Greatest Obstacle To Getting Laid Is Not Her Beliefs: It’s Bad Logistics.


This post is specifically geared towards shedding some light on female psychology when it comes to dating.

Looking back at my past lays and almost lays, and analyzing other guys’ situations, I realize that the greatest obstacle to getting laid is logistics-not what the girl believes (her beliefs).

A lot of newbies on seduction forums get it twisted also by being swindled into ‘taking it slow’, respecting her views and values.

Cool- we should respect everyone’s views, but when it comes to dating and sex, a woman’s views and values mean Nothing…Nada!

Prime example:

Girl tells guy, “I don’t sleep with guys on the 1st. date. Not even the”.

An AFC or newbie would buy this shit, thus taking such declarations literal.

He being misinformed would then wait,or not go KINO out of fear of rejection, or fear of offending her values on not banging on the 1st. date.

Up and coming dating coaches like myself, we know better than to fall for this BS, so we plow anyway accordingly.

And the spin-off insight here is that chics’ frames and beliefs are friggin’ pliable and weak!

Humans in general go against what they believe. But with women, going against their values are much more common.

I don’t have figure for this so Im only basing it on personal experiences (which is the best teacher).

My point? A woman’s frame is weak!

Every woman wants to come off as assertive, strong and firm, but when faced with someone who gets it, she won’t mine betraying her previously-held beliefs just for that moment.

So when a chic tells me she doesn’t have sex out if wedlock(anymore), that shit flies out the other ear in a heart beat!

Same as when a girl tells me she has a BF and she thinks cheating is a grave sin, I game on just as if she was single.

Having the knowledge that her frame can be beaten and her beliefs and views are bullshit in the moment, I pay no mind to her views.


So the greatest obstacle to getting ass is logistics (bad ones).

I’ve never had a pick up fucked up because of the girl’s belief or that she’s celebate or some shit.

But I’ve had sets fuck up many times because of poor logistics.

Examples of bad logistics fucking up potential lays:

1. After the club, tried taking the girl home but wasn’t thinking and forgot to park the car nearby (to kill any backward rationalizing by her)

2. My crib was too friggin dirty

3. Living with my grandma once so couldn’t lay the chic in peace.

4. No where to lay her, took her to my uncle’s spot but he wasn’t home!

I can go on and on and on bro!

Push comes to shove, I’d lay a girl anywhere possible, so logistics have to really be flubbed up if I didn’t lay her on a street corner or behind a dumpster.

The lesson here is guys, don’t let her views, religion, beliefs deter you from seducing her.

Girls are willing to put their beliefs aside for a good time or for one night.

9 thoughts on “Greatest Obstacle To Getting Laid Is Not Her Beliefs: It’s Bad Logistics.

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  1. Ok. This is a bad idea. Men will take this as to be pushy. Saying that her beliefs mean nothing is terrible! Some women do stick to their beliefs and some don’t but teaching a man to continue to push will piss some girls off. Yes push a couple of times see how far you can go then drop it. If she’s not caved already she probably wont. A woman who wants her views ignored will encourage you with statements like ‘you make me so bad’. You should also warn people to NEVER EVER say that her views don’t matter in front of her- she will not take that kindly and you really wont get laid.


    1. Her beliefs means nothing “In the moment”.

      When a girl is in rational mode:of course her beliefs sway her.

      But when she’s in an irrational mode,or horny state of mind;a guy skilled in social dynamics can influence her to go agianst her values.

      It happens all the time.How man women are truely against one-night stands;yet they have them regularly.


  2. The guy who continues to push is obviously an un-skilled guy.

    In the seduction community,or main advantage is indirectness and subtleties.

    We fly under the radar.Never direct.We do not engage the girl’s rational mind.We talk to her reptilian brain(which is responsible for sex,etc.).


  3. Behind inconsistency, which I’m about to fix by quitting my job full-time and go into daygame ferociously. Bad logistics is a close second sticking point, I live with my dad, I’ve got a penchant for picking up women who live very far away from me. So getting them here is such a mission. Its only last week Tuesday that I went out and hunted in my surrounding area. Need to do that more often. Great post!


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