My favorite rum ever

20111014-043837.jpgLet me say this from the get-go: if Malibu doesn’t give me a year’s worth supply of free bottles for endorsing their rum, I may have to make a switch to Coco Caribe [no hard feelings Mali’]!

Typically, everyone I know mixes it with OJ but I prefer pineapple juice instead.

How many of y’all actually drink Malibu or any other coconut rum?

Feedback appreciated.

Showing some blog love to my readers

Hey ladies & broskies, Im just sending some love to y’all for checking out my blog.

I find it pretty hard to stay relevant and keep up with content at times.

I guess it’s customary to fall into drought where you may go months without posting anything.

However, my readers keep me blogging.

Peace out, and stay alpha guys!

Thanks for checking out my blog fellaz.

Suggestion on staying motivated to write would be appreciated.


Getting my Paul Janka on; scruffy-facial hair is attractive


Contrary to popular belief: having some facial hair ‘is’ attractive to women.

I didn’t need a PHD in grooming to reach this conclusion; just friggin’ ask women, it is that simple!

I personally took a survey among my female-Facebook friends, where I’d asked each one of them, “Is facial hair a turn off”?

The answers surprised the shit out of me!

A whopping 80% of the females said NO! Having some scruffs and stubbles are NOT turn offs.

The remanding 20% were pretty much neutral or undecided.

Prior to my survey, I was totally against the scruffy-look while trying to attract women and get my game on.

But I have to give props to the NYC-dating coach Paul Janka, who was the first pick-up artist to advocate this look.

Prior to Paul’s emergence on the scene as a friggin’ rockstar, most dating coaches and gurus were rocking the traditional goatee or clean-shaven look.

While every pick-up artist was pushing the “must be well-groomed” slogan, Paul Janka was still getting laid in NYC [his mantra] like a wild rabbit with 10 dicks.

If I’m correct, I think RooshV (Rooshv’s Blog), the pick-up artist rocks the scruffy look also.

The human psychology behind this is pretty interesting and quite elementary:

*The rough-facial hair look appeals to womens’ sense of SEX.
Good-dominant sex is akin to rough sex oppose to love making.

When a girl spots a guy she’s sexually attracted to, she isn’t saying to herself, “I wonder what it would be like making love with this guy: preferably in a Pasteur of pink roses well perfumed”.

Lol hell no!!!

She’s saying to herself, “I wonder what it’d be like being banged hard by that fucking stud: preferably untop of the kitchen table. Or somewhere adventurous and steamy where I can smell the pheromones oozing from his sweaty body”!

Ok I exaggerated the hell out of that one. But y’all get the point.

So,what is the correlation between rough sex and a guy having rough/scruffy facial hair?

As I explained above, “the rough look appeals to a woman’s sense of sex, probably more so than a well-groomed look.

This all ties into the “Badboy” persona, which chiccs just go awol over. Think of the Fonz if he had the scruffy-facial hair look to his character. Women would absolutely go nuts over him,eventhough he was already a chick-magnet.

Now I’m not saying that every guy should kick his barber to the curb, or toss his manual razors in the dumpster and start growing some facial hair.

But a key insight for me here is, I don’t have to proverbially kill myself if I happen to miss an appointment with the local barber.

Or if my clippers go missing or some shit, I won’t have to panic as if the world’s about to end.


I can still confidently head out to the bar to get my social on, despite looking a bit rough in the face.

Having too much (social) value can mess up your game


This post was inspired by CodeVeroby, who made an interetesting comment on one of my last posts.

I’m not quite sure if he advocated this insight or he was just quoting Brad. Nevertheless, I personally feel that being too-high valued actually kills your chances.

I first came across this insight years ago but I can’t remember which dating guru wrote the article on it.

The guru was basically saying that, “when trying to game certain girls (shy types specifically), it’s best to dial down the value”.

What give girls the impression that a guy has too much social value (according to me)?

