Got crippled by AA (Approach Anxiety)


I spotted her,

She’s approaching,

She’s gone!

Yesterday I was chilling at my grandmother’s, standing at the entrance way actually looking out into the street.

Spotted a hot girl approaching from about 50 yards away.

I struggled trying to come up with a perfect-canned opener[eventhough I mostly use my own unique openers nowadays].

But I couldnt!

She’s now about 30 yards away.

Thought of a situational opener: the weather, what time is it…?


I cant even come up with a fucking situational opener!

She’s now 25 yards away.

Im panicking,anxious and visibly boggled. Saying to myself:

“What am I gonna do?

What am I gonna say!?

She’s right fucking there!

Open with something-anything”!!

….Then it happened: she passed.

She just passed and I couldn’t do shit.

Couldn’t say shit actually.

I watched her pass on by as she nodded her head and smile as to greet me.

This shits should not be happening to a seasoned-social dynamic guy (me).

Democrats are fucking pussies[concerning Anthony Weiner]!!!!

Congressman Anthony Weiner

Congressman Anthony Weiner

I dont even know where to begin.

First off, I’m a liberal at heart, and a would-be Democrat if I were to permanently reside in the U.S.

So I consider the Democratic party-“my party”.

But I have a deep disliking for political pussies and wussies who wither away like fucking dry weeds!

Why don’t we EVER witness this sought of jelly-backing pussiness from the GOP (Republicans)!?

Now, what am I referring to here?

New York Congressman: Anthony Weiner!

Well, from today, he’s now FORMER congressman Weiner.

For friggin’ tweeting!?


Non-criminal act!?

I’m more now pissed at Weiner for resigning than at his colleagues who threw him under the damn 16-wheeler Mack truck!

How many damn Republicans have been caught doing crazy/illegal shit, yet stay in power?

Even if they’d resigned, they weren’t thrown under the bus by fellow Republicans.

Im starting to believe that the people who are ridiculing Weiner are actually some fat-bald men with beer bellies protruding further than an erect dick. Jealous that they don’t have a Weiner-bod'(lol).

I’m 29 and athletic, but I don’t even have a body like weiner’s.

In the media, Im only and mostly hearing from men saying how much of a sicko Weiner is, and he needs to be proverbially lynched.

What about the women!!!?

It seems to be that women aren’t giving a shit about this non-issues.

Besides Nancy Pelosi, I haven’t heard any woman in politics (on the liberal side), nor any female guest speaker on liberal media, came out and condemned Weiner’s act.

Seems to me that men are the ONLY one condemning him.

Now I see the correlation with the seducing women: other men will always seize the moment to cock block and AMOG you like a fucking beta male (weakling).

I’ve tweeted my ass off on this topic so Im currently brain fried so Im gonna leave it here.


Another mind-fucking tactical game women play [+ sex & religion]

Ok guys, let me not beat around the bush with this one.

I got the idea of writing this blog post after reading a tweet by WillyWonka, which basically touches upon mind-games women may play regarded to sex.

Ever met a girl today,eventually start banging her days/weeks later, become fuck-buddies, fling, LTR(relationship), etc?

Then some where down the line,this same girl now indirectly professes to be a saint when it comes to sex.

Classic example:

I meet girl C. We hit it off, have great sex, etc.

Girl C gives a mean blowjob that would send any fortunate guy to cloud 9!

All is good with Girl C.

Girl C and I have a falling out, or we just decide to move on quite amicably from being fuck-buddies.

Now months later, Girl C contacts me (or vice versa) to chat, hang out and catch up.

Cool so far.

Girl C and I are now on the couch making out heavily like wild rabbits.

I can recall the spectacular blowjob she gives, so Im now anticipating that to go down as it did when we first met months prior.

No big friggin’ deal right?


Girl C now decides to drop the Atom bomb on me when I motioned for her to go down (as she’d done normally):

Girl C: “Nah, I dont do that anymore. I’ve changed my life(style)”.


Not now!!!!!

Pull this shit with the next guy, the next time, but not this time with me!

That’s what I was saying to myself with a desperate groan.

Long story short-mission aborted.

Now, Girl C is fictional. That whole story was made up to reach a point.

I have had similar things occur with women; more so via phone convo.

