Got crippled by AA (Approach Anxiety)


I spotted her,

She’s approaching,

She’s gone!

Yesterday I was chilling at my grandmother’s, standing at the entrance way actually looking out into the street.

Spotted a hot girl approaching from about 50 yards away.

I struggled trying to come up with a perfect-canned opener[eventhough I mostly use my own unique openers nowadays].

But I couldnt!

She’s now about 30 yards away.

Thought of a situational opener: the weather, what time is it…?


I cant even come up with a fucking situational opener!

She’s now 25 yards away.

Im panicking,anxious and visibly boggled. Saying to myself:

“What am I gonna do?

What am I gonna say!?

She’s right fucking there!

Open with something-anything”!!

….Then it happened: she passed.

She just passed and I couldn’t do shit.

Couldn’t say shit actually.

I watched her pass on by as she nodded her head and smile as to greet me.

This shits should not be happening to a seasoned-social dynamic guy (me).

Democrats are fucking pussies[concerning Anthony Weiner]!!!!

Congressman Anthony Weiner

Congressman Anthony Weiner

I dont even know where to begin.

First off, I’m a liberal at heart, and a would-be Democrat if I were to permanently reside in the U.S.

So I consider the Democratic party-“my party”.

But I have a deep disliking for political pussies and wussies who wither away like fucking dry weeds!

Why don’t we EVER witness this sought of jelly-backing pussiness from the GOP (Republicans)!?

Now, what am I referring to here?

New York Congressman: Anthony Weiner!

Well, from today, he’s now FORMER congressman Weiner.

For friggin’ tweeting!?


Non-criminal act!?

I’m more now pissed at Weiner for resigning than at his colleagues who threw him under the damn 16-wheeler Mack truck!

How many damn Republicans have been caught doing crazy/illegal shit, yet stay in power?

Even if they’d resigned, they weren’t thrown under the bus by fellow Republicans.

Im starting to believe that the people who are ridiculing Weiner are actually some fat-bald men with beer bellies protruding further than an erect dick. Jealous that they don’t have a Weiner-bod'(lol).

I’m 29 and athletic, but I don’t even have a body like weiner’s.

In the media, Im only and mostly hearing from men saying how much of a sicko Weiner is, and he needs to be proverbially lynched.

What about the women!!!?

It seems to be that women aren’t giving a shit about this non-issues.

Besides Nancy Pelosi, I haven’t heard any woman in politics (on the liberal side), nor any female guest speaker on liberal media, came out and condemned Weiner’s act.

Seems to me that men are the ONLY one condemning him.

Now I see the correlation with the seducing women: other men will always seize the moment to cock block and AMOG you like a fucking beta male (weakling).

I’ve tweeted my ass off on this topic so Im currently brain fried so Im gonna leave it here.


Another mind-fucking tactical game women play [+ sex & religion]

Ok guys, let me not beat around the bush with this one.

I got the idea of writing this blog post after reading a tweet by WillyWonka, which basically touches upon mind-games women may play regarded to sex.

Ever met a girl today,eventually start banging her days/weeks later, become fuck-buddies, fling, LTR(relationship), etc?

Then some where down the line,this same girl now indirectly professes to be a saint when it comes to sex.

Classic example:

I meet girl C. We hit it off, have great sex, etc.

Girl C gives a mean blowjob that would send any fortunate guy to cloud 9!

All is good with Girl C.

Girl C and I have a falling out, or we just decide to move on quite amicably from being fuck-buddies.

Now months later, Girl C contacts me (or vice versa) to chat, hang out and catch up.

Cool so far.

Girl C and I are now on the couch making out heavily like wild rabbits.

I can recall the spectacular blowjob she gives, so Im now anticipating that to go down as it did when we first met months prior.

No big friggin’ deal right?


Girl C now decides to drop the Atom bomb on me when I motioned for her to go down (as she’d done normally):

Girl C: “Nah, I dont do that anymore. I’ve changed my life(style)”.


Not now!!!!!

Pull this shit with the next guy, the next time, but not this time with me!

That’s what I was saying to myself with a desperate groan.

Long story short-mission aborted.

Now, Girl C is fictional. That whole story was made up to reach a point.

I have had similar things occur with women; more so via phone convo.

I usually wanna figure out where she’s at (sexually) before I waste time trying to re-connect with the fuck-buddy.

Ok, true story now:

I had a fuck-buddy few years back.

We did all kinds of shit sexually; in line with heterosexual acts of course.

But I mostly enjoyed her bj’s & anal banging; this chick was a pro!

We eventually discontinued our fling and hadn’t spoken in 5 months or so. But we’d parted on good terms.

We reconnected over the phone [I fount her # somehow].

