Random Escapade Field Report With A Stalker-Chick


Interesting story guys:

Past Sunday night on my way to the club, I spotted a girl standing alone outside.

Well, nothing strange in that.

However, something was odd about this picture:

1. She wasn’t dressed as if she was going clubbing.

2. Hair disheveled.

3. She stood afar as if to not be seen.

Anywho, being the king of social game, I approached her [without any pick-up routines; just banter]:

Me: “Hey, if that’s how you going in the club tonight…much props to you girl [smiley face]”.

Lone Wolf: “Lol what’s that supposed to mean”.

Me: “I’m just saying. Seems like your girl crew abandoned you. That’s messed up”.

Lone Wolf: “Lol nah, I’m actually not going in. Im tryna find someone”.

Me: “Its’ 1 am, I doubt this the best time to be out looking for someone”.

Lone Wolf: “Its’ my boyfriend. If he thinks I’m gonna be watching kids all night while he’s out clubbing-fuck that!!

Alarm bells rang off!

Baby-mama drama. This is not the type of shit for me!

So now I’m looking for a quick exit out of this chat so as to not get caught up in any drama before the night even kicked off. But then again, my drama-loving intuition kicked in. Plus she wasn’t the ugliest girl I seen for the day. She was probably an HB7 with melon-sized tits: so WTH!

Me: “Well….I doubt you want him to spot you…so let’s go somewhere nearby to sit and chat”.

As any Alpha should, I took her hand and started walking the opposite direction from the club.

Some token resistance as expected:

Lone Wolf: “Where are we going? There’s nowhere to sit around here”.

Playfully kept leading her to the nearest secluded spot, by the way, which happens to be adjacent to some huge-ass dumpsters [talk about shitty logistics].

I rapidly KINO escalated like a fucking machine on auto!

Some more token resistance reared it’s ugly head, so she said, “I think people can see us from here”.

Bull-fuckin’ shit!!!

So I eased off the heavy KINO to start dancing with her to some music which was coming from the opened-air club.

Lone Wolf: “Oh shit, is that him”!!?

Me: “Him who”?

Lone Wolf: “That fucking bastard boyfriend of mines. He’s the one in front”!

A drunken crew of guys was strolling our way, making more noise than a lynch mob ready to hang someone.

So now I’m like, “WTF are you doing, spying on him”?

Lone Wolf: “I wouldn’t say spying. His ass just shouldn’t expect me to baby sit all day while he gets drunk and flirt with bitches”!

Wow! An actual female-staked in the flesh!

Now I’m just praying that her drunk BF and his mob don’t spot us beside this dumpster and fuck my ass up!

But this lunatic chick wanted to confront him so I had to try my best to talk her ass out of doing it right then and there…while I’m there :).

Potential bomb defused (yes!), so as the mob passed, I felt relieved.

She wanted to follow them. I wanted to bang her outdoors.

My frame was stronger (or her hormones were raging), so the KINO re-commenced.

It went as far as tit-play ’cause she kept saying she had to go now, she left her kids home alone…bla, bla, bla.

Psycho alarms went off. But I knew better, that this was just standard-token resistance.

We fooled around some more. But her impulse to run off to stalk her boyfriend/baby daddy was stronger than my frame. So I called it a night and headed to the club.

Lessons to take away:

* Frame control is key. Have a stronger frame than hers will get you far.

* Its’ better to escalate fast until she stops you, than to not escalate at all.

* Fuck the perfect logistics! If you can lay her in the middle of heavy traffic- do it! The logistics will never be 100% in your favor.

The key insight I learned from this field-report escapade was that women can be just as needy as men.

I never thought in a million years that a chick would virtually stalk her boyfriend when she can just easily phone 1 of her options as most women have on the back-burner.


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