I usually wanna figure out where she’s at (sexually) before I waste time trying to re-connect with the fuck-buddy.

Ok, true story now:

I had a fuck-buddy few years back.

We did all kinds of shit sexually; in line with heterosexual acts of course.

But I mostly enjoyed her bj’s & anal banging; this chick was a pro!

We eventually discontinued our fling and hadn’t spoken in 5 months or so. But we’d parted on good terms.

We reconnected over the phone [I fount her # somehow].

Good timing on my part actually; she was dying to hear from me!

During the chat,sex was brought up almost mutually. But that’s where the vibe went south-dead!

And this isnt unique to this girl.

This happens with EVERY girl I used to bang: no fucking exceptions!

So I brought up the topic of anal sex (which she loved).

I didnt just bring it up untactfully like an AFC. I smoothly transitioned the convo into sex once I sensed she was warmed enough.

Nevertheless, the vibe and her tone went south.

She said, “I don’t do anal sex anymore”.

Me: “For real? Why the hell not”?!!

HB9: “I changed my life(style); those things are wrong”.

Me: “What!!!? So how about oral sex, What’s your new position on that”?

HB9: “I dont do that anymore neither. It’s nasty to be honest”.

Me: “Lol, you’re killing me”.

Now let’s fast forward and delve into her psyche:


I dont buy her shit!!

I believe she was lying to me and trying to persuade me to think that she was an angel: born-again angel.

Women do this a lot.

Guys, if you’ve never had this happen; you never been laid.

I find that religion plays a huge part in swaying the minds of many girls (in regards to sex).

Somehow, Christians or Muslims aren’t to be having anal sex, oral sex, doggy style, nor any form of sex for that matter.

And this’ within the confines of being married.

It’s taboo for a religious-married couple to engage in oral, anal, etc. So Im not just speaking on sex out of wedlock being wrong if you’re a Christian, Muslim or Jew.

Example of religion swaying a woman’s belief:

A sexually-expressive girl aka a freak, would drop everything she knows and does sexually, after seeing a telecast of Joyce Meyer, T.D. Jakes or any other recognized-religious pastor.

And it’s not that they preach not to have oral/anal sex. But once a girl sees or hears anything religious, she comes to the conclusion that oral & anal is taboo and should be avoided.

And it’s not like these girls become celebate or abstain from sex all together.

Hell fucking no!!

They still get laid, despite knowing sex out of marriage isn’t allowed.

But these girls assume that anal, oral or swallowing would be abominable acts, while having sex exclusively would somehow be acceptable.

Since when is giving a blowjob taboo!?

Dont get me wrong, I’d understand if the girl never goes down. Or she went down once and hated it.

But dont tell me after being a blowjob queen and taking it up the butt like a pro for ages, that you no longer do those things.

Or that you all of a sudden see it as taboo, nasty or unhealthy.

Cool, Im for people making lifestyle changes.

But be genuine about it.

I can bet 100% of those girls who’d sold me that bullshit were actually lying to me.

And they probably went down on some guy the following day.

That same guy she will then say to months from now, “I dont do that anymore”.

While having raunchy sex with some other guy(s) perpetuating the cycle of bullshit and lies.

What’s behind all this mental fuckery?

Backwards rationalization of course.

Deploying her ASD (anti-slut defenses) to TRY preserve her sainthood.

Womens’ #1 fear is to be perceived as sluts [the seduction community teaches us this].

In spite both of us already know that she’s a freak, and she loves being on the sluttier side (which every man loves), she still cannot help but to play the saint role. Anything other than “the missionary position is taboo” role.

The causes get deep than religion.

Once had a girl who told me that she doesnt go down anymore, after reading a newspaper article of a girl contracting some oral STD via blowjob.

That totally made her anti-blowjobs.

Whether it’s true or not (getting an STD via bj) is besides the point.

This girl may tell me this, but she’s most likely still going down on some other asshole, until he finds himself in my shoes months later, and she’s telling him she doesnt go down anymore.

But I do find mostly that religion is the #1 culprit in having women very unstable when it comes to sexual acts.

So,to the guys who’ve encountered this before but didnt know from where it came, this post should have shed some light on it.

Possible to pick up girls on Twitter?

