Girls on vacation are the easiest to fuck

Ok, another topic that’d make feminists cringe and scream, “Down with the seduction community”!

So let me explain myself and give clarity to this.

When I say “girls on vacation”, I’m referring to any where you are. So if you live in the North Pole- a girl on vacation would be a visitor to the NP.

Therefore I’m not just speaking of girls who vacation in my country-or island. This applies globally.

But the rational is pretty simple:

*She’s in a new and foreign environment, which put her off guard (mentally), and on guard to be opened. In other words, she’s vulnerable.

*When someone’s in a foreign environment, they become much more humble; which makes them more approachable and receptive.

Yes, she’ll be on guard or somewhat on edge. But that fades away in a mili-sec.

Reminds me of a wild dog in the comfort of its own home; it’d bite you the frig up!

But when let lose in a strange environment (out the house or yard), it becomes tame like a pussy cat.

Sorry for using the female & dog comparison [couldn’t find a better example].

So the psychology at play is crystal clear:

People (women) outside of their comfort zones are more susceptible to game, to be manipulated, conned, tricked, whatever….

I’ve been in this position many times!

It’s sought of like the feeling you get when on a job interview, or your first day at work: you’ll be much more approachable opposed to when comfortable.

Shit- years ago when I started working at a sand-mining firm, I was the new-kid on the bloc.

Other seasoned employees would get on me and banter with me for being unskilled at certain tasks.

Did I cuss, get angry and rebel?

Hell no!

I was the foreign guy, the new kid, fresh fucking meat. I innately knew I had a role to play; which was to be fucking humble and take that shit.

As time when on, I naturally relaxed and started being like the other guys. Cycle continued with the other newbie workers.

So that’s equivalent to the disposition of the “girl on the vacation”; she wont offend you nor reject your attempts at conversation.

Her subconscious aim is to get acquainted FAST!

With people, places & things.

She must build allies. Cant afford to make enemies in a foreign environment.

Since noticing this dynamic at play, I’d seized the moment with having this knowledge at hand.

Years ago, I used to attend festivals and carnivals with buddies, and they would say to me, “I wanna approach the girl with the British accent but she doesn’t seem to know anyone here. She’d reject my ass in a heart beat”.


She’s prime-fucking target.

Not because she’s British, but she’s obviously foreign to the environment by her telling-body language and awkward demeanor!

It’s sought of like going to a night club for the first time, you feel out of your element, bare, naked and vulnerable.

When a girl is in this head space, it’s the best time to approach.

She doesn’t have to be foreign nor a vacationer.

As long as she displays signs of being out of her element.

And this isn’t equivalent to being on-guard, defensive or having locked-up body language.

When a girl is lock-up and unapproachable (via body language), she displays the following signs:

* Folded arm

* Clenched face

* Not bashful to look you in the eye longer than socially normal

She just looks flat-out unapproachable.

A woman who’s “opened” to being approached displays the following signs:

* Un-folded arms

* Pleasant face

* Looking downwards (afraid to look anyone directly in the face since she’s in a foreign environment)

So those are ways I can discern whether a girl is approachble(foreign), or unapproachable (used to the enviornment).

The chances of a girl on vacation (overtly) rejecting you is as slim as shooting a basketball through a rim-that is a 100 yards away.

Token resistance still may apply.

She may not jump on your cock instantly from shooting your opener; she will be startled, confused as if she doesnt know if you’re addressing her or the girl behind her.

But after that initial mini-shock & awe second, she should be jolly and open like a kid in a candy shop.

So guys, dont confuse an initial discombobulation for rejection.

She’s looking for allies not enemies.

This theory of mines exclusively applies to

* Girls on vacation


* Girls in a foreign enviornment(new club, new bar, different town, new café, etc.)

This does not apply to the “regulars”!

Game the regulars as you would game naturally. Standard pick-up rules apply.

You can tone down the game and DHV’s with the foreign girl.

AFC’s in my town get laid or lucky from gaming foreign girl who are out of their elements.

So if AFC’s can lay foreign girls, that means a PUA can tone down the attraction and not over neg, no DHV material, no routines (the Cube, etc.) and still get the girl.

Topless beach goer

Topless beach goer

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