My field report from the club

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Hey guys, this post has been revised with some more details and added tags and stuff which I didn’t include prior.

I’m gonna be rambling a lot in this post about my observations at the club the other night.

Everything from how cut-throat club gaming can be for some guys. And successful for others.

It was a wicked night for me (in a good sense)as far as fun goes.

Ok lets’ get started:

Arrived early as usual to get comfortable in the venue while there’s less people.

Holy shit!!! The joint was already packed at 12 A.M.!!!

Out the damn window goes my plan of trying to beat the crowd to gain a foot-hold of comfort.

Good thing my state was already pumped since I’d gamed 3 girls 10 minutes earlier.

All bars were over crowded from every friggin’ angle.

I literally waited 45 minutes trying to get drinks shouting at the bartenders!

Got fed up of standing around like an AFC so I yelled to a guy infront of me, “Hey order me a water and Redbull and I’ll buy you a drink too”.

He was way ahead of me dealing with the bartender so I saved another 45 minutes by doing that.

Met up with the boys/wingmen; we hi-fived.

The water & Redbull in hand made me stand out frrom 99% of the guys getting wasted.

Oh, but this’ a major part of my club game; girls would open me with slick comments, “why are you drinking soda in a club”?

As usual, it happened last night but I ignored the 2-set of undesirables by walking off.

Spotted my biological sister Pepper [her pseudonym].

She asked me to buy her a juice(OJ).


Definitely dont want HB’s in the peripherary seeing me buying drinks like an AFC.

But I said to myself, “my sister’s super hot (a 10). Why not borrow her for some social proof”?

I know that sounds devilish but(lol)…

Anyway, we paraded to the bar hugged up looking like a couple.

Little do they know this’ my big sister.

Noticed an HB10 & 9.5 two set eyeing me subtly as I rolled off from my sis’.

Approached the 2 set with an opener on the fly, “which 1 of yall is the best dancer”?

Music so damn loud, I had to break a community rule by leaning in (pecking).

Stepped on the target’s foot inadvertently.

Dance with both of them.

They’re sisters actually from Jersey vacationing here since the Summer.

Some guy had enough balls or alcohol to approach the set. He managed to get the other sister’s attention.

Could’ve been a guy they knew.

I rolled out after dancing for 3 minutes in order to not look too needy. Plus I wanted to work the room.

Im at a in my life where Im more focused on social-circle gaming opposed to snagging a lone wolf for the lay.

Plus I’ve been in an LTR of 2 years so f-closing isnt my primary goal.

strolling pass the bar, Im well peacocked as usual with beeded necklace and a colorful-type feathered necklace.

HB 9 with huge tits taps me on the arm from about 5 yards away and smiled.

I figured she was probably a gold-digger fishing for drinks so I just shrugged her off with a forced smile.

Hi-fived some random guys passing.

1 of them engaged me, telling me about how wasted he is.

Back to the center of the dance floor.

2 chubby girls dancing erratically as if at a parade high off something.

My policy is, “chat up everyone”.

So I grabbed their hands and said something neggish (can’t remember what).

1 of them felt offended and pulled away with a sour face.

The hotter one was all into me. She had an English/UK accent which I find annoying and sexy at the same time.

Rolled off!

Bumped into the 2 set of HB10’s again from Jersey.

Me: “Hey let’s dance [I never ask nor verbalize it, but I did this time].

HB10 (the target): “What!? Cant hear you”!!

Ok cool, so I just started grinding her thighs from the side.

So fucking semi-drunk guy approaches us and fucks up the set & the vibe.

Chic chats to the drunk guy while I grind her.

I could’ve pulled her away to isolation but…

Drunk guy tries AMOG me and saying that the chicc doesnt want to dance with me.

She gets annoyed by him and starts a mini-argument so I rolled off.

Spots a chubby girl from New York who I knew from back-in-the day.

Chatted and danced. She couldn’t dance so I rolled off.

HB10 almost knocks the drink out my hand trying to get away from some player-type guy.

She apologized, we chatted and danced, fount out she’s from St. Thomas U.S. Virgin Islands.

Some guy external interrupts. She Told me it’s her brother(lol).

I roll off.

For the guys saying, “why the fuck are you rolling off from all those sets”!?

Remember guys, I was not looking to f-close nor # close anyone. So no point in building a connection, etc.

My game over he past 2 years has been foused on being “more social”.

If the lay comes-I’d take it!