Sexy Twitter chicks

Sexy Twitter chicks

Hey guys, my 1st. post in about a week.

Honestly, there’s no excuse for me not blogging- beside being a lazy ass who cannot remain consistent at anything!!

Ok focus!

After commenting on a Facebook link, by the dating coach J.T. Styles ( ), we rambled on a bit about Twitter-game.

Ok, well I did most of the rambling (out of sheer curiosity). And Im starting to ponder the possibilities.

1) Would it be logistical (maybe not)?

2) Is there privacy (since everyone sees your tweets)?

I’m figuring that the logistics would be fucking poor: lack of privacy, too many other tweets to sidetrack the target, etc.

With all that being said, Im still wondering if it’s possible to game on Twitter.

I’d tried (subtly) the other day, but the chick’s attention got stolen away by some other tweets. That just made me throw in the towel although it was just a feel-out.

Feedback appreciated guys-or gals.

How I picked up the hottest girl at the club- who’s usually bitchy


Hot girls are usually bitchy! Whether that stems from their insecurities or from the many guys they’ve rejected over the years: bitchiness & beauty usually goes hand in hand.

Ok, with that out the way, lets get to the action!!

Few years ago, after reading an online-seduction article on gaming hotter girls [cant remember by which dating coach], I was pumped as hell to try out some new stuff! I was flying solo that night (no wingman to fuck up my game).

Ordered a cocktail, then headed to the dancefloor to survey some ass while tryna look as normal as possible (and not like an AFC/weird guy).

I usually dont go for the hottest chic in a venue [too much competition]. But this time-instead of settling for an 8 or 9, a hot ass HB10 caught my eyes from the get-go!!! Not only my eyes; this chick had every guy’s attention at the Coast night club!

I mean it was mesmerizing the way she twirled and whined like an Indian- belly dancer.

All the average guys, naturals & players were hovering around this chick like fucking helicopters. Some tryna talk to her, others tryna dance with her, others asking her to let them buy her drinks…

Of course she shut them down like a true b***h would.

I’d typically be one of those rejectees [thanks to the underground-seduction community].

So I threw on my James Bond cool demeanor while I gave her “the eye”.

Not a gawking,deer in the headlights stare. But a dominant look with a sly stare & smile which exude, “I’m not like those other chumps”.

I mean,we spoke to each other via body language & eye contact. Not a word said, but our bodies were in tuned. It’s divine; cant put it in words but I just felt it.

At this point, I body rock out (turn my back towards her). We were about 15 yards apart; a technique I’d learned from reading materials by Mystery aka Erik Von Markovik [the God of pick-up].

While all the guys were facing her,I was the only one slightly turned away. That shit must’ve made her insecurity alarms go off (questioning her beauty), “why isnt he paying me any attention, am I not pretty enough, is he not attracted-why not”?

That’s what usually runs through the minds of high-maintenance types, when they’re not given the attention they think they deserved, they then question themselves.

Sure, she had all the attention a girl could ask for (from about 20 men in her circumference), but those men weren’t challenging. They indicated their interests way too soon, thus disqualifying themselves before the game began.

I was “the only” challenge she had.

She eventually got jaded and tired of all the attention, so she exited the dancefloor and went to look over the railings into the bay [the club overlooks a bay since it was on the island’s coast line].20120115-172545.jpg

So I made my way over to her (from the side, so I didn’t startle her by coming up directly behind her like a creep)…

And I said these magical words to her “I can dance way better than you“, then walked off right away [slowly, confidently and cocky].

Now you may ask, “what was so magical about that line”? But the magic wasnt in the line(words), but the audacity to go up to the hottest girl in the club and say something bold with a cool-sly smile.

She expected me to throw some cheesy-ass pick up line, compliment or offer to buy her a drink like 95% of guys would. But I flipped the script with a C&F line [pick up slang for something ballsy and challenging], which totally fucked up her mental circuitry.

And to top it off-I walked off instead of staying there like a needy-guy (subcommunicating that I was lonely and wanted to chat). So I walked away slowly to the nearest bar in the venue where she would be able to see where I went.

Now remember, Im following a script here: according to the pick-up article I’d read a week prior to this, if done right (the take aways, body language, etc.), she would track me down to continue the chat.