Good timing on my part actually; she was dying to hear from me!

During the chat,sex was brought up almost mutually. But that’s where the vibe went south-dead!

And this isnt unique to this girl.

This happens with EVERY girl I used to bang: no fucking exceptions!

So I brought up the topic of anal sex (which she loved).

I didnt just bring it up untactfully like an AFC. I smoothly transitioned the convo into sex once I sensed she was warmed enough.

Nevertheless, the vibe and her tone went south.

She said, “I don’t do anal sex anymore”.

Me: “For real? Why the hell not”?!!

HB9: “I changed my life(style); those things are wrong”.

Me: “What!!!? So how about oral sex, What’s your new position on that”?

HB9: “I dont do that anymore neither. It’s nasty to be honest”.

Me: “Lol, you’re killing me”.

Now let’s fast forward and delve into her psyche:


I dont buy her shit!!

I believe she was lying to me and trying to persuade me to think that she was an angel: born-again angel.

Women do this a lot.

Guys, if you’ve never had this happen; you never been laid.

I find that religion plays a huge part in swaying the minds of many girls (in regards to sex).

Somehow, Christians or Muslims aren’t to be having anal sex, oral sex, doggy style, nor any form of sex for that matter.

And this’ within the confines of being married.

It’s taboo for a religious-married couple to engage in oral, anal, etc. So Im not just speaking on sex out of wedlock being wrong if you’re a Christian, Muslim or Jew.

Example of religion swaying a woman’s belief:

A sexually-expressive girl aka a freak, would drop everything she knows and does sexually, after seeing a telecast of Joyce Meyer, T.D. Jakes or any other recognized-religious pastor.

And it’s not that they preach not to have oral/anal sex. But once a girl sees or hears anything religious, she comes to the conclusion that oral & anal is taboo and should be avoided.

And it’s not like these girls become celebate or abstain from sex all together.

Hell fucking no!!

They still get laid, despite knowing sex out of marriage isn’t allowed.

But these girls assume that anal, oral or swallowing would be abominable acts, while having sex exclusively would somehow be acceptable.

Since when is giving a blowjob taboo!?

Dont get me wrong, I’d understand if the girl never goes down. Or she went down once and hated it.

But dont tell me after being a blowjob queen and taking it up the butt like a pro for ages, that you no longer do those things.

Or that you all of a sudden see it as taboo, nasty or unhealthy.

Cool, Im for people making lifestyle changes.

But be genuine about it.

I can bet 100% of those girls who’d sold me that bullshit were actually lying to me.

And they probably went down on some guy the following day.

That same guy she will then say to months from now, “I dont do that anymore”.

While having raunchy sex with some other guy(s) perpetuating the cycle of bullshit and lies.

What’s behind all this mental fuckery?

Backwards rationalization of course.

Deploying her ASD (anti-slut defenses) to TRY preserve her sainthood.

Womens’ #1 fear is to be perceived as sluts [the seduction community teaches us this].

In spite both of us already know that she’s a freak, and she loves being on the sluttier side (which every man loves), she still cannot help but to play the saint role. Anything other than “the missionary position is taboo” role.

The causes get deep than religion.

Once had a girl who told me that she doesnt go down anymore, after reading a newspaper article of a girl contracting some oral STD via blowjob.

That totally made her anti-blowjobs.

Whether it’s true or not (getting an STD via bj) is besides the point.

This girl may tell me this, but she’s most likely still going down on some other asshole, until he finds himself in my shoes months later, and she’s telling him she doesnt go down anymore.

But I do find mostly that religion is the #1 culprit in having women very unstable when it comes to sexual acts.

So,to the guys who’ve encountered this before but didnt know from where it came, this post should have shed some light on it.

Possible to pick up girls on Twitter?

Sexy Twitter chicks

Sexy Twitter chicks

Hey guys, my 1st. post in about a week.

Honestly, there’s no excuse for me not blogging- beside being a lazy ass who cannot remain consistent at anything!!

Ok focus!

After commenting on a Facebook link, by the dating coach J.T. Styles ( ), we rambled on a bit about Twitter-game.

Ok, well I did most of the rambling (out of sheer curiosity). And Im starting to ponder the possibilities.

1) Would it be logistical (maybe not)?

2) Is there privacy (since everyone sees your tweets)?

I’m figuring that the logistics would be fucking poor: lack of privacy, too many other tweets to sidetrack the target, etc.

With all that being said, Im still wondering if it’s possible to game on Twitter.

I’d tried (subtly) the other day, but the chick’s attention got stolen away by some other tweets. That just made me throw in the towel although it was just a feel-out.

Feedback appreciated guys-or gals.

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