Chat up a 2 set: 1 chubby, the other slim.

Me: “You look pretty shy. Im tempted to loosen you up”.

Made mistake of ignoring the friend so the HB8 gave me a subtle fuck-off via body language and facial expression.

HB8: “I’m always shy. Can’t be loosen”.

I stalled so rolled off.

Bumped into HB again I knew from New York:

Me: “Whats up”?

HB NYC: “Tryna buy a drink but I must be invisible; cant get through”.

I went AFC’ish and tried getting bartender’s attention by damn near crawling over the counter.

Why did I do this? Dont know but it was very fucking try-hard and DLV’d me.

Random guy from across the bar motions to her with his hand as if to say to her, “do you want a drink”?

She nods head in affirmative.

He buys her drink then bring it over.

HB NYC @ me: “I got my drink so thanks for trying to get the bartender’s attention”.

I tried play it off, “Nah I was getting a drink for myself mainly”.


A buddy comes to me:

Wingman: “Hey Yata (my local nickname), I’m looking for this bad-ass chic wearing…….but I cant find her”.

He was actually gaming the same HB10 from New Jersey I danced with earlier. But she got pulled by some Don Juan-type natural.

Damn, my wingman getting schooled by the natural; even though my wing’s a natural gamer also like the Don Juan guy.

5 minutes later,spotted Jersey 2 set with the smooth natural.

Informed my wingman so he rolls over but the other natural guy seemed to have her hooked already. So he isolated her.

Damn he got isolation game for not being a community guy.

Wing is pissed off.

Ran into HB9 St. Thomas again who told me the guy who interrupted was her brother.

We danced, I complimented her (direct game which I never do).

Took a sip of her cocktail.

Some random-fucking guy again interrupts.

They hugged so they obviously knew each other.

I rolled out instead of standing there like a clown while she chats with the acquaintant.

Approached a lone wolf HB10 in the face but 8 in the body.

Danced for a minute without saying a word to her.

HB10: “Who said I wanted to dance”?

Ignored her comment and kept grinding her while holding her around the waist.

Her comment was flirty opposed to bitchy so it was all good.

Fount out she was from Dominica. Not Dominican Republic, but another Caribbean island with the same name but English speaking.

Rolled off.

Entered a dancing-mixed set.

Grabbed onto a model-figure chic who was about 6’3.

She looked back as if to see who the hell was grinding her: ugly or cute.

I guess she thought I was ugly so she moved away.

How embarrassing but I kept cool as a cucumber.

It’s near 5 A.M., heading for the exit.

My cousin Tawana from NYC grabs me and introduced me to her friend; and HB10.

We took group pics’.

I said to the HB10, “Make sure you post them on Facebook”.

I had the perfect logistics to seduce her since my cousin introd’ us but I was mentally drained at that moment to game anyone.

Headed for the exit.

Opened an HB7 with huge tits in a 2 set with a silly opener on the fly.

Me: “Hey I spotted your boyfriend dancing with some girl. You should get revenge by us dancing”.

I never expected this could-be fallacious opener to hook.

I just did it to be an asshole while leaving the venue.

But the HB7 grabs me and starts grinding me.

Wow-openers really don’t matter in clubs. All about body language projection.

My cousin took some pics of me grinding the 7.

She shies away from the cam so I bounced.

HB-Dominica outside the club being chat up by some smooth-looking guy.

Me: “Hey partner, she’s a good girl. Take care of her”.

Taps him on the shoulder then bounced.

The HB10 from Jersey I was dancing with earlier whom my wingman was gaming, was standing arm in arm kissing with the Alpha-natural dude who out gamed my wing.

Wow, this is really battle of the fittest.

Strongest survives. Strongest gets laid.

I learned a lot from the other night at the Lyme nightclub.

1) Other guys are waiting in the cut for you to open a girl(s) to seize the opportunity to capitalize off you gaming her.

2) Girls are fucking friendly and social.

Every girl I chatted up communicated with me.

3) Girls like audacity & balls. Just dance with her- don’t ask!

4) Longer you chat or dance with her on the spot, greater chance of some random guy interrupting.

So it’s advantageous to venue change, or isolate instantly!!!

My wing, who usually does great, got fucked over by opting to chat up the girl at the bar instead of pulling her to isolation at the lounge or outside.

All in all, I had massive fun even though it didn’t result in a lay; mainly ’cause I didn’t push for it.

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Peace out!

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