*Peacocking too much (being dresses too flashy).

*Seeming like a celeb or rockstar.

*Being overly social and too high energies.

Having too much of the above 3 qualities to your style can actually ruin your chances.

With girls of equally-high value and social status-cool, feel free to pretend to be Brad Pitt’s sidekick in his next action flick!

Girls of high value only deal with guys of equal or higher value than themselves anyway.

But with your average Jane, who’s not a rockstarette, who’s your average everyday reserved girl, the guy trying to game her should in effect lower his perceived value.

It kills me when top-dating coaches say shit like social value is a myth or it doesn’t exist.


A while back, I listened a podcast by the dating coach Speer of Speer Method, who claimed that value in pick up is Bullshit and it doesn’t exist.


If social value wasn’t real, then why aren’t HB 10’s strolling down the bloc, arm in arm with vagrants and bums?

Why do hot girls reject guys who have poor body language if value wasn’t real?

So social value is real!

Contrary to popular belief, if Brad Pitt were to approach an average shy girl, everyday girl, she will NOT automatically rip her panties off for Brad to screw the shit out of her.

An A-list celeb would actually have a hard time laying chics!

Believe it brodie!!!

The NY dating coach Paul Janka, appeared on a pick-up artist podcast years ago where he said this (quoting Bruce Willis): “Bruce Willis said that he actually got more ass from being an average bartender in NYC than he got as a celebrity”.

So being a celebrity i.e. having high-social value, does NOT mean you’re gonna be getting laid like a Rockstar!

The elusive WHY?

When the average girl is being seduced or games by a guy of much- higher value or a celeb’, these are the things that play out in here mind:

* “Why would he be attracted to me”?

* “I’m so out of his league”.

* “We couldn’t possibly have anything in common”.

Typical shit women say to themselves when presented with a guy of much higher status.

Self doubt comes flying in: which would lead to her flaking later on.

So the guy (or celeb) must in effect lower his value to be on equal plane with the target, which lets her see that there ‘is’ a genuine reason why a guy like you would want to get with a girl like her.

So it takes calibration to make this happen.

Look at my sticking point for example:

I love to peacocking out my ass!

Whenever I go out to any venue,I roll like a Rockstar via wardrobe and accessories.

That’s cool! No harm in that.

But whenever I approach girls of lesser perceived value (shy/reserved type), sets don’t fucking hook!

They give the obligatory “hi” and all that, but it never goes anywhere most times.

If I do manage to # close, she ends up flaking.

This sticking point of mines really bothered me and fucked up my game for almost the past 3 years!

I had to dig into my proverbial vault of pick-up notes to actually figure out this flaw in my game.

The paradox is, I would have decent success with girls of same or high value: girls who were “somebody”, the bitch types, the Alpha females, the ones whose ass were kissed.

But I couldn’t fucking pull a shy girl to save my life!

She didn’t have to be shy, but just the average-laid back girl I couldn’t pull!


In retrospect, after reviewing my seduction notes the other day, I realize the problem was that I presented too much value to the average girl.

I gave off a Rockstar vibe, which is cool for seducing Rockstarettes/Alpha females.

But it’s bad for trying to seduce the girlfriend of the alpha female.

The solution for me or for the guy who’s facing this dilemna:

When trying to seduce a girl who isn’t a social-butterfly: don’t come into the set too high energied.

This should be common knowledge by now.

You should always calibrate your tone and vibe to match that of the girl whom you’re gaming.

If she’s high energied, which implies high status among her peer group, you the guy must come in high energied also to match her.

Likewise, if she’s shy, reserved, laid-back, etc., tone down your energy.

This shit is key bro’!!

Simple mistakes and miscalibrations like I mentioned can mean the difference between getting laid and jerking off for the next year.

I’ve been there over the past 2 years and a half.

Once again, thanks to CodeVeroby for mentioning this in the commentary on my last post.

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