Got blownout (rejected) by an HB10 last night

Straight to the point.

Approached an HB10 standing on a corner fiddling with her phone.

Not much anxiety coming from me.

I opened with an opener made up on the spot as I seen her:

Me: “Hey, you’re that rude girl who passed me 5 minutes ago without saying good night. Bad manners”.

HB10: [Gave me a semi-WTF stare but I remained dominant] “Couldn’t have been me; I’ve been standing here for about 20 min. talking to someone”.

Then she goes back to fiddling with her cell phone as if to say, “get the hell out of here”.

Me: “Wow, 20 minutes, that’s pretty long to be waiting on some guy”.

HB: “Yea Im about to leave now, too much mosquitoes biting me since I forgot to put on the insect repellent”.

As she said that,she starts to body rock out or away as if to leave.

Me: “Hey, it’s too early to go; plus I’m talking, it’s kinda rude to just walk off”.

HB: “I know but I’ve been complaining about these mosquitoes all evening; I just want them to stop biting.”

As she’s saying this, she’s slightly/slowly walking away.

She did it in a semi flirty mannerism as to bait me to follow her.

Me: “You are totally exaggerating”.

At this point,I felt like grabbing her hand and gently pull her back.


I felt it,but I couldn’t pull the trigger and grab her hand (which is 1 of my signature moves in set).

I read her body language that she wanted me to be dominant and pull her back physically.

Missed opportunity there.

But I slowly followed her as she walked off.

I didn’t do it in a creepy/stalker way; we were still chatting as we walked off.

I think I also dropped the ball by letting her out walk me.

She was about 8 yards in front of me walking sideways kind of.

She was definitely not trying to flee out of fear.

It was more of baiting me to chase her physically and be dominant and demand her to stop and chat.

But I was too pussy to be that assertive & Alpha. Plus I was too far from her to physically stop her by holding her hand.

And she wasn’t speeding neither,she walked away gracefully while chatting with me sideways looking backwards; even standing there for a mili-second.

But, I miss calibrated and stopped also, rather than going to her when she’d stopped. Instead, she paused, and I paused about 8 yards behind her at the side.

This HB10 was all gamed,yet she just gave me the standard-token resistance and I interpreted them as IOD and rejection.

So in fact, when I think about that last night, she did not reject me verbally nor physically.

I blew the game my damn self.

This girl wanted to be seduced but I wasnt physical enough nor confident enough nor persistent enough.

I knew what I had to do; pace her, catch up to her, stop her, hold her (hand), etc.

But I just didnt pull the trigger.

I guess after all,I did have anxiety.

My opener wasn’t stellar neither-yet doable.

I wish I could do last night all over again for a same-night lay(lol)!

Anyway, like a stroke of luck, her fucking mobile rang right after, so I got phased out by her exaggerated- lively phone convo’.

I just let her walk at that point an abandonned the sarge mission.

Maybe I could’ve stayed or continued following her as she chatted on her phone.

Sounds AFC’ish & needy, but as Tyler Durden wrote, “Persistent is key”.

Some times, you have to toe the line of needy & persistent to get the girl.

Maybe I could’ve gotten her to stop, she chats on mobile for a bit, hangs up, then game on.

But I blew it again.

Feedback appreciated guys.

How would yall have handled this?

Was my problem not having a better opener to attract her [eventhough it doesnt matter the opener]?

Was I too passive and not firm enough in getting her to stay and chat?

Should I have went AFC and followed her anyway while she chatted on her phone?

What would yall have done to salvage this?

There’s zero friggin’ shortcuts to pussy!

Wow-literally my 1st. entry in a while.

It’s really hard keeping up with content while trying to stay busy in other areas.

I’ve noticed something about me that I’ve struggled with for years; inner game shit.

I had it under control for the past 3 years but over the last 6 months-it’s resurfaced.

That’s taking shortcuts- literally!

I’m not talking about metaphorically. I’m talking about literally taking shortcuts to reach a destination (via walking).

I doubt I’m the only guy who has suffered from this shortcut-syndrome.

Now really, why do we take shortcuts?

Is it really to arrive sooner to where the hell you wanna reach?

Perhaps [logically].

Or is it to avoid having to have to interact with people (strangers) and be social?

I think the latter speaks fucking volume.

People are afraid of having to interact.

So we opt for the back door to get to where we wanna be.

Let me break it down and clarify the concept.

Let’s say an average guy is at a bar or any other semi-crowded venue.

He wants to go to the restroom to take a piss or whatever. Not urgently, but he just wants to go.

But there’s a crowd of girls or mixed sets (males & females) directly in front of him.

To his left, there’s another set of people.

But to his right, he has a clear path; which just happens to be the shortest route to the restroom.

So he obviously takes route right. (clear path); primarily to avoid having to have to interact with the people in his way.

Logics may say; “take the shortcut”.

But is it logics saying this or is it fear & anxiety of having to face people?

Recently at a club, I fount myself circling the venue for the faster route to 1 of the bars; subconsciously seeking out a shortcut.

Why was I doing this?

Sure I wanted a fucking cocktail pronto!

But I could have went right through the crowds of people to get to the nearest bar.

Instead, I moped around like a weird AFC looking for a shortcut with less chances of having to communicate with anyone.

It’s a form of social anxiety basically!

The other night (morning) while leaving the club, I had 2 routes to chose in order to get to my friend’s parked car.

Route 1 was empty.

But route 2 was flooded with HB8-10’s, drunk, semi-sober, etc.

If I were to take route 2, I undoubtedly would’ve be noticed by the girls, thus may have been socially obliged to face them/interact/communicate.

So like a big pussy I felt like that night, I chose route 1, which was empty, just to avoid people in route 2.

Every time I do this, I beat myself up later on about it.

Like I said, I had this under total control over the past 3 years; I would walk right through a crowd of HB’s with balls of steel, and felt fine to open the whole set.

But my inner game in this aspect has failed me over the past 6 moths.

I”m now avoiding would-be interactions by taking shortcuts no matter where Im at: club, bar, street, store, etc.

Im wondering if Im the only one who’s noticed this in their game.

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