I was your stereotypical ‘Nice Guy’.

I made hearts flutter from my genuine generosity and niceness.

Did it get me far? Oh course not!

I’m gonna share 2 personal stories about my trials with ‘NICENESS’.

1st. My grandma showed me that being nice doesn’t pay.

For the past 8 years, I’ve been around my grandmother: keeping company, doing stuff around the house, chores, cleaning, etc.

I live alone, but I stop by to help out damn near everyday. However, 1 nagging theme has been playing out during those 8 years: no matter what I did (good), it didn’t prevent her wrath from coming my way. Everything wrong that occurred around the home, I was getting full blame. I was catching the verbal hell, nasty stares and BS arguments!

Bear in mind- I was merely visiting! The household had 2 able-bodied occupants who didn’t do shit! But they NEVER caught the wrath!!!

They ate, slept, shitted, pigged out, violated, disrespected….But they never got chastised.


Basically, I took care of everything in the home:


However, the moment a button goes missing: I was the only one catching the blame.

The genuine ‘Nice Guy’ getting screwed over while the not-so nice guys (who lived there) were NEVER blamed.

2nd. My boss showed me that being nice doesn’t pay.

A previous job I held years ago, I was employed for 6 years [prior to the global-economic recession].

Once again, I was the stalwart employee, nice to the core, got along great with the boss. I did every chore possible although outside of my work description. I never handed the boss any shit about not doing something which was out of my jurisdiction.

How about the other employees?

Rude, pricks, whiners, always late, took more sick days than legally allowed, called in sick every week…Totally unreliable basically.

I was the polar opposite!

Out of the 6 years there, I only got a pay raise once.

My lazy co-workers?

They got raises!!!

Recession happened, guess whom was sent home first? Yep, your boy Kenny!

I was severed while the lazy employees who didn’t give a rat’s ass were kept!

Now, what does this have to do with picking up chics? Eveything!

The same reasons my boss treated me like shit and I caught the wrath from my grandmother, is the same reason you should never play this Nice-Guy Shit with women.

They won’t respect it!

They won’t appreciate it!

They won’t respond favorably to it!

*That is the #1 rule of the pick-up community: Nice guys finish last!

And the 2 examples I gave above only highlights how this concept spills over into life in general: work, school, etc.

The nicer you are with people and women, the less they will appreciate it!

Point this out to people and they won’t agree. But observe how they treat genuine nice people on a day to day basis, and you’ll see that action speaks louder than words.

So are you saying not to be nice anymore?

What I am saying is: don’t believe for a minute that you’re doing yourself a favor by being a stand-up nice guy.

Nine in ten times, it’d come back to bite your fucking ass off!

I learned my lessons over the years that being an asshole gets you further in life in every area you can imagine.

Ever since I’d adopted the “don’t give a shit” persona years ago, my success with women skyrocketed!!!

My lays went up by 80%!

I had a pay raise early as fuck at my next job! My grandma has since loosen the nose from my neck where she now blames the real culprits for BS that happens in the home.

My new-fount badboy persona changed my entire life and how people treated me.

I wouldn’t bang her with a 10 ft. pole!!!


It made me cringe just to look at the above photo of that MILF from the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills [I do watch it when I’m bored now and again].

As much as I’m now against banging fatties and girls who blatantly neglects to take care of themselves (physically)…On the opposite side of the coin, I’m equally as REPULSED to banging Stick-Figured Chics[eew, nasty]!

As I browse my memory bank, I don’t believe I ever banged a scrawny girl in my 29 years of physical existence.

Seems counter-intuitive since the pick-up community usually lauds and drools over near-anorexic chics. But if you’re 1 pound shy of seeming bulimic, or towing the line of anorexia: I wouldn’t touch you with another dude’s dick.

It’s fucking repulsing and nasty!!!

The key to the girls I’m attracted to are the ones who strike a nice balance in physique: not scrawny-not obese.

Any guy that’d bang an Anna would be a sick puppy!

Might as well bang a crack-head from down the bloc.

Basically, when I’m at a party or function, I screen out the too skinny and too fat, then proceed to seduce the ones who strike a decent accord and balance.


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