All I had to do from then on was to not get lost in the crowd where she couldn’t see me.

Still skeptical of this working (she following me and tracking me down), I ordered another Malibu & pj and got sidetracked by 1 of the TV’s in a lounge area. Then I felt a tap on my shoulder-which scared the shit out of me! Turned around, and it was the HB10-Hot Girl.

At this point, Im paralyzed with anxiety not knowing what to say since I didnt expect she’d actually come over to me!!!

So she leaned in animatedly and yelled, “why do you think you can dance better than me”?

I cant remember what I said aftrewards but 10 minutes later, we were making out heavy in a secluded area of the club. I end up taking her back to my expensive hotel, but had no fuckin condom so didnt get to lay her [fuck]!!!

Heritage Hotel Antigua

The Heritage Hotel on the island of Antigua where I took her

All that heavy making out for shit!

Had to settle for some oral play. This girl was actually my first squirter BTW. That shit was crazy lmao.


Ok guys, that approach may not work for everyone nor on any girl, but it’s a very powerful technique for seducing in clubs or bars or any night venues.

Frankly, it’d work better in bars where the music isnt that loud and it isnt over crowded.

And it’s not the words, it’s the balls to not supplicate and suck up to a 10 just because she’s hot.

Having the balls to walk away, knowing and believing that she’ll pursue you (eventhough I didnt believe it at first).

And she didnt have to re-open me; I had the solid option to go back up to her later on, knowing she was already attracted and open since our dancefloor flirting.

For a great article on ‘Club Game’, check out my man Fade PUA’s , “How to get a girl from the club”. It breaks down 3 crucial elements to a better time at gaming and pulling girls in night clubs.

Yours truly: SocialKenny signing off till later.


Girls on vacation are the easiest to fuck

Ok, another topic that’d make feminists cringe and scream, “Down with the seduction community”!

So let me explain myself and give clarity to this.

When I say “girls on vacation”, I’m referring to any where you are. So if you live in the North Pole- a girl on vacation would be a visitor to the NP.

Therefore I’m not just speaking of girls who vacation in my country-or island. This applies globally.

But the rational is pretty simple:

*She’s in a new and foreign environment, which put her off guard (mentally), and on guard to be opened. In other words, she’s vulnerable.

*When someone’s in a foreign environment, they become much more humble; which makes them more approachable and receptive.

Yes, she’ll be on guard or somewhat on edge. But that fades away in a mili-sec.

Reminds me of a wild dog in the comfort of its own home; it’d bite you the frig up!

But when let lose in a strange environment (out the house or yard), it becomes tame like a pussy cat.

Sorry for using the female & dog comparison [couldn’t find a better example].

So the psychology at play is crystal clear:

People (women) outside of their comfort zones are more susceptible to game, to be manipulated, conned, tricked, whatever….

I’ve been in this position many times!

It’s sought of like the feeling you get when on a job interview, or your first day at work: you’ll be much more approachable opposed to when comfortable.

Shit- years ago when I started working at a sand-mining firm, I was the new-kid on the bloc.

Other seasoned employees would get on me and banter with me for being unskilled at certain tasks.

Did I cuss, get angry and rebel?

Hell no!

I was the foreign guy, the new kid, fresh fucking meat. I innately knew I had a role to play; which was to be fucking humble and take that shit.

As time when on, I naturally relaxed and started being like the other guys. Cycle continued with the other newbie workers.

So that’s equivalent to the disposition of the “girl on the vacation”; she wont offend you nor reject your attempts at conversation.

Her subconscious aim is to get acquainted FAST!

With people, places & things.

She must build allies. Cant afford to make enemies in a foreign environment.

Since noticing this dynamic at play, I’d seized the moment with having this knowledge at hand.

Years ago, I used to attend festivals and carnivals with buddies, and they would say to me, “I wanna approach the girl with the British accent but she doesn’t seem to know anyone here. She’d reject my ass in a heart beat”.


She’s prime-fucking target.

Not because she’s British, but she’s obviously foreign to the environment by her telling-body language and awkward demeanor!

It’s sought of like going to a night club for the first time, you feel out of your element, bare, naked and vulnerable.

When a girl is in this head space, it’s the best time to approach.

She doesn’t have to be foreign nor a vacationer.

