When a girl isnt attracted- she just isnt attracted

Ok, I may get some hate mail for this, but I’ll gladly accept it if it means writing a no-BS post.

There are shit loads of seduction material out there claiming their product can pull any girl.

I don’t mine that mindset; one should be that cocky & confident.

Any chic whom I approach, my frame is such that I believe that I can pull her off to the mini mansion and bang her.

However, the notion that you can “change her mind”, i.e. make her like you…

Newsflash: If a girl doesn’t initially like you- she never will.

If she isn’t attracted to you within the first few minutes(even seconds); then she will never like you.

No routine can convince her to want you if she already has pre-conceived notions that you’re unattractive.

Whether physically, poor body language, incongruencies, etc.

For Whatever reason she doesn’t like you, it will remain [this’ a link between 1st. impression also].

Now here’s the jedi-mind twist:

We all know that when a woman likes a guy, she may act indifferent as if she doesn’t like him.

The fool who doesn’t get this concept would leave set, believing that the girl really didn’t like him.

So, because a girl’s acting shitty towards you after approaching, doesn’t mean she DISLIKES you.

Quite the opposite. I’d be more wary of the polite girl than the semi-rude/cold one.

Women tend to conceal their attraction during the early phase of courtship (ASD at play here).

So never assume she isnt attracted if she’s being a bit frosty. She may still like you but playing it safe.

But knowing that a woman doesn’t like you [you’d gamed her prior without results], yet you still waste time trying to win her over is pointless.

2 thoughts on “When a girl isnt attracted- she just isnt attracted

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  1. >>If a girl doesnt initially like you-she never will.

    I disagree here. I know quite a few examples of couples who linked up after the girl (or the guy) had been initially uninterested.

    However it can be good to teach guys that if she isn’t interested NOW it’s best to let it be + speak to new girls who might be.


  2. Thanks for commenting Dave.
    Bing uninterested or not wooed by a guy is different than not liking a guy because he’s unattractive.

    Many girls who are semi-cold or standoffish could be seduced still.

    But when a girl doesnt like a guy because of poor body language,etc.which the average guy cannot reverse,it’s very irreversible.

    Thanks for the comment.


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