Dick sizes and guys’ insecurities


Hey what’s up guys?

I got the concept for this post after reading an article on TSBmag by Natasha Abrams: What she thinks of your penis size.

However, my article delves a bit deeper into the male psyche when it comes to size.

Now, Im not gonna get into the whole argument of ‘what women prefer’.

Frankly, I believe it varies.

Some chics may prefer Mandingo: while others are content with a weiner.

Im looking at it from the guy’s viewpoint. Im a guy, so I know better when it comes to how we feel on a personal level.

Irony is, most guys probably never even pondered this concept as I have [I’m such an analytical bastard].

Ok, what am I getting at?

*Every guy is insecure of his dick size!!!

Im gonna explain in a second, but let me give y’all a little back-story supporting my theory.

Ok, it’s no secret that guys can be real juvenile whenever we congregate to talk shit.

Few years ago, I was working at an all-male company (talk about a sausage-fest environment). On our lunch break, we gathered to chit chat about girls, getting laid…so the subject of DICKS would naturally popped up occasionally.

At that time, I was a first-class homophobe, so guys talking about dicks was not a topic I wanted to entertain.

Anywho, I played moderator from the sidelines while listening to my co-workers trash it out about who has the bigger phallus and shit.

The argument led nowhere. None of us knew which one had the bigger dick.

The only way for us, or any guy for that matter, to know who’s bigger, is to have a dick-off; literally show each dick!

That wasn’t gonna go down among 6 heterosexual guys. Plus, that’d be fucking gay!

So the only means to determine who’s bigger (a dick-showing contest)-none of the guys would be willing to go that route (they never even proposed it).

So the argument went nowhere. Nothing resolved.

Fast forward to this moment as Im blogging this, I realized something about men: a deep deep insecurity about our members.

What makes us insecure is this:

*We do NOT know what the other guy’s packing.

If that phrase seemed like a paradox, let me break it down some more.

I don’t know what Jim’s packing, and I frankly wouldn’t care!

Jim doesn’t know what Im packing neither, so it’s a futile argument to argue who’s bigger.

We just won’t know.

Since both of us don’t know.Nor do any other guy knows, you would think as braggadocious men we are, we would instinctively assume that the other guy is smaller.


Men are so insecure about their sizes, we would assume the other guy is bigger.

I don’t give a shit if you have a King Kong dick. Since you don’t know what the guy next to you has, out of insecurity, You’d assume he has a bigger King Kong dick than yours.

Case in point, 1 of the same former co-worker of mines was known for having a Mandingo[among our social circle, we happened to lay the same girls, and most of them concluded that M***a had a baseball bat lol].

And he knew this because we were all part of the same social circle!

But even the fact that chics in our social circle told us he was much bigger, the fact that he didn’t know what every guy had, made him feel inadequate still.

But I can see why.

If Im standing in a room with 20 guys and I happened to have a 15 incher (which would be huge). For all I know,those other 20 guys have 20 inchers!

The reality of not being in “the know”, would make any guy humble himself.

Just like a pro-boxer:

No matter how confident he is, if he’s presented with an un-known challenger, who he’s never seen(nor had any tapes to study of him), doubt, fear and questions will arise. Simply because he doesn’t know what the other guy has.

So the question of, “Does dick size matter”, is irrelevant to this post.

I just wanted to point out “dick size” from a guy’s point of view. And how insecurity plays a dominant role when you think about it.

What's your view?

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