As long as she displays signs of being out of her element.

And this isn’t equivalent to being on-guard, defensive or having locked-up body language.

When a girl is lock-up and unapproachable (via body language), she displays the following signs:

* Folded arm

* Clenched face

* Not bashful to look you in the eye longer than socially normal

She just looks flat-out unapproachable.

A woman who’s “opened” to being approached displays the following signs:

* Un-folded arms

* Pleasant face

* Looking downwards (afraid to look anyone directly in the face since she’s in a foreign environment)

So those are ways I can discern whether a girl is approachble(foreign), or unapproachable (used to the enviornment).

The chances of a girl on vacation (overtly) rejecting you is as slim as shooting a basketball through a rim-that is a 100 yards away.

Token resistance still may apply.

She may not jump on your cock instantly from shooting your opener; she will be startled, confused as if she doesnt know if you’re addressing her or the girl behind her.

But after that initial mini-shock & awe second, she should be jolly and open like a kid in a candy shop.

So guys, dont confuse an initial discombobulation for rejection.

She’s looking for allies not enemies.

This theory of mines exclusively applies to

* Girls on vacation


* Girls in a foreign enviornment(new club, new bar, different town, new café, etc.)

This does not apply to the “regulars”!

Game the regulars as you would game naturally. Standard pick-up rules apply.

You can tone down the game and DHV’s with the foreign girl.

AFC’s in my town get laid or lucky from gaming foreign girl who are out of their elements.

So if AFC’s can lay foreign girls, that means a PUA can tone down the attraction and not over neg, no DHV material, no routines (the Cube, etc.) and still get the girl.

Topless beach goer

Topless beach goer

Women on online-dating sites are full of shit; dont be psyched out guys!

Seems like I’ve been on a women-bashing spree lately-but not without cause.

I wrote this a few months ago on the pick-up artist forum(Chics suck at pickup). And as expected,all the guys agreed with my insights on this matter.

95% of the female profiles you’d find on POF, or any other dating site for that matter, would read like this:

1) “I’m no fly-by night chick”.

2) “If you’re looking for a one-nighter; keep it moving, Im not that kinda girl”.

3) “Im looking for something long term; not just a fling”.

4) “Im not all about sex, so anyone who’s looking to hook up, dont contact me”.

I can go on and on with similar shit you’d encounter while browsing 95% of the females’ profiles.

Now,a guy who’s skilled in social dynamics, pick-up or psychology would automatically see through the bullshit like looking through clear glass.

There’s a lot of plausible deniability in such profiles. Not saying every girl who says that really doesnt mean it.

They are genuine girls out there who really aren’t looking to strictly hook up.

Anyways, to personally explore this theory of mines [that most women (online) who say they dont want to hook up really wants to], I signed up on POF.

Made a decent PUA-type profile filled with cheeky-negs, C&F lines, ballsy shit, etc.

Now, for experimental purposes, I had 1 goal in mind; target and contact the women who explicitly say in their profiles that they’re not looking to hook up, bla bla bla…Whether they’re skinny, chubby, hot, ugly, white, blue…it doesnt matter.

Within a month, I’d contacted about 50 of those women with such profiles.

About 20 of them replied within 3 days. The rest were either not interested or some didn’t log on POF in weeks to months.

Out of the 20 respondents within that month (February 2011), I was only able to zone in on and keep up with about 12 of them [Come on guys, y’all cant seriously expect me to game 20 girls with equal attention in that short space of time].

Keep in mind, those 12 girls (HB7 to 10’s) all had profiles stating:

“Im not a fling,I must get to know a guy for a while before getting intimate, keep it moving if you’re just looking to fuck, etc”.

So if I were a guy (AFC) strictly looking to hook up, those chicks would’ve been off limits.

But being skilled in social mastery (thanks to the community), I knew those girls were compensating for their true desires (sex), and that they’re trying to pre-activate their anti-slut defenses, etc.

Oh,and to weed out the beta males who cannot see through this.

Ok, so I gamed those 12 girls as I’d normally do over the course of a week: using negs, DHV stories, cocky & funny, etc.

I even went direct with about 2 of them!

That’s saying a fucking lot from a guy who only does in-direct gaming [me].

Im not gonna get into specifics of what was said-plus I cant remember, but within 1 day of gaming each of the 12 girls [12 days each], I got #’s, phone sex proposals, and meet up attempts.

Im not focusing on the # closes,that’s friggin’ nothing!!

The grand scheme here is, all of those 12 girls knew my intentions.

Yes I used in-direct pick up, but I eventually went direct to pump their buying temperatures and get the ball rolling.

They knew what the hell I wanted eventhough I never said, “I wanna fuck you”.

That would’ve only activated her bitch shield or ASD.

Like I said,I did go direct eventually telling them my intentions is not to chit chat, I have a gf already and Im always on the go.

They appreciated the honesty, unlike most pussies who would conceal having a gf.

6 of the 12 girls wanted to have instant-phone or cyber sex.

And all 12 of them # exchanged and set up a meet with me to of course get laid, not to friggin’ play checkers!!

This isnt speculation,those wanna-be high-maintenance girls let me know straight up they wanted to get laid!

Totally contrary to their Mother Teresa saint-like profiles!!

And within few hours of net chat(inboxing), they wanted to virtually rip my clothes off(lmao)!!

Now, the only thing that prevented me from laying those girls was that it was strictly experimentation-plus I have a MILF gf who would’ve killed me(lol)!

But all I had to do was hop in a car or cab then seal the deal!

Moral of the story is?:

Never buy into womens’ shit; be it online or in person.

I wasnt stupid enough to tell the girls that they’re being hypocrits and contradictive (which would’ve only caused them to backward rationlize and re-think).

Those girls appreciated that I knew what time it is and I wasnt judging them.

I knew they secretly wanted to be shagged eventhough their profiles were saintly, and in opposition to having lays.

I could’nt begin to count how many men probably missed out on lays by falling for the BS, and frankly, not being smart enough to see through the games in which women play.


“I don’t reveal my salary”!!

Gone are the days of confidentiality & respect for other’s privacy.

Now, I don’t have an issue with this currently. Meaning, there isn’t some nosy muthaf****r trying to pry how much I work for.

In fact- Im unemployed (thanks recession)!!

But that’s besides the point.

Working or not, I have buddies who unabashedly ask me, “how much you got paid”?

If we’re out clubbing, “how much cash you brought”.

Surprisingly, I dont have this prob’ with women I’d lain. So the gold-diggers somehow avoid me [thankful for that].

But it gets friggin’ annoying when friends & relatives ask me how much do I make?

That should be strictly confidential.

I actually had a falling out with my lawyer friend who wanted to know how much I make [this was few years ago].

Somehow, when someone asks me that, it’s tantamount to fucking treason to our relationship.

I feel like Im being robbed of privacy.

IDK, maybe it’s just me.

My moment of desperation and towing the stalker line

Ok guys; confession time.

But first, let me say that we’ve all been there.

Not specifically in my shoes, but we’ve all done weird- DLV shit in attempts to pick up.

Surprisingly though, what I did actually seemed to charm the girl opposed to weirding her out!

Now I don’t know how many guys do this or maybe I’m just the only one to think out the box.

Ok enough with the suspense-here it goes:

Reading a local newspaper one day [the Antigua Observer, ran across an article about “employee of the month”.

It featured an HB9 who actually won the national award (kudoos).

Ok cool so far.

But this chic was smoking like a house on fire! Nice ass, decent tits, good smile…

So what a ladies’ man/PUA to do?

You guessed it!

Contact her!!!

Ok, maybe that was a desperado-beta move- so kill me!

Anyways, took out my smartphone then immediately looked her ass up on Facebook.

Fount her, poked her, she replied, I replied with some lame-ass reason as to how I knew her.

Surprisingly, it actually went well.

We # exchanged and it was ON from then!

Wow, what the F*** was I thinking!!!?

I must’ve really been bored.

That was borderline stalkerish when I retrospect.

Thought she would’ve rejected me once I told her how I got her info(name).

Maybe it’s the way transitioned playfully and kept the mood light; which in turn allayed any possibility of fear.

If I’d online approached her with, “wow Im so in love with you”, she’d probably run for the hills [rightfully so].

I’ll have a part 2 breakdown to this.

Check out the PUA acronym and term page to familiarize yourself with the lingo used